A Wedding Day Treat for Rachel

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All of the characters in this story are over the age of 18. Rachel and Emily are 21 and 22 respectively, John is in his mid-forties.

* * *

“Wow! Emily it’s stunning! You look absolutely beautiful!” Rachel tried her best to act like it was the first time she’d seen Emily’s wedding dress, and she thought she’d got away with it, as her best friend walked into the room, smiling from ear to ear.

“Thanks Rach! You look pretty ravishing yourself!” Emily bounded up to Rachel throwing her arms around her and hugging her tightly.

“Did I or did I not find you the hottest bridesmaid dress ever!?!”

“You definitely did! I’m a bit worried my tits might fall out though Em, would it have killed you to pick something with a bit more support?” Rachel joked.

“I would consider it a crime to keep these puppies locked away.” Emily playfully grabbed a hold of Rachel’s large pert breasts and wobbled them vigorously, as they both fell about laughing.

“Oh! Did I tell you? I ended up getting my dress half price!” Emily said excitedly. Rachel’s stomach dropped. “Really? How come?” She probed tentatively.

“Well apparently the guy at the bridal shop snagged it on a nail! It’s all right though, he repaired the damage and I can’t even tell, so it’s a win-win I say!”

Rachel sighed with relief. Granted it was unlikely he would have told her what really happened. If anything she was the one who had the win-win that day.

“Lucky you! I still can’t believe you’re getting married today!” Rachel changed the subject as quickly as she could.

“I know! I hope it all goes smoothly, I’m a bit worried about my dad and my mum’s new boyfriend making a scene.”

“They wouldn’t though would they? Not on your big day?” Rachel took Emily by the hand consolingly.

“Brian’s promised not to, but you know what my dad can be like, he can be hot headed at times. He hasn’t really got over the divorce yet I think.” Tears began to pool in the corners of Emily’s eyes.

“Oh Em! Don’t get upset, only happy tears are permitted today. I’ll keep them in line. Nothing and I mean nothing is going to spoil my best friend’s wedding day, I’ll make sure of it.” She handed a wad of tissues to Emily who dabbed at her eyes.

“Thanks Rach, my mascara’s not running is it?”

“No it’s fine, but when is your car arriving?” Her question was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.

“It’s here!” They both screamed with excitement.

“Right last minute checks.” Emily said whilst making her way over to the bedroom mirror. Emily’s chestnut hair had been stylishly plated and pulled back into a twisted bun. She wore a shimmering eye shadow which highlighted her hazel eyes and a glossy clear lipstick. Rachel by comparison rarely needed to wear any make-up, she was naturally stunning, with deep glacier blue eyes, a slender button nose and full pink lips. Her normally luscious wavy blonde hair had been straightened today and pulled back into a ponytail, the base of which was threaded with purple flowers to match her dress. Two loose golden strands of hair hung down, framing her gorgeous heart shaped face.

“Does the bride look hot? Check!” Rachel said with a wink.

“Does my maid of honour look hot? Check!” Emily returned the compliment and they made their way to the stairs, both laughing and screaming again.

The atmosphere downstairs was tense. Emily’s father John had arrived to pick up his daughter in a swanky Rolls Royce her mum Karen had hired for the special day. Karen invited him inside but John had said he’d rather wait by the car until Emily was ready.

John hadn’t been back to the house he and Karen once shared for four years, not since the divorce. Being back here now was filling him with conflicting emotions. It was one of the proudest days of his life, seeing his one and only daughter getting married, but starting the day off at his old house, surrounded by so many memories of his own failed marriage was not how he would have wished it.

There was a hush in Emily’s lounge as the stairs creaked and the bottom Emily’s dress came into view, followed by a chorus of oohs and aahs as she gracefully descended into full view. Her mum immediately burst into tears and ran to hug her daughter.

“You look b…b…beautiful.” Her mum sobbed. Emily gave her another squeeze before going to greet the other dozen or so family members who were packed into their tiny lounge.

Rachel’s entrance wasn’t quite as dramatic but she certainly made an impression on every male relative of Emily’s, who stood open mouthed, staring gormlessly as the stunning 21 year old walked into view. Her purple satin bridesmaids dress clung to her every curve. As the dress had such a low plunging back, it exposed her tanned and toned physique, but it also made wearing a bra impossible. Rachel’s huge 32FF breasts encased in only a thin clinging layer of satin, bounced and jiggled freely with every step she took. The men’s heads all bobbed in unison with her incredible cleavage, kuşadası escort as she too descended the stairs.

“Wowzers!” One of Emily’s 15 year old cousins couldn’t hold his tongue and his mother clipped him around the head.

“Rachel, you look lovely.” A still sobbing Karen pulled Rachel into an equally vice like bear hug. “You too Mrs Saunders.” She replied, checking to make sure Karen’s make-up hadn’t rubbed off onto her.

Rachel wasn’t oblivious to the effect she had on most men, she relished the power it gave her over them. As she looked around at all the guests packed into Emily’s small lounge, she noted with glee some of their ill-disguised, pained expressions of lust that many of them were trying to hide from their wives. One guy who was sat on the sofa, was trying to subtly drag a cushion over his lap, unable to look away from the buxom blonde bridesmaid who had descended the stairs like an angel from heaven. This just made Rachel smile, knowing full well all the dirty thoughts that must be tumbling around in his brain at that moment.

The excited wedding party gathered their possessions and headed for the front door. Emily handed Rachel a beautiful bouquet of purple and cream tulips to hold, which matched her dress and the flowers in her hair perfectly.

It was a fairly cold and blustery day outside. Fortunately there was a thick band of double pleated satin around the top of Rachel’s dress, which mostly concealed her hardening nipples from view as a gust of wintry air swept across the wedding party. As she looked down to check, she could see goosebumps covering the exposed top halves of her mountainous breasts.

Emily’s dad John got out of the gleaming white Rolls Royce with a huge smile on his face, kissing his daughter on both cheeks, looking like the proudest man on earth.

Rachel thought John scrubbed up pretty well in his dark grey suit and purple cravat. She hadn’t seen him since Emily’s parents got divorced and he certainly looked a lot different now. In all her memories of him whenever she had gone round to Emily’s after school, he was always very mucky and sweaty, coming home late from a long day at the building site and slumping in front of the T.V with a can of beer in hand. She’d never really even noticed how tall he was, he must be over 6 foot, with a masculine square jaw, smoky grey eyes and short black hair.

Bad Rachel! Very bad Rachel! She thought to herself as her mind began to wander to places she wished it wouldn’t. She couldn’t help it though, it was very hard to control. All of her amazing recent experiences with older guys, just added to her horniness.

This was different though, he was Emily’s father, she could never do anything to jeopardise her friendship with Emily. That didn’t stop the butterflies squirming through her stomach and the rush of blood she now felt, warming her cheeks, as she thought about what it would be like to straddle John on the back seat of this beautiful Rolls Royce and fuck his brains out.

“Dad you remember Rachel.” Emily gestured to her friend.

John’s eyes widened slightly. “Of course, hello Rachel, It’s good to see you again.”

“Hi Mr Saunders.” Rachel’s voice came out in an unusually high pitched squeak as she was snapped from her daydream.

“Please, call me John.” His voice by comparison was deep and rich. “Hi John.” Rachel smiled and to save further embarrassment, she quickly turned and headed towards Karen’s car, still pink in the face.

John was stunned as he watched her leave. He remembered his daughter’s old friend, but only as a bit of a ditzy blonde teenager. He recalled Karen used to say that with looks like hers she would be a heart breaker one day and now he realised why. Good looking didn’t sum her up any more, if he had to describe in one word the vision of beauty walking away from him to his ex-wife’s car, it would be breath-taking.

* * *

There was minimal conversation between John and Emily on the drive to the church. She just assumed he must be feeling nervous as her dad was never the quite type, but truthfully Johns head was in a complete spin. He couldn’t help but think about Rachel, all done up in her bridesmaid dress, she was easily the sexiest woman he’d ever laid his eyes on.

John tried hard to put all thoughts of Rachel out of his mind during the church ceremony but it was useless. He beamed with pride as his one and only daughter drifted elegantly down the aisle as the organs began playing the wedding march, but he couldn’t help frequently glancing over her shoulder at the stunning girl walking slowly behind her.

Rachel was loving the amount of attention she was receiving, she knew how hot she looked and was relishing having every male eye turn her way. What they didn’t know though was something that was making Rachel exceptionally horny today. She had done exactly what she’d told Alan, the bridal shop employee, she would do and had purposely not worn any panties. Her excuse to him being that the figure hugging dress would show off her pantyline, which was true, but Rachel had to admit to herself that the thought of not wearing any underwear at all, under such a sexy dress, was a massive turn on for her.

It was a new experience, she felt so naked and exposed, as her every curve was displayed to the whole church, concealed under just a thin layer of tight satin.

Tears filled her eyes as her best friend was saying her vows to Dan, but her mind kept wondering if any of the onlookers had figured out her naughty little pantyless secret. A shiver of excitement rushed through her as she thought about it.

The ceremony was sealed with a kiss and before long the procession of family and friends were filing out through the big oak doors at the end of the church. The air was suddenly filled with confetti as the blushing bride and her new husband made their way outside. It was still very windy, people were holding onto their hats to stop them blowing away. Rachel was trying hard to keep her composure as the freezing gusts made their way up and under her dress, adding to her feeling of nakedness, as the cold draughts of air sent tingles across her cleanly shaven pussy and up through her entire body.

Cameras were flashing away from all angles, a fair few trained solely on the buxom bridesmaid, ignoring the actual bride completely. Emily didn’t seem to notice in all the commotion as her best friend posed and pouted for pictures, loving the attention.

Suddenly as the large crowd of guests began making their way towards their cars to head to the reception, Rachel felt something brush against her bottom. She thought nothing of it, perhaps it was accidental. There were a large amount of people packed closely together in the church grounds after all. Then it happened again, this time she knew it was definitely intentional as she felt a cold hand cup her right cheek, giving it a gentle squeeze. She spun around, shocked and annoyed that anyone could be so bold. A group of Dan’s friends were walking in the opposite direction, laughing and high fiving each other, a few glancing back in her direction. She threw them all a scowl of annoyance but deep down she couldn’t help feel a little bit smug.

* * *

The champagne was flowing throughout the meal and by the time the speeches were wrapping up Rachel could feel herself getting ever so slightly tipsy. She was sat opposite John at the head table, he looked so handsome in his sharp dark grey suit. The problem was her vivid imagination and alcohol were proving to be a disastrous combination. There was no way to stop herself from mentally undressing him with her eyes, wondering what it would be like to crawl under the table and choke herself on his dick.

Emily would never forgive her if anything did happen, she knew that much for sure, but that didn’t stop an endless stream of filthy thoughts racing through her brain. She could feel her pussy getting wetter by the second, as she sipped her drink, licking the sweet taste of champagne from her lips.

It seemed to Rachel that there was something up with John, he hadn’t touched much of his meal and kept glancing at his ex-wife and her new boyfriend as they boisterously laughed and joked with the newly married couple. It must be hard for him seeing Karen so happy, Rachel thought, remembering Emily saying he hadn’t gotten over the divorce yet, it seemed like she was right. The truth was that John had hardly given Karen a second thought, he was trying his hardest to avoid looking in Rachel’s direction, she was the most cock stiffening girl he had ever seen, if only he were 20 years younger.

The tables began emptying as the DJ started up his set, many of the wedding guests took to the dance floor, following the lead of the happy couple after they finished their first dance.

Rachel was having a lot of fun dancing with Emily and a few of her other friends. She was completely unaware of the show she was giving to many an admiring guest, as she jumped around to some classic 90’s cheesy pop classics. Her incredible tits were swaying and bouncing freely, unrestrained by any bra. Their perfect shape and size were hypnotizing more than a few keen watchers.

“Right ladies, time to get this party started, who’s up for a tequila?” A chorus of cheers rose from the group of girls.

There was a fairly large queue at the bar, all the drinks were free and it seemed like everyone was taking as much advantage of that as they could. Rachel had been waiting for a while to be served, when she felt somebody push up against her from behind, this sort of thing was to be expected at a busy bar, but Rachel was still at the back so there was plenty of room to stand either side of her.

She looked around to see who it was and immediately recognised the guy who’d been receiving all the high fives from his mates after groping her ass earlier that day. These kinds of cocky jerks really pissed her off. It was true that on occasion she had used them to get her sexual fix, they were an easy source for a quick fuck, but that was always on her terms, she would be the one to flirt with them and then if it took her fancy she would shag them senseless. They definitely weren’t her preferred type, she liked the quieter guys, the ones who were never arrogant enough to think they even had a chance with a girl like her. She loved to tease them, to wind them up to boiling point and then literally blow their minds.

He gave her a wink. Rachel turned back around giving him an annoyed “tttssss” hoping that he would get the message and back off. No such luck, in fact it felt like he was pressing into her even harder. That was the final straw.

“Do you mind?” Rachel almost spat the words at him.

The guy just shrugged, he seemed pretty drunk and clearly didn’t care that he was making her uncomfortable.

“Why don’t you go stand over there?”

“I prefer it here” He slurred the words, refusing to move.

“Yeah well I’d prefer it if I could stand in the queue without being dry humped by some moron.”

“Stop pretending like you don’t love it.” The guy placed his hand for the second time that day on Rachel’s pert bottom and pinched it.

Now she saw red. She spun around fully so that she was face to face with him. Her hand quickly found his crotch, she grabbed it tightly and twisted it hard. Not wanting to make too much of a scene she whispered to him.

“Listen, because I’ll only say this once. If I want to be groped at by some dickless arsehole like you, I’ll tell you first, understand?” Tears were filling his eyes and he let out a small whimper of pain.

“I said do you understand?” He nodded hurriedly and she let go. The guy immediately scurried away, truth be told it was more of an awkward waddle away, wiping his eyes as he went, his pride at an all-time low.

By the feel of things Rachel might have been spot on with her dickless comment. He certainly wasn’t large enough to satisfy her needs. That was the thing with these blokes, nine times out of ten they were all talk and no trousers.

With Tequilas in hand she returned to the dance floor.

“Do do dooo! Come on and do the conga!” Emily sure liked her cheesy music. Everyone was getting in the spirit though and soon the conga line was so long it nearly wrapped around the room twice.

Rachel noticed John sitting alone at a table, she tried to beckon him over to join in but he just smiled and shook his head.

She wasn’t one to take no for an answer however, so the next time the conga line passed close to him, she dragged him up by the arm, ignoring his protests, he reluctantly fell into line behind her.

This was the last thing that John wanted. His efforts to try and ignore this cock hardening beauty had failed as he now found himself holding onto her toned slim waist. The back of her purple satin dress was so low cut that his hands were half resting on her exposed bronze skin, his thumbs settling into the cute dimples either side of the base of her spine. He watched as her blonde ponytail swished back and forth in time with the music and prayed that he wouldn’t get an erection, he could already feel his cock beginning to twitch into life in his trousers.

The sight that greeted him when he looked down was one that he wished he’d never have to look away from. Her luscious pert bottom was rippling under the tightly fitted satin which clung to her curves like a second skin, as she bounced up and down on her heels. “Oh fuck” he breathed, realizing in a sudden moment of shock that he couldn’t see a pantyline anywhere. There’s no way, he thought, no way is she not wearing any underwear. He inhaled deeply and tried hard to shut those thoughts out of his mind.

Shit! It was no good, he had to know for sure. His hands were beginning to tremble as he edged them as slow as he could downwards, not wanting to alert her to what he was doing. Her warm skin felt incredible under the silky satin material as he felt his way over her hips. “Oh no no no” His hunch was confirmed and it was almost too much to handle. His dick was rapidly swelling, there was no controlling it. John looked around nervously, realising his tented trousers were in full view. Luckily everyone seemed too caught up in the music to notice.

He didn’t want Rachel to think he was trying to grab her ass, so settled his grip back around her waist.

His discovery had gone completely unnoticed by Rachel. She had to admit though, she was enjoying having his rough manly hands grip her so tightly. His thumbs tickled her back causing her to arch it, as a shiver of excitement rushed through her. Don’t get carried away Rachel, she thought to herself, remember that he’s Emily’s dad, calm yourself down.

Calm was the opposite of how John was feeling. He tried desperately to not look down, but everywhere his eyes roamed, perfection was all he saw. From the flawless curve of her back, up to her long slender neck. Her golden blonde hair was tied back, revealing the cutest little ear he’d ever seen, it was so delicate it took all of his willpower to keep from leaning forward and chewing on it.

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