ENM Intertwined – Jack Pt. 03

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I waited and waited for Rorke’s package to come in while he was away. There was still so much I wanted to do for my friend to repay him for taking me in so I decided to do laundry to pass the time. I filled up the washing machine with a bunch of our clothes then I thought, eh, what the hell? Might as well take care of it all. I stripped off my shirt and pants and put them in the machine as well. Right after I started it up, there was a knock on the door before I could get dressed.

“Seriously!?” I padded over to the door in nothing but my black briefs and peeked outside before opening it all the way. As Rorke promised, the package was there and no one was around. I remembered the door still had knack for closing and locking on it’s own from yesterday’s experience. So I quickly tiptoed out of the apartment nabbing the box on the ground and rushed back to the door which was already closing.


I started at the sound of my name. I ended up dropping the box in the apartment and turned around to meet whoever called me. The door shut closed behind me.

“Oh, Fuck!” I pressed my foot against the wall grabbing the door handle. No matter how much I desperately yanked, pulled, and pushed, the door remained locked.

There was laughter coming from behind me. No doubt the person who called my name was having a laugh at the guy in his skivvies trying to break in to his own apartment.

“Jack-my-bee!” Zayne was all smiles holding a plastic grocery bag.

My face flushed at my embarrassing display. “Z-Zayne!” I released the door handle and stood up straight before this lovely creature to cover my crotch. It only made Zayne laugh more.

“Dude, what’s the point? I already saw you in all your glory yesterday. No need to be shy.”

He had a point. Plus, we were both guys so I shouldn’t feel so embarrassed. Beşiktaş Escort Yet every time Zayne looked at me I felt totally vulnerable and exposed even when I’m covered up. Why was that? My hands shook as they continued to cover my enormous package.

Fishing out of the plastic bag, Zayne produced a can of soda and tossed it over to me. I caught it on impulse, it was my favorite flavor. “I’m so happy I caught you. I wanted to hang out with my friends after work but they all had plans. Guess I will just have to spend the day with you.”

I had very complex feelings about what was happening. On one hand, I was elated that Zayne was going to spend the day with me. On the other hand, he gets to see me half naked two days in a row. Can’t I just get some pants?

Zayne just sidled up next to me; his elbow touching mine as he leaned his back against my door. He pulled out a bag of chips (that were also my favorite flavor) from the grocery bag and opened them up. Pulling out a salty chip, he held it up to my lips and invited me to eat it. I chomped down on it without giving it a thought. I enjoyed the flavor so much, I didn’t even realize I was licking the saltiness off of Zayne’s fingers until I saw the blush on his cheeks. I pulled back with a blush that mirrored his own.

Zayne smiled sweetly. “Glad you liked it. Have some more, I insist. I can’t eat all of these myself.” I didn’t have a chance to respond as Zayne practically scooped out a handful of chips and pushed them in my mouth. I munched on them greedily as Zayne began to tell me a story about his day. Apparently, Zayne seemed to like it when I licked his digits so at some point during his story, I actually went to gently grabbing his wrist whenever he served me chips and licking all of them clean. By the time he finished with his tale, I was Beşiktaş Escort Bayan sucking his fingers whether they were salty or not.

“Hey, Big Guy,” Zayne leaned closer to my face “I have an idea: You are finally coming to my place. This time, I wont take ‘no’ for an answer.”

Before I even had the chance to protest, Zayne locked his fingers around mine and dashed down the hall with me flailing around in my briefs. As we got to his door my heart was hammering with eagerness. I have been dying to come inside Zayne’s place with him, just the two of us.

Walking in, his apartment was decorated with plenty of modern artwork and colorful furniture. I was silently giddy, it was just so ‘Zayne’. He set his groceries down on the table and looked me up and down in my underwear.

Feeling self-conscious, I covered my package and blushed. “Um, do you have any clothes I can borrow?”

“What’s mine is yours.” Zayne left inside his room for only a moment and brought back the biggest clothes that he owned. Unfortunately, they were still too small for me. I tried hopping into a pair of his jeans but I couldn’t manage to get them past my muscular thighs. The zipper broke and the pants tore in two.

“I can pay for that…as soon as I get a job.” I moped.

“Try this on for size.” Zayne handed me a tan-colored tee-shirt. I managed to stretch the material around my body but it was so tight you can still see the contours of all my chest muscles. “Hold on a second!” Zayne launched himself to a bookshelf that had a high-grade camera on it. He pulled it off the shelf and took a picture of me.

“Z-Zayne!” My cheeks turned pink throwing my hands in front of myself again.

“Relax Jack-my-bee, if it makes you feel better I will only shoot from the waist up,”

he snapped another Escort Beşiktaş photo. It didn’t appear to be angled ‘from the waist up’ in my opinion “Could you do a few poses for me? It’s just, you look so cool!” SNAP! SNAP!

Zayne thought I looked cool. I was suddenly filled with some new invigoration I’ve never felt before. With my biggest smile, I gave Zayne a series of poses. I placed my arms behind my head, I gave him a hang-loose sign, I even flexed my muscles in every body builder pose I could think of. SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! After a while I was getting so into it I’m pretty sure Zayne moved on to taking photos of my full figure in briefs without me knowing (like he never started there in the first place). But I couldn’t bring myself to care at the time; Zayne was smiling at me like he was having a blast, like I was the most captivating thing in the room, and I was so happy that I was the focus of his attention. I winked at him and he winked back from behind his busy camera.

“Jesus, you’re a natural. How big can you get those muscles?” Zayne was snapping away on his camera.

“Let’s see shall we?” I bulged my arms inward in another muscle pose. I flexed so hard, the shirt that was literally hanging on by a thread tore right off my body.


I was so mortified. “I-I’m sorry!” My face turned red and panicky. “I totally destroyed your clothes. I promise I will make this up to you.”

Zayne didn’t look too upset but decided to take me up on my offer anyway. “Well, there is definitely something I want you to do for me.”

“Hang out with me until your roommate gets back.”

I was perplexed. “Is that all you want?” Even if I hadn’t totally destroyed Zayne’s clothes, I felt like I still would have done anything for him.

“If you don’t mind walking around my place in nothing but your skivvies, I would cherish your company. Greatly!”

I blushed at the reminder at my near nudity in front of this beautiful guy. I couldn’t ask him to grant me more clothes after destroying his last two offerings. I nodded in assent and Zayne embraced me for a hug that made my heart flutter.

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