Wanting Neighbour

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Wanting Neighbour
This is another true story.

Our next door neighbours were a family consisted of a husband, wife, one boy and one girl. The husband was in his middle 40’s and his wife a few years younger. The husband had his job and hobbies and would often be away from home leaving his wife at home quite a lot. Her name was Linda (changed name to protect her real identity). Linda was a pretty stocky women standing at 5’8″, dark slightly curly hair, big tits, big mummy tummy and a big bum to match. I’d say she was an easy 190lb.

I was young at home and with a limited income I was quite often forced to maintain and fix my own car. We didn’t have a large garage and so most of the time the work was done out in the open. I had noticed when I was working on my car Linda would be sneaking a peek out of one of the upstairs windows at me. She wasn’t fully visible in the window just half of her head but I knew she was there. At first I thought she was just being nosey and didn’t give it too much thought.

When we did cross each other tracks she was polite but blew hot and cold. Sometimes it was just a ‘Hello. How are you’. Other times she would be snooty and ignore me completely and sometimes we’d have a small conversation. A couple of years later I got married I moved a few miles away from our family home but used to return frequently to see my parents and to help them in some way.

It was on one such occasion 5 or 6 years after I was married that I returned to family home but nobody was in. The same neighbours were still living in the house next door, but the son and daughter had since moved out. I was going to let myself into my parents house as I desperately needed a pee, but when I checked my keys the front door key was missing.

I looked over the fence and noticed that Linda’s car was on the driveway but the husband’s illegal bahis siteleri was not. He was most likely out working or pursuing one of his hobbies. I wondered about the possibility of using their facilities but was a little apprehensive about asking. Linda would have been in her late 40’s by now. My pee urge got worse, so I thought why not.

I knocked on their front door an Linda answered it.

“Hello! How are you?” she said.
“Hi Linda. I’m fine thanks. I know it’s a bit of a cheek but could I use your loo? I would use the toilet at my parents, bit they are out and I don’t have their front door key”.
“Of course you can” she replied and opened the door fully for me to enter the house.
“The downstairs toilet is over there”. She pointed to a door straight in front of me.
“Thank you Linda. I appreciate this”.

I had my pee, washed my hands and stepped out of the toilet. Linda was in the kitchen. “Would you like a cup of tea?” she asked. “That would be lovely Linda.”.

Linda made the tea and we sat in her lounge drinking the tea and making small talk about all things but more about me and how married life was suiting me. Towards the end of the cup of tea our conversation had turned to holidays. Linda pointed to a photo on the top of a cabinet. “That’s me in Cyprus”. I couldn’t see the photo properly from where I was sat so got up from the chair and went over to the photo to get a proper look. I picked the photo up and cheekily said “Ah, that’s a shame you don’t have a bikini on”. Just at that very moment, I felt Linda’s left tit pressing into my back (instant arousement and my prick started to stiffen).

I turned slowly around and looked straight into her eyes. She was wanting. I leaned slightly forward and kissed her on the lips. That was that the fire was lit. Within a second we were kissing canlı bahis siteleri our tongues deeply entwined. I reached up with my right hand and caressed her big left tit under the layers of her cloths. It felt good. Linda let out a soft moan.

“We’ll have to be quick” she said, “I have to be in at work in 2 hours time and John will be home soon”. With that she grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs to their bedroom. While going up the stairs my hand were up the insides of her legs feeling her inner thighs and even although I wasn’t too close, I could feel the warmth of her pussy inside her pants.

She took me into their bedroom and we sat on the end of their bed. Our kissing start again while we were rubbing and caressing each other. She didn’t need to rub my dick through my jeans as by now I was at full mast. We fumbled about removing our top clothing until we were there in our underwear. She most certainly wasn’t any model and showed the signs of old age, having two c***dren and lacking exercise. Her mummy tummy was big and round, but I loved it all.

I had difficulty removing the clasp on her bra, so she reached around and unclipped it for me. Her bra slowly fell to reveal her big boobs. I would guess she was a 44D at least. Her nipples weren’t huge but they were dark and by now stiff. I used both hands to gather her tits together and buried my head between them. Gorgeous. I then start to suck on her erect nipples while rubbing her pussy through her big pink pants with my free hand. I could feel she was hairy and her pussy was hot.

I pulled at the top of her pants indicating that I wanted them off so she moved onto one side while I slipped her pants half off then she moved over to her other side and I got them half way down her legs. She was more hairy than I imagined and it’s amazing what bahis firmaları those granny pants can hide. Without her pants completely off there was no way I was getting further between her legs so I removed her pants completely. With those removed and with her spreading her legs, I had free access to her wet very hairy pussy. I pushed a finger inside and she was soaking.

“We have to be quick” she repeated so with that I got her on all fours and removed my pants. My cock was hard as a rock. I rubbed her big arse for a couple of seconds before guiding my cock towards her wet hole. I felt her hand grabbed my cock and she guided into her pussy. With my cock inside her I started to slowly fuck her before I sped up my thrusts. At the same time she was pushing back and forth onto me.

I felt her hand again this time grabbing my balls and pulling them towards her on her backward thrusts and the slapping sound on me hitting her arse cheeks was loud. “Oh that is so good. Oh that is good” she kept saying. It didn’t take any time at all before she was quietly moaning again and her breathing was heavy. I will admit I didn’t feel her cumming but her thrusting back and forth ceased so I guessed. I carried on fucking her pussy for a little while and she could only muster quiet ‘Mmmm’s’ with heavy breathing. Then felt my sperm beginning to pressurise and a few thrusts later I released a couple of very strong and long spurts deep inside her.

I was breathing pretty heavy and she fell forward slightly and rolled onto her side. The deed was done and I laid down beside her. “Thank you” I said. “No thank you” she responded, “I’ve been wanting for you to do that for a few years now.”

We lay there for a couple of minutes recovering when she looked over at the alarm clock at the side of the bed. “Oh Jesus. We’ll have to get dressed. Look at the time!”.

We both got dressed and she let me out of their house.

A few months later I bumped into her again in our town. I asked her “How do you fancy a rerun”. She returned to her snooty side and said “I’m faithful to my husband. No thanks”. Well I’ll be darned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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