Working at Tammy’s – Part 3

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Working at Tammy’s – Part 3Part 2I left her house and kept glancing at the bag on the seat next to me as I drove away. After I left her subdivision I knew I just had to look in the bag. She wouldn’t know if I looked now or in 30 minutes so I waited until I stopped at the next light to open the bag. I knew they had to be panties but these were different. They were red or burgundy in color and I could see lace around the edges. The light changed and I quickly tossed the bag back on the seat to continue driving. I kept thinking about her and her incredible body. It all felt like a dream, but the bag next to me reminded me that it was very real. Feeling horny, I managed to unzip my shorts so I could slide my fingers in, feeling the panties I was still wearing. I could feel my cock getting hard and feeling my panties was making me hot. I couldn’t wait to get home and use the panties to stroke my cock again. When I got home, I quickly grabbed the bag and raced into the house. In my bedroom, I stripped off my shorts and shirt and saw my hard cock straining against the sexy panties. I gave my cock a few strokes, then headed to the bathroom to shower. I was looking in mirror checking out the panties covering my cock. My hands slid down and caressed my smooth ass which made my hard cock twitch. I leaned against the counter, feeling my cock and balls through the soft fabric. My cock was getting wet and soon a spot formed through the front. I closed my eyes and fantasized about Tammy’s hot body pressing against me. I could feel her tits against my chest as she raised her knee up, rubbing my panties and cock. We were kissing passionately and our tongues became intertwined. I pulled her top off and reached around her back to unhook her bra. Tammy let her bra slide off her arms, down to the floor. Her tits were incredible looking, but just as I was about to cup them, she quickly pressed them against me, kissing me again. Her hand reached down, stroking me again, grinding her body against me. I knew afyon escort I was close to cumming and Tammy dropped her shorts to the floor, turned around and was grinding her ass on the front of my panties. I watched her perfectly shaped, panty covered ass slide up and down on my cock, feeling her hot pussy against me. I wanted to pull my cock out and slam it into her wanting pussy. My cock was throbbing hard and I wanted her so badly. I reached around her waist, moving up to her huge, hanging tits. With every inch I got closer to her tits, my cock was closer to exploding. Her ass was sliding harder against me just as softly covered her lovely tits. I cupped them in my hands, lightly squeezing her nipples. Tammy let out a soft cry and reached back sliding her hand into the panties, stroking my cock feverishly. Instantly, I exploded in my panties, soaking them, with my orgasm lasting what seemed like forever. I caught my breath and opened my eyes, but was disappointed that Tammy wasn’t there in front of me. I rubbed the cum into my panties and all over my cock making a sticky mess. Regaining my balance, I turned on the shower and stepped in, leaving the panties on. They got all wet and instantly became see through. I loved seeing my semi hard cock through the fabric. I continued to wash up and took my panties off, soaping them and rinsing them good before hanging them over the shower door to dry. After the shower, I threw a pair of shorts on and a t-shirt, going to the kitchen to make some dinner. I was watching a good show on TV, and started thinking about Tammy again. Instantly, I heard my phone chirp. It was a text message from Tammy as if she knew I was thinking of her. She has never talked to me outside of work and my first thought was something was wrong with the floor. “What are you doin?” she asked. “Watching TV, eating some left over chicken.” “Did you look in the bag yet?” “I have”, I said. “What do you think?” “I think they are cute.” “Cute???”, she was questioning. escort afyon “Well I think they are sexy.” “Sexy like this?” Like what, I thought for a moment to myself. Her next message was a picture of her wearing what looked like the panties she gave me in the bag. “You likey?” she asked. “I think you look hot in them.” “Are you wearing them?”, she asked. “No”, I actually forgot about them since my shower, which I really did. I guess I was preoccupied. “Go get them.” she said. I went into the bedroom, grabbing the panties from the bag on the dresser. When I got back to the couch, there was another text, “Put them on.” I was hesitant at first, looking around and wondering if she was watching or if anyone could see me, but then dropped my shorts and stepped into the panties, pulling them up. They were very sexy looking and hugged my ass perfectly. I felt the lace around my legs softly turn into the silky material covering my cock. “Are you feeling them?” she asked. How did she know? “Yes.” I replied. “How do you like them?” “They are so soft and sexy.” “I bet you look good in them. Send me a pic.” I was a little apprehensive at first and Tammy knew it by saying, “Come ’on, it’s ok. I really want to see.” I walked over to a mirror and tried to find the right pose. I was trying to decide if I should take a pic of my ass with the lace around the legs, or maybe from the front… “I want to see your hard cock in your panties”, Tammy texted again before I could decide. “Just do it” she replied rather swiftly. I took a picture and spent a bit looking at it. It really wasn’t bad, showing enough of my cock, covered in the silky material and lacy edges. “Did you send it?” she asked, sounding impatient. I sent her the pic. It seemed like forever for her to reply. I was worried if she actually received it. I had never sent a dirty picture of myself to anyone, with good reason because I didn’t want it to fall into the wrong hands, and now I fear the worse. “Mmmm, I like it.” she finally replied. afyon escort bayan “Are you feeling your hard cock?” she added. I was but I really didn’t want her to know. “Feel it for me.” She said then added, “Do you like feeling your hard cock in your sexy panties?” “Uh huh.” I texted back. I was getting really hot now. I kept switching back to the picture she had sent me, looking at her hot body. It was only of her stomach to mid-thigh, but it was incredible. I was staring at her panties fantasizing about my cock rubbing on the front of them, sliding between her legs. “I want you to stroke your cock,” she texted, “make it so hard and wet for me.” I closed my eyes to picture Tammy’s face while I pulled my cock out of my panties and was stroking it fanatically. “Stroke your cock and imagine me sucking it through your panties.” She directed. I replied, “You are making me so hot baby.” “Take it out and stroke it for me.” I didn’t want to tell her that I already was and I was getting close too. “Do you want me?” she asked. “I want to fuck you so bad”, I replied. “What do you want to do to me?”, she asked. “I want to slide my cock between your big tits and watch you suck on it.” “Mmmm, I’d like that.” She said. “I want you to cum all over my tits”, she added, “Cum for me baby.” That is all it took. “I’m going…ugh…” was all I sent to her. I let out a loud moan and started shooting streams of cum all over my belly and chest. “Don’t get any on your panties,” she said, “you have to wear those tomorrow.” I was exhausted and sweaty. I got up and hobbled to the bathroom to clean up. After a few minutes, I went back to the couch and put my shorts on over my panties. I grabbed my phone and was surprised there were no more messages. “Are you ok?” I texted. “Uh huh” she replied, “I just had to finish.” “You are coming back tomorrow, right?” she asked. “Yes, I will be there around 7:30” “Good” she said, “I see you then. Have a good night.” “You too, nite.” I ended. I thought to myself that it seemed abrupt, but as abrupt as it started. I didn’t know what to think of it at first but I figured it is all in fun and not to worry about it. Plus, if she didn’t want it to happen, she wouldn’t have started it.Part 3 coming soon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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