Ugly Duckling (Ribbons) Ch. 03

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Chapter 3. “Anniversary”

My relationship with Kira, my roommate, was something of a whirlwind to me. Picture a freshman girl, at a university halfway across the country from the familiar surroundings of her hometown. Layer on top of that an insane upbringing that had convinced the girl that she was rather worthless and ugly. Finally, throw in her near-instant attraction to her sophomore roommate, a superbly beautiful campus studette, and the studette’s sexual and highly erotic response to the girl. I was the girl, and Kira, the studette, easily the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen or known, a petite blonde with perfect features and a nicely toned body. Just making friends would have been a big step for me – acquiring a lover was in many respects beyond my ability to easily assimilate into my emotions.

Particularly a lover like Kira.

If you read Parts 1 and 2, you have some sense of how we began, but our physical relationship moved far beyond that, before the telling of this part. For example, after several weeks of extremely discreet dating outside of our room, but intense lovemaking inside our dorm room, we celebrated our 4 weeks together as lovers.

Although Kira was only 19, and I was only 18, both of us living on the campus of a religious university in California, we smuggled in some champagne to mark the occasion, and put it in the fridge to cool down while we went out to dinner, the bottle barely fitting inside the brown plastic dorm room refrigerator. The two of us went to Madigan’s, a local white table cloth restaurant in town, and had a lovely meal of steamed snow pea pods, chicken crepes in a creamy tarragon sauce, diet cokes and shared a creme brulee for dessert. Throughout the meal, we played footsy, modestly – LOL, with each other, under the table. The cloth hid our slight intimacy.

We walked back to the dorm, unfortunately not hand in hand, as we would have liked, but took the opportunities to “bump” into each other numerous times on the way back. Seriously, we must have looked as though we were drunk! Of course, we hadn’t come out to anyone. I doubt we would have been allowed to stay if we had, as it was a very conservative school.

When we got into the elevator at the dorm, we were alone, and ready to jump out of our skin, we were so hot for each other, and the night had been so utterly romantic. I pressed the button for 5, and when the slow-moving door of the elevator finally closed, I wrapped my arms around Kira, and kissed her hard, my tongue deep inside her mouth, my hands on her breasts and sweet ass. She responded with ardor, and we were just barely able to separate in time, when the door opened unexpectedly on the 4th floor. A junior girl, a redhead, Cheryl Sweet I think, got on and looked at us oddly, but didn’t say anything. Of course, our entire dorm was female, as the school did not believe in the sexes living together outside of marriage. We were pretty clear on how it felt about lesbian students ….

The elevator continued to the 5th floor, and we got off, giggling. We walked down the hall to our room, “C,” and Kira searched for her keys. I had shown previously that I couldn’t be trusted with room keys, and unfortunately I was still a scatterbrain on that issue. Kira unlocked the door, and entered before me, and as I entered, she grabbed me and, closing the door behind me, pushed me up against it, with my back to the door. She kissed me hard, my head pressing against the heavy wooden door, and she began unbuttoning my blouse and simultaneously unbuttoning the button at my skirt.

In quick order, she had my blouse open, my satin bra now exposed, and nuzzled her face in my cleavage, such as it was, kissing and licking the creamy skin between my breasts. Her other hand was slower at mastering the intricacies of a woman’s skirt, but she finally loosened it so that it slowly slid down my legs to lie in a puddle of plaid wool on the floor. Shockingly, my conversion to something other than the old Rachel Jones had begun about 3 weeks before, under Kira’s tutelage. Daringly, Kira and I had visited the Victoria’s Secret at the Palisades Regional Mall, and I had bought some attractive, and feminine underwear, particularly bras and panties. Some were comfortable and pretty, others were frankly uncomfortable but very pretty, and tonight I was wearing the latter for Kira.

Kira’s questing hand slid over my thong panties, satiny and white, and, giggling, I confessed that the floss in the back had gone up the crack of my ass – would she like to remove it? She growled, and slid her slim hand inside one of the leg holes of the panties, cupping my cheek from my thigh up to my waist with her fingers in the damp hot crevice between my buttocks, and moving it upward, pulling the slight bit of fabric out of the crevice.

Then she ran her fingertips back down, with the nails lightly scraping the crease and the puckered furrow there, saying, “There. Did I get it all out, baby?”

“Oh yes,” I moaned. I so Betturkey loved to feel her gentle touch at my ass. I remembered it so vividly from the first time we’d made love, and my bottom responded enthusiastically to her touch. Kira brought her lips back to mine and, gently now, applied her soft, full pink lips to mine, and breathed in and out through my mouth, something I found intensely erotic and stimulating.

I broke our kiss apart, briefly. I said, coquettishly, “Oh Kira, you’re making me so wet! I’ll ruin these panties.” Kira responded by bringing both her hands to the waistband of the thong, and slowly pulling it down over my full hips, over the round swelling of my ass, and revealing the first stray wisps of brown hair between my legs, then the fuller bush, the nearly invisible pearl of my clitoris, then, finally the wetly prominent slit. When the smooth fabric of my panties gathered at the top of my thighs, just under my butt, Kira left it there, patting it lightly to make sure it slipped down no further. Kira had done that to me the first night we made love – I don’t know why, but I found it so hot when she left me half-naked, instead of completely naked.

She cupped my pussy in the palm of her right hand, and said, “It doesn’t feel so wet to me. Hot, yes. Hairy, yes. Wet, not so much. I’d better check deeper…..” she inserted her middle finger between my cunt lips, and briefly gathered some of my cream there on her fingertip to properly lubricate it, then thrust her slim, long digit deeply inside my hot hole, causing me to gasp with pleasure. Then she ground the heel of her hand against my clit, stimulating me further. “Umm, baby, you’re SO hot, and tight, and wet inside your tiny pussy! You make my mouth water! Would you like me to DO something about your poor little pussy, baby?”

I nodded my head yes.

“You’ll have to tell me, honey, I can’t see that far. Tell me what you want,” Kira whispered.

“I want your …. finger…to be inside me….” I said hesitatingly.

“And?” Kira said.

“I want you to ….fuck me with your finger……” I said, hesitatingly.

“Yeah? HOW do you want me to fuck you with my finger?” Kira said.

“I want you to fuck me …. hard…..and fast, with your finger. I want you to …. fuck me …..over and over and over …. deep….inside my hot, and wet, and SO tight, pussy. Please fuck me, I want it SO bad!” I whispered the lewd words I never thought I’d ever be saying, but which were easy with a lover like Kira.

“What else do you want, baby?” Kira asked, her tongue licking inside my ear now. My knees nearly buckled at the sensations shooting through my pussy and head.

“Uh, I really would like to feel your …. uh, tongue, there,” I said.

“My tongue, really, where?” Kira inquired, while kissing the corner of my mouth.

“Uh, in my …. pussy. Your tongue. In my pussy,” I said, smoothly.

“And what do you want my tongue to do …. down there?” Kira giggled.

“I want you to eat me. I want you to fuckin’ EAT ME!” I gasped out. I knew that Kira loved to hear me be lewd, and I secretly enjoyed it, too.

Kira smiled. “You mean, you want me to lick your pussy, to kiss every inch of your pretty little hole?”

“Yes,” I said.

“To lick up your hot cum as it drips from your pussy, and flick my tongue over your hard little pink clitty?” she said, grinning.

“Oh God, yes!” I said, my knees weak.

“To bite your pussy lips, lick inside your slick hot slit, nibble at your sensitive button?”

“Yeah,” I grunted, my juices running over her strong hand now.

“To lick your tight, hot, dirty little ass hole with my pink tongue, then kiss your sweet lips so that you can taste all your hot juices?” she teased.

“Oh God, Kira, stop! Eat my hot cunt, bitch!! Lick my hole!!” I was getting dizzy with lust. Kira wasted no more time in foreplay, but got down on her knees in front of my, my shoulders pressed against the solid wooden door, my hips pushed out to make myself as accessible as possible to her hot mouth. Kira put her fingers on my partially rolled down panties, and guided them the rest of the way to the floor, my lower half completely naked now.

Kira brought her nose close to my vagina and bush, and, inhaling deeply, said, “Umm, God Rachel, your pussy smells so great! I love eating your hot cunt, it is SO fucking delicious!” She began lapping directly at my wet slit, and I could feel her licking along my labia on both sides, and deep inside my hot pussy, and occasionally around the prominent nubbin of my sensitive clit. Her hands began by holding on to my hips, holding me steady, but she gradually moved them around my rear so that she was holding my round ass globes, squeezing and pinching them.

“Ahh, that’s nice Kira, I love it when you lick my pussy so deep, I love feeling you inside me, your tongue so rough on my sensitive little twat, ohh, do be careful, don’t be rough, baby! And please don’t Betturkey Giriş fuck my tight little ass hole with your long, thick finger, that would be SO scarey and hurt and – AH! YEAH!! DO my little ass, fuck me!! Oh God, YES!!! Your tongue is deep inside my hole, fucking me, while you lick up all my cum!! FUCK, I’m such a slut for you!! Make me be dirty with you, baby, please make me your slut!!!”

I knew the dialogue would please her, and me, too, and from her gasping as she alternated burying her face in my wet crotch, and breathing, I knew she was getting very excited. So, I thought I’d talk about something new for us both.

“Ohh baby, PLEASE eat me hard and fast now, so I can cum all over your face! And baby, I want to lick your hot cunt, too! I want your hot pussy on my mouth, more than anything I’ve ever wanted before!” I hadn’t yet worked up the courage to eat Kira’s pussy, though I had tasted her cum on both our fingers several times, and I didn’t think it was fair to just let her eat me all the time, though God knows we both enjoyed it. But I wanted to be an equal in our relationship, plus I knew I’d missed a lot in life, and I wanted to start making up for it.

Kira’s finger sank deep inside my ass hole, while her teeth nipped lightly at my clit. My hips jerked madly, and I nearly blacked out from a wave of pleasure washing over me. I grabbed onto Kira’s blonde hair, and hung on for dear life, while she fucked my rosy red ass with her finger, and my pink cunt with her long tongue. I shook for nearly a minute, then slid down onto the floor next to her. I took her head between her hands, and kissed her wet, flushed face, that smelled so strongly of my aroused pussy.

Kira now took a more subservient role in our lovemaking, sensing that it was time for role reversal. “What do you want me to do, baby?” she said, not in the mocking, teasing way she had spoken just before, but now in a little girl voice, letting herself be dominated.

“In bed, in bed,” I said, getting up on shaky knees, and holding her arm to get up with me. We held hands now, and walked to my bed, and I positioned her, with her back to the bed. I stripped her, slowly and teasingly, tracing my fingers lightly over bare parts of her skin as they were revealed. Tactile sensations were a big part of our physical relationship, along with the delicious tastes, and aromas, we brought to each other. As I unbuttoned, and removed her blouse, leaving her with just her black lace bra on top, I lightly, but briefly ran my fingertips across her tanned flesh before reaching around her to unbutton her bra.

“There, that’s nice,” I said with satisfaction, as I stepped back from her with her bra in my hands, her breasts full and blushed, her pink nipples perky and upright. I tossed the small piece of fabric onto the desk, then unsnapped her linen skirt, and unwrapped it to pull it down off her full hips. “My gosh, Kira!” I exclaimed, when I saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties. “When did you do that? We got dressed together, and I SAW you put on your lace bikini panties.”

“When I was in the toilet stall, in the bathroom at the restaurant, I took them off after I peed, and fingered myself a little, then put them in my purse,” she said. “It made me horny.” I thought she had been “touchier” than usual around that time, and I was delighted.

“That was bad, Kira. You’ll have to be punished,” I said, completely impromptu – I had never taken any kind of dominant position in our relationship, but she seemed to like it.

“Yes, I WAS bad,” she agreed. I took her hand so that she could step out of the skirt now on the floor. I approached my nude Kira, and grabbed her full, round ass cheeks with both hands, and squeezed a little harder than I might have otherwise. Kira yelped.

“Turn around, bitch,” I said, threateningly. Kira turned around, meekly, her round ass cheeks jiggling with her movement. I pressed myself against her naked ass and back, and nipped at her left ear lobe, then slapped her right ass cheek moderately hard, leaving a red hand mark on her lovely bottom. “That’s for not telling me that your wet little slit was so close, and bare for me,” I teased. “Now, turn around again,” I said, positioning her so that her back faced the bed again.

“Sit,” I said. She did, obediently, her eyes never leaving my face. I had her sit so that her thighs were halfway on, halfway off, the edge of the bed. “Now, lie back, slut,” I commanded. She lay back, her back and ass flat on the bed, her feet flat on the floor. I put my hands under her knee, and she immediately lifted them both up to her chest, treating me to the most delightful sight I’d ever seen, a woman’s pussy, lightly dusted with blonde hair, fully and lasciviously exposed to my view, and clearly wet and aroused, with puffy red vaginal lips and swollen clit, partially out from under its tiny hood. I even got a quick peek at her puckered pink nether hole below, so tightly closed, and compelling.

I leaned forward and sniffed, inhaling her fragrance. I had only gotten the smell and taste of Kira second-hand previously, from my, or her fingers after they’d been inside her. She had licked my pussy to distraction, but I had not reciprocated orally, and I meant to make up for that tonight. Her pussy smelt heavenly, fresh, musky and lightly fragranced over her natural musk with a touch of cologne. I stuck my nose amid the tangles of her pubic bush, the curly hairs already matted slightly and sticking together due to her excessive lubrication during the evening. I reached out with my tongue to lightly pull some of her hair into my mouth, then took it between my teeth, and gently tugged.

The pulling at her crotch skin was a new sensation, as Kira moaned, “Oh, baby, baby, that feels nice! It feels like you’re pinching my little pussy. It feels delicious, hurt me…..” Kira was showing a slight fondness for gentle hurting while fucking, something I decided to keep in mind for the future. I extended my tongue, and scraped it around the pearl of Kira’s pink clit, making her shiver. “Yes, Rachel, yes!” she hissed, urging me on. “Please lick my clit, honey, please,” she begged.

I licked down along her puffy labia, and up the other side, accumulating her leaking liquids on my tongue from her pussy, then circled around her clit again several times. I stopped to taste her, and decided that Kira’s honey was sweeter than anything I’d ever tasted, and that I wanted more of her. “Baby, your wet pussy is dripping your sweet honey onto my waiting tongue. It tastes SO delicious, I want to lick your tight hole all night long, while you cum, and cum, and cum. Would you like that too?” Kira grunted, and I took that for a ‘yes.’

I brought my finger up to trace along her labia, while my tongue concentrated on her swollen nub, tickling and teasing her tiny pink clit, while doing the same to her pussy. Taking my mouth from her clit momentarily I asked, “Would you like to feel me inside you?” Kira moaned, and again I though I might be on the right track. I was thrilled with the way things were going, here in my first time orally pleasing a woman.

After returning my lips now, to cover and squeeze her swollen clit, I quickly slid my finger inside her pussy, gently fucking her with it, in and out. Kira’s breathing turned shallow and rapid, as she quickly rose to her orgasm. As she came, her hips jerked under my mouth, her vaginal muscles tightening and loosening on my finger. I let her come down from her high, and began again, lightly this time, as she would most likely be very sensitive.

I slid my finger out, and took my mouth off her clit, then began blowing lightly into her pubic hair, and over her clit. Kira said, “That’s nice, Rachel, just nice….just the right touch.” I was pleased that she was happy with me. I blew on her in those areas for about a minute, then tried lightly touching the insides of her thighs, and the undersides of her butt cheeks, as her legs were still up in the air. She jerked a little bit, and giggled, “I’m VERY ticklish there,” she said.

“Okay, you can put your legs down, honey,” I said. Kira let go of her legs, as they slipped down, her feet landing flat on the floor again. In this position, Kira was quite beautiful, as I could see her magnificent pussy, her flat stomach, her wonderful breasts, and her amazing, heartbreakingly beautiful face, all at once, but let’s face it, it’s a poor position to gain complete access to her pussy and ass. And now I wanted to tease her sweet ass, as she had teased mine.

I stood up and removed my blouse, and bra, then lay down next to my sweetheart, kissing her full lips, and lightly cupping her breasts and stroking her nipples. “That was wonderful, baby,” she said, looking into my eyes with love.

“Oh, I’m not finished,” I said with a grin, “I just got up here to tell you to turn over.” Kira looked quizzically into my eyes.

“What are you gonna do….” she said, a slight smile on her face.

“Never you mind, just get that beautiful ass up in the air, cunt!” I said. Kira groaned, then sat up, and turned around and got up on the edge of the bed on her hands and knees, her ankles and feet hanging over the edge, her sweet ass poised for whatever I might wish to do to it. Believe it or not, this was the first time I had ever seen her in this completely submissive position, and I creamed at the sight. Really! I came, just looking at her like that!

Kira looked around when I didn’t do anything right away, and as she peered at me from under her arms, I said, “Geez, Kira, your ass is SO hot looking that I came, just LOOKING at it!” Kira giggled, and wiggled it at me, her butt cheeks wiggling charmingly. “Wait’ll you see me in a swimsuit,” she said.

I stood behind Kira, naked, and pressed my bush against the center of her ass, between her parted legs. “Umm,” she said, as she felt my curly brown pubic hair rubbing against her pale, sensitive bottom.She wiggled her butt again, more or less around my own erect clit, stimulating me more. I leaned down, and placed my lips on the skin of her lower back, at the spine, just above where her ass crease began.

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