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Varsha from Dubai in an Indian village-1deleteddeletedI’m Varsha, 26 years age.Being brought up in a modern family, I was very social, and used to keep myself occupied by going for parties, playing sports, etc. to get rid of the boredom as I was staying alone. I also watch porn, read sex stories, and masturbate whenever I get horny, but have always stayed true to my hubby. I often used to visit my friends and relatives whenever I get bored. On one such day, when I was getting terribly bored, I decided to go to my relatives who lived in a village. It was my hubby’s elder brother who was living there. I decided to drop down there without informing them to give them some surprise. I usually wear trendy clothes and don’t feel shy about modern dresses. And since it was summer, I took only a few modern clothes that weren’t too stuffy and set about the journey as I did not plan to stay for more than 2 to 3 days. It was a more difficult ride than I expected it to be as it turned out to be a remote village.I was wearing a pink tee shirt that was just a bit too small so that whenever I raise my hands, my navel would get exposed, and a blue coloured knee length skirt. I could clearly see the men in the village stare at me and almost eating me with their eyes. Thankfully, when I came to the village, the bus wasn’t too crowded, for what I heard was that these buses used to be very jam packed. I reached the village and somehow managed to find my brother in law’s house. I knocked the door and Ajay, my b-i-l’s son, who was 17 – 18 years old, opened the door. He was surprised to see me, but immediately invited me in. I told him that I just wanted to give you all a surprise and that was why I did not tell them about my plans. As I was saying this, I found that nobody else was in the house. I asked him, “Ajay, where are your parents??” “They have gone on a pilgrimage aunty. Will return in a few days”.As he was saying this, I could see his eyes wandering all over my body, but I did not give any importance to it. At the same moment, I heard the phone ring. Ajay picked it up. It was his parents. He told them about my arrival. They talked to me and told me that they were very happy that I came and that it would take them another 15-20 days to return due to some unexpected circumstances and they were worried of leaving Ajay alone. They requested me to stay with Ajay till they return. I had no other option but to accept their request. They were very happy about it and said that they wouldn’t be able to contact us anymore till they reach home and so told me to take care of ourselves. (They do not have mobile phones). Within 5 minutes, all my plans had turned head over heels, and so I was destined to stay in this village for about close to a month. I told Ajay about it and he was very happy that I was to stay with him throughout. I then freshened up and Ajay gave me some food to eat. I had never been to villages. And so I felt like I would make use of this stay by embracing myself with village cultures and stuff like that. I called up my hubby and told him about the situation. He said that it was better for me as I wouldn’t be feeling lonely and that I should not feel sad about it. I then had an early nap, slept in Ajay’s parents’ room, as I was tired of all the jerky travel in village buses.Next morning I woke up to find Ajay already awake. He had already taken bath and was waiting for me for the breakfast. He said he used to buy food from the nearby restaurant in the village and his father would pay them when he returned. I took my brush, soap, and a towel, went to the bathroom to freshen myself. It was a typical village house. Since, Ajay’s family was well to do; they had a cement house, big enough for a family of three. The bathroom was behind the main house, some 20 yards from it. I wasn’t as yet used to the feeling that I wasn’t in my house and so had taken only a towel with me. I freshened myself up and only then did I suddenly realise that I only had a towel with me. I did not know what to do, as I had to walk a good 20 yards or so to reach the main house. I opened the door slightly and peeped out and to my relief the compound wall was high enough to block me from the view of any passerby. So I tied the towel around me and went to the house. It was a bath towel, bigger than the normal ones, yet it only covered me from the top of my chest to somewhere around the middle of my thighs as I am tall.As I was about to go into my room, I passed by Ajay and could see him out rightly staring at my body, as if tracing the shape of my parts under the towel. It was so awkward for me, for this young boy was staring at me so vulgarly, and yet I couldn’t do anything as he was my relative. But I quickly dismissed those thoughts as I knew that such sights were indeed a rarity for him. He wouldn’t have as much as seen anyone in any exposing clothes, let alone walking around with towels. I quickly changed into a tight blue low hip jeans and a white shirt. Underneath I wore only a white bra and panty as it was rather sultry, and so did not care to wear anything to cover my torso other than the bra. I at once realised that people (well, I thought only of Ajay) can easily get a view of my skin from the gap in between the two buttons and that my navel was also rather clearly visible. But I left it as such, as I was rather getting excited about seeing people drool over my body. As expected, right from the moment I came out of my room, Ajay couldn’t take his eyes off me. I did not want to encourage him in what he was doing, nor did I want him to stop it. So I stayed as if I was unaware and so he continued taking peeks at my body. We quickly finished breakfast, which was good enough, as I did not expect food to be that good in village restaurants.Now I had other issues that I was concerned güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri about. I brought only 4 sets of dresses as I did not plan about an extended stay. I needed clothes. I initially thought of going to the nearby town to buy some dresses. But then I decided against it as this presented me with a good opportunity to try on some rural clothes. I told Ajay about this. He told me that in the then I would have to go to the tailor shop. We both set off at once to the shop. There at the shop was a middle aged tailor, who I presumed was the owner of the shop, and a young girl who looked something like 22 or 23. He recognised Ajay and asked him the purpose of our visit. He told him that I wanted to get a few traditional dresses stitched, like gaga choli and some sarees. The tailor introduced himself as Raju and at once ran his eyes all over me and gave a mischievous smile. He then opened and old book that displayed the various designs of cholis and blouses that he would stitch. I told Ajay to make his choice. He hesitated a little bit, but I told him to feel free and select whichever ones he likes the most and feels that I would look good at.Now he browsed through the pages and selected two choli designs and two blouse deigns. As I expected, it was a “bare all” kind of design. the first design of choli he showed me was sleeveless, backless and had a deep v neck, seriously deep that I considered discarding it, and when I was about to tell Ajay to look for an alternative one, the tailor Raju, who was also looking at the design interrupted and said that Ajay has made a very good choice. “With the summer heat and all, it would get very stuffy madam. Wearing clothes of such kind will allow lot of air to pass, so you won’t feel uncomfortable. I could not come up with any reason to object, and also did not want to project myself as any other conservative woman and so I said ok. The next choli was again of a deep neck but looked sort of small to me from the picture. when I asked the tailor about it, he told me, “this is a brand new model madam, special summer design, and it is two inches smaller on the midriff, so that it covers only your breasts and leaves your entire midriff right from underneath your breasts open, so that it adds to your beauty as well as keep you comfortable.” and Ajay, on hearing what the tailor was saying became persuading me too much saying that this was his favourite design and so I accepted for that too. Next came the blouse. One model was a front open one. The cleavage was so deep that it had just two hooks. Also it exposed a lot of the top half of the breasts, and was just about covering the nipples. Also, no bra could be worn because of the deep cut. Even a half cup bra would have some part of it jutting out of the blouse. The other one was a backless one with strings tied behind the neck. Again no opposition for both the blouse model as Ajay and the tailor teamed up.Now for the material selection. The tailor had a shop adjacent to this one where he sold dress materials. As we went there, Raju (the tailor) did not care asking us for choices but directly said, “Since its summer madam, let me show you some thinner, lighter materials. Well, take a look at these.” and he laid in front of us many designer materials that were ultra thin, so much so that the table underneath was clearly visible. This time Ajay did not wait for my permission. He went forward to select the materials himself. For the first of the mentioned type of choli he picked up an orange and blue striped material which was for both the gagra choli and dupatta. And for the second one he picked a light green cloth with brown and yellow coloured designs. For the first sort of blouse he picked a white material for blouse which had golden threads over it as designs and also a plain white see through cloth for the petticoat and a net saree in white. For the second kind of blouse (the backless one) he picked a black blouse and petticoat and a dark blue designer saree to match it.The tailor Raju was also impressed with Ajay’s selections and he made note of the materials and we now went back to the original shop. Upon reaching there, Raju said, “now for the measurements madam. Have you brought any blouse or choli with you from which we could take the measurements?” I said that I had none. “Well that is not a problem at all. We will take fresh measurements. Always better.” He called for the girl he had employed in the shop to take my measurements. There was no separate room for taking measurements but there was a small portion of the room which could not be seen by people passing by the road. Raju came there with a pad and pen to note down the measurements and we (Ajay and me) followed him. The girl there came up to me with the measuring tape she started from my shoulder. She measured the length of my shoulder and told the tailor which he noted down.Then she measured the circumference of my upper arm. She then asked me what the sleeve length should be. Ajay immediately came up and touched my arm almost very close to my shoulder and said that should be the length. Then she came to my breasts. She put the tape over my shirt almost over my nipples and took the measure. While she was doing this, Raju showed his disapproval. He came up and said to her, “you have been working for so many days and you still don’t know this! Can’t you see hat madam is wearing a shirt that has frills running down the length?” Saying this he ran his hands over the entire length of my body as if tracing the frills. He continued, “If you take measurement over these frills, then her blouse and choli will become loose. You are spoiling my name and reputation.” He now turned to me and said, “Madam I hope you understand. Please unbutton your shirt until your abdomen güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri so that we can take the correct measurements.” he could see that I wasn’t too comfortable with it. So he continued, “Please don’t feel uncomfortable madam. We are only trying to help you out. I can see that you are wearing a bra. So there is no problem. I hope you understand madam, unlike these village ladies.” his comparing me with the village ladies played the trick and he could see that I was fine.He asked the girl to unbutton my shirt and take the measurement over my bra. This girl unbuttoned two of my buttons until my entire bra clad breasts were out for the view of Ajay and Raju. I could see both of their pants stretched out and could immediately realise that they had a hard on. Since she had removed only till my top half buttons, she had difficulty in letting the tape around my body. Raju found this and wasted no time to seize the opportunity. He ordered the girl, “What are you doing? You might hurt our customer. Remove all the buttons and do it freely.” the girl looked at me and I lightly nodded as if giving my consent. She quickly opened all the buttons, and there I was, standing with just a bra with an open shirt, showing of my body to two men. This was seriously turning me on. She put the tape over my bra and took the measurement.Then she put it just under my breasts and gave the measurement. Next she came down to my waist and asked me where I would want my lozenge to start from. This time Raju came in and said that madam is going to wear some trendy ones. So let them start from here. And he places his hands just under my pelvic bone over my jeans. He then turned to me and said, “Madam, if you don’t mind, will you please unbutton and lower your pant just a little bit so that we can take the measurements?” I had nothing to say. I just unbuttoned it and carefully pulled down my pant just till the place he just showed. That was where my panty line just started. More free show for these guys. The atmosphere was getting more and more electric. Now I was standing in front of them in just a white bra, shirt unbuttoned to show my complete torso, my pant also unbuttoned and lowered to reveal my white panty. She quickly noted my waist length. Then she measured from my hip to my heels for the length. The tailor then asked me to dress up and come to the front portion. I quickly redressed and then he asked me whether I want the lehenga and saree underskirt with a draw string or the elastic type. Ajay interrupted to say the elastic type is fine. He told me to come in two days to collect the clothes. I was more than happy to get out of that place.I could find Ajay more confident in taking peeks at me and he was also putting one hand around me touching my naked waist while we walked back home.I could find Ajay more confident in taking peeks at me and he was also putting one hand around me touching my naked waist while we walked back home.Back home, we went straight into my room, and sat on the bed. Ajay was very enthusiastic. He told me that he liked the dresses very much and that he couldn’t wait to see me in those dresses. “I hope they turn out good”, I said and smiled meekly. “Oh don’t worry aunty. Mom stitches all her clothes from this tailor only. He is very good.” We then had our lunch and were just chatting. In some time, it was getting very boring for both of us. In a short while, one of Ajay’s friends came home to call him out for playing. Ajay asked me if I would like to accompany him. I changed into a yellow tee shirt as i did not want to spoil my white shirt. I was ready to go. They were a group of some eight young boys all *** (**Edited**) years of age. We both joined them, and they were all curious to know who i was.Ajay introduced me as Varsha, his aunt. They debated on what they would play today, and finally decided on kabaddi. They split into teams and Ajay and i were in opposite teams. The captain of our team went i first. He swiftly touched two players and was fast coming out when another guy tried catching him, but could manage only his shirt. This guy pulled out with all force before the other could catch him, and in the process tore away from his shirt. They all laughed when he reached back into our side. One of them commented to me that every time they played kabaddi, almost everyone’s dresses get torn. Somewhere in my heart, i felt that i may have to face the same fate today, but i did not ponder much on that thought.Next Ajay came into our half on behalf of his team. He went to the other end to where i was standing. Suddenly the guy next to me ran towards Ajay to pin him down. I also immediately ran to assist him. But Ajay realised it quickly and started running back when i grabbed him. The other guy caught his leg immediately and Ajay fell down. I lost my balance and fell right over him. The other boys immediately fell over me, in an effort to stop Ajay. I was literally sandwiched between so many guys. And when Ajay lost his breath and was declared out, everyone started getting up, the guy above me kept his hand right over my ass (on my jeans) and got up. Then one of our guys went in and the opposition pounded on he and he was out. When the next guy came in to our side, he touched a few guys and escaped when the others tried to catch him. Now only 2 boys and I remained in our team. The 2 of them asked me to go in. I went in to one side. Ajay was in the middle of the gang. I somehow faked as if I was going to touch a guy, but touched three other guys by his side (Ajay was one of the three).As I turned around to get away, I could feel hands from behind reaching out to catch me. In a fit of excitement, I tried getting away the fastest I could. But someone caught the bottom part of my shirt and pulled it. güvenilir bahis şirketleri I tried to turn around a wriggle out, but lost my balance, slipped and fell down. And then guys started falling all over me to stop any further attempts to escape. I could feel my tee shirt had gone up till my breasts and my abdomen was bare and guys lying all over me. Since I was close to the mid line, I stretched my hand out desperately and somehow managed to touch the line. when I was declared safe, they slowly started getting up. After they all got up, they got a nice feast of me lying down on the dirty ground, with my tee shirt riding up to expose my navel. I slowly got up to find my tee shirt torn at the middle of my back such that my white bra clasp was visible through the torn part of the yellow tee. They all started laughing, though some were still shell shocked as they might never have seen anyone like that. But I did not make a big fuss of it and tried to be a sport.Now we were four people in my team and only one of them remained; he was the only one who did not jump over me. He came in. The four of us split into groups of two, so that if he goes after either one of the groups, the others could come from behind and catch him. He came towards us. The other group was waiting for the right moment to pounce on him. All of a sudden he touched my partner and started running behind. The other group started off but they were too late. As these two could not stop their momentum, moved towards him and he, on his way back touched the both of them too and went back safe. The situation now reversed. there were four boys in the opposition team – Ajay, and three others. and just me in my team. I had to at least return back safe to save our team from defeat. but I cannot manage to catch a guy on my own. so i had to get at least one of them out. I went in determined to catch at least one of them. The four of them also split into two groups. I went towards a boy quickly and touched him before he could react and started running back. But he, out of reflex, managed to catch my hand. The guy with him caught my waist with both hands from behind, almost like hugging me. His hands were on my tummy. But before he could tighten his grip on me I somehow shook off and started running. but by that time Ajay and his partner had come near us. Just as i was about to run away Ajay came right in front of me and did something that I can never forget in my life.Though it was unintentional, and was done unknowingly in the desperation to win the game; I don’t even know if he realised what he had done. He cupped both his hands right over my breasts and pushed me backwards towards the guy. I fell over him, he fell down. Then Ajay pounced on me, with his palms still on my breasts. There was no way i could escape and i was declared out. When i got up, my yellow tee shirt over my breasts had sand sticking to it, with the imprint of Ajay’s hands. I quickly dusted it off before others could see it. Then we all sat for a while, and were chatting about things. I could still find a few boys who bent behind on some pretext or the other to get a view of my bra strap through the torn tee shirt. We were all dirty, tired and soaking in sweat. As it started getting late, we came back home. On the way back home also, Ajay took full freedom as he put his hands around my waist. On reaching home, he asked me to turn back and started laughing on seeing the torn tee shirt. He started rubbing his hands over the bra, and the little exposed part of my back. I quickly cut short his amusement and told him to go take bath first and then i will bath after he does. He obediently did so. he went, took bath and came into the house with just a towel around him and told me that I could now use the bathroom. Initially I thought of taking the clothes with me, but then decided against it and took only a towel with me.This time I decided to reveal a bit more. I did not wipe myself, but tied the towel around my wet body. Since the towel was a thick one, it did not reveal much, but got stuck with the shape of my body. And just as i expected, Ajay was sitting in the living room in a place from where he could see me clearly. I thought of going straight to my room, but then went to him to tease him a little more. So I went to him and asked him if dinner had arrived. He said that he would go in a few minutes to get it. I told him to wait for a few minutes and that I would accompany him to the restaurant. I stood there for a few mores seconds so that he could enjoy a little more.Then, I went to my room to change into good clothes. I saw that I had a night dress (a loose half sleeve shirt and a loose thin pant), and a red tunic top and black leggings. I decided to save the last two for tomorrow since i was going to get my dresses from the tailor only the day after that, and my yesterday’s dresses weren’t washed yet by the maid (she did not come that day). So I changed into my night shirt and pant. I found that the buttons on the shirt were close to each other and wouldn’t reveal anything from in between. So I skipped the bra and panty. The first button was a bit low and exposed just a little bit of my cleavage, but I didn’t care. I came out and found Ajay waiting. As it wasn’t anywhere near the dinner time, we just walked around the village a little bit. I could see him often peeing from the top of my shirt, into it. On our way, we accidentally met with the tailor Raju. He told us that he was on his way to meet us only. He said that as he did not have any more work to do that day, he had already finished stitching my dresses and that we could come tomorrow to collect them. This was good news for me as I had only one set of dresses left. We thanked him and went to the restaurant, had our dinner and came back home. We sat late till night, talked about many things. Ajay did not even miss a single chance he got to touch me. He touched me on my waist, shoulder, thighs, everywhere. We then slept off that day.Next day, we went to the tailor’s to collect the clothes. You can guess the real erotic incidents which started from that very day. To be continued…

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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