Vacation Getaway Ch. 05

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“Well,” You asked. “Would you care to tell me about it?”

As you ate, we exchanged details about out encounters. When we were finished, you told me that hearing about me and the room service boy turned you on so much. In fact, you asked me how I would feel about seduce the boy again while I hid in the closet and watched sometime during our stay.

“If that’s what you’d like, I have no problem with it at all. As a matter of fact, I think I would quite enjoy it.

“Great,” you said, eating the last bite of food off your plate. “Do you want to take a nap with me? All this sex has me rather worn out.”

“Yes,” I said, smiling at you. “I’d love to, querido.”

We found ourselves in bed, snuggling naked and exploring each other’s body with our hands. Eventually, we drifted off to sleep, our bodies entwined together with my head on your chest. When we awoke, we found that we had slept through the night and that it was now ten in the morning. You suggested that we go to the store to get some food and drinks then spend the afternoon at the beach. I pull on a black bikini, sundress and hat while you throw on some swim trunks and shoes and we head out the door. After getting stuff for lunch and drinks, we were off and found our way to a fairly occupied beach and settled in. No sooner had we relaxed and gotten comfortable than the couple next to us introduced themselves. They were attractive, friendly and in their late twenties or early thirties as well on vacation from the States, just like us.

Time flew as we talked and got to know each other. Pretty soon, it began to feel as though we had been longtime friends. After several rounds of drinks, we were all starting to loosen up. The man told us that they sometimes swung with other couples and that they found us really cool. They then asked if we were comfortable enough with them that we would like to go back to their hotel for drinks and see if something might possibly progress further. After they assured us that they would really enjoy our company, we asked them for a moment to discuss it.

“What do you think, Mami? Are you okay with it?”

“Sure, Papi. Let’s give it a try.”

We found ourselves back at their apartment where we sat around talking, drinking and having a good time. The guy then approached you and said that he found your young wife extremely sexy and attractive and that he couldn’t stop thinking about what my pussy was like. He told you how his cock was throbbing at the thought of fucking me, and wanted to know if I minded if he took me into the bedroom and gave me a good fucking. You told him that it was ok with you but that I had the final say about whether I was down with that or not. He agreed and told you that his wife had already said she wanted to get with you so that you wouldn’t have to wonder if she would or not and could skip the formalities of asking her. He made his way to me and ran the scenario by me. I agreed, looking to see your nod of agreement before getting up and giving you a kiss and smiling. I tell you that I loved you and would see you soon before following him back to the bedroom. His wife asked you if you’d like another drink to which you said “sure,” sitting back on the couch with my drink in hand and talking more.

I now found myself on the bed, kissing and touching away like a girl having sex for the first time. Peeling away his shirt, I touched and rubbed his chest as I kissed him deep and hard. His hands circled my waist, traveling up my back and sides. Occasionally, his fingers brushed across my pert nipples, teasing them as he lightly pinched and pulled them. He sat me on the end of the bed and told me how he had been fantasizing about me all day, wondering what your pussy was like.

“Oh, have you?” I responded, removing my bikini bottoms and slipping them out from under my dress and down my legs to the floor. “Perhaps I should show you what you’ve been dreaming of all day.”

Lifting my dress and spreading my legs, I revealed my swollen wet pussy and its puffy lips to him. He started pawing his way under my dress to my ateşli gaziantep escort tight firm ass, squeezing my ass cheeks as he pressed his cock into my pussy through the thin material of my dress, dry fucking me. I pulled my dress over my head and put my nipples into his mouth as he sucked them to hard, like tiny erect penises. He swiftly removed his own trunks and his cock was soon rubbing between the lips of my wet pussy. His cock was giant; it was at least ten inches but thin. God, it was so hard that it felt like an iron rod more than a penis. Unable to stop myself, I caress it, moving my hand up and down his hard pole as I massaged his balls, making pre-cum leak from his cock head.

He slid down, kissing along my chest, stopping a moment to suck both nipples hard again before heading to my stomach where he stopped. I felt a finger enter me and begin working its way in and out of my drenched little pussy. He looked up, telling me how I had a sweet warm tight wet pussy and that he was going to thoroughly love eating and fucking it. I thanked him and told him that I was going to love fucking him and how I couldn’t wait to feel that huge cock inside of me, making love to my small tight pussy. He continued downward, still fucking me with his finger, going faster and making me wetter and wetter until I started to moan. His mouth was soon on my clit. He sucked and flicked it with his tongue as he fingered me while I had one hand on his head and the other rubbing my nipple. It was great as he lapped up my juices and quickly brought me to my first orgasm.

God, it was good. I pulled him onto his back on the bed and asked him to let me return the favor. I started by kissing him before dropping down to take his dick in my hand. I caressed and pulled his hard cock as I massaged and lightly licked his balls, making him close his eyes in pleasure. I then brought my mouth to the tip of his cock; licking off the precum oozing out like his cock head was a lollipop. I began sucking his cock slowly in and out, alternating between sucking his whole cock and just the head.

“Do you like it?” I paused to ask.

“I love it,” he moaned.

I resumed with stroking and sucking, bringing him to the edge then backing off, teasing him like mad. Occasionally, I would deep throat his 10-inch cock until I was ready to gag before sliding my head back off it. I stopped and, looking him in the eyes, sat over him with his cock in my hand. Seductively, I put his head to my swollen pussy lips and rubbed it between them. I slowly slid his cock in just past the head and asked him if he wanted to be inside of me.

“Yes,” he managed to blurt out in a very urgent, pleading manner.

“How badly do you want it?” I asked him as I lifted up and down, fucking just the head of his cock.

“Really bad,” he said in a trembling voice. “So bad. You can’t possibly imagine how badly.”

“Show me how bad you want to be in me then,” I say sexily.

He suddenly grabbed my waist and slammed his cock into me, deep and hard. He began fucking me like a wild animal.

“This bad, he said. “This is how bad.”

“That’s pretty bad,” I said in a groan as he plunged in and out of me.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Meanwhile, you got up to go to the bathroom and couldn’t help but hear my moans as you neared the bedroom. As you passed, looking through the slightly ajar door, you saw me riding him. I was holding his chest as his hands gripped tightly around my waist, my hips dipping to meet his thrusts. You couldn’t believe how hard and horny it made you. You could feel your cock starting to stir and harden in your trunks as you pried yourself away from the sight of me fucking another man. You went to the bathroom and hurried back to the couch. You kissed his wife and told her that you needed to have her now, stripping your clothes off.

His wife quickly sheds her clothes as well, tossing them to the floor where they mix with yours. You see that her pussy has a small dark triangle of hair leading ateşli gaziantep escort bayan to puffy pussy lips which are already slick with her juices. Her tits are bigger than mine but still not too big for you. When she notices you eyeing her pussy, she slouches back and opens her legs, spreading her pussy lips so that her sweet pot is visible. It is a dark pink and small, although not nearly as tiny as your Mami’s. As I get closer and closer to my orgasm, my moans grow louder, reaching the two of you in the living room. Hearing my moans sets loose your primeval urges and you grab the guy’s wife around the waist.

You pull her to her knees in front of you and she greedily begins sucking your cock until it is rock hard. Yanking her to her feet, you bend her over the arm of the couch and bury your cock into her pussy with one swift movement. She lets out a gasp of shock and pleasure, bucking back against you. Her pussy is soaking wet as it stretches around your cock. Holding her steady with one hand on her hips, you pump in and out of her as you spank her firm round ass cheeks, turning them pink. She meets each of your thrusts with a backward thrust of her own, sending you deeper into her pussy. You pick up your pace, slamming in and out of her like a wild animal as you continue to smack her ass cheeks, making her cry out in pleasure.

Soon, her cries and mine mix and mingle in the small hotel suite, driving you and her husband closer to the edge. As you pound in and out of her, driving her crazy with your fucking, she rubs her clit, building up her pleasure even more. Her tits bounce in rhythm with your strokes in and out of her. It isn’t long before you feel pressure building in your groin and you know you are going to cum soon. The wife is clenching the couch cushion, her hips bucking uncontrollably against you as she begins to cum, drenching your cock in her pussy juices. Her cries of pleasure fill the room, the final piece to send you over the edge. Seizing her hips tightly with both hands, you slam your cock into her soaked pussy as you spurt your load deep inside of her, emptying every last drop of your seed into her as you groan and cry out my name. You release her and she collapses, shaking, forward onto the couch, her hips bruised in the shape of your hands and her ass red from all the spanking.

“Oh my god,” the woman panted. “I’ve never been fucked so good and hard. That was amazing.”

“Thanks,” you reply, chest still heaving. “I hope you’re on birth control because if not, you’re definitely going to get pregnant. That’s what happened with my wife.”

“Don’t worry, I am,” she says, chuckling. “I’m jealous that your wife gets to have you fucking her like that every night.”

I soon emerged from the bedroom with a smile on my face, came to you and gave you a kiss. Thanking our host for the wonderful evening, we returned to our hotel room where we took showers and once again climbed in bed to talk about the day’s events as we cuddled and went to sleep. We slept until 8 a.m. the next morning before going for breakfast at a nearby diner where we talked about how we should spend the day.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

After agreeing that we would take it slow and just take in the sights, we rented a couple of bikes and just roamed the town and surrounding area. We rode side-by-side, talking about our adventures so far as we checked out the wonderful views and sites of the island. I was wearing short shorts and a tight white tank-top with a red bra underneath. It was hot and it wasn’t long before all of my sweating had my tank-top clinging to me like a second skin, almost completely see-through. You kept glancing over at me, your eyes glued to my nipples poking through the material of my bra and shirt and the outline of my abdomen through my wet t-shirt. As we rode along the coastline, we came to a sign that read: “Fisherman’s Cove; 1 kilometer.” I turned and started to ride down the dusty road, motioning for you to follow.

A short ride later, we came ateşli escort gaziantep to a beautiful, deserted beach. Dropping our bikes in the sand, we took off our shoes and walked hand-in-hand down to the water. Letting the waves wash over our tired feet, we hugged and kissed with our arms around each other. Your hands began caressing my waist then one hand slid down and into my shorts, kneading my ass as your other hand began to pinch and pull my nipples until they were hard. I unbuttoned your pants and began to massage your growing cock as we kissed deeply, our tongues darting into each other’s mouths. Moving back away from the water, we stripped off our clothes, leaving them in a pile as we hungrily explored each other’s bodies.

You pushed me down onto my back in the sand so that my ass rested on our clothes. Kneeling between my legs, you pushed them up by my head as you eased the head of your hard cock into my tight wet pussy, making both of us gasp in pleasure. You slowly began moving just the first couple of inches of your cock in and out of my pussy, teasing me until I was trying to buck up and force you deeper inside me. Finally, you thrust your cock all the way inside me in one smooth stroke, filling my wanting pussy. I moan in pleasure as you bend your head and kiss me, still buried in my pussy. You begin to pump in and out of my pussy, starting slowly but picking up your pace, your cock going deep in me then almost all the way out before plunging it back in. Both of us are gasping and moaning in pleasure, our sounds swallowed by the sound of the waves.

My hips met your strokes, sending your hard throbbing cock deeper into my wet pussy. I can feel that familiar pressure building in me, sending me closer to the edge as my orgasm builds. As your pace quickens, I can tell that you’re getting close too. I can’t hold it back any longer and my hips buck wildly as my pussy explodes, covering your engorged cock with my juices. The clenching of my pussy around your cock, combined with my orgasm sends you over the edge to join me. You bury your cock as far as it will go inside my spasming quim as your sperm gushes into me, the clenching of my pussy walls milking every last drop of it out.

As you collapse on top of me, a rogue wave drenches us, mixing with your salty seed as it spills out of my pussy and down my ass cheeks. Just then a man who happened to be watching us came out from behind a rock and told us he saw us making love and it really turned him on. We could tell by the bulge in his shorts. I asked if my wife agreed would he to like to fuck her. He said you’re not serious? I told him that I certainly was and asked her if she was up for it? Sure she said why not. Take off and come here she told him. He wasted not a second in obliging her. I told them that I would let them have some privacy and take a swim and went to the waters edge and dove in as he kissed my wife and rubbed the head of his penis up and down between the puffy lips of her cunt then inserted his 71/2 inch cock into her still wet pussy and brought her quickly to a mind bending orgasm as I was now watching them from his previous position behind the rock. With his still hard cock from having not yet cum was soaking from her juices he asked he to turned over and get on her knees and make her ass available for his cock.

She did just that as he then put his cock between her cheeks as using the wet cum still on his cock, slowly in her ass and began fucking it his hand on her clit rubbing it as he fuck her she was moaning as he did . Soon he was cumming as was she they both moaning from the pleasure that was over coming them he pulled his cock out as kissed her passionately and thanked her for the unexpected experience and I came from behind the rock and asked if he wad a sufficient time fucking my wife? Yes he said, it was fabulous and thanked me also for sharing my lovely wife with him and put his shorts on and let as quickly as he wad come. I asked my wife if she to had a good time and she said yes it was good and quite random which made it even more good. I kissed her and good. I asked if she was hungry yet and she said yes very. Our clothes were soaked so we lay them out to dry. She went into the ocean to wash herself of the juices leaking from her ass and pussy. Walking along the beach as we wait for them to dry, we find a large, flat boulder. We watch the waves crash onto the beach, our naked bodies entwined as we talk about our interesting adventures on the island.

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