“Your Mum, Your Mum!”

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“Your Mum, Your Mum!”Mom has a dirty and very kinky gangbang with stepson’s enemies.This is a secret I have kept to myself for years, about what my stepmother Teresa did one summer morning. Now, I think it’s time I made all privy to this strange and lurid tale; the account of “Your Mum, Your Mum!”Some months after the incident of “Teresa’s Torture” [which will be in another story] when I was 18, it happened. Firstly, I heard some of the local 18 to 19 year olds talking about Mum and her secret porno film! Obviously the film had gotten out to certain local thugs, after Mum had made it with the gangsters, whoring herself to save us. The teenagers obviously knew them. That was obviously how they got to see it, and recognised MY MUM, that apparently prim and proper, middle class housewife they knew, from down the road!A copy of a video titled “Teresa’s Torture” was put in our mailbox one day, addressed to Mum, with a note telling her who had seen it. It said that if she wanted them to keep quiet about it and not let it get around to people such as Dad’s bosses and colleagues, our friends and the neighbourhood too, they wanted something from her in return for their silence! At this time I hadn’t seen any of the film, and Mum grabbed it from me along with the note before I could examine the video. The note was from a group of youngsters in their late teens who hung around the area causing trouble, being largely unemployed but getting their income from petty crime.I’d guessed it was some sort of sex film she’d done, even back then; but Mum said I shouldn’t ask about it, and pressed me to keep the note secret from Dad and everyone else. However, whenever she went shopping with me coming along to help too, we had to walk past the youths’ den , which was a small clearing in a slightly wooded piece of wasteland, on the bank of an old disused raiway down a lane. I had noticed before in recent months, that whenever we went past them there, Mum would get wolf whistles and muttered innuendo from them. Even the girls, who were attractive but cheeky, hard-boiled types.I’d heard the girls were bisexual, and had even been seen having lesbian orgies in there. I would always get an angry, indignant flush at the youths’ comments to her, and complain bitterly about it back home. However, Mum forbade me to say anything back, and told me to cool it, saying it didn’t bother her and that they were only baiting us. I uneasily agreed it would be silly to rise to the provocation.Secretly though, I knew Mum was enjoying the attention, and I was very jealous but began secretly whacking off at night about it. Also, I noticed how she’d begun to dress much more sexily, even tartily, and would swing her hips more, on any day she was likely to pass by the gang. I always now neurotically plied her with questions about what happened, what they’d said etc, whenever she’d had to pass them on the lane without me. I’d be in a worried, harrassed state quite genuinely, but have a mysterious bulge in my pants too as I obsessively queried her!One day when we went past, the youths were playing with a plastic ball that they were throwing to each other in the Den as we walked up the lane. Three of the girls were walking up behind us, having been to the shop for cigarettes. As we passed the den, a lad threw the ball out past us mischeviously and Mum picked it up. They insited Mum go into their den to give it back.As she went in there to do so, the lads said, “Hey Teresa, can we talk to you for a minute?”I waited a few seconds outside, then my temper rose and I began to storm off in a huff, but slowly and uneasily, dawdling for her to follow. I could hear them asking her “It’s you, isn’t it? You’re in Teresa’s Torture?”The 3 girls were looking through the railings at Mum chatting with their mates, and I can’t have gone fifty yards before the girls suddenly burst into laughter, and ambled after me, then called out.The shortest girl shouted, “Bobby!” As I turned round she went, “The lads are asking your Mum something!”The second girl worsened it by adding in her common tarty accent, “Something DIRTY!”The tall older girl of maybe 21, capped the taunt by pointing at me and shouting, “YOUR MUM! YOUR MUUUM, YYYOURR MMUUUUUMMMM!” To the tune of “Cuck-oo! Cuck-oo!”I came running back all flustered and found Mum sitting, smiling, on a log among the five lads.She giggled seeing my unease, then said as if it was all a lighthearted joke, “Bob, these nice lads have taken a bit of a fancy to me! They’ve asked me to take my clothes off for them!”One of the lads pushed it further, still as if it was all just a laugh, and said, “Hey Bobby, Escort Bayan your Mum’s cool! Can we shag your Mum?”I blushed scarlet at that, so taken aback I could hardly speak. “Do YOU want to do it?” I asked my Mum. She just smiled and said, “Yes!”I stammered, and murmured, “Erm; okay then! No, I don’t mind!”The youths burst into laughter. Mum assured me it was all a laugh, nothing was going to happen; but she’d taken an offered cigarette from them, and told me to go on home, she’d follow soon, after she finished her smoke and chat with these “nice youngsters.”My face was like thunder, but I had to go home, or risk looking silly as if I couldn’t take a joke, or worse, as if I really thought she’d do something with them.I stopped at the end of the lane and turned back. I had to see what was happening to Mum!The girls had gone in the Den, and I was able to hide in the bushes and peep on it all.Mum stood in the centre of the circle of youths, beginning to undress!Somehow she seemed like a glamourous sex symbol and a nervous shy intimidated housewife, all at once. She lifted her dress a bit, exposing her thighs and then her pantied bum to them, as they egged her on. Then I shook in excitement as Mum unbuttoned her blouse, unclipped her bra and popped her titties out to their view, and they cheered as she let the cool summer air on her bare breasts. She continued in this vein removing her dress, then shoes.When at their insistent demands she finally wriggled out of her panties and stood naked before the bold, lustful and slightly cruel eyes of the lads and girls, I felt the tension in the air come to a peak, and I had a spontaneous orgasm! She looked so exposed, so naked and vulnerable, yet so sexy! The crude comments from the cheeky youngsters about her body and what they wanted to do to her seemed to prolong my cum, while Mum seemed on a sea of bliss with their harsh, croaky voices taunting her!She smiled naughtily, saying, “You saucy young Bastards!”I could hardly believe it. After prostituting herself before to Kabul, to save our family from debt and repossession, here she was about to prostitute herself all over again, for the protection of her hubby and I!Now the lads undid their pants and took them off, letting Mum see their erect, hairy young willies. Some were very big, some average size but displaying prominent veins, and two of their willies were rather funny shapes! The lads stood in a circle, with Mum as the centre of attention of their five hungry gazes, while the girls sat looking on, smoking and making dirty innuendo to her. The lads lewdly stroked their cocks toward Mum and waggled their foreskins in finger and thumb, as they smirked and reiterated what they were going to do to her!Suddenly Munchie, their leader came to her. The lads all backed away a bit, to let him fondle her. Mum shivered in excitement as he grabbed her from behind, his hands coming round to squeeze her tits, and she gasped in shock as he thrust his great big dick along her back and let it throb against her buttocks, like an impatient wild a****l demanding it’s prey.”Corr, Teresa! I’ve wanted to do it to you for ages!” he growled.Mum was clearly very aroused now, her desire had overcome shyness. She lay down on her back, in the middle of the den’s grassy floor, and opened her legs, WIDE! They all stared at her perfectly formed fluffy blond cunt mound, as Munchie lay down on top of her. He intently guided his hairy dark tool to her vulva’s entrance.Suddenly she let out an explosive, “OOOOOOUUUURRRRGGHHH!” as he plunged it right up her blond hairy slit!My stomach lurched as I saw the lad shove his dick up my Mum’s juicy slit!She wrapped her arms round his back, and her legs round his thighs, and they began to pump together. Here was Mum at last, as I’d envisioned her in shameful fantasies for so long. She lay naked among the gang of local rogues; a mature married respectable wife and mother, being lustily balled by the street gang’s leader! This lad whom we’d all told off so many times, and who had always been [seemingly at least], just a street hooligan in Mum’s opinion, was now getting my Mum’s womanly, loving attentions! She was loving his hard, strong young body, full of lust and wildness. Likewise he was enjoying her fit, mature rather genteel and cultured body. They were locked together, rolling in passion on the floor, in front of his friends! It was almost unthinkable; so strange and absurd, but so seedy and horny you couldn’t help but get turned on at the surreal sight of Mum shagging the street lad!I must admit, I wanked, to my eternal shame, watching Mum Bayan escort in turn shaming me and Dad and degrading herself with the nasty young shithead!Her tits were really jiggling and wobbling like smacked jellies, and she loved it, going “OOUURGH! WOARRGH!” as the lad really bollocked and balled her! I could even hear the slap and squelch of her body meeting his and his dick invading her warm wet cunt!He fucked her like there was no tomorrow, rolling her all over the floor with his hands roving over her body. He was squeezing her tits, and often his face descended to lick at her engorged nipples, which were glistening with her sweat and his saliva!The gang grew quiet for awhile, entranced by the spectacle of Mum shagging their leader, and for some minutes no sound was audible. Well, silence except for the gentle rustling of the breeze in the canopy of leaves overhead, which dappled their bodies in patterned sunlight; and of course the straining and grunting of their voices as they fucked in tight rhythm.”Hughh- A- Hughh- A- Hugghhh- A- HUGGHH!”I’m sure Mum orgasmed. I heard her seeming to climax loudly and strongly upon his arrogant young dick, and saw her rubbing her feet lovingly over his bum and thighs, cooing, “Oooooohhhh, Ohhh, Love!”The lad eventually groaned, “Ourgh! I’m Cumming!”They both stopped thrusting, and she dug her heels into the grass, raising up her pelvis to his in passion. Mum smiled at all the gang as she gyrated her pelvis around for him, to really get the most out of his climax!I could see his dick embedded in her ripe red slit, and his hairy shaft pulsating, going “Doing! Doing! Doing!” in Mum’s pussy!He pumped all his hot invading sperm far up her cunt, and she caressed his sweating brow with affection as he growled and sponked up her twat!After this, Mum was ready for a little rest, but the others were impatient. They had brought out extra long, very thin and whippy sticks, which they used to make with penknives from the bushes. They were swiping them through the air, to test them.One of the girls shouted, “Right, get her!”Two lads and the other two girls grabbed Mum, taking hold of her wrists and ankles, and lifted her into a spreadeagled position, face downwards. They carried her over to the log, stretching her spreadeagled across it and holding her fast!”Right, you snooty bitch! You’re gonna get it!”, the same girl went, and she and the half caste girl stood each side of Mum.Then, “WHACK!” A cane landed right across Mum’s bare exposed arse! She squealed in shock and pain!The rods weren’t very hard, really, but the girls put full blooded strength into their punishment of her and it must have hurt quite a lot, despite that the marks they left were hairline thin.Mum gasped and cried out at their whippings of her Bum!”WHIPPP!””Oooffhh!””WHAACCKK!””OooLaa!””THWWACKK!””OOOOoollllll!”They whipped her hard on the bare arse, and across her back too, and the tops of her legs. The little sadistic bitches!Strangely, Mum soon seemed to be melting into a dreamy state of masochistic pleasure, and her voice sank to soft moans!Mum did need a rest after that; they had some drinks and snacks from the shopping we’d bought, and as they talked my head swam with the surreal nature of this scene, intensified by Mum looking so happy!The girls now began to take off some of their clothes. They removed their pants and knickers, and sat around discussing what to do to her next, and diddling their own pussies as they did it!I couldn’t help stroking my dick as I watched the girls casually sitting around my Mum, their hands often grabbing her tits and making her blush as they tweaked and waggled her nipples, or tickled her fanny making the lads laugh at her!At one point the girls converged on Mum, and full lesbianism was given her. For some minutes they were just a mass of writhing bodies, tongues licking and fingers feeling, delving and pulling. I couldn’t often see what exactly was being done to Mum, but her groans gave me indications!”Are you going next, Gary?!” they asked, when the all girl romp was done. Gary was one of the shorter, younger ones, maybe only 18, and he had one of those real cheeky, round little faces, like some babyfaced gangsters have. He was certainly a nasty, cowardly little piece of work, but Mum seemed to like him. I think my Mum knew Gary’s mother from work, and to chat to etc.He told Mum what he wanted; and though I think she’d only at that time ever had it in the back passage when she made the video, she gladly agreed to his demand. However, he wanted to whip her a bit too, first!Mum stood and bent over, offering up her Escort rump to that cheeky young shithead and his mate, too. They made her jump a bit now, as they swooshed the sticks through the air and lashed them across her backside!Mum reached between her legs and cupped her vulva, rubbing herself in kinky excitement as she was whipped by the two youths with the others laughing and jeering! His mate soon finished with it, but Gary was a dirty little git; he had other tricks up his sleeve.”Spread your arse, Teresa!” he said. When she reached back and opened her buttocks, he tickled the end of the cane on Mum’s arsehole!”Keep still!” he ordered.Then, the dirty little fucker did something that made me want to kill him. He pushed the cane forward, and actually shoved the end of the stick about 5 inches up Mum’s bum!”OOOHHHHHH! WHOOOO, You Naughty Naughty Boy!”, she protested; but in answer, he just started wiggling it about up her arse!”Wheeeeeee!”, the gang laughed cruelly!Mum gave in to her humiliation and orgasmed! I suppose she had to, it was so dirty, wicked, absurd and degrading, with the stick waggling up her arse and the gang jeering at her!Soon, he took it out, and she knelt down on all fours, for Gary. He greased his dick with a bit of margarine from Mum’s shopping bag, and pressed his knob to her bumhole. To my surprise, her brown ring gave in quite easily, and the weird sight of his nasty, ugly dick sliding up my Mum’s arsehole was there in front of me! The girls were rubbing each other off now, as they watched Gary bumfucking her. It aroused her more, when the girls came in front of her and watched her expressions of humiliation and joy with glee.As Gary fucked my Mum good up the arse, I heard one of the girls say, “I need a shit.”They whispered something, then the girl came and squatted in front of my Mum, pulling her bumcheeks apart.She growled, “Teresa, this is what we think of you, your wanker of a son and the poncy, stuck up airs you put on when you’re really no better than us, girl!”To my total shock, the girl squeezed out a big brown sausage of a turd, letting it fall to the ground in front of Mum. The young slag snarled back at Mum as she shat, going “NNEEEEERRRRRRR! There yer go, Teresa!”They all laughed loudly again!Gary pulled out before coming, and told Mum to lick his cock clean! She hesitated, so Wayne came up and whacked her arse really hard with a stick, to make her do it!Soon she did. Mum licked Gary’s dick straight from her bum, tasting her own you-know-what on it, as she ran her tongue all over his cock, for ages! After she’d sucked him a bit, he grunted, and really sponked hard down her throat, spurting his juice out onto her tongue!He liked it when she carried on, licking his balls and sucking them like a whore. I think at least one of the girls had cum by now, to see all this, as she was lying all relaxed and dreamy eyed in the corner!The big, hefty lad with the great donger of a cock had Mum next, picking her up and bouncing her all around the den with his cock up her cunt. Suddenly, he unceremoniously shoved it up her arse and carried on!She was was either hanging from branches, or bent over the log, or trying to balance with her feet braced against trees, as he balled her up the shithole with such force and energy that she was laughing and shrieking for joy!I wanked, and like a wretch I spunked again watching it. It was wild!They all had her that morning, either singly or in pairs. Mum was double penetrated, too! I eventually had to go home and leave them, being exhausted; but you could hear the sounds of Mum’s rude orgies with the gang all up the lane! I hope nobody else heard them!She got home in late afternoon time, going straight into the shower and throwing her clothes in the wash, to try and hide the evidence for when Dad came home! I don’t know if she’d seen me watching, or at least if she knew I’d wank about it, but I wrote the whole thing down in my diary, and feverishly jerked to it.The next week, when I came home on the Friday from college, Mum had cleaned my room, and I found a pair of Mum’s used pantyhose and a naked picture of her, left with my diary under my mattress!On the photo was written, “Glad you liked what you saw! Here’s a present for keeping it secret!”She’d found my diary and secretly enjoyed me jerking over her cuckoldry!She still wouldn’t discuss any sexual subjects nor her behaviour with me, and I knew better than to confront her about anything; but the hidden bond of Mum and cuckold-son was there, even then!This story isn’t the end of it. It was only a next step in the adventures of my rude and sexy “Cuckold-Mum!”Here closes the strange and lurid tale of “Your Mum, Your Mum!”I’d like to hear from anyone out there [over 18] who may have such stepmother and cuckold-mom experiences and/or fantasies. I’m sure there’s cuckolding moms as well as wives!

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