A Couple’s First Online Ad

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“Ok, it’s published!”

Diana’s face glowed in the light of her laptop, the only illumination in the one-bedroom apartment that she shared with Jim. They had barely dated for a year, but their connection had been so intense and immediate that Jim had moved in as soon as his lease had expired.

Jim’s athletic, six-foot frame leaned against the door of the bathroom, a towel slung across his broad shoulders. A single drop of water clung to the end of his short, blond hair and then finally fell onto his chest. Diana watched the drop as it slid down his muscular stomach before running down the thick seven inches of his cock that had filled her pussy and throat mere moments earlier.

Jim still couldn’t believe how quickly he had grown to share every part of himself with this exotically gorgeous woman: in recent months, he had even begun to confess his darkest fantasies to her, many of which he had never even admitted to himself.

He was shocked that she not only accepted them, she was eager to pursue them… all of them. Nothing was off limits, and they were soon exploring each other’s bodies in ways they had never before conceived possible.

As their intimacy deepened, they began to share fantasies that went far beyond the mere physical interactions between their bodies. They began to share experiences that they craved, from exploring dominance and submission, to fucking in places where they could get caught, to flirting with exhibitionism and even same-room sex with another couple.

The latter had started on a recent drive home from lunch, when Diana was so horny that she had started sucking on Jim as he drove. While sitting at a light, Jim noticed the UPS driver next to them had positioned his truck so that he could watch them. Jim told Diana, and she became ravenously horny … unbuckling her seat belt so she could arc her ass up against the window.

While these “on the road” blowjobs were usually just a tease before fucking at home, Jim became so wildly horny under the gaze of a stranger that he shot his load deep into Diana’s throat within a few seconds. Describing for her the look on the other driver’s face, Jim raised her skirt to flash him a glimpse of her bare ass as she finished swallowing what felt like gallons of Jim’s cum.

They had then happily driven off while the UPS guy sat still at the light with his jaw on the ground.

Tonight, while Diana had been riding Jim’s cock, he had whispered görükle escort in her ear, “I wish the truck driver were here to watch your pussy swallow my dick as well as your mouth did.” The memory quickly pushed Diana over the edge and her body was wracked with a screaming orgasm, grinding her pussy hard on Jim’s cock as she moaned for him to tell her more about his fantasy.

“I … want… him… there… behind you,” Jim gritted between his teeth as he fought off his own surging spasms, hoping to bring her to a second climax before he burst inside her.

“Yesssss!,” she yelled. “Fuck, yessss, I want him to watch us fuckkkkkk!” She paused, bit her lip, and then whispered in Jim’s ear, “And I want to watch him stroke his cock and explode all over me as I ride you!”

At this, Jim lost it and exploded with a mind-bending orgasm that brought Diana to another enormous climax.


Walking out of the bathroom now, Jim leaned down to kiss Diana as she excitedly turned the screen to him. Despite having just showered after hours of fucking, he felt a surge in his aching cock as her tongue darted along his lip.

“Read it to me,” he smiled as he fell on the bed beside her, his hands sliding along the soft caramel mounds of her apple-shaped ass. He brushed her long, black hair away from her face so that he could see the gleam in her eyes as she read their advertisement on a local bulletin board.

“The subject is just ‘Couple Seeking Couple for Same Room Fun’,” she giggled. “I didn’t want to be too naughty in the headline.”

“Awww, I was hoping for a more direct line like ‘Watch us fuck!’,” said Jim, only half joking.

“I left that for the main copy,” she coyly retorted. “It reads…

“We’re an adventurous, open-minded couple coming to Dallas for a few weeks in July. We are looking for another couple to share a room with us while we’re in town. Not looking for a swap, just want to watch each other with our own partners. Don’t be pushy or expect anything more. Oh, and we will want to meet in public first to make sure you’re not insane. :)”

Jim laughed, “I like the smiley face. Why did you put the part about us traveling to Dallas when we live here?”

Diana smiled. “It creates a sense of urgency and anonymity. There’s less pressure since people will think there’s no way we can run into each other. And this gives us an out if we don’t like them.”

“You’re brilliant, bursa sınırsız escort bayan my love,” Jim said as he kissed her again. “It’s perfect. What pictures did you use?”

“I was going to use a blurred face one of the two of us, but I got worried a friend might see it and recognize it from Facebook. So I just used some nudes where I cropped off the heads.”

Jim’s eyes widened. He hadn’t expected her to be so bold. He pulled the laptop to him to look, and saw the photos were all of them clothed but with faces blurred.

“Gotcha,” Diana laughed.

Jim feigned anger as he rolled her over and pinned her down, holding her arms above her head like she loved. He quickly licked her perky nipples, and then bit them hard. She gasped and spread her legs around him.

“I can’t wait for someone to watch you fuck the hell out of me,” she said.

“Maybe I’ll have to tie you up and let them have a turn when I’m finished?,” he smirked as he pressed his growing erection against her. He looked deeply into her eyes and pretended to be serious.

“You know I’m down,” she said. “But I don’t think you could handle it!”

“Oh, I’ll show you what I can handle!,” Jim said as he pushed her legs apart.


The next morning, Jim had an early meeting and had to rush out the door. Before he left, he made Diana promise she would wait until he was home to check their fake email account they had setup.

“For what?,” she asked from under the sheets where she remained half sleeping as Jim dressed.

“For replies to our ad,” he reminded her.

“Ohhhh! I’d almost thought that was a dream!,” she said as she leapt out of bed, the crisp white sheets falling like snow off the limbs of a tree. She always looked so unimaginably beautiful in the morning light, Jim thought.

“No, let’s check now,” she begged!

“I can’t, I have a client meeting,” Jim said. “But I’m serious, I don’t want you to check the account until we can do it together.”

Diana stuck out her bottom lip. “Awwww, don’t tease me like that. It’s not fair.”

“Babe, you know I can’t right now. I’m almost going to be late as it is.”

She gave him a devilish grin. “What if I let you fuck me in the ass while we read them?”

Jim’s eyes popped out of his head. Diana knew how much he craved anal sex, something that they had only done a handful of times. Jim’s cock had always bursa otele gelen escort bayan become so thick and hard when she turned around that it was hard for him to fit it in her backdoor. This must mean that she reallllllly wanted to see those emails.

“Tonight, babe. I have to run.”

She angrily crossed her arms over her delicious tits. “My offer is only good for the morning.”

“I’m so sorry, babe. I have to go. But please don’t look. I want it to be our surprise together later!”

“Fine,” Diana pouted as she sat back on the bed. “And I guess I’ll just have to play with Sancho if you’re not going to fuck me.”

Jim couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Sancho” was the name they had given to the vibrator he had bought her when they first started discussing their fantasies. Once, when Jim was fucking her in the ass, Diana had confessed that she was about to cum but also needed a dick in her pussy. The next day, Jim had snuck off to the store and come home with Sancho in the hopes of a repeat performance.

Sancho had made a few appearances in the bedroom with them, but they could never seem to coordinate themselves to get it in place when Jim was inside her. One of them always got too impatient, or they had forgotten to retrieve it before the action grew too hot and heavy for a break.

But ever since she first had suggested it, Jim had grown obsessed with the thought of another cock inside Diana while he fucked her. His phone’s browser history was filled with threesome videos that he’d watched, imagining her cumming again and again as a stranger’s cock rubbed alongside his own dick inside of her.

He knew she shared this fantasy, and not just in the heat of the moment (she loved for Jim to tell her nasty things when they were fucking, and describing a threesome was quickly becoming the best way for him to give her a huge orgasm). Even outside the bedroom, they had talked about it a few times, and decided it was not something they could handle … at least right now. They had a great sex life and were worried that bringing in another person presented too many risks.

But the thought of bringing in another couple to have sex in the bed next to them was incredibly hot for both of them, particularly if they were clear about the rules upfront. Part of the reason Jim was running behind was that he had slept in late after staying up almost all night thinking about it.

As he walked out the door that morning, he began to imagine all of the emails they’d be receiving. He knew they’d have no problem finding a couple that wanted to swap, but he wondered if they’d be able to find one that would be ok with just fucking in the same room.

And then he wondered if that was all they really wanted…

To Be Continued

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