What was supposed to be a straight 3some ended up

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What was supposed to be a straight 3some ended upIt started off with my post. I posted an ad on craigslist looking for a couple to play with, because of my size I attracted couples looking to spice up there sex life with a bigger cock easier than I attracted singled females. So a few hours after the post went up I got a email that said, “me and my girl are going to go out for a few beers….we are attractive 40’s. wanna meet up in a bar? I’ll have a blur button up shirt on…not tucked in. where are you? lets meet.”I wasn’t looking to meet that night and the post said as much. I reminded them that I wasn’t free that night but was interested in meeting. I told them I would be free the following day if they were. He responded back with “ok dude…we will be at just jakes tomorrow….at noon…drinking martinis (the glasses will give us away). what will you be wearing?BTW….she is salivating for that cock of yours in her mouth.” He had attached a picture of her.She was a brunette with a slim figure and about C cup sitting on a sofa with her head turned to the side hiding her face.My cock was instantly hard. I responded with “Damn she’s hot. I’ll be there by 12:30. Not sure what I’ll be wearing but I’ll let you know before I leave.” We exchanged numbers and said we’ll texted when we were on the way. I got to the bar at 12:40pm, parking was a bitch. As I walked in I noticed the place was all but empty. One female by her self and a bunch of solo men s**ttered here and there. So I took a seat at the bar and ordered my favorite bar. While I wanted I sent them a text letting them know I was here and at the bar. Two minutes later a guy comes up to me and says my name. I said yeah that’s me and he introduced himself and told me to come join them. Apparently he was in the restroom when I came in and that was his gf sitting alone at the table.He introduced me to his gf and told me to sit next to her. “Pretend that you guys are the couple and I’m the third wheel just along for the ride.”She didn’t feel at all comfortable with this but went along with what he said. We all sat down and began chatting. It came up that she had went out with some female friends and drank too much and got drunk. Some guys approached them and she being drunk didn’t say no and at the end of it all she fucked one of the guys. Feeling guilty she immediately told her boyfriend who was only upset that he wasn’t there to watch or join in. So they had agreed to bring in another guy so he could be apart of it all this time which is why they responded to my post.As we talked he encouraged us to kiss and feel each other up. I wasted no time and didn’t need that much encouragement. I told them that I found her extremely sexy and hot. We kissed and she moaned into my mouth. I moved my hand onto her thighs and started rubbing them moving closer to her pussy. I could feel the heat of it though her jeans. She was extremely turned on by the situation even though she was being a bit shy. I had to move her hand onto my cock for her to rub it through my jeans. Her eyes light up and she bit her bottom lip. She look at him and said “Oh my it’s so big and hard.” Then we made out again.As we broke away from the kiss, I noticed he was staring intently with a big smile on his face. He asked her if she liked it and she said yes. We talked for a few more minutes and finished our drinks and agreed to go back to his place. It was 45 minutes away and it had started to snow. We all got to his place around the same time. He poured us some wine and I excused my self to wash off in the shower. I always like to be fresh before kırşehir escort playing.After I finished my quick shower, I heard sucking nosies coming from the bed room. I walked over only still dripping wet in a towel and there she was naked and on her knees sucking his small fat dick. My cock had at least 3-4 inches on him but his was thicker, almost double my thickness. She noticed me watching and waved me over. I dropped the towel and walked over. She grabbed my cock and wasted no time trying to deep throat as much as she could while still jerking him off with her other hand.Her warm wet mouth felt so great wrapped around my hard cock as her head bopped up and down on it. Then she did the sexiest thing ever and purred like a feline with my cock deep in her mouth. The vibrations from that made my already hard cock harder. “I think she likes sucking your dick. No that not a dick that’s a cock look how big he is compared to me” he said. We all laughed.She suddenly remembered he was here even though she had her hands on his dick the whole time. She dragged him close until our cocks almost touched and began alternating sucking us off bouncing back and forth between our dicks. Eventually she got tired and we moved o the bed. She laid on her back with her legs spread open inviting me to eat her pussy. As I licked and sucked on her sweet juicy pussy, he got on the bed next to her head and shoved his dick back into her mouth. He must have been fucking her face because I would hear her gaps for breath and then moan from me eating her out. After a few minutes she takes his dick out of her mouth and looks down at me between her legs and growled “Fuck me now.”I stood up grabbed my cock and lined it up with her dripping wet pussy and slowly pushed my head in. Her pussy was so tight around my cock. I kept pushing my cock inside her inch by inch. “Oh God Yes. Your cock is so big. He’s so big.” She said with the look of a crazy woman. I slowly got all of it inside of her and then I pulled it all the way out until only the head was just left. She let out a loud moan and then I thrusted it back in a little faster this time making sure she could handle it. She could and it drove her nuts “Oh God Oh fuck” she grabbed me and pulled me down onto of her until we were chest to chest and deeply kissed me.While we made out, I started thrusting in and out faster then before and harder increasing my speed until I was pounding her tight pussy. We broke apart from kissing and the look on her face was one of intense pleasure almost bordering on pain. Then she began to howl not moan but howl. She sounded like a pure a****l and she looked wild, her intensity was primal it took me a while to get used to it. I’ve never been with someone like that before.He came back over to the bed near us and was jerking his cock off as he watched me fuck her hard. “Wow no that is what you call fucking. He’s fucking you good with his big cock isn’t he?” He asked her. She responded with, “God Yes! He’s so deep in me baby.” I adjusted myself so I was now on my knees between her legs giving him space to lean over and shove his dick back into her mouth. I grab her thighs and pinned her legs down which gave me full access to her pussy. I started thrusting again even harder and deeper this time because of the position and angle. Her howls were muffled because of his dick in her mouth.”You like his cock fucking you don’t you” he asked her. She screamed out “YES!””You like it better then my small dick don’t you?” he asked. She looked a little confused as she didn’t know what to say to that. So she just kırşehir escort bayan said “It’s different from your’s.” He didn’t like that answer and slapped her across the face and then shoved his cock back into her mouth. “Tell me the truth. I know his cock his bigger and you like it deep in you,” he said. She took his cock out of her mouth and said, “His is bigger but you’re is thicker.” Again thats not what he wanted to her and slapped her again. He asked her again. This time giving in she looked and him and screamed “Yes I love his big cock fucking my pussy he’s so deep in me. It feels so fucking good I don’t want him to stop.” That must have been exactly what he wanted to hear because he shoved his cock back into her mouth and came right then and there. She swallowed his load. All the while I’ve been pounding away at her.He backs away leaving us to keep fucking. So I leaned in and started sucking on her breast. They were nice full and firm. Her nipples were hard enough to cut glass. I took my time sucking and bitting each of them. This increased her pleasure. Now that there was no dick in her mouth her howls begin to echo through the house once again. She grabbed the side of my face and pulled me closer to her so we could make out some more. As we kissed her hands moved down to my ass and her nails dug into me which cause me to thrust deeper into her. Her already tight pussy start to contract again my cock and she started to orgasm. I thought she was loud before but once her orgasm hit she got even louder. To the point where she was screaming but no sound was coming out because she was out of breath and had to gasp for air to scream again. Once her orgasm finish I got off of her. He must have been out of the room getting more wine because he came running back in and asked what happened and if I had came. I shook my head and said “No I didn’t cum but she just did” He looked at her in disbelief.My dick was still hard but I was tired from all of the fucking so I drank some wine and laid down on the bed. She rolled over and started sucking my cock again. He got behind her and started eating her out. The whole thing must have been turning him on because he was hard and ready to go again. He mounted her and started to fuck her from behind. I just laid back still drinking my wine as she sucked my cock like it was the most precious thing in the world.Eventually he got tired and stopped fucking her. She then climbed on top and me lined up my cock to her pussy and sunk down on it inch by inch. Once she got it all in she began to ride it up and down until she picked up the pace and started bouncing up and down on it. (I got a little worried because of how fast she was going and if you’re a guy you know exactly what could happen if you dick slips out and she comes back down on it the wrong way. But luckily that didn’t happen.)She started to slow down after a few minutes grinding her pussy on my cock. He took this chance to jump in. He got behind her and I adjust my legs so he can get in better. She leaned in and we started to make out and then I felt the pressure of his cock entering her ass making her tight pussy even tighter. I let him get his rhythm going before I started to move and match it. She moaned into my mouth as we continued to make out. We broke apart and she began howling again. Her pussy started to contract and she came once again. She must have squeezed her asshole tight as she orgasmed because I heard “Oh fuck I’m coming” and then he spasmed and came in her ass.I’m still wasn’t close to cumming yet and it’s been quite some time escort kırşehir a side affect from drinking too much lol. I went to the bathroom to pee another side affect from drinking too much. When I came back they were sucking and licking each other in 69 position. “Come over here and fuck her from behind man” He told me. They were positioned with his head and her ass at the edge of the bed I figured he was going to move so I could fuck her. He didn’t and I drank to much to care. I lined my cock up and thrusted into her wet pussy. Her moans started to pick up again but the dick in her mouth prevented her from getting loud. With each thrust I noticed two things. The first and obvious how amazing her tight pussy felt. The second that my balls which I’m told are big too were rubbing up and down his face as I thrusted into her pussy and I could have sworn I felt something wet hit my balls every time. So I asked him if he was ok down there. He said yeah he was good and went back to licking and sucking on her. I shrugged it off and focused on fucking her. A few strokes later and this time I felt it for sure as He opened his mouth and sucked on one of my balls then released it just as fast. Now I’m not bi and I was completely shocked that he just did that but I’d be lying if I said that shit didn’t feel good in the heat of the moment.He did that a few more times until we switched positions. Back to missionary it was pretty basic long deep strokes pounding her as hard as I could at this point to get myself to cum. And sure enough after another 10 minutes I started to get the feeling in the balls. So I kept thrusting harder into her and said “Shit I’m going to cum” She must have felt my cock get harder and bigger as I was getting ready to explode ” Oh Fuck he’s getting even bigger inside of me”. A few more strokes and I erupted losing all sense of everything else except the feeling of cumming deep inside her wet pussy and trying to make it last as long as possible. I must have let loose 4 or 5 ropes of cum into her. Once I felt like it all came out. I pulled out of her still hard and fell onto the bed drained.My cum must have stated to leak out of her cause she jumped up and ran to the bathroom. He immediately ran after her telling her to stop not to clean herself. They exchanged a few more words but I couldn’t hear what was said. Interested in what was going on I got up and poked my head out of the bedroom door I could clearly see inside the bathroom. There she was standing above the toilet with one leg onto of it. He was on he’s knees licking and sucking my cum out of her pussy while he jerked himself off.I watched for a few minutes until it seemed like they were finishing up.I went to check my phone as I had somewhere else to be later that day. He came back in as she started washing up in the bathroom. “Wow that was so hot, We like you a lot. We’re going to have to do this often.” He said. He must have saw my cock still semi hard. “Jesus you’re still hard, you’re a fucking machine” we both laughed. “Oh you’re a mess here let me clean you up.” Before I registered what he meant, he was already on his knees putting my cock in his mouth. He sucked my cock deep into his mouth cleaning up the left over juice from me and her. “There all clean” he said.She came back in and I excused myself to wash up in the bathroom. I was running late as it was so I made it fast and got dressed. They knew I had somewhere else to be so didn’t get upset that I was getting ready to leave. We all exchanged numbers as up until this point we were only emailing each other. We said our goodbyes and I left them still naked in there bed more then likely getting ready for another round. We met up two more times but ended up stopping because she was starting to get feelings for me. And we all agreed it was best to end things before it went any further.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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