You’re My Bitch Now

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You’re My Bitch NowChapter OneRick stifled a yawn. He had just come off a double shift on the IT helpdesk at the company where he worked and he was dog tired. It was athankless job; he was constantly being yelled at by executives so inepthe wondered how they managed to switch on a kettle. They possessed aseemingly infinite capacity to screw up their computers, and then blameit on the equipment, the network, or more frequently, Rick. The helpdesk had acronyms for these idiots, such as PEBKAC – Problem ExistsBetween Keyboard And Chair, or Rick’s favourite, FBPC – Fuckwit BehindPC.To be honest, the work wasn’t that taxing most of the time, and on quietdays and nights he had the opportunity to sharpen his hacking skills oncompany time. He wasn’t the greatest hacker in the world, but he enjoyedbreaking into websites, especially porn sites. Although he didn’t dothat on company time. He would do that in the privacy of his room in theflat he shared. He had seen what HR did to people who get caught withporn on their laptops. One guy had sent his boss a screenshot from hisbrowser of a work-related issue, but with the browser tabs clearlyshowing the porn sites he had been browsing.He arrived back at the flat just after ten to find the living roomempty. He could hear music coming from his flatmate’s room where heseemed to be spending more and more of his time. Rick had been lucky tofind this place. He had finished his IT skills course and was offeredthe help desk job in a suburb of London straight away. He crashed on thesofa of a college friend for a time while he looked for a place toshare. Competition for flat shares was fierce, and he had seen a lot ofbad flats before he found this one. It was larger and better furnishedthan anything he had seen so far and he could just about manage therent. With two double bedrooms, a big open plan living room and kitchenand a shared bathroom, it was a great find.Rick thought he had got on well with Chris, the leaseholder, when hecame to see the flat, but he was still surprised and delighted whenChris had called him to tell him he wanted him as his new flatmate.Rick’s room was big enough; space for a double bed, wardrobe and chestof drawers as well as his desk with all his computer gear. Chris’s roomhad an en-suite shower, so Rick pretty much had the bathroom to himself.A sneaky peek into Chris’s room when he had gone out one day andforgotten to lock it revealed that it was bigger than Rick’s room anddecorated in vivid colours with some striking modern art prints on thewalls.He and Chris had clicked right away. Chris’s last flatmate had left in ahurry, something to do with a late-night visit from the police, and hehad been keen to find someone quickly. Chris was a couple of yearsolder, small, flamboyant and with a wicked sense of humour. His blondhair was fashionably shaved at the sides and longer on the top. Hedidn’t seem to have a girlfriend and Rick had wondered if he might begay. It didn’t worry Rick if he was; his own elder brother had come outa year ago and was living with his boyfriend. It had caused a row withhis parents, but Rick had always looked up to his brother, and thoughtit was no business of his or anyone else how his brother lived his life.Rick had always been shy and had found it difficult to meet girls.Talking to them invariably turned him into a mumbling mess and he hadnever even had a steady girlfriend. He was an archetypal nerd; hisfavourite TV shows were The Big Bang Theory and the IT Crowd, and hespent hours in front of his beloved Mac hacking into various websites.He was an avid game player, spending hours on World of Warcraft. In theabsence of a real sex life, the internet also gave him his sexualrelease, and like millions around the world, he was a regular visitor toporn sites.Tonight, he made himself a sandwich, then watched a little TV beforeheading off to his room and switching on his Mac. Despite the doubleshift, he was still buzzed, so played a little WOW, but quickly kırıkkale escort gotbored with it. Instead, he decided to visit a webcam site before he wentto sleep. It was easy enough to get past the paywalls and once in hecould take his choice from the smorgasbord of sex on offer. Rick had awide-ranging taste in what he watched; straight, lesbian, light BDSM,threesomes, all had passed before his eyes. He was a bit bored with whatwas on offer until he came across a T-Girl room. He had never been intoone of these before. He knew what T-Girls were, but he had never hadmuch interest in them. Jaded with everything else tonight he thought hewould see what it was about, so he clicked into one of the rooms.At first Rick thought he had made a mistake. He saw on the screen whatlooked like a pretty girl with small breasts who was twerking at thecamera. He was about to move on when she stood up, turned around andpushed down her panties to reveal a semi erect cock sticking out fromher groin. Rick was taken aback, but found it impossible to take hiseyes off her. She began to stroke her cock which was becoming harder andharder as she stroked it and he watched with a growing fascination. Hispulse began to race, and he started to feel a little as he watched, andwas forced to adjust his cock as it was getting tight in his trousers.He was riveted to what he was watching, but he had no idea why he wasreacting in this way. The girl on the screen looked so feminine, but shehad a large cock which was now very erect. She was stroking and rollingher fingers around it and as Rick sat, totally entranced, she closed hereyes, leant back, and a moan escaped through her lips as her cocktwitched and strings of cum splashed onto her belly. Rick was rooted tothe spot as he watched her relax, put her finger into one of the poolsof cum and with her eyes fixed on the camera, sucked it into her mouth.Fuck, he said to himself and shutdown the Mac as fast as he could.Flustered by his reaction to the scene, he couldn’t understand why hefelt the way he did, and it got worse when he realised his cock waspainfully hard in his trousers. He wiped his forehead and thought itmust be because he was tired. A good night’s sleep is what he needed, hetold himself. The trouble was he couldn’t fall asleep; all he couldthink of was the moment when the girl had pulled her cock out of herpanties. The scene kept playing in his mind and when he did eventuallyfall asleep, all he dreamt of was the girl smiling and offering him herfinger to suck. He woke as he often did with an erection; morning woodas his mates at school had called it. It normally went away after a fewmoments, but today he was as hard as he could ever remember.Almost without knowing it his fingers slipped down to his cock, and hebegan to stroke himself, slowly at first, his fingers sliding over histaut skin, and then faster and harder until his fist was pumping hiscock. He gasped as he felt his climax approaching, and with a grunt hecame, semen spurting over his fingers. Shit, he thought, I’ll have toclean up now. It was at that precise moment he remembered the girl fromlast night and the way she had sucked her cum from her fingers. Hethought, no I can’t, but inexorably, and almost against his consciouswill he brought his fingers to his mouth and he licked them with histongue. He pulled a face as the salty taste on his tongue, but he didn’tfind it distasteful. Oh well, he thought, at least I know what it tasteslike now.He ran into the bathroom and stood under the hot shower as if trying towash away the taste. He was due for a day off, but his supervisor calledto ask if he could come in as one of the other guys had called in sick,and they were shorthanded. He offered Rick double time if he did comein. Rick said yes straight away. After all, he didn’t have anything elseto do, and the money would come in handy. It turned out to be a franticday and Rick offered to do a couple of extra hours as well for kırıkkale escort bayan the extramoney. He arrived home late to find Chris in the kitchen cooking somepasta which smelt delicious to Rick, who hadn’t eaten since breakfast.Chris offered to share the pasta which Rick gratefully accepted. Theyopened a bottle of wine and ate sitting on the sofa watching TV. Maybebecause he was so tired, the wine went straight to Rick’s head. Helooked across at Chris, who was watching the TV with his legs drawn upbeneath him, and it struck him how feminine Chris looked at that moment.Rick had thought that Chris seemed a little effeminate from time totime, but he had never seen it as clearly as tonight. Chris caught himlooking and said, ‘What? Have I got a spot?’Rick laughed, ‘No, it’s nothing, you remind me of someone, I just can’tthink who.’‘Make it someone nice, please. Lie if you have to.’‘Dunno,’ said Rick, ‘It isn’t important.’‘You can’t leave it like that. You’ve started so you have to finish. Iknow, let me help. Someone famous? Oh, I know, Bradley Cooper?’Rick snorted, Chris was the polar opposite to him.‘Alright, no need to be spiteful.’ Chris grinned, ‘So it’s not TomHiddleston either?’Rick shook his head. ‘No, it’s not important.’Chris laughed, ‘Come on who is he?’Something in Rick’s face must have given him away, because Chrissuddenly burst out, ‘It’s not a man at all, is it? You’re thinking of awoman. You bastard, tell me.’ He was laughing and Rick joined in.‘Well not look like physically exactly, more remind me of.’‘Who? Who? If you don’t tell me I will hit you with this cushion.’‘OK. OK, sitting there with your legs up like that you remind me ofKeira Knightley.’He looked oddly at Rick, then laughed and said, ‘You’ll have to dobetter than that. Keira in Pirates of the Caribbean? or Keira in theImitation Game?’‘I didn’t mean you look like her, you fool, just that you remind me ofher.’Chris hit Rick with the cushion, anyway.‘I’m off to bed, as a penance can you put the stuff away in thedishwasher?’Chris disappeared off to his room and Rick stayed put for a momentlonger hoping he hadn’t upset Chris. As Rick stacked the dishes, heheard music start to play in Chris’s room. After switching on the Mac,he changed into the shorts he wore to bed and sat down to do somehacking. He soon got bored and switched over to one of his favouriteporn sites. He hesitated about what to watch, but he found himself drawninto one of the TG rooms. He soon found a model who looked sexy andbefore long his cock was hardening in his shorts and his hand found itsway there. This model was soon joined by another equally pretty modeland together they put on a show that had Rick squirming in his chair. Hecame pretty much at the same time as one of them on screen and Rick fora fleeting moment wondered what it must be like to masturbate with somany people watching.Rick had no idea why these models turned him on so much. He had neverfancied boys, so he couldn’t possibly be gay. Yet, he was enthralled bythese T-girls; they looked like girls, acted like girls, some wereincredibly beautiful, but they had a cock instead of a pussy. Some hadbreasts which looked natural, some were flat chested and others had whatlooked like balloons on their chest. Some had tiny little cocks, andsome were way bigger than his own. Rick had always been conscious of thesize of his equipment. He hated changing with other boys at schoolbecause he would always get teased; ‘little dickey’ was the nickname hehad been given back then, and his face still burned at the memory.Because he had been so shy he didn’t have much sexual experience otherthan a couple of embarrassing fumbles with girls at parties. He wassmall and slender and never seemed to put on weight whatever he ate.Girls told him he was good looking in a pretty kind of way, but theyalways preferred the bigger, more masculine guys to go out with.Rick found himself returning to these web rooms more and more often, escort kırıkkale tothe extent that they were the only rooms he now visited. There wassomething so exotic and seductive about these girls with theircombination of soft femininity and hard masculinity. They made Rick feeldizzy sometimes as he watched them perform, either by themselves ortogether with another model. At one point, Rick thought he had becomeobsessional, as this was now the only porn he wanted to watch. He triedto break himself of his addiction, but as often as he promised himselfhe would never go into another TG web room again, his cock would soonbetray him and he would find himself logging in once more, swearing thatit would be just one more time.Of course, It never would be just one more time, and he began to followtwo or three of the models he found really attractive. Almost everynight now he would log on and spend time in one of the webcam rooms. Henever interacted with any of the models, content to watch as they didtheir shows and let his fingers do the dance that led to its inevitableclimax.One night none of his favourite models were in their rooms, and he had alook around on a new site. He flicked through a few models and thenstopped abruptly. There was something about one of the models he hadjust seen that caught his attention. He flicked back trying to find theright room, and then he found it. It featured a nice looking model, oneof the kind he liked; small puffy breasts and a good sized cock. She hada dragon tattooed on her groin with the head just above her cock and itsbody snaking down towards her balls. From what Rick could see it was areal work of art. She was wearing what he guessed was a wig, but itwasn’t so much the model that had caught his attention, but somethingelse he couldn’t quite put his finger on.It finally occurred to him that it was the room behind the model whichhad triggered his reaction. More specifically, he thought, trying toignore the model on screen stroking her cock, it was the modern artprints hanging on the brightly coloured wall. He had seen those before,but where? He wracked his brain until the next thought hit him like apunch in the stomach. It was Chris’s room; he was sure of it. He hadonly seen the room for a matter of seconds as he stole a peek one day,but he was sure he was right. The chances that anyone else would havethe same collection of modern art on the same colour walls would surelybe remote.Rick’s eyes widened as he realised that if this was really Chris’s room,then the model on the screen had to be Chris. No, he thought, itcouldn’t be, surely. He stared hard at the screen, but he reallycouldn’t be sure. Some of her mannerisms were a bit similar to some ofChris’s, but with the wig and makeup the model was wearing, Rickcouldn’t tell for certain. Shit, he thought, maybe there is a way totell. He plugged in his headphones, picked up his Mac and walked intothe living room. He took the headphones off and, sure enough, he couldhear the music coming from Chris’s room. He put the phones back on andhe could hear the same music playing in the background of the model’sweb room.Rick was stunned for a moment. My God, he thought, behind that door hisflatmate Chris was naked, wearing makeup, a wig, and stroking his cockfor the whole internet to see. Rick’s pulse started to race, and he felta little dizzy. He hurried back to his room and watched the rest ofChris’s performance, or Kittie, as the model called herself. Even thename was a giveaway, Rick thought. Kit was short for Christopher, soKittie would be an easy choice of name. He shivered as he watched Kittiestroking her cock on screen, but Rick knew that she was doing it forreal only a few yards away. He found himself stroking his own cock as hewatched Kittie, his excitement building along with Kittie’s, and Ricksomehow managed to cum at the same time as Kittie.Rick woke the next morning and lay on his back thinking about lastnight. Now he knew Chris’s secret, how would he handle things. Itshouldn’t change anything he thought, what Chris did in private hadnothing to do with Rick. It was his life, and he was free to live as hewanted. He decided that he would behave as normal; it would be businessas usual.To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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