Amy Ch. 01

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Chapter 01: My Brother-In-Law

[This is a work of fiction. All places, events, and characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]

It was the summer of 1946, and my, my! The traffic going to the train station in Chicago was horrible! My eighteen year old son was taking me. I was going to go out west to a ranch in Colorado for a long delayed vacation. The horse ranch, the Circle 8, was owned by my deceased husband’s brother, Raymond. I had not seen Ray for ten years. My husband, Larry, and I lived in Florida, until the late war started and Ray was very busy raising horses, so we seldom got together. The war increased our separation from Ray and mine from my husband when he was called back into service to work in intelligence.

Shortly after the war began, I moved back to Chicago to be near relatives and to get a new job. Just after I received the government telegram informing me of Larry’s death in January of 1944, I called Ray to tell him. Ray immediately invited me out to his Colorado ranch to get away and to rest, but I declined. In my June birthday card, Ray again invited me, but it wasn’t until his 1945 Christmas card and enclosed train ticket to Colorado that the wheels were set in motion and I decided to go come summer. Now, here it is June and I am on my way.

I am in my mid forties (in 1946), but still athletically fit and toned as I work out at a gym four to five days a week for two hours each time. I stand six feet in my bare feet and top the scales at 145 lbs. My boobs measure a cool 35 E and my butt still tucks up nice and tight. My long, shapely legs complement my long torso and my long arms. I am not scrawny, but I am long, lean, and mean. I have not dated since my husband died, but I did have one six week affair that ended badly over a year ago and I have been steadily horny as hell again ever since.

Well, son Carl got me to the station and onto the correct platform to board the train to Colorado. We hugged tightly and kissed goodbye and then Carl watched as I boarded for the two day, one night trip. The porter walked me to the Pullman car car and found my berth compartment where I stowed my bags and gear. As I left my room to go to the dining car, I saw a young, blonde stud in the narrow aisle giving me the eye. I only got a quick glance at him as I squeezed past him in the confined space, but I liked what I saw. It must have showed, because he managed to brush a boob and cop a feel of my ass as we passed! That set the electric sparks tingling between my ass and my boobs! I got to the diner and sat at a table and ordered a bloody mary. While I was perusing the menu for the evening meal, the young stud from the sleeping car sat down one table in front of and facing me.

I kept my eyes on the menu (with surreptitious looks over it) and he kept his eyes on me! The waiter appeared and I ordered fillet minion, augratin potatoes, creamed asparagus, coffee, and cherry cobbler with ice cream. A short time later, the waiter reappeared with another bloody mary and said it was complements of the young gentleman at the next table. I raised my glass and my head, made eye contact with the stud and nodded my thanks.

He slowly rose and came over to my table. He said, “Hi, my name is Kurt. May I join you?”

“Yes,” I said, “that would be nice, I do not like to eat alone.” The waiter appeared and took Kurt’s order. We both simultaneously started to ask, “Where are you…….” I finished alone, “Going?”

We laughed and he said, “I am headed to Oregon and a new job as a truck driver in the logging industry.” He said he was thirty-one and had been a heavy equipment operator in Florida.

I said, “I am going to Colorado to the ranch owned and operated by my brother-in-law. It is a long awaited vacation for me.”

He asked, “What do you do?”

I said, “I have owned and managed a real estate business in Florida for a number of years, but I moved back to Chicago at the start of the late war.”

He said, “I see you do not wear a wedding ring.”

I replied, “No, I lost my husband at the Battle of Bulge in Belgium and I have been a widow for two years now and unattached.” We continued our get acquainted conversation until the food arrived. We were both so hungry that silence reigned while we kept our mouths busy working on food rather than words. But other means of communication were about to begin!

I was wearing a light summer dress with half slip and strapless bra that pushed my boobs up and revealed a large amount of deep cleavage. The dress had a very low, scooped neck line. I was barefoot in sandals. Kurt was dressed in light slacks, light short sleeved shirt and loafers. As we started to eat, I felt a stocking foot begin to rub my left calf. I smiled and the foot moved up under my dress to my thigh to rub some more. Then the foot withdrew while we finished our meal.

We ordered an after dinner drink and continued to chat. I had leaned far forward as many times as I dared while we were eating, This gave Kurt a very good down cleavage view each time. As we neared the bottom şişli escort of the glass on our drinks, I felt the foot return, this time directly to my inner thigh, and smiled again. Kurt saw me shiver some and advanced the foot further. He was now rubbing his foot over my panty clad pussy mound, underneath my skirt. I shivered some more!

The look on his face was priceless when Kurt suddenly found my bare foot rubbing his stiffening dick! And was that ever a fat cock! After a couple of minutes of this, my bare foot may have felt a small wet spot, but I wasn’t sure. I said, “Why don’t we retire to my sleeping compartment where we can have some privacy?” Kurt replied, “Great idea.” We both replaced our missing footgear and walked out.

I unlocked my berthing compartment and Kurt held the door while I walked in. As he entered and closed the door, I turned and embraced him. We kissed, deeply and passionately. I was hornier than horny and turned aggressive. Our mouths opened. Tongues entwined. We licked and slurped in a long French kiss. Kurt began to nibble and lick on my neck, jaw, and ear, first on one side and then on the other. Meanwhile, his hands had captured my butt and were squeezing rhythmically as he pulled my pussy in tight against his erect cock.

Kurt began to bunch my dress up in back, exposing my panty clad ass cheeks to his roving hands. One hand slipped under the waistband of my panties and then began moving down my butt crack further and further, and a finger momentarily probed my brown rose before it then probed further down and under to caress the ever growing wet spot on my panty clad pussy. Kurt suddenly removed his hand and took it up under my skirt from the front.

Kurt’s hand now was playing with my pussy from the front and rubbing up and down my outer lips beside and under my panties. I had managed to get his pants unzipped and had his huge cock out, stroking it up and down. I said, “Enough of this, let’s get these clothes off!” I slowly stripped off Kurt’s shoes and socks, then his shirt and trousers. This left his huge piece of man meat sticking straight out of the opening in his briefs. I paused long enough to suck several moans out of him and then stripped off his briefs. Now his cock was pointing straight up at me while it bobbed and twitched in anticipation. Pre cum was clearly leaking out in a slow, steady stream.

Kurt then undressed me slowly and sensuously. Then he proceeded to my tits. I backed up, leading by a strangle hold on his stiff dick and fell back on the berth the porter had earlier made ready for the night. But it was so cramped and small, we quickly dropped to the floor on pillows. Kurt immediately began licking and sucking on my tits and nipples. My aureole are large and my nipples erected nearly a half inch and rock hard. Kurt scooted up some and placed his big dick between my huge tits. I pressed them together and he began a slow tit fuck. His leaking pre cum was providing some lubrication.

As his circumcised cock head popped out the top of my cleavage, I put my mouth over it and licked and sucked for all I was worth. We continued in this fashion for several minutes. “I need my pussy taken care of, Kurt, use your mouth, now!” Kurt moved down and began to lick up and down my gash. His tongue penetrated deeper and deeper into my slit, doing a merry go round on my clit every time he reached the top until he finally stopped at my cunt hole. He plunged in and he gave me a real tongue fucking, so good that I came in wave after wave of pleasure.

My pelvis was undulating rapidly by now. Kurt moved up slightly and positioned his cock on my pussy. He moved that big fuck stick up and down my slit as he previously had done with his tongue. I was leaking pussy juice all over that big dick. I started to cum again and just kept on cumming! I was now bucking so hard that Kurt had some trouble getting his purple cock head into my cunt hole, but he finally managed. As he plunged into my heavenly gate, Kurt arched his back and drove all the way in to his balls as I continued to cum, non stop, in successive rolls of pleasure and moans.

Kurt was so up that he only got three deep thrusts in before he blew his load in squirt after squirt of cock cream, deep into my pussy. I continued to squeal and moan in roll after roll of orgasmic release until I finally shivered into a limp stillness, barely able to breathe.

“Damn, woman, you are some piece of hot ass. I don’t find many I can’t keep up with, but you are one of them! Shit, you are some sex fiend!

I replied, “It has been a long time since I had a cock. I guess it showed how horny I was–still am for that matter!”

Kurt then said, “Yeah, and I’m sorry, I tend to shoot too soon for most women on the first go ’round. I can go much longer on the second go ’round.” He would soon proceed to prove that true!

It took us some time to recover and clean each other up, which almost led to another fuck session as I wiped his cock down and he did the same to my pussy. We then tried to lay on the lower birth, but the space was so cramped, it did not work any better levent escort than the first try. So, we opened the upper birth and he climbed up while I took the lower and we slept for a couple of hours. We did this off an on all night, fucking and sleeping, fucking and sleeping. We finally cleaned up the final time sometime after dawn and went to the dinning car for breakfast.

After eating, we parted company and with fond goodbyes, went our separate ways, he to his compartment to catch up his paper work (and, I suspect, to chase the redhead I had seen him watching from the corner of his eye) and me to the observation car to enjoy the scenery for the final eight hours of the train ride. After a late lunch, I chatted with other passengers and watched the world go by outside until the train pulled into a tiny, rural station in the Colorado ranch country. The tiny station was the only building in sight. It was the kind where the train only stops if the conductor has been alerted to the need to stop to let a passenger on or off at a specified stop.

I climbed down onto the station platform and looked around as the train chugged off down the track. The late afternoon sun was casting long shadows. The slight breeze was blowing dust devils here and there and tumble weed, well, I guess, tumbled! But, I was alone on the platform with my three suitcases and large steamer trunk. There was not even an office or a ticket agent at this isolated place, to break the eerie loneliness and silence–just the wind. I was beginning to despair when, off in the distance, I spotted a long, hanging dust cloud that seamed to be headed my direction. Eventually a large, wooden wheeled buckboard, pulled by a matched team of bays, materialized out of the cloud and wheeled up to the end of the platform where the driver slid the team to a stop.

A tall, handsome and dusky cowboy stepped down and walked my way. ” Sorry I’m late. You Amy?” he asked as he halted in front of me.

“Yes,” I said, “Who are you?”

He replied, “I’m Ray, don’t you recognize me?”

“OH MY GOD,” I said, “I haven’t seen you for so long that, that in truth, no I did not recognize you, you handsome devil you!”

“You’re not so bad looking yourself, Amy, a bit travel worn though.”

“Yes,” I said, “I am in desperate need of decent shower facilities and a thorough freshening up!”

Ray was eight years younger than my late husband and I and the hard work on the ranch had kept him more than fit. He was handsome indeed. Six feet, eight inches tall, broad chested, rugged and muscular with close cropped sandy hair, he could have posed as a model for the later Marlboro Man!. He carried my luggage to the buckboard and loaded it. I commented on the large rolled up thing already there, but he made no comment at the time. Then he helped me up onto the passenger seat. Ray had never married, but according to every Christmas note bragging, had quite a social life with the female gender. He would soon prove that he did indeed have quite a way with the ladies!

As we started out, Ray said that it was a two hour drive, by horse, to the ranch at a steady lope, four and a half if the horses walked more than they loped. Since the team had loped a good deal of the way to the station, they would have to walk most of the way back. “That’s why,” Ray said, “I always carry that bedroll you saw in the back, on long trips, in case of breakdowns or if I would happen to have to stay out overnight”. Ray also said,” “I like to exercise this driving team as much as possible, hence their presence to pick me up rather than a horseless carriage. After all,” he said, “This is a horse ranch and a working one at that.”

Now I had a crush on Ray from the time I first met him and he was best man for his brother at our wedding. We let things get out of hand at the wedding dance where we fucked like a pair of horny rabbits in a rushed, ten minute quickie. Not that I hadn’t already fucked Larry, because of course, I had. But, I had only seen Ray once since that time, about three years later during his short, two hour visit at our place in Florida. Ray left right after he had supper with Larry and me.

We spent the first half hour of the ride getting reacquainted with each other and renewing old memories, especially, near the end of this conversation, the memory of our quick, “Wham bam, thank you Ma’am” at my wedding twenty years ago. I was still horny has hell even after the train ride, a ride that had only reawakened dormant feelings and desires that would not be soon quenched again. So, When Ray put his arm around me in the chill evening air, I made no resistance whatever. In fact, I snuggled up real close and placed my hand on his inner thigh! The sun was long down and we were by now under a clear sky full of stars with a full moon rising. A coyote wailed in the distance! It was definitely a very romantic setting.

It wasn’t long before Ray’s hand dipped down into my dress top at the same instant mine moved up to his crotch and found a monster in the making! He began to caress my tits, one, then the other, rolling the nipple each taksim escort time. My hand on his crotch was being pushed up by a still growing monster. As we began to heat up, Ray said, “Let me tie off the reins to the front rail here and we can get into the back for this. The horses know the way home, they don’t need me to guide them!” Then Ray said to the horses, “Dan, Jake, home boys.” The horses plodded on at a fast walk, heads bobbing.

Ray climbed over the seat and moved the cargo around to the sides to give us a close but useable space in the middle. Ray helped me over the seat and onto the floor of the rear area. He pulled my dress top down and removed the bra. He then went to work licking and kissing my big boobs, paying special attention to each hard nipple with light nibbles and bites. He said, “God, I have been a very long time waiting for more of this . . . from you! Your nipples taste divine.”

As Ray went back to work on my tits, I unzipped his pants and dug out his cock. And I suddenly remembered how monstrously large it had been back at my wedding twenty years ago and it had not gotten any smaller! Deflated, it must have hung down at least eleven inches. But it was not deflated. Ray’s big fuck stick was already half erect and my jacking on him quickly brought him to a full, hard erection of almost thirteen inches with a girth of nearly four inches. A real, one eyed monster! He was already dripping pre cum too, getting my hand sticky immediately. As our passion mounted and the moving, swaying buckboard on the bumpy road jolted us, we grew ever more unsteady on our feet.

So, as ray wiggled out of his shirt, I unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants and shorts to the floor around his boots. He then dropped my dress, half slip, and panties to the floor . . . all on top of his unrolled bed roll blankets and we laid down upon them. “No ‘wham bam, thank you Ma’am’ this time,” Ray said as he dived in head first between my legs and into my pussy. I got a real tongue lashing from him, tender and gentle at first, but then with a growing urgency and fierceness that set me even more on fire. My pussy swelled and tingled as it became engorged with blood. Pussy juice began to flow freely and Ray licked up much of it, but the flow was heavy enough, he could not quite keep up. I moaned with pleasure as Ray used his tongue under my clit and his teeth around it until my clit erected into a miniature, two inch dick. Once again, I began shuddering in rolling, continuous orgasms that would not stop cumming!

Then Ray moved up and mounted me, sliding his cock up and down my slit a time or two going deeper each time until he found the entrance to my heavenly gate. He managed to get his cock head in, but my gyrations bounced him out twice before he managed to sink in. Then Ray thrust hard, all the way in to his balls and held me down and both of us still to savor the moment, a moment that turned into more than two minutes that we lay still with me impaled on that monster thirteen inches! It felt deliriously pleasurable! I screamed in delight, “OH MY GOD, oh my God, YES, YES, YES! My orgasms continued, unabated, my physical motion muted by Ray holding me down. My cervix must have been displaced quite a bit to get that monster in that deep and I no doubt was going to feel it in spades on the morrow!

Now, this buckboard at least, was sprung with a transverse leaf spring at both ends (Ray explained this much, much later after my inquiry). Better than none at all, but still a damned sight more stiff than a modern car. But, as Ray once again began to pump slowly in and out of my pussy, the buckboard bounced over the rough road almost in time to his thrusts in a crazy kind of “assisted cock pump.” It felt pretty damned good in my pussy, but it was hard as hell on my back, despite the clothes and blankets we had underneath us.

Ray was so big and my pussy was stretched so far and tight, we just did a very slow fuck for nearly twenty minutes. My orgasms, though weakened, had still not abated, but continued, one after the other like a machine, until Ray finally orgasmed in a shuddering burst and thrust that pumped so much cock cream with my copious pussy juices that we made an indescribable mess of everything under and around us on the floor of the buckboard. I collapsed like a wet noodle, spent and exhausted from non stop orgasms that finally petered out (pun intended). I was gasping for breath, I was very close to needing oxygen! It was a very good thing there would be few people around the ranch house until morning. Our clothes were a disaster beyond belief. But i also knew I wanted to see a very great deal more of this man and his great fuck stick than just this night!

Our clean up attempt nearly had us fucking again. Ray licked and sucked my pussy and crack clean and dry of our combined juices and then I did the same to his cock and balls. Ray, or rather his fuck stick, was standing at full attention again long before we were completely done. I say attempted because we were so full of sex juices and smells, I wonder that even the horses could stand us! Ray leaned against his large bedroll and I sat between his legs and leaned against him with his arms around me and his exposed dick upright against my back. Ray played with my tits and my pussy for more than half an hour. I finally said, “Ray, you got me leaking again!”

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