Leathered to Cum

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Leathered to CumIt all began with a pair of damaged dressage boots – Rick’s favorite. Knowing there were a lot of suppliers of custom boots on the Internet, Rick began a search for a new pair made to his specifications. After querying “custom men’s boots,” a list of thousands of sites appeared on Rick’s screen. Several looked interesting and he began to browse through them.A site listing “Custom leather boots for men” piqued Rick’s interest and he clicked on the listing. A screen opened with a picture of a guy wearing a pair of glossy, crotch-high, black leather boots. “Man, those are HOT!” Rick whispered to himself. He clicked on the boots and another screen appeared with several more pictures of hot men in various tall boots.Always somewhat excited by his tall riding boots, Rick felt a sensual excitement growing as he looked at the long, somehow erotic, boots on his screen. His cock began to grow, pressing against the smooth Lycra thong that Rick wore under his riding breeches.Rick settled back on the leather chair in front of his monitor and clicked onto a thumbnail of a pair of glossy crotch-high leather boots. The screen filled with a picture of the most magnificent high boots he had ever seen. “Yes!” he moaned and slipped his left hand down to the elongating bulge in his tight breeches, rolling its tip between his thumb and forefinger. His breath caught and his cock twitched, growing harder as he stimulated it.Now gasping and rubbing himself, Rick clicked on several more pictures of the long boots encasing a very masculine pair of legs and framing a very tight pair of tightly denim-clad buns. Releasing the mouse he began squeezing and rubbing his hardness through the tight stretchy material of his breeches with both hands, moaning to himself “Cum! Cum!” “Oh yeaahh!” The release came and Rick felt the hot juices of his climax drench the Lycra pouch of his thong and soak the front of his breeches. Stretching out his riding-booted legs and leaning back in the chair panting, he massaged the wet bulge between them smearing his crotch with jism.As the excitement of his climax subsided Rick knew that he had to have a pair of those magnificent long boots. Nothing had ever turned him on like the idea of that smooth gleaming leather encasing his legs from his toes to his crotch. Shaking slightly from the intensity of his climax, Rick managed to move the mouse to the measurement chart and printed it out. Then, tugging off his boots and the soaked breeches, he set about taking his measurements.The measurements seemed fairly easy and Rick quickly mastered the use of the cloth measuring tape that had lain unused for years in his old sewing kit. He selected to have the boots made from high gloss black calf and fully customized with long, narrow, squared toes and tall 6.5cm rectangular heels that appeared broad from the rear and thin from the side. As he noted, the measurements on the printed chart Rick imagined what the boots would look like as the long glossy shafts formed to his thighs and calves and folded slightly at his ankles. At last everything was filled out and the credit card number placed in the proper place. Rick placed the paper on his scanner, selected the FAX mode and sent the order off. All that remained was the five to six week wait for fabrication and delivery.During the weeks following the confirmation of his order, Rick returned to the website every day and masturbated to the pictures of the magnificent long leather boots that would eventually encase his legs.Soon he was also searching a number of other leather sites, obsessed by erotic stories of leather and the pictures of hot guys in boots, harnesses, pouches, gloves, gauntlets, chokers, cock rings and just about anything that could decorate maltepe escort their beautiful, smooth bodies in glossy black leather. Wearing only his high riding boots and a pair of tight black leather gloves, Rick jacked himself to the pictures of the smooth-bodied leather-clad models on his monitor. He developed a need for leather and began to order the items that turned him on the most: a pair of hip hugging black, stretch-leather tights with a two-way zip around crotch; a multi-strapped and ringed body harness; a choker; several leather cock rings; a pair of tight, black k** elbow length gloves and a black leather half hood. Rick polished each item to its ultimate glossiness but wore none except the cock rings, which made his member amazingly hard, defined and sensitive when he masturbated. The rest were being saved for the arrival of the boots the ultimate costume to wear with the ultimate crotch-high boots that had triggered Rick’s growing boot and leather fetish.At last, Rick received the e-mail that his boots had been shipped. He was nearly ready; only one item remained: the whip! The perfect whip resided in the tack room. It was long, black and had a handle sheathed in smooth leather, ending in a silver knob that made it look like a thick, glossy 20cm cock – the perfect finish to Rick’s ultimate leather costume. Rick searched the tack room for the whip, finding it coiled and held to a broad leather belt by a leather strap and snaps. “Yes!” Rick thought, “the perfect leather dildo!” as he fondled the smooth handle.Rick set about polishing the whip, massaging waxy black polish into the smooth leather with his bare hands and then buffing with a soft cloth until it seemed to glow. The thought of this smooth leather slipping deep into his tight hole made Rick clench his buns onto the strap of his thong in anticipation. Again, Rick denied himself the pleasure of another piece of leather, building his anticipation for the arrival of the boots.After two days of absolute anguish, Rick finally found the long boot box in the morning parcel delivery. The work in the stables was forgotten and Rick hurried to his quarters and tore the wrappings and lid off the box. The scent of leather assaulted his nose – pungent and erotic – making him inhale deeply and become instantly erect.With trembling hands, Rick removed the tissue covering the boots to reveal their gleaming shafts. He let his hands fall to the leather and caressed its smoothness. Then he grasped one boot and lifted it out of its cardboard container. The square toed, rectangular-heeled foot dangled at the end of the long smooth shaft – made exactly as Rick had specified. The second boot followed and, like the first, it was a tall-heeled masterpiece of smooth, glossy black leather.After carrying the boots to the bedroom Rick hurried back to the tack room and pulled a rolled black leather hide from one of the storage bins. Returning to the bedroom he laid out the hide on the floor in front of the mirrored closet doors and placed the long boots in its middle. Each piece Rick had collected over the previous weeks followed the boots onto the hide. Rick sat on the bed and pulled off his riding boots, breeches and polo shirt. His cock was pressing hard against the pouch of his thin Lycra thong as Rick moved to the hide with his new leathers. A tug at the sides of the thong and they popped apart, letting the flimsy bit of Lycra drop to the floor, exposing Rick’s smooth-shaven, hard cock and hairless balls.Now Rick could begin dressing. He reached down and picked up a studded black leather cock ring and snapped it around the base of his penis, just behind his nuts. The already erect shaft of his cock seemed to stiffen even more and his cockhead reddened escort maltepe and flared out as the ring trapped Rick’s blood in pumped up veins. The leather tights followed the cock ring. Rick had to tug and pull the thin, Lycra lined, glove-leather up his legs, struggling to stretch it over his calves and thighs nearly as tight as his own skin. The zipper was a task but when Rick managed to get it pulled completely to the top the leather tights clung to his buns and cock bulge displaying both in detailed glossy perfection.Rick was panting now; the pressure of the leather tights onto his stiff cock was wildly exciting him. He grabbed the leather body harness and snapped it onto his torso. The cool, chromed, steel of the rings and the tight smoothness of the leather straps brought his nipples to erectness that almost matched his cock. The vision in the mirrors was becoming one of a smooth-bodied, leather-clad demigod.Only a few more items were left on the glossy black hide at Rick’s feet. Trembling as he tried to resist the urge to jack off, Rick buckled the choker around his neck and the broad belt with the coiled whip attached around his hips. The gloves were somewhat of an effort to pull onto his hands; Rick had ordered them a size too small. But once he had worked them onto his hands and fingers they fit almost as though they had been molded onto them. The French seams looked smooth and almost invisible and the pointing on the back of the hands drew the thin, unlined leather to a second-skin tightness.Rick slipped his leather-encased hands to the bulge between his legs and began to softly rub himself, working upward and moving the smooth soft glove leather over his naked belly and onto his hard tits finally fondling his nipples as he panted and admired the increasingly leathered image in the mirrors. “Now!” he groaned “The boots!”Rick sat on the edge of the bed and lifted the right boot. His toe pointed and his foot slipped into the top of the long glossy leather shaft. Rick pushed forward and tugged up on the top of the boot shaft. His foot seemed to slide for miles on the smooth leather lining of the boot. He felt leather against leather as the boot shaft moved up his leg, over the thin taught leather of his tights. Then came a satisfying “plop” as Rick felt his foot seat inside the shoe. Raising his leg, he admired the way the smooth glossy leather formed the narrow square toe, then seemed to flow over the remainder of his foot, up his instep to his ankle. After a small fold at the ankle, the glossy black leather sheathed his leg all the way to the bulge of his leather-clad crotch, fitting close at his calf and thigh then following the contour of his hip around to his buns, where the leather seemed to caress his firm round anal mound.Rick felt wetness inside his tights as his cock responded to the long boot slipping up Rick’s leg by weeping precum. “Oh yeah! Yeah!” Rick whispered loudly as he rotated his foot and admired the way the perfectly fitted boot made it look. The second boot went on as easily and fit as perfectly as the first and Rick felt more wetness inside the leather tights: he was becoming very HOT.Again standing with his leather-sheathed legs spread apart, Rick slipped the half hood onto his head finishing the costume. He didn’t even recognize the leathered image in the mirrors. “That couldn’t be me!” he gasped aloud. “Incredible! Hot! So fucking hot!”Rick’s hands dropped to his crotch and he began to fondle his nuts through the thin hide, rolling them in his gloved fingers, squeezing them until he gasped and then moving his leathered hands up to the lump made by his erection. Pressing tightly, Rick worked his swollen prod in the slick precum, wetting the inside of the tights, maltepe escort bayan marveling at its size and rigidness. The image in the mirror began to writhe and thrust against the gloved hands at its crotch, its hooded head thrown back and its mouth wide open, gasping. Rick realized that he was being turned on by his own leather-clad image and that there was no way he could stop, even if he wanted to, until he shot the incredible load that had been building up.Continuing to rub the bulge of his erection with his left hand, Rick reached back to the rear zipper pull of his leather tights with his right. A quick tug exposed both of his firm round glutes and his butt crack framing them in black leather. Releasing the pressure on his cock, Rick grabbed the tab that was now between his legs and pulled it forward and up until his nuts and the leather ringed base of his hard shaft were exposed. Clutching his shaft, he pulled it from the split crotch of the tights and began to stroke it with his gloved left hand, rolling it in his fingers and working more of his slick precum out to glaze its swollen head.Rick was barely thinking; he was being driven almost totally by his desire for sexual pleasure and gratification. Gloved fingers wrapped around the cock-like handle of the whip and pulled it from the leather loop holding it to the broad belt. Rick brought the handle to his mouth and began to suck and lick it, making it wet with his saliva. Then, its knobby end was brought against the head of Rick’s cock and smeared with the slick oozing precum. It was ready for Rick’s hole! Slowly, Rick pushed the knob of the handle between his buns wiggling it slightly as it pressed into his tight anus. He was too tight! Gasping, Rick again brought the handle to his mouth for more saliva and to his cock for more precum. The slick handle again came to his hole. Rick pushed and cried out, “Aaauuuuuuggh!”This time the handle rammed deep into his hot tight ass. “Oh Fuck! Oh Yes! Oh Fuck Yes!” Rick groaned, watching his writhing leather clad body in the mirrors and moving the whip around and back and forth in his hole, working it ever deeper until only the tapered lash was hanging out of him like a thin black tail.Moaning in the excitement of having his anus so deeply penetrated, Rick dropped to his booted knees and grasped his cock with both gloved hands. Twisting his shaft, he forced its slick head between the crotch-high top of his right boot and the glossy black leather encasing his leg. Precum smeared over both leather surfaces, making them slick and sensual feeling to Rick’s swollen, sensitive, leather-ringed cock. He fell onto his back on the glossy black hide and began to hump, writhe and rotate his legs in a walking motion, moving the smooth inner surface of his boot over his rigid precum-drooling cock, fucking his own boot! His gloved hands were now free from the task of masturbation and Rick began to move them over the rest of his body, fondling and caressing himself as his climax approached.Every muscle in Rick’s smooth body seemed to tense at once and he began to spasm in climax. His nuts drew up and his crotch felt as though it would explode. He dropped his head back onto the glossy hide beneath him, moaning and gasping for breath that didn’t seem to come fast enough into his open mouth. The first pulses of ejaculation caused Rick to clamp his ass tightly onto the whip deep inside and drive it even deeper. Jism flooded from the swollen head of Rick’s cock into the shaft of his tall black boot, wetting it and the thin leather of his tights. Rick felt the hot wet slipperiness of his cum on his cock and humped even harder than before. More hot juices spewing in what seemed to be non-ending pulses drenched the leather encasing Rick’s legs.Finally the pulsing eruption of Rick’s cock subsided. He lay back, groaning and gasping, unable to move until the most fantastic orgasm he’d ever experienced released control of his body.He couldn’t wait to do this all again.

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