Visiting Mistress Dee Chapter 1

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Visiting Mistress Dee Chapter 1Arriving at my mistress’s home, I rode my bike into the small shed attached to the barn as directed. Releasing the kickstand, I let the big Harley rest after the enjoyable ride out in the country. Closing the doors, dropping the locking bolt into place, I removed all of my clothing, making certain I had followed all the directions I had been given to a “T”. As I was told there was only one other door available, I opened the door entering the small room, not much bigger than an average shower stall. Closing the door, I stepped up on the two blocks, forcing me to spread my legs wide as I grabbed the bar suspended from the ceiling. Placing my hands next to the chains at each end. Standing there naked and alone in a dimly lit room I waited.As I waited, could hear muffled voices and laughter through the second door opposite the one I had entered. I am not sure how long I waited. The anticipation was getting me excited my cock pulsing as I wondered what was going to happen. My mistress and I had only met online where we role played many exciting scenarios. As directed I had sent pictures of me using different toys, clamps and items of her choosing.Eventually the door opened. Mistress Dee stood there in thigh high black stockings, heels, black leather bustier that exposed her beautiful breasts. The breasts I am always to worship. She turned around letting me see her tight ass. Bending over I was given the privilege of seeing her sweet ass and moist pussy lips. Looking at me over her shoulder, “There is your treat for today. I do hope you enjoyed it.” She then motioned to someone hidden from my view. A man and a woman entered the room, clad in swimming suits, each holding a garden hose. Mistress Dee took a step or two back. “Ok darlings, make sure this a****l is clean enough canlı kaçak bahis for our entertainment”. The couple then opened the hoses spraying me with cold water, making sure no area was left untouched, concentrating on my cock, balls and ass. The woman giggled as she grabbed a bag hanging on the wall, shoving the probe in my tight asshole, releasing a surge of soapy water. “Hold that till I tell you to release it.” She emptied the contents of the bag then continued to spray me. The pressure was intense as I was blasted with the cold water, my balls taking the brunt of the force from the front and behind. Walking around me, they inspected their work. “Mistress Dee, the slave is ready for your inspection.” I did my best not to moan or release the fluid I held trapped in my bowel. Mistress Dee reentered the room with a bucket and two brushes. (The type you use on cattle) “Scrub him!” was all she said. The couple smiled and went to work diligently. The soapy water and the rough brushes made my skin pink, as before they paid special attention to my cock, balls and ass. Once I was covered in soap, Mistress Dee said “Enough! Empty it and rinse the entertainment.” The man grabbed my cock and balls pulling them up and away, “They need to stay clean, bitch!” The woman squeezed my abdomen, “Empty yourself toy.” I gratefully complied, releasing the water from my bowel. They then turned the hoses on me again making sure not one soap bubble was left. Mistress Dee reentered the room, “Wash the floor you two, and get all the soap and dirt in to the drain.” They did as directed and left the room.“Well, well, well, my little fuck toy. I wasn’t sure you would actually show up. You have made me happy now let’s make sure you don’t disappoint my guests.” Mistress Dee grabbed my balls pulling me bahis siteleri canlı up almost off the blocks, “You would never disappoint my guests would you, slave?” “No, never Mistress Dee!” I croaked as she pulled harder and smiled. “That’s a good fuck slave. Never forget you are here for my entertainment.”Opening a cabinet on the wall Mistress Dee removed a leather collar, placing it around my neck. Attaching a metal leash to the collar she slapped the tip of my cock a few times with the leather loop. I sucked in a few breaths of air as my cock twitched. “Just a reminder who is in need of entertaining today.” Mistress Dee smiled. She d****d the leash down my back. Getting leather bands with metal rings, from the cabinet, she fasted them to my wrists and ankles. Standing back a few steps she examined her work, “Hmmmm……getting there, almost.” She took a huge ass plug out of the cabinet, covered it in lube, and rammed it deep into my ass. I groaned as my asshole tightened at the base holding it in. She smacked the plug to make sure it was seated properly. “Nice and tight! You weren’t lying, were you? Such a rare find in an online slave.” She retrieved a leather ball sack parachute harness. The chains hanging empty. She once again grabbed my balls pulling them up harder and higher than before. I groaned. “I see you enjoy your Mistress’s touch.” She wrapped the weight holder tightly around my balls, snapping it into place. Reaching into the cabinet two weights appeared in her hand. Hooking them to the chains she dropped them one by one letting them tug my balls toward the floor. The sudden pain almost brought tears to my eyes. “Good, boy! You’re going to be fun!” She found two silver nipple clamps. Sucking my nipples into her mouth she sucked and bit each one, getting them to swell canlı bahis before she tightened the clamps. Two smaller weights were attached and dropped. I moaned. “Oh good. They are tight enough. I hate it when they fall off, unless I want them too.” She chuckled. Slapping my cock a few times. “Don’t worry slave. Your little cock is not forgotten.” Mistress Dee rummaged through the cabinet, “Ahh…..perfect!” She grabbed my cock pulling and stroking it getting me hard as the weights tugged and pulled. “Good this is easier on me when your cock is ready.” She licked her lips. In her hand was a “Prince Albert sound, attached to a glans ring. A steel ring hung from the end of the sound. Mistress Dee lubed the shaft then inserted into my swollen cock, stretching the slit. I moaned in pleasure. I wasn’t sure if precum or lube were making my cock head glisten. Once she had the sound in as far as it would go, she clamped the glans ring around my cock. Tightening the thumb screw forcing my cockhead to bulge purple, holding the sound in tightly. She fastened another metal leash to the ring slapping my cock with the leather handle. “Just a reminder, my dear, slut!”Walking around me, inspecting her work, she found a ball gag in the cabinet and forced it in between my teeth, fastening the straps behind my head. “Slave, that is just for the parade. Your mouth will be busy later.” She smiled. Taking one of my arms she attached the ring to a clip hanging from the ass plug, repeating the procedure with my other arm. “You may step down, slave.” I did as I was told. She took my cock leash in her hand. Raising the leash above her head forcing me to arch my back, my cock pulled tight toward the ceiling. She quickly dropped the leash, the weights falling removing the slack from the chains. I groaned as the weights swung. “Another reminder. Now we start the entertainment. I am so excited. My guests will be pleased. You know better than to disappoint your Mistress, don’t you?” I nodded yes as she turned pulling me by the cock leash through the door.{i}To be continued…{/i]

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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