Watching The Boys Part 2

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Watching The Boys Part 2I tried to get some sleep, but the images of my son sucking down hisfirst load of cum out of Jamal’s huge member, were now forever burned intomy brain. I had a restless night’s sleep, and wondered what else hadhappened between Jamal and my son. I so desperately wanted to get back tothe house and deal with Jamal, but the meetings I had were too important tomy company and I couldn’t delay or ignore them.I had to watch the video again first thing in the morning. Just tomake sure I didn`t dream it. But I didn’t dream it, and everything Iremembered was on display again. The giant cookie with the special lovefrosting, my son’s mouth stuffed with cock, his face being covered in cumas Jamal ejaculated all over it and hearing the unmistakable moans of myson at the end of the video. Bryan’s smooth boy legs, the only part of himvisible, as Jamal’s body blocked me from what he was doing to my son.Hearing my boy experiencing his first dry orgasm pushed me to cum like Inever had before.I was again distracted through all my meetings but managed get throughthem. I finally made it back to my hotel room and quickly booted up mylaptop to see if I could Skype Jamal. I had to try to talk him out ofdoing any thing else with my Bry. I now felt guilty leaving my boy with acomplete stranger, who now had complete access to my son and his sexy boybody. Did I want him to stop? Did I want to see more? I was conflictedwith guilt.I checked my email seeing only the usual junk mail until I noticed onesent from the house computer with a file attached to it. It was an mp4file labeled “B’s Cherry (sneak peek 1)”. My heart started to beat fasterand my dick started to harden. What was happening to me? Did I reallywant to see more of my boy getting used again? What did Jamal send me?I clicked on the file and my video player popped on. I wasimmediately bombarded by the image of a pair of large black hands strokinga smooth white small torso; the camera followed the hands upward as theyworked up the chest to show my son’s face. But his face had a look I’dnever seen before, a look of pure pleasure shown on it unlike any othertime in the past. Bry’s eyelids were half closed with drool coming out ofthe side of his mouth. Long low boyish moans could be heard coming from myboy as the hands moved up his neck and caressed his face. One of Jamal’sthumbs entered Bryan’s mouth and my boy started to suck on it like a cock.Bryan, moaning, uncontrollably all the while doing so. Then the videoabruptly came to an end. My cock was so hard after seeing that. What thehell did I just see? Thirty seconds of my son in pure bliss. And I had noidea what Jamal was up to or what he had done to my son!I tried the house Skype account but it was off line. I had to getback to California as soon as I could, but I still had one more day ofmeetings that I couldn’t get out of. I called my airline and changed myflight for a red eye the following day. This would get me back toCalifornia in two days. It was the earliest I could get. I ordered roomservice and watched the “Milk and Cookies” and “Cherry” video clips again.I couldn’t help but cum several times to them that night.After another sleepless night, I woke up early and packed my bags formy quick escape to the airport. Then I had my meetings, made it back tothe hotel and checked out. I got to the airport made it through security.Now began the long wait for my plane to board. I went to a restaurantinside the terminal and had a meal. While eating, I decided to check myemail and brought out my iPad. Another email had been sent from Jamal witha video file attached to it. My mouth went dry and I started to get atingly sensation in my groin. Did I dare look at it, right there, in abusy airport restaurant? I was sitting in the back of the restaurant so Icould see if anyone approached me then I clicked on the file.The screen lit up with an extreme close up of my son’s face as he layon his back. His eyes were closed and his mouth was wide open and his hairwas wet with sweat. I quickly lowered the sound as my boy’s moans quicklyfilled the booth. Then I noticed his head moving back and forth timed withhis high pitched boy moans. That’s when I heard Jamal’s voice.”You like daddy Jamal’s cock?” Jamal grunts out, “You like your newdaddy’s cock?” Jamal says off camera.Bryan moaned out “Yesssss!” a look of pleasure and pain showed on hisyoung face. I realized my boy is being fucked and my cock went rock hardin my pants. Then the tempo of Jamal’s fucking picked up speed as Bryan’smoans got louder and my son’s face undulated faster. Bryan turned awayfrom the camera as a look of ecstasy came across his face then the screenwent dark.”He looks like I do when I play with my Uncle.” a young voice saidnext to me. Snapping me out of my trance, I quickly glanced to my left andI’m face to face with a boy that looks the same age as my nine year oldson. He smiled at me as I noticed him squeezing his crotch.”Let’s go Brandon!” he ran off towards a middle-aged woman, probablyhis mother. I watched the boy’s ass, wondering what the boy would looklike naked. As the boy and his mother walked out of the restaurant, hestopped and turned, smiling at me as he grabbed and squeezed his hard boynail again. He then waved at me and ran out of view.”Get a hold of yourself!” I thought to myself. “Your’re starting toperv out on strange boys in airports!” I had to stay seated in the booth abit longer to let my cock deflate. I then made my way to my gate to waitfor my boarding time.After a long wait in the terminal, I finally got on the plane back toCalifornia. I managed to get a seat in the back of the plane next to therestrooms. The flight wasn’t crowded, so I get a row to myself. Shortlyafter takeoff, the lights dimmed as most of the passengers tried to getsome sleep.About an hour into the flight I was drowsing in and out of sleep.Awakened I noticed two people heading back to the restrooms. It lookedlike a boy followed closely by a man, probably father and son heading tothe bathroom. I made a note of it and didn’t think anything more about it,until I saw the boy pass by my row. It was Brandon! The güvenilir bahis siteleri boy from therestaurant, followed by a man, maybe his Uncle I thought. I was instantlyawake as I watched them pass by my row and head back to the bathrooms. Ithought I saw the man behind Brandon with a substantial hard on runningdown the pant leg of his jeans. But the cabin was dark so I couldn’t get areal clear look.I peeked around the seats and watched the boy head into one of themany closet sized bathrooms immediately followed by the man. The doorclosed and I heard the door latch as the occupied sign became visible.My mind was reeling, and my cock went instantly hard from what I hadjust witnessed. The innocent 9 year old I had met earlier in therestaurant was possibly joining the mile high club just feet from where Isat. My mind became flooded with Images of my son and Jamal. “Have I beenblind to what has really been going on around me all this time?”, Ithought. I broke out in a cold sweat, as I thought of what was happeningto Brandon a few feet away from me and what was happening to my son back inCalifornia.As I was thinking about the events of the past couple of days Istarted to hear faint, high pitched moaning, but it was difficult to hearover the sound of the plane’s engines. Soon after the moaning started,light thumps could be heard that were in sync with the moaning. The imagesof the boy named Brandon getting fucked by a monster cock in the bathroomof the plane sent my mind spinning. I had to jerk off.I quickly looked around the sleeping cabin. Seeing as the coast wasclear, whipped out my leaking cock and started to stroke it to the soundsof the man and boy behind me. The images of the boy being fucked danced inmy head. The last few days had been overwhelming and it didn’t take longto fire off several shots of my own love frosting all over me.I could still hear fucking going on behind me, but I was too tired tocare. I cleaned myself up as best I could and tucked my softening cockback in my pants. I dozed off to the sounds of a boy in ecstasy.CLICK! The sound of the bathroom door latch opening woke me from mylight sleep. I glanced at my watch; I’d been out for an hour. I thennoticed Brandon slowly walk by, his hair all disheveled, with a look ofsheer exhaustion on his face. The man followed right behind the boy with awide smile on his face. The man and I made eye contact. He winked at mewhile he and the boy slowly walked back to their seats. The hard tube inhis pants was now gone, replaced with just a mild bulge. The man and boyhad fucked for over an hour and I wondered how many loads the boy had takenup his hole. Then I wondered how many loads my son had taken so far. Iclosed my eyes and tried to clear my mind of all the nasty, dirty thoughtsI had swimming around inside my head. “Just get me home.” I thought.I finally landed at LAX, and as I departed the plane, I noticed atired looking Brandon walking with his mother to the baggage claim area.The stranger I saw Brandon with was nowhere to be seen. That boy fucked acomplete stranger? So that wasn’t his uncle after all.I grabbed my bags and made my way to the airport shuttle stop. It was5 in the morning and not too many people were around at that time. But Ipreferred the quietness of the nearly deserted airport as I thought aboutwhat I was going to say and do to get Jamal out of my house. The shuttletrip back to Calabasas felt longer than usual as my nervousness mounted.By the time I got back to the house it was 6 in the morning; the houseand the neighborhood looked peaceful and quiet. The sun was just startingto rise as I let myself into the house. I decided to wait for everyone towake up before I made my way upstairs. Jamal and Bryan weren’t expectingme back for at least another day, so I didn’t want to make a scene thisearly in the morning. I went into my office and sat at my desk, thinkingabout what I was going to do. I dozed off for a bit but was awakened bynoises coming from upstairs. I looked at the clock and noticed it was now8 in the morning. I heard small footsteps coming down the stairs followedby heavier steps right after.”You hungry little man?” I heard Jamal say.”Yes!” replied a perky Bryan.”What would you like to eat for breakfast, son?” asked Jamal, as Iheard them entering the kitchen.”I want some waffles!” I heard Bryan giggle. I quietly moved to thedoor of my office to listen in on their conversation. I didn’t want themto know I was here yet so I could see for myself what was really going on.”Waffles? Is that all you want?” replied Jamal, with a playful tonein his voice.”Yes!” Bryan replied, and then added “With your special love frostingon top!” I started to get hard hearing the lust in Bryan’s voice.”You want some more of my frosting boy?” Jamal said challengingly tomy son.”Uh huh” Bryan said, almost mumbling. I could tell from Bry’s subduedresponse that he was staring at Jamal’s cock, almost drooling at the sightof it. Then the kitchen got quiet and after a few moments, the subtlesounds of wet sucking started to emanate out of the kitchen.I had to see what they were doing for myself, so I got down on myhands and knees and crawled on the floor towards the kitchen. I tried tomake the least amount of noise as possible. While I was slowly crawlinginto place for a better view, I heard their conversation continue.”Is that all you want?” Jamal continued”I also want some sausage.” Bryan giggled deviously, followed by moresucking sounds. I couldn’t tell if they were kissing or doing somethingelse. But I was about to find out as I slowly peeked around the cornerinto the kitchen. What I saw made me hard instantly.My nine year old son was sitting on the kitchen counter with Jamalstanding in front of him. Both of them were completely naked. Bry had hissmooth boy legs wrapped around Jamal’s waist, man and boy lip locked in apassionate embrace.Bryan’s smooth boy skin contrasted against Jamal’s dark muscular frameas the boy clung to Jamal while they kissed.I noticed Jamal’s huge 8 inch cock, sandwiched between him and my son.As the two bodies ground against each other, I would occasionally losesight perabet of Jamal’s throbbing cock. Then it would pop back out on either sideof them, leaking large amounts of pre-cum down their sides. My son andJamal were making wet sucking and moaning noises as they became lost ineach other’s arms.My mouth went dry at the sight before me. The image of my nine yearold son, so uninhibited with showing his sexual side, sharing it with Jamalso freely, made my cock start to leak.Jamal pulled off my son’s mouth, their faces still touching as hebreathed lustfully “I know what I want for breakfast!”Jamal leaned my son back on the counter and untangled himself from myboy’s legs. Bryan’s boy feet planted on the counter, left Bryan’s legsspread wide open. Jamal then went to the cabinet and retrieved the maplesyrup. He also grabbed a tub of butter from the counter and returned tohis position in front of the reclining boy’s wide open legs. Jamal thengrabbed Bryan’s legs and rested them on his shoulders as my boy was nowreclined all the way on to his back.”I like syrup with my breakfast’ smiled Jamal, as he started to pourmaple syrup all over my son’s prepubescent groin and chest. Bryan giggledat the feeling of being covered in syrup.Once the boy was covered with a nice coating of the sticky stuff,Jamal smiled with a wicked grin.”Mmmm, what a delicious looking boy for my breakfast.” Jamal said ashis head went down on my young son. He started to lick the sugary goo offthe nine year old with Bryan squirming and laughing uncontrollably asJamal’s tongue danced all over Bryan’s body. Jamal pinned down Bryan’sflailing arms as he worked his way down the young boy’s body. The sounds ofsucking and slurping filled the kitchen, accompanied by the boyish gaspingand giggling of Bryan.Soon, Jamal’s head made it to down to my son’s groin. The man’s headburied between my boy’s smooth thighs, focusing all of his attention there.”He must be really manipulating my son’s little cocklet” I thought, asJamal held down the squirming and flailing boy while continuing to suck onhim. Bryan’s giggles turned to moans as a look of determined lust appearedon my son`s face. His legs bent down, planting his boy feet againstJamal’s back, forcing as much of his groin against Jamal’s sucking mouth.Bryan and Jamal soon developed a rhythm. Moaning and grunting in time withthe thrusting of my son’s hips. Then, with a loud moan from my boy, Bryantook one large thrust upward as his body was shaken by a powerful, dryorgasm.Jamal continued to manipulate the boy’s penis and balls as Bryan`sbody continued to be rocked by endless waves of orgasmic pleasure. Hissmall frame rocked over and over again with multiple dry orgasms. Bryan’sloud moaning and panting, echoing through the house.Jamal finally eased his assault on my boy, and withdrew his mouth frommy boy’s penis. Bryan’s body went limp on the counter, gasping for air, ashis body recovered from his ordeal.Without missing a beat, Jamal raised Bryan’s legs up and back to myboy’s shoulders and started to eat him out like a starved man. After themultiple orgasms Bryan had just experienced, the spent boy could onlyrespond with a low guttural moan as he felt Jamal’s tongue start to explorehis boy hole. Jamal was really going to town on my son’s asshole and Bryanwas giving it to him freely. Suddenly Jamal stopped and looked up at myboy.”Do you still want some sausage for breakfast?” asked Jamal.All Bryan could answer was a weak “uh huh.”Jamal reached for the tub of butter and scooped up a dab with hisfingers and started to rub the butter up and down his hard, 8 inch cock.His cock glistened as it reflected the early morning sunlight comingthrough the kitchen windows.Jamal lined up his buttered, black, man sausage with Bryan’s wellworked sphincter and slowly started to apply pressure. I thought there wasno way Bryan’s small body could take Jamal’s monster cock, but I watchedwith amazement as the hard throbbing cock slowly disappeared into my boy.Bryan hardly made a sound as the cock continued to slide further in. AsJamal slowly bottomed out in my boy, Bryan’s eyes closed, and his mouthslowly opened as he felt Jamal`s groin make contact with his ass. Bryan,my nine year old pride and joy, now had 8 inches of hard, thick, man cockin him.Jamal leaned down, and the two embraced in a passionate kiss asJamal’s body covered the small boy. Bry’s white, smooth arms and legscontrasted against the muscular black man`s skin.Then it hit me! With the ease Jamal had sliding his cock into my boy,this was not the first time Bryan had taken Jamal’s cock. Shocked at thisthought, I watched in stunned silence from the dark hallway as Jamalstarted to slowly move his cock in and out of my boy. Bryan was moaninglouder and louder as Jamal increased his undulations. Bryan’s arms andlegs were wrapped around Jamal’s thrusting body as Jamal continued to pickup the pace of his fucking. Then he made a hard thrust into my boy andheld it there.”You like daddy’s cock?” Jamal said lustfully, as he pulled his cockout almost all the way, then shoved it back in to the hilt, making Bry moanout loudly.”You like my big sausage up your boy pussy, son?” Jamal continued, ashe pulled out and thrust in again. Bryan moaned something I couldn’t quitemake out.”Speak up, Daddy can’t hear you son.” Jamal said starting to slowlylong dick my boy.Bryan moaned out loudly “UUUH, I LO…LOVE YYOOUR…COOOOCKDA…DADDY!” as Bryan felt the sensations of Jamal’s cock as it wracked hisboy colon.”Yeah, you like your new daddy’s cock, don’t cha?” As Jamal poundedmy boy, Bryan just moaned uncontrollably as the fucking continued.Suddenly, Jamal buried his cock, balls deep and left it there. He strokedmy sweaty son’s face as the two made eye contact.”I’d like to finish my breakfast at the table.” Jamal, then liftedthe boy up in his arms, with my son still impaled and clinging to him, andexited the kitchen towards the dining room. I quietly made my way to theother side of the hallway to peek into the dining room and watched Jamallying my boy down on the far end of the long dining room table. Jamal waslaying on top of Bryan perabet giriş making small hunching movement with his hips.”Are you ready for my breakfast love frosting son?” Jamal asked as hegazed into Bryan`s eyes.”YES!” replied Bryan, in a high lusty tone.”Then get ready son. I’m gonna to give you a fresh batch.” as Jamalstood up, holding Bryan’s coltish legs wide open. Bryan grabbed on to thesides of the table as he braced himself for the onslaught he was about toreceive. I watched Jamal start to thrust in and out of my son who’s nowlaid out like the main course of a meal. His loud moaning and the creakingof the dining room table echo across the room as Jamal’s thrusts start toget longer and faster.I watched the spectacle before me, hypnotized by the image of my nineyear old son being fucked wildly by this muscular black man, on my diningroom table, in my own house! I started to stoke myself in time withJamal’s thrusts. Then I noticed Jamal looking right at me with a wilddevilish grin on his face.”You like daddy’s cock?” Jamal asked Bryan even as his eyes stayedfocused on mine and kicked his fucking up a notch.”Mmm…YEAH…mmmmm…UUHHH!” Bryan tried to answer as Jamal startedto rabbit fuck the boy. The table sounded like it was going to collapse atany minute, and so did Bryan for that matter.”Mmmmm…aaahh…dddaad…nngh…oooh…daaaaaad!”Jamal kept his eyes locked with mine as I continued to stroke my cockfaster and faster from my position in the outer hallway.Then Jamal closed his eyes as his head tilted back, still holding myboys legs wide open. His mouth in a silent wail as his long thrusts wentto a short, deep grinding motion against my boy`s ass.Then Jamal made one last thrust forward as he let out a loud roar.”AAAAaaaaaahh…FFFUUUCK!” Jamal yelled out as his body convulsed,pumping shot after shot of cum into my boy. Bryan made small moaningsounds as he felt Jamal’s seed flood his boy colon.The sights and sounds of man fucking boy were too much for me as Istarted to cum uncontrollably all over myself. Then I heard a deep voicespeak from the top of the stairs.”Damn, Jamal, heard you clear up here! Woke me up with that one.” Iglanced up to see another large muscular black man, standing naked at thetop of the stairs, stroking his large cock.”Looks like someone else is wide awake now too.” As the mysteriousnew guest glanced down at his impressive nine inch cock, hardening up as hecontinued to stroke it.”We were gonna have some breakfast but we got distracted.” chuckledJamal “Stay there, we’ll be right up, we need to wash off some of thebreakfast.” as Jamal lifted my son off the dinning room table. Bryan clungto Jamal’s muscular, sticky body as the two headed towards the stairs.Bryan still impaled on Jamal’s cock, which was still hard as a rock afterthat amazing cum he just experienced.”What is that, cum?” asked the stranger as Jamal and Bryan made it tothe top of the stairs.”No, maple syrup.” laughed Jamal.”You are a kinky dude, Jamal.” said the stranger.”You know what’s even kinkier?” asked Jamal as he nodded in mydirection. The stranger spotted me lying in the hallway, covered in my owncum.”Damn, is that…?” responded the stranger.”Yup, let’s go clean my boy up, and get him ready for breakfast.”Jamal headed into the bathroom with the stranger following closely behind.I sat there and watched the bathroom door close and then heard thedoor lock. My head was spinning as I stuffed my softening cock back intomy soiled pants. I slowly stood up and tried to clear my mind. I glancedover at the dining room table, the sight of where Jamal and my son hadconsummated their lustful passion. I noticed a puddle of cum on the tableleft over from the fucking my son just took, along with, what looked like,a large half full plate of uneaten brownies loosely covered with plasticwrap.I made my way over to the far end of the dining room table and stoodthere looking at the evidence left over from the event I just witnessed. Ireached down and scooped up some of Jamal’s cum with my fingers, I pausedto look at it. I contemplated this fresh pool of cum that had leaked outof my boy. I put my cum soaked fingers in my mouth and savored the flavorof Jamal’s love frosting mixed in with my son’s ass juices. The saltytaste invaded my taste buds.I slowly made my way up the stairs and stood at the entrance of thesecond floor hallway. I walked up to the bathroom door to my left and putmy ear to the door. I could hear the shower running intermixed with amixture of man and boy moans, and the occasional grunt from one of the men.I also heard the distinct sounds of flesh slapping against flesh. I couldhear the two men talking, probably encouraging my boy. But I couldn’t makeout what they were saying. I tried the door handle, but it was stilllocked.I glanced over to Bryan’s bedroom which was across the hall from thebathroom. His bed was disheveled with wet spots all over it and the roomhad the distinct smell of sex coming from it. This was an unusual smell tofind in a nine year old boy’s room.I grew weak in the knees as I realized a lot more had gone on with myson than what I was shown on the videos Jamal had sent me. And who wasthis other guy with him? I needed to lie down and gather my strength fromall the overwhelming events of the last few days.As I headed down the hallway to the master bedroom I passed the opendoor of Ben’s room. Then it dawned on me, what was going to happen when my14 year old son returned from summer camp? Would Jamal do anything to Ben?How would Ben take all this? Luckily Ben wouldn’t be home for a few daysand I might still be able to get rid of Jamal before he gets home.I headed to my room, opened the door and saw that my bed was in thesame condition as my son’s bed. I spotted Bryan’s stretchy lycra supermanoutfit on the floor at the foot of the bed. The covers and comforter ofthe king size bed had been pushed off the bed completely and where lyingoff to the side. I also noticed what looked like a DVD case with a red bowon it sitting in the middle of the bed. It was lying on top of Bryan’s redSuperman cape, which was covered with a crust of dried cum. I went over tothe bed and picked it up. The cover had a picture of my son smiling on itwith the title “B’s Cherry” across the top. Next to the bow on the casewas a card that had, written in red crayon in Bryan`s hand writing,To: FrankFrom: Bryan”Oh shit” I thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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