Love of Leather Gloves 2

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Love of Leather Gloves 2Now l had been staying at my aunts for about a week and we had fucked in virtually every room in the house and my aunt seemed to have a different outfit for every day,my education was coming along quite nicely and from the way my aunt responded l felt l was getting straight A’s.This particular morning my aunt was dressed to go out she was wearing a black leather suit with the skirt midway between her knees and thighs so if she sat in a certain position the tops of her black stockings could be seen, along with a pair of black court shoes with 4″ stiletto heels and the tightest black leather gloves which l knew reached to her midarm as always she was wearing a watch on her left wrist. She looked over and said ‘ so what are your plans for today’ l mentioned something about going into town and checking out where l would go for my interview. She smiled and said ‘good, you can do me a favour and call into a shop and collect something for me’, one thing l’ve learnt about my aunt is that she has a wicked sense of humour and l wondered what she thought was funny, however she looked at her watch and said ‘l’ve just got time for a quickie’.Now l’ve also noticed that my aunt is extremely horny and is ready for sex at any time and i’ve been treated to shows from her using a large selection of toys on herself whilst l’ve been recovering from our fucking sessions and she moved around the table pulling up her skirt exposing her neatly trimmed pussy.My cock being a typical teenagers was sticking up so l pulled my shorts down and she stood by the sink sucking a leather gloved finger with a coy look and then saying ‘Is that for me’ l smiled and said ‘of course it is bitch’ and moved up to her, she grabbed my cock and wanked it a couple of times and then guided it into her pussy ‘ she then growled ‘ fuck me hard you horny bastard’ now being a respectful young man l did exactly that and was soon ramming my cock hard into her and she was loving it saying ‘fuck me, give me your cock you horny bastard’. We both came together and as l deposited my spunk into her pussy she moaned Batıkent travesti with delight, we quickly adjusted our clothing and as she picked up her bag she said l’ve left the address where you are to go on the dresser with that she blew me a kiss and walked out.Later l had visited the university and checked out where l was to go for the interview and then l decided to find the shop where l had to collect what my aunt had ordered, l went down a little alleyway which led to a little parade of shops and there was the shop l walked in and a woman in her late 30’s was sitting behind the counter, l walked up and explained who l was and the woman smiled and said ‘Come with me’, l followed her through to a small room where some clothing was laid on a bed she smiled and said ‘try them on and see if they fit’.l stripped off and the woman busied herself by the dressing table why l put on the trousers they were extremely tight fitting and my bulge was evident for all to see, the leather vest was just as tight and the woman smiled as she walked over l noticed that she had put on a pair of black leather gloves which were opera length and she massaged the bulge saying ‘your a big boy then l hope you know what to do with it. She pushed me onto the bed and climbed on top of me and started kissing me passionately with her leather gloved hands caressing me, suddenly one of my wrists was handcuffed to the bedstead and before l could react the other one joined it.The woman smiled and said ‘ now just be a good boy and wait there’ and laughed as she left the room, now l wondered what on earth was happening and getting quite worried about 10 minutes later the woman walked back in and the change was amazing, she was wearing a leather catsuit with holes cut out to expose her tits and a slit exposing her pussy, she was wearing knee high black leather boots with 5″ stiletto heels and opera length gloves and she wasn’t on her own a younger woman in her 20’s who was dressed in black leather bolero gloves and thigh length black leather boots with 4″ stiletto heels and nothing else stood Çankaya travesti beside her.’Look Nicole we have a new stud to play with’, with that the two women shared a long passionate kiss with both of them playing with each tits and pussies with their gloved hands, good it was such a horny scene my cock felt like it was going to bust out of the leather trousers, the two women took a break and looked over and smiled then they moved over and unzipped the trousers and my cock sprang out and stood to attention like it was on parade.Both women started to lick my cock and balls and coated it with their saliva by now l was very near to cumming and the older woman noticed this and left me and walked over to the dresser and got a cock ring and attached it to the base of my cock saying ‘we don’t want you coming until we’re ready’ with that they started licking my cock and balls again after a few minutes the yong woman moved up and placed her pussy over my mouth well l needed no second invitation and immediately started to lick her pussy and soon she was extremely wet and l started on her clit and the older woman had straddled my cock and with her gloved hand guided it into her wet pussy.The younger woman was beginning to orgasm judging by the amount of juices flowing from her pussy into my mouth and she responded by grinding her pussy into my face and really letting a moan escape from her mouth, her friend started to speed up and really ride my cock as her own orgasm approached.Now l wanted to come so much it was hurting me and as her orgasm came she screamed ‘oh my god’ and almost flopped on top of me it was only because the younger woman was sitting on my face that she didn’t and they shared a another long passionate kiss, the younger woman got off my face and moved over to my cock and lowered herself onto it saying ‘he’s quite big and it appears he knows what to do with it as well’ she started to rock back and forth on my cock simulating her clit as my shaft rubbed against it.The older woman had gone back to the dresser and was strapping on a 8″ black strap-on and was applying Cebeci travesti some lubricant to it she then approached the bed with a smile on her face saying ‘whose first’ the young women smiled and said ‘ yes please’ and the woman positioned herself behind her on the bed and slowly inserted the strap-on into her arse and pushed the whole length into her, she quickly established a rythmn and as she fucked my cock the strap-on was fucking her arse, it didn’t take very long before she was coming with a scream.After a moment to catch her breathe the young woman got off my rampant cock and smiled saying ‘Your turn’ the older women put the tip of the strap-on against my arse hole and slowly pushed in,l gasped as it entered with a sharp stab of pain and then my muscles relaxed and she started to get into a rythmn the younger woman started caressing my balls with her gloved hand whilst she took the head of my cock into her mouth.This soon got too much and l started begging to be allowed to cum and both women smiled and finally the older woman said ‘l think you deserve to cum now’,with that she pulled the strap-on out of my arse and removed it whilst the younger woman removed the cock ring, both of them positioned themselves by the side of my cock and both of them put a gloved hand on my cock and started wanking it only took a couple of strokes before l was gushing streams of spunk over both of their faces and gloves, they continued wanking me until they completely drained me and then they proceeded to kiss and lick each others face clean of all my cum and taking each other gloved fingers in their mouths cleaned them up of my cum.THe older women then cleaned my cock with her mouth whilst the younger woman released my wrists from the handcuffs, as l rubbed my wrists the younger woman reached over and passionately kissed me and said ‘we will see you soon for another fitting’, with that they got up and left the room and l changed to my normal clothes and carried the leather clothing back to the front of the shop.The older women stood behind the counter like nothing had happened and said ‘l see that they fitted perfectly shall l wrap them’ her gloved hands quickly wrapped the articles and placed them in bags, as l walked home all l could think of what would happen when l told my aunt of what happened as if l didn’t know.

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