Giving my sis a massage

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Giving my sis a massageI was all alone in my room and I could hear my little sister and I could tell she was on the phone, I could hear her through the wall. She was in her room, right next to mine. I lying on my bed, listened to her voice – all hushed and muffled. My sister’s name is Crissy, and she can get really emotional. As her big brother, I’m careful about Crissy’s privacy. It was impossible to hear much, so I wasn’t able to listen closely, but I could tell that it was something serious. I didn’t know what she was saying, but she had been talking on the phone for a long time. And it was getting pretty late. My guess was that she was probably talking to her friend Elizabeth, they talk together all the time.My sister and I were all alone in the house. Mom and Dad were away for two weeks, and they trusted us to take care of ourselves. Both of us are really good k**s, we don’t have any desire for a party or staying out late. She’s a little bookish and quiet compared to some of the other girls at school.Crissy is just a little over a year younger than I am, and she’s even though she’s 18 years old, she’s still in that awkward teenager phase. I feel like I know her really well, and sometimes she can get so nervous, and I try to be kind in a way that is supportive. We are really close and it’s really nice, I really love her and I know she loves me.It’s funny, we are a lot the same. We are both just so emotional about stuff. Crissy is emotional about herself, she is insecure and vulnerable. And I’m emotional about wanting to help others, I sympathize in a way that can overwhelm me, I’m really concerned about others and their feelings.Next month I’ll finally be leaving the house and going away to college. This is after a whole year of taking classes and getting credits from the local community college right here in town. So these next few weeks are probably the last time we’ll ever live in the house together. Moving away and being apart from her is something that makes me feel really sad.Suddenly, I couldn’t hear anything through the wall, the phone call must have ended. It was quiet for a few minutes. Then I heard my sister – and it sounded a little like she was crying, but I wasn’t sure. I stayed still on my bed and listened. As her older brother, I feel so concerned for her. Then, I heard a muffled sob and realized my beautiful little sister was crying about something. Without any hesitation, I got up and quickly walked out of my room and into the hall.I knocked on Crissy’s door, and I heard her say, “Go away.”I said, “Crissy, it’s me Michael, I’m your brother – and I’m not going to go away. I’m going to come in – please, let me help.”Then I opened her door. She was on her bed, lying on her stomach, sobbing into her pillow. She had on her normal sleeping outfit, a big oversized t-shirt and a pair of boy’s cotton boxer shorts. I always thought that simple outfit made her look amazingly cute, especially the way her butt looked in those little shorts.She looked up at me with tears in her eyes, and said, “Oh Michael…”Everybody calls me Mike, but Crissy called me Michael, and right then, she sounded emotional and sad.I sat on the edge of bed right next to her and said, “Oh Baby, what’s wrong?”Crissy cried for a little bit and finally whispered, “I feel so awful.”I gently rubbed her back as she cried. Even though my sister is sort of tiny, her back is strong and wide from all her years on the swim team.My little sister has straight red hair, and she always keeps it pulled back in a pony tail. She has these adorable freckles that I just love. She has big eyes and incredibly pale skin. All of this makes her look younger than she is, and I’ve always thought she was really cute. And her shy personality adds to her uniqueness in such a sweet way.I encouraged her, “C’mon Crissy, it’s okay. You can tell me.””It was Elizabeth, she – she…”I asked, “Were you on the phone with Elizabeth just now?””Yeah…””What happened, what did she say to you?””She was – I don’t know – she said stuff that made me feel so – scared.”I could hear it in her voice, my vulnerable little sister was really upset. I want to comfort her, so climbed all the way on the bed, and sat next to her.I asked, “I know you two are such close friends. What did she say?””I don’t understand why I’m crying like this.”I could see how scared she was, so I moved closer and I put my arm around her.I told her, “It’s okay, don’t worry.”She responded by immediately squirming toward me me and snuggling in close.Crissy said, “This afternoon, after swim practice, Elizabeth and I were in the locker room showering. And she was acting really excited, and she told me she was going to call me tonight, she needed to tell me something.”Elizabeth and Crissy have been friends since they were little k**s, and they’ve both swam on the school team together since they were freshmen. Elizabeth is sort of cute and perky and that’s really different from my sister, who can be so serious.My little sister went on, “When she called just now, she talked about her boyfriend, and what she’s been doing with him…”I kissed the top of her forehead and whispered, “It’s okay, you can tell me…”And then Crissy went on to explain what Elizabeth had told her, “She and her boyfriend are getting pretty serious, and – well, during the phone call, she explained everything that they did last night, and she was really explicit. She just went on and on and on…”My little sister can get so emotional about simple things. I was surprised at how much it seemed to upset her. She is so sensitive and vulnerable, and I’m just so worried about her. I asked if she was troubled hearing Elizabeth talk about intimate things.She nervously replied, “No – Maybe – I’m not sure, maybe I am upset about the sex thing. I mean, it just seems SO scary to me. I’m just really worried about getting pregnant.”And then she went on. I sat and listened to my little sister, and I stroked her hair as she talked. She explained how frustrated she was with Elizabeth and how explicit she had been on the phone.I whispered, “It’s all okay.”Crissy looked at me with her big sad eyes and said, “You know I’ve never had a boyfriend – and I don’t know if I ever will!””Oh c’mon, you’re smart and pretty, any boy in the world would be lucky to be with you.””But…”And I interrupted, “Crissy, you’re wonderful – don’t worry.”She replied nervously, “But Elizabeth has such a cute little body, and – and – and such a – well – such a tiny little bottom…”I smiled and said, “Listen, you have a beautiful body. I’ve seen you in your swim suit so I know.”Then Crissy sat up, looked me straight in the eye and nervously asked, “But – I mean, what about my big bottom?””Oh Crissy, Shhhhhh… Your bottom is NOT big.”She seemed so sad as she asked, “But Michael, why am I so ashamed about my – my bottom?”It made me feel so heartbroken to hear my sister so upset about her body, she is just so beautiful, and for some reason she just doesn’t let herself believe what’s true – that she is pretty, and her butt isn’t big, it’s seems perfect. “Please, don’t even think that, you have a perfectly beautiful bottom.””I worry about it, a lot. I can’t help it…”She seemed so sad and I needed to compliment her, so I whispered, “Do you have any idea how cute you look from behind in your bathing suit? Your bottom is so cute, especially when it’s wet!”She nervously said, “But I’m worried. I mean, Elizabeth has such a tiny little bottom, and I’m really jealous – It’s so awful how much I worry about it – I’m just so mixed up – and I don’t have anyone to talk to.””You can always talk with me.”She paused and looked away, she seemed so unhappy, and I felt powerless to help. After a moment, she spoke, “I don’t know why I cried after talking with Elizabeth. It’s been so hard. I mean – I really like her, she’s a great friend, and she really tries to comfort me.””Go on, I want to help.”Crissy spoke in a shaky voice, “What really upset me – well, I guess it got me all freaked-out was – that…” And she just trailed off.I could tell this was something really serious, and I softly said, “Please don’t worry, your my little sister, and you know how much I love you.”Crissy replied with a shaky voice, “I know – and I love you too, I really do. But I just feel funny, I’m scared, and I feel like I really need to talk about it.””I want to help – please tell me.””Can you keep this a secret?””Of course, I won’t tell anyone.””Just now, on the phone, Elizabeth told me – well – exactly what she did last night.””Go on…””She really loves her boy friend. And she said she really wants to – well – to make love – but she is really scared about getting pregnant – do you understand?””Yes, I think so.””And, well – she convinced him that they should – well – the way she told it, she sort of begged him…”She paused and looked at me, and I could tell she was scared.I whispered, “It’s okay, you can tell me.”And Crissy spoke in a really embarrassed tone, “Oh God, she and her boyfriend – they actually did it together, and instead of – well – the regular way, she asked him to…””Go on…”And after a long pause, my sister nervously whispered, “She asked him to put his – his penis inside her – her anus.”Oh my God, Hearing this really surprised me, and I tried to make sense of what my sister had just said. Her friend Elizabeth was having anal sex? That seemed shocking.I cautiously asked, “Did she like it?”My sister eagerly replied, “Oh my God – she LOVED it, she went on and on and on about how good it felt.”I was overwhelmed and I asked, “Really? She did?”Crissy sounded excited as she spoke, “She told me that she – was excited – because she could let her boyfriend – actually – cum inside her – and she didn’t have to worry.”I asked, “Did it – well – did she say if it hurt or anything?”Crissy said, “No – She said at first it wouldn’t fit in – she was worried it was too tight – but when it happened, when he pushed harder and he was inside – she LOVED it.”I know her friend Elizabeth really well, I mean, her and Crissy have been friends since they were little girls. She’s really sweet and cute, so it just seems hard to believe that she would – well, that she would even think about anal sex, let alone actually doing it.Crissy continued, “Elizabeth kept saying how much she loved it. And hearing her sound so excited, I don’t know, it just got me all freaked-out.”And then we were both quiet, it was like she had just said TOO much. But – I could tell it was helpful for Crissy to share this with me, that it calmed her down, especially after being so upset after the phone call with Elizabeth.I couldn’t help myself, I had to ask, “Well, what else did she say about it?””You really want to know?””Yes, I’m curious.”It felt funny to ask, I thought Crissy might get angry at me, but she seemed really enthusiastic to tell me the details, “Okay, she said it wouldn’t go in at first, but they used some baby oil, to help make it – well, to make it slide in easier.”When she said that, my mind flashed to all the massages I’ve given Crissy, and how I used baby oil on her back. She would get so tense before swim meets, and my back rubs with baby oil really helped her relax.I cautiously asked, “And did Elizabeth say the baby oil helped?”Crissy whispered nervously, “Oh God, she said it helped a lot, she told me it felt amazing. She said she LOVED it.””I just can’t imagine little Elizabeth doing that…”My sister sounded so shaky as she told me even more, “And – she told me – how she said she had a – she had a – really amazing orgasm, when he was – cumming inside her…”There was such an intensity to my sister when she said that, all I could do was whisper, “Oh God…””Oh Michael, thank you – for being such a good listener,” And she snuggled in close and kissed me on my cheek.We were lying on her bed, all snuggled up together in a tender embrace. We stayed like that, in silence for a long time. I thought to myself about what she had just confided with me. She sounded so distressed, and it was hard for me to understand. Finally, she broke the silence, “Michael, why am I so FIXATED about how big my bottom is? I don’t understand, I’m just so obsessed about it.”It broke my heart to know that Crissy could feel so insecure. She has swam competitively since she was a tiny little girl, and she has an amazingly beautiful body, especially her bottom. But, for some reason, she just doesn’t realize how pretty she is.I tried to say something nice, “Crissy, please believe me, your bottom is beautiful – I like it – I really do.”In a need voice she asked, “Really? Do you mean that?”I whispered to her, “Yes, I really mean that, you are so lovely. And your bottom is perfect, it’s just the right size, and I love it, I really love it. I think it’s cute.”She took a deep breath, and replied, “That feels so good for me to hear. Thank you.”A haunting emotion seemed to overwhelm me. I just felt so desperate to HELP my little sister. She seemed so lost, and all I wanted to do was make her feel better.I was lying there with my arms wrapped around my beautiful little sister. She was snug up against me on her tummy, and I could look down, and see her bottom. It was cute and perfect.She whispered, “Is it – I don’t know – is it weird that we are talking about this, I mean about my butt?””No, I love telling you how beautiful you are. Listen to me. Crissy, your butt is perfect and adorable.”She sighed with relief and said, “Oh Michael, you have no idea how much I need to hear you say that.”Then she sort of sat up and looked at me with a sad and haunted bahis firmaları expression. I had never seen her look so helpless. She was obviously overwhelmed by everything Elizabeth told her.It was a strange and awkward moment. I know she needed to me be honest, but maybe I was TOO honest. I mean, I had just given her such heartfelt compliments about her butt. I felt embarrassed, and I thought maybe Crissy needed to be alone.I nervously whispered, “Well, I think maybe – I should back to my room.” And I got up off the bed and walked toward her door.Then Crissy said, “Wait!”My sister jumped up from the bed, ran towards me and hugged me. Her embrace was tight and emotional.She gasped nervously, “Michael – thank you – really.”She kept on holding me – really tight. I was surprised at how intense she was acting.I felt a little bit self conscious when I said, “Crissy, you’re my little sister, and you know I love you, it’s good that we can talk like this.”After a little bit, she eased up on the tight embrace. She smiled nervously and kissed me on the cheek. Just as I was about to walk out the door she stopped me again.”Michael – Please – just a second – I mean…” I turned to face her and asked, “What is it?”And then Crissy looked at me, and she seemed so ashamed and upset, and I felt like it was my fault for being so open and honest. I felt a weird embarrassment, and a sort of sinking nervousness. Crissy said, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me – something seems scary, I feel so tense.””What is it – how do you feel?””Oh God – I feel super anxious, I don’t know, all of this kind of – it just scares me – you know me, how I can be. I just feel so – uptight, and I hate feeling like this.””Can I help?””I don’t know, this feels like when I got so worried and freaked out just before the swim meet finals. I was so nervous, and I feel like that now.”I said, “Remember before some of your swim meets last season, I would gave you a back rub – and you said it helped.””Yes, it did help – a lot.””Do you want a back rub? I can if you want…””Oh – I don’t know…””Listen, I want to help – You know I love giving you back rubs, and I would be happy to try and soothe things for you.””Thank you, but no – not now.”I smiled and tried to let know I understood, “Please, don’t worry about anything…””I’ll try.””I’m going to go to my room, okay?””Okay.”As I stepped away, I was stuck by how vulnerable she looked. She seemed so frightened the way she stood there. And at the same time she seemed so cute in her little boy boxer shorts and her big sleeping t-shirt. My little sister has tiny breasts and right then I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra, I felt like maybe I was staring. And then she kissed me, sweetly on my cheek. She said, “Thanks for being such a good brother, and – and…” she trailed off into silence.”What?”She cautiously said, “Michael, it makes me so happy to know that you – you like my – my bottom.”I smiled and caressed her shoulder, “I love your bottom. You’re beautiful. Really and truly.”Crissy looked up at me and smiled meekly and said, “I love you.”I suddenly felt a little less worried and said, “I love you too.”And then I stepped out into the hall. I closed the door behind me. I felt bad, Crissy looked so worried and vulnerable. I walked into my room and closed my door – but I didn’t lock it. I sort of collapsed onto my on my bed, and I tried to make sense of a crazy avalanche of emotions. What was happening? I wanted so badly to help my little sister, she seemed so sad and tense. I love her SO much, I really do, but I worry she can get so emotional. All the talk about such intimate stuff got me sort of freaked out, and really concerned for her. I mean, it was totally shocking when she told me her friend Elizabeth had anal sex! I had never heard my sister talk about anything like that, and to see how panicky it made her really bothered me.And when she said that Elizabeth had a huge orgasm while being fucked in the ass. Oh God, it was so weird to even think about that. And my little sister sounded so anxious about it, and I felt such a deep need to make all those sad feelings go away.And I just stared up at the ceiling there on the bed, wondering about my little sister. Oh my God, what I was feeling?I didn’t know what was happening – I just felt SO concerned about her. Right then – I really wanted to know was what she was doing, I actually though about sneaking into the hall and trying to peak through her door.I got up and searched through the drawer next to my bed. I grabbed an old pair of pajama bottoms and put them on. Sometimes I sleep naked, but right then, after talking with Crissy, especially all that talk about her body, it just felt funny. All I was wearing was these pajama bottoms, and I climbed back into my bed.Oh God, my little sister is so impressionable and shy. And, I felt so bad – It felt like I maybe I should have complimenter her even more, because of her deep insecurities about her bottom. I thought maybe I should have praised her, I should have repeatedly told her how much I adore her exquisitely beautiful ass.I so dearly love my little sister, but why was I so worried? I was confused. I mean, it felt really good that I could tell her – in such loving way – that her bottom was beautiful. She seemed to encourage me, and I couldn’t help myself. It just felt so honest to say it to her.Oh God, what ever I was feeling – it was powerful. And then, I heard this tiny knock on my door. It really surprised me and my heart was suddenly pounding.I sat up and said, “Crissy?”From beyond the door I heard, “I’m sorry Michael, I know it’s late, but can I come in?”I was a little scared, and for a second I didn’t know what to do. I sat up and took a deep breath.”Come in, it’s okay.”Crissy gently opened the door.My sister stood in the doorway and she looked really worried. I felt so concerned to see her like that.I said, “I was just – uhhm, falling asleep…”Crissy asked, “I’m sorry, should I go?”It’s okay, – c’mon in.””Are you sure?””Please, it’s okay.”My heart was still a little fast from the shock of Crissy knocking on my door. Plus, I was totally self-conscious about how emotional I was feeling.Crissy stood in front of me, and she looked nervous and vulnerable. And actually, it may sound funny but – she looked so unbelievably cute in her t-shirt and little boy boxer shorts. The only light in the room was my tiny bedside lamp. It gave off this warm orange glow, it made everything seem soft and pretty.Crissy spoke shyly, “Something’s wrong – I feel – I don’t know – so tense.””I understand, it’s okay.””It’s not too late?””No, here, c’mon and lie down next to me – I’ll give you a back rub.”And my adorable little sister took a nervous step toward my bed. She looked so vulnerable and cute. She quietly asked, “Are you sure it’s okay?””I’m sure – it’s fine, please – You know how much I love giving you back rubs – I really want to.”And then very cautiously, she got on the bed with me. At first I thought I should feel embarrassed. But she looked at me in such a desperate way, that it sort of melted my heart.I smiled at her and said, “C’mon Crissy, lie on your tummy, and try and relax, just like always.”And she stretched herself out on my bed, and I sat there along side of her. I whispered, “Just relax…”I told her to stay still. Then I carefully climbed on and sat on her thighs, the way I always do whenever I gave her a back rub. I straddled her legs, with my knees on the bed. Crissy wasn’t looking at me, she was looking sideways toward my lamp, with her head on my pillow.She had always seemed like such a tiny fragile little girl, but right then – especially after all her years of being on the swim team, she seemed strong and healthy.I reached over and opened the drawer on the nightstand and pulled out that bottle of baby oil. My sister watched with her big eyes as I set it along side us on the bed spread.I said, “Maybe we’ll need this.”Crissy didn’t say anything, she just lay there hugging my pillow.I put my hands on her t-shirt, right on shoulders, and gave them a firm little squeeze, they felt so muscular and tight.She whispered meekly, “I feel really tense.””Just let me help, you tell me what you need me to do, okay?”Crissy said, “I will, thank you.”And I leaned in and rubbed her back. I knew she was upset – and I wanted to be as helpful and gentle as I could.Then, I pressed a spot low on her back she gasped, “Oh God – right there.”With my hands on top of her T-shirt, I could feel a tight knot just below the midpoint of her back. I pushed a little and Crissy shuddered.”Ouch!””I’m sorry, I can totally feel that it’s tight – I’ll be gentle.”And I lifted up her shirt a little and put my hands on her bare skin of her lower back, her pale skin looked so beautiful. But I could feel her muscles were all bound up and tense. And I slowly worked at them with my fingers.”Oh God, that’s the spot, right there.”I said, “Wow Crissy, you are REALLY muscular from all your hard work on the swim team. And I can feel how stressed this one spot is.”At first, Crissy was in a little bit of pain. This tension was similar to what she had experienced before her swim meets. I thought about pouring a little bit of baby oil on her back, because it seemed to help her other times. But after hearing her tell me about how Elizabeth used it, I thought it might seem funny. I pressed into her strong back and I felt like I knew exactly what helped, and I kept rubbing with my fingers.I asked, “Does this feel okay?””Yes – I need this, it’s so tight.””I don’t wanna hurt you.”She replied nervously, “It’s okay – I just need your help to – to feel – less – less tense.””I can help. Just relax – this may take a few minutes.””Thank you…”And I just worked at it. And slowly it began to loosen up and I could tell my rubbing was starting to help. At the same time, it was obvious that Crissy was relaxing more.As I pressed her back, she let out a breathy, “Oh God – that’s it, right there.”And I kept at it. This small area of tension on her back probably took a half hour of work to get to soften up and relax. And in that time, Crissy positively melted into my bed.As I rubbed, I felt a very real intimate connection to my beautiful little sister, and it made me feel so GOOD to be helpful. It was a relief to me to solve the tension that was all built up, especially after hearing her insecurities about her bottom.I whispered, “Crissy, this area doesn’t feel as tense anymore – does it feel better?””Oh my God- Yes, I feel wonderful.””Good, lemme see if there’s any other spots that need a little work.”And I moved my hands up under her t-shirt, up toward her shoulders. I rubbed a little area at the base of her neck, and I could feel her respond.She whispered, “Oh God – that feels really good.”It was awkward trying to do anything with my hands pushed up under her tight t-shirt. So I said, “I need to move your shirt up – okay?”And she whispered, “Okay.”Then I pushed her t-shirt up all the way to her shoulders, Crissy helped by moving a little as I rolled it up near her neck. My God, it was a weird feeling, she wasn’t wearing a bra, and it was so beautiful for me just to see the smooth pale skin of her strong back. And – I could see that her little breasts were pushed flat against my bed, I mean, the way she was lying on her tummy, her shirt didn’t cover them anymore. I could see their smooth round outline of her breasts along the right and left side of her body. I rubbed for a while and Crissy let out a soft, “Mmmmmm…”The way her shirt was rolled along her neck, I could reach most of her shoulders. I had to scoot up a little and now I was sitting upright close to her bottom, right near her boxer shorts. It felt nice, it was comfortable and somehow – I don’t know, gratifying.I worked on her shoulders in silence. Crissy was so amazingly fit, and her shoulders were smooth firm and wide. For some reason, her upper back was really impressive to me, like I had never really noticed it before.But it was hard to get my fingers in under her tight t-shirt around her wide shoulders. I felt awkward, and it must have been obvious to Crissy, because she reached around, and pulled the shirt a little higher, near her neck.She asked, “Does that help?””A little bit, but I can really feel how tight your shoulder muscles are, they’re really hard. Does this feel okay?””Oh God, I love it. It feels SO good.””I need to reach up under your shirt a little more and maybe I can solve this.”Crissy asked, “Is my shirt in the way?””Uhhm, no – it’s fine.”But it was obvious to both of us that the shirt was just too snug with both my hands underneath trying to work the tension out of her shoulders and neck.Then Crissy calmly said, “Hold on Michael, this isn’t working, just let me…”And in an easy motion, she sat up a little onto her elbows and just took her t-shirt all the way off and let it set on the bed.She let out an almost silent, “There, that’s better…”And it was better, it was amazingly comforting for me. Like she was so peaceful that she felt released enough to take her shirt off. At that point all she was wearing was her cute little-boy-boxers.Right then, I just let myself put all my emotions into helping my beautiful sister feel better. I worked on her shoulders for a long time, and I could feel the tension melt away. And it was obvious that Crissy was in heaven.Crissy said, “Oh my God – this is wonderful.”My massage on her strong shoulders seemed to go on for a long time, and every second was captivating. I truly loved helping her, and touching her back kaçak iddaa felt so fulfilling.And finally, I realized that her strong shoulders were loosened up, and she seemed perfectly relaxed. And I felt my intensity and the firmness of my rubbing begin to change. I allowed the massage to become a slow and gentle caressing.I let my hands move up to her neck and along her hair behind her ears. And then I tenderly moved my hands down over Crissy’s beautiful and strong back.Crissy whispered in a peaceful tone, “Mmmm, this is nice – I love it.”I said, “Earlier tonight, I was worried, I mean, you seemed so upset.”In a timid sad voice she said, “I was upset, I mean about talking with Elizabeth, and everything she told me on the phone.”I said, “Was that why you felt so tense.””I think so, I mean, it was weird how excited she was. It was so upsetting for me when she told me about what she let her boyfriend do to her.”There was something so needy in her voice, it made me want to comfort her – so bad. It felt so strange that her friend would tell her such intimate details about having anal sex. I continued to rub her back and I tried to be as soothing as I could.I said, “I could tell you were really shook-up. When she told you about what happened, did it scare you?”My little sister replied, “I’m not sure, a little bit – I think. What upset me was that Elizabeth just seemed SO turned-on…”It was strange to realize that her nervousness was all about listening to her friend explain about anal intercourse. But I could tell that Crissy needed to keep talking, and I encouraged her to tell me more.”Please, go on.”I knew it helped Crissy to talk, and I kept on massaging her back, as gently as I could, and I waited for her to continue.”Elizabeth said that she – was lying down on her bed – that she was on her tummy, and she – explained about how excited she was, and how much she loved it when her boyfriend finally pushed himself inside her.”I was shocked to hear my sister say what she said – but continued to gently rub her back, and I tried to sound calm and supportive, “How did that make you feel, hearing Elizabeth explain everything?”My sister spoke calm but haltingly, “It made me – I don’t know – all crazy feeling – I mean, she told me that she begged him to – well – to fuck her in the ass – Oh God – hearing her tell me that way too intense.”It was really weird to listen to my little sister say ‘fuck’ but I tried not react. I just kept massaging her back.Then I asked, “What else did she tell you.””She said that – she had a huge orgasm, and she just kept saying – over and over – how much she loved it.”We were both silent for a while, and I continued to peacefully caress her back.Listening to my sister, even though she sounded calm, I realized how emotional it must have been for her to listen to her closest friend share such intimate details. My little sister is so vulnerable, and hearing something so intense must have really affected her deeply.I felt such a deep need to try and soothe away any of her fears.I broke the silence by asking, “Is there anything I can do?”There was a long pause as I caressed her skin with my fingertips, and then Crissy whispered, “You could rub a little bit lower.”And I moved my hands down to the middle of her back.”How’s that?” I asked.”Lower.”I gently moved my hands down, to just above the waistband of her boxers.And she nervously whispered, “Please, lower.”I had been sitting on her thighs, right up close to her bottom for the almost the entire back rub, so I carefully moved down so I was sitting a little bit lower on her legs. My little sister is so cute, and for me it was a loving turn-on to be SO incredibly intimate with her, and I had an erection, and it was pushing forward from under my baggy pajama bottoms.Crissy had her head on the pillow and couldn’t see me, but I felt nervous that if I wasn’t careful she would feel my hard dick pressing agains the back of her legs, so I squirmed a little and tried to position the way I was sitting on her legs so she wouldn’t feel my hard-on.I asked, “How are you feeling, I mean, are you tense like you were?”Crissy replied, “Oh my God no. I’m not tense at all. I’m completely LOVING this, every second of it, thank you – SO – much…”And then I sort of caressed the area of bare skin all along Crissy’s waist band, it was smooth and pale.Crissy whispered, “Please Michael, keep going a little lower…”I carefully pulled her boxer shorts down, just a little, until I could just see the very top of her bottom crack. I slowly caressed her smooth pale skin as tenderly and gently as I possibly could. It was wonderful.Again, Crissy whispered, “Lower.””Crissy, are you sure?”In a desperate tone, she begged, “Pleeeeease, this feels SO good.”So I pulled her underwear down just a little more, with Crissy helping by lifting her butt up as I slowly moved the white boxers. Now, I could clearly see about half of her bottom. It was unbelievably lovely. It was deliciously smooth and pale. I felt myself becoming a little bit lost – and I just let myself drink in the profound devotion I felt for my little sister.I was no longer massaging or pressing, my caressing motions were as delicate and soft as I could manage.Crissy softly whispered, “Please, a little lower…”Oh my God, it felt so wonderful to hear her say that. I cautiously pulled at her underwear with both hands, and without any hesitation Crissy wiggled her bottom a little as I slid them down to about her mid thigh. Her perfect and plump round bottom was now completely uncovered for me to see – and to touch. this may sound funny, but immediate thought was that her bottom was incredibly CUTE. I let my finger tips glide over the smooth skin. It was adorable.Crissy let out a contented, “Mmmmmmm…”The sight of Crissy’s bare bottom, and the sensation of her smooth skin were magical. It was like my hands were capable of expressing emotion, like I was sending soothing feelings through my finger tips. Then Crissy whispered, “Michael, I really need to thank you for – for telling me all those kind things – about my bottom.”I wanted to say something, but I just let out this little gasp, I couldn’t help it, it sounded like a noise a little boy would make if he got a cold chill.My sister must have heard the intense emotion in that little gasp.Crissy went on, “It made me feel – SO good – to hear you tell me such nice things.”Then, I had to – I just had to – I put my hands on Crissy’s white underwear still on her thighs. I cautiously whispered, “I – I’m gunna pull these all the way off – okay?”Crissy didn’t say anything, but she gently lifted her legs a little so it was easier for me to slide them along her smooth muscular legs. I had to crawl backwards so I was all the way at the foot of the bed to slide her boxer-shorts down to her feet. Crissy wiggled and helped as I slid them past her toes. And then I set them on the bed next to her feet.Right then, I was looking at my beautiful little sister and she was completely naked. She was quiet, and seemed completely peaceful. I sat for a second, without touching her at all. I just let myself drink in the image of my beautiful naked sister. Her relaxed pose on her belly was magical, she looked so lovely I thought my heart might break.Then, I moved back towards her, as I moved forward she parted her legs, so now – instead of sitting on her legs, like I did during the massage, I was on my knees on the bed – in between her legs. I was looking down with a beautiful view of her adorable plump bottom. I put both my hands on her smooth pale skin of her bottom. . I cautiously spread her butt cheeks apart, and my little sister let out a loving little gaspImmediately, I was aware of her little bum-hole. I mean, I could see it – and it was – Oh God, I don’t know how to say this – it was tiny and pink and beautiful – and it was unbelievably cute!I wasn’t rubbing or caressing her, I just held both firm cheeks of Crissy’s bottom, wide and open, and I stared at her adorable little anus. Crissy didn’t say anything or do anything to stop me. I remained frozen in a sort of electric bliss. It felt like my soul would explode with happiness. I felt so bold, I mean, I was gently holding her graceful butt cheeks apart – just to stare. And Crissy obviously felt me spreading her soft cheeks apart – she must have known I was staring – she MUST have.She was on her tummy squeezing my pillow, and we were both completely still. I had one hand on each side of her bottom, and I was spreading her soft cheeks out wide. My little sister obviously KNEW that I was focused entirely on her tiny little bum hole.The way my she was positioned on my bed, lying on her tummy with her legs spread wide, I could see just a little bit of her vagina, and the soft lips looked damp and pink, the rest was hidden under her. There was just a little bit of delicate pubic hair that I could see pressed agains the bed sheet. The hair looked soft and pale, just a little bit off blond. Oh God, this small area of moist pink skin was so captivating. I was so flooded with emotion, it was crazy – but what I was feeling more than anything was a kind of electric happiness – it felt like joy.It was just TOO beautiful, and I couldn’t understand the intensity of my feelings. Both my hands were frozen, firmly spreading her soft butt cheeks wide apart. And then, Crissy spoke in a haunted whisper, “Oh God, this feels SO nice.”She sounded perfectly peaceful. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of honesty, and I whispered, “Oh my God, Crissy – I had no idea that anything could be so – so beautiful.”And Crissy replied, in her softest baby voice, “Really?”I held her glorious butt cheeks wide apart as I whispered, “I am looking at – right at your – your little bum-hole…” My little sister answered nervously, “I know.” “Oh God, it’s so beautiful.”With that Crissy made this tiny whimper noise, she sounded grateful and relieved.I needed to say even more, “Crissy, your – your little – anus, is so delicate and so perfect, I mean – it’s pink and tiny – it’s cute.”My little sister whimpered quietly, “Oh Michael, thank you, Oh God – thank you…”Her voice was so shaky, it almost sounded sounded like she might be crying.I asked, “Crissy, are you all right?”She whispered to me, in a peaceful reply, “Yes. Michael, I love this – I love how it feels…”I stayed still for a moment on my knees, I was entirely focused on my sister’s beautiful ass. Crissy couldn’t see me, she was lying there on her tummy with her face away from me at the top of the bed hugging my pillow. I couldn’t understand what was happening, it was like I had entered a dream state.Without being able to control myself, I moved my hands off her adorable butt and pulled my pajama bottoms down. Then – suddenly – my hard penis was liberated and it swung upward. I squirmed and kicked the pajamas off my feet and let them fall off the edge of the bed.Right then, I was totally naked, just like my little sister.She was breathing softly on the bed, her pale skin glowing in the orange light of my bedside lamp. She remained motionless as I stared at her, and her beautiful bottom.As I looked down at my little sister lying there, naked and adorable, I felt a deep yearning inside me. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of love for Crissy. Then I leaned in and I gently kissed her bottom. Just a soft little kiss on each smooth round cheek. My sister giggled, and said, “Do that again.”I was surprised at her happy response, and I asked, “Are you sure?”She whispered as needy, “Pleeeeease.”Hearing her sound so eager, I leaned in close and kissed her bottom – each cute cheek, once more. But this time my kissing was a little slower and I was shocked how smooth and cool her pale skin felt against my lips.Crissy quietly said, “Mmmmm, that feels nice.”Hearing that, I continues to kiss her, one little kiss after another, all over both perfect cheeks. It felt so honest, my adoring little kisses, and I could tell that Crissy deeply and truly loved it. I found that I couldn’t stop, each kiss was more deliberate and more tender that the one before.As I kissed, I could feel the round smoothness of each lovely cheek, and it was so unbelievably sensual. I tried to kiss as gently as I could all over Crissy’s beautiful soft bottom.She whispered, “Oh God – Michael – Thank you…” I kissed one little kiss after another, all over both perfect cheeks. After a little while, I let my tongue caress her smooth bottom, and my kissing turned to licking.Crissy quietly whimpered, “Oh God, Michael, thank you – thank you.”I continued to lick her as gently as I could, and at the same time I put both hands on Crissy’s naked bottom, and I spread the plump cheeks wide, just as I had before. I was looking at her tiny pink anus, it was just inches from my face. I was electrified, and my heart was pounding.”Oh my God – yes.” She whispered in a shaky voice…I spread her soft cheeks just a little wider to get a better view of that cute little hole. Her skin was pale and smooth, and I was utterly transfixed by the image of her tiny pink anus. With her legs spread like they were – I could see her vagina and her pubic hair too, but I was desperately focused on her adorable anus. Holding my little sister’s beautiful butt cheeks apart like this, so close to my face, was making me crazy.Earlier today, Crissy had been to swim practice at the high school, and I could smell the delicate scent of chlorine. It was such a clean smell. It felt like Crissy’s body was, somehow, totally and perfectly pure.I was holding her cheeks out wide apart kaçak bahis with both my hands and continued to lick in smooth circles around her bottom, and I was slowly getting closer to my sisters little pink anus. She felt what I was doing, and she said, “Michael, this feels so good…”And with my face so close, I could see her tiny pucker was pulsing just a little. This just sent my passions soaring.What was happening? I was completely bewildered, my emotions were spinning off in some wild way.Crissy’s bare ass was as beautiful as it could possibly be – and I was entirely overwhelmed with a feeling of love. And then, I let my wet tongue glide across my little sister’s little anus, I couldn’t help it.As soon I as my tongue touched it Crissy gasped, “Oh God – YES!”I took my tongue and lightly pressed it firmly against her tiny hole.”Oh God, Michael – Oh fuck – Oh yes…”My adorable little sister started impatiently squirmed as she hugged the pillow. She started trembling in an emotional way, as if she were euphoric.I continued to lick her cute little anus. The skin between her butt cheeks was wet and smooth, it was as if I was hypnotized by her tiny pink anus. With her legs spread like they were – I could lick her wet vagina and her pubic hair too. I desperately turned-on in a way that seemed profoundly loving. This went on for a long time, and I loved every second.Then, Crissy quietly asked, “Do you have – that – that apricot oil?”Without thinking, I sat up and reached to the edge of the bed and I picked up the big bottle of baby oil. I looked at the way Crissy was lying on the bed, she was on her tummy looking off to the side. She couldn’t see me. I was totally naked, just like she was, but I wasn’t sure if she knew that I had pulled off my pajamas a little while ago.While I was sitting up, I watched as my little sister carefully crawled up onto her knees, she arched her back and lifted her hips, giving me an unbelievable direct view of her wet vagina and especially of her beautiful pink anus.I carefully opened the bottle, and I poured a thin stream all over her pale ass, and it dribbled right in her beautiful bum crack. Gravity let it slowly drain down along the inside of her legs.She flinched a little from the sensation. And, all at once, the room was flooded with the sweet fruity smell of apricots.My little sister arching her oily ass up in a way that was so beautiful. It was a sort of shock, to see her – on my bed – naked and hugging my pillow and forcing herself higher onto her knees so her butt was pointing up towards the ceiling.And then I set the bottle down, and I put my hands on my sister’s slippery bottom, and the smooth feeling was delicious. Crissy gasped, “Michael – Oh FUCK!”Now both my hands were covered with the thick oil, and the sensation was warm and soft. Neither of us said anything for a long time, the only noise was audible slithering sounds of my hands as I rubbed the baby oil in circles around her beautiful ass.She had her hips arched up so high, and I was up on my knees, naked and hard, and it felt so natural to ease myself forward and gently let the tip of my rock hard erection touch the oily pink skin between the slippery cheeks of her bottom. She immediately whimpered, “Pleeeease!”It felt so good, and I started rubbing my erection against her oily pale cheeks. I could watch as the hard shaft got coated in the warm thick oil.What was happening? I was in some haunted dream. I was completely bewildered, my emotions were spinning off in some ecstatic way. I moved even closer. and I forcefully pressed myself, my erection, hard in between her soft plump cheeks. Crissy gasped, “Oh God, Oh God…”I looked down at myself. I was tall on my knees, and the sight of my penis pressing against Crissy’s soft round oil-soaked bottom was electrifying. I was rubbing myself – my hard erection – firmly against Crissy’s smooth oily butt. I was astonished that anything could feel that wonderful. I had never felt anything like this – ever! I had no idea what was happening. I feverishly rubbed my erection inside her oil soaked butt crack. My little sister let out a impatient gasp. She gently arched her back, and pushed her beautiful butt up just a little bit higher.Crissy turned her head to look at me, straining to see over her shoulder. Her expression was wide-eyed and filled with complete yearning.My adorable little sister stated, “Oh God – Michael, that feels SO good!”She squirmed back against me, arching her hips even more, and I firmly press my hard dick agains her soft slippery bottom. I was so hard, and everything was so slippery, and I saw there was a thick glossy layer of baby oil all along the shaft of my penis. Then I held my erection in my hand, and I deliberately pressed the head of my penis against her sopping oily anus. My little sister gasped, “Yes – yes!”The sensation was bewildering. I was trying to drink in the magnitude of what was happening. My adorable little sister was encouraging me push myself – the head of my slippery erection against her tiny oil soaked anus.Then she gently moved her hips up and down in a sensual rhythm, and the sensation was sending me into some hidden and passionate place, a place I’ve never been before.Then Crissy turned her head to look at me over her shoulder.She meekly asked, “Is this okay?””Oh God Crissy – Yes – This feels SO good.”She whispered, “I love you.”Right then – I thought I might explode.Crissy positioned herself so my hard penis would glide in between her oily plump butt cheeks, and slip across her tiny anus. She whimpered, “Oh God – Michael – This feels SO good…”I started vigorously rubbing the head of my my throbbing erection against her anus, sliding it up and down – and the oily wetness was getting sloppy and noisy.I felt a deep need to kiss Crissy, to touch her hair – but I was too far-gone. All I could do was pump and rub my slippery oily erection between her smooth butt cheeks. Each time the head of my penis slid over the small firm shape of her anus, I watched as my little sister shuddered with ecstasy.Crissy franticly gasped, “Michael, this feels SO good, I think – maybe – I might – I’m might cum…” Hearing that, I held my erection tight my hand, and pressed the head of my oily penis firmly against her tiny pink anus.Crissy gasped, “Oh God – Yes…”I pushed a little harder, and I watched as she eagerly wiggled herself back toward me. It felt glorious, and my little sister was whimpering with desperation.Her little anus seemed so tiny and the head of my erect penis seemed so BIG, and I was unsure if it was even possible that might fit inside. But, Crissy was pushing back against me so forcefully, and the apricot oil made everything so slippery.And she whimpered, “Oh please – I really want this…”I was trying to remain calm, but the intensity was just mind-blowing. And I knew Crissy was feeling the same thing. And then, she squirmed and pushed the pillow off the bed and pressed the side of her face against my bed, suddenly she was even taller on her knees. Oh God -I watched as she spread her legs even wider. Seeing this was heartbreakingly beautiful. She was tall on her knees with her legs spread wide. With me on my knees behind her, this position seemed a little easier to press against her oily little bum hole.She was quietly whining.She was acting so desperate, and she pleaded, “Please – Michael – please…”I held my own erection with my fist, and positioned the head of my penis directly against her tiny pucker and I pushed.Crissy kind of begged, “Please – Please – Please…”I tried pressing myself even harder against my sister’s oil soaked anus.I said, “Crissy, I’m worried it might be too tight.””NO!” she blurted out, “Please – I wanna try – PLEASE!”The desperation in her voice was so overwhelming, and she aggressively backed up on her knees so she was pressing against me even harder.I pushed the tip of my erection directly against her wet little anus, and at the same time my sister pushed herself back towards me.She was whimpering, “Oh please – Oh please…”I was amazed at how needy my sister sounded, and I felt so desperate to help her. I reached down next to me for the big bottle of baby oil, and I poured even more all over my own erection and Crissy’s adorable ass. I really used a lot, and it was running down the inside of her legs. The way she was positioned up on her knees, it ran down her back to, down toward her neck and head. I could see her pony-tail getting all oily.Crissy was anxiously breathing, “Yes – yes – yes – yes…”I wanted so bad to try and help her, to satisfy her. I held my sopping erection with my fist, and then pushed the big wet head even harder against her oily anus. It only took a little while, but little by little, Crissy was allowing the oily head of my penis to enter her.”Please – Michael – Pleeeeease…”Then, the big smooth shape, was suddenly inside her.Crissy immediately squealed, “Ahhh! Oh – Oh God! Michael!”I was shocked at how tight it felt, it seemed like her tiny little anus was forcefully gripping the head of my hard penis.She began to sort of shiver, and my oily erection slid a little bit deeper, slow and steady.She cried out, “Michael, oh God – I’m gunna cum – I can feel it.”I could sense that she was getting really close. I moved one of my hands around her hips and reached under her, and I touched her trembling little clitoris, it felt oily and wet, my fingertips felt smooth and slippery.She was breathing harder and her pelvis started slowly pumping up against my erection – and could feel the frantic energy building inside her.Crissy began desperate whimpering, and it just made me crazy with desire. I watched as my oily erection slid a little deeper inside my her adorable little anus – it felt tight and muscular. At the same time, I could feel my sister’s plump clitoris, and I was rubbing in frantic little circles. My beautiful little sister sounded so desperate as she gasped, “Oh God Michael – Oh fuck – I’m gunna cum!”She was whining in a feverish rhythm, and it almost sounded like she was crying.The head of my hard erection was sliding just a little bit deeper into her tight anus, it just seemed SO forbidden – and at the same time – it was SO beautiful. I was on fire with emotion – and my little sister was writhing on her knees – and it was so obvious she was ecstatic!She was pleading, “Oh God – Michael – PLEEEASE!”Her voice was so emotional, and it just made me crazy with desire.I moved my fingertips faster, desperately rubbing her oily clitoris, and I just KNEW she was close to cumming.She was straining as she began shivering on her knees, trying to push herself back into me even more, and she literally started to shudder – and then I felt her whole body was vibrating.Even though it was incredibly tight, I managed to slide myself in even deeper. Oh my God – It felt amazing, everything was so oily. Then my beautiful little sister turned her head to look at me over her shoulder. Her mouth was open as she was gasping deep breaths, but her eyes were wide with passion.She looked at me and gasped, “Oh God Michael – I love you – I love you – I love you…”And then it happened.She made a desperate crying noise, and I felt a tight throbbing as her anus gripped my erection even tighter, I was amazed at the intensity. All the while, Crissy was shivering on the bed.I tried to rub her oily clit as fast as I could and I watched as my beautiful little sister convulsed in a powerful climax. Listening to her moaning, she just sounded so desperate – I couldn’t help myself – I could feel an orgasm building, and her excitement caused her anus to squeeze just a little tighter – and it firmly gripped my erection.She begged me, “Oh – Please Michael – cum in me – PLEASE!”My erection was sliding in and out, it wasn’t all that deep, but – Oh God – it felt SO good, her anus was so incredibly tight around my hard dick. Her muscular little hole was gripping me in a rhythmic spasm.Then it happened – the tight sensation around the head of my throbbing erection was just too much – I held onto her oily hips as a wave of ecstasy washed over me – I was cumming – and we both felt it as I pumped into her tiny anus.She stammered, “Oh Fuck – Oh Fuck!”And Crissy visibly shuddered as she felt me climaxed, – I could feel my cum pumping out and everything became even more slippery. My erection was now gliding in her anus – back and forth in a glossy sheen of milky cum and baby oil.I was breathing hard and deep. And it took me a little while to calm down. After a little bit, I slid my penis out of her bum hole, and it was slippery and glistening from all the baby oil and my own semen.My little sister immediately rolled over and faced me, she was on her back looking up at me. It was the first time I saw her from the front, and she looked absolutely radiant. Her breasts were small and beautiful, and her nipples looked hard and pink.Here pale red pubic hair was soaked with baby oil, and she was breathing heavily, so her chest was rising and falling as she stared at me.I whispered, “Oh God – Crissy – I love you – so much…” She looked at me with her big adorable eyes and replied, “I love you too.”And then, I pulled Crissy in – and carefully kissed her on the mouth, and the feeling of his warm soft lips made my heart soar. The joy that I felt would be impossible to describe.I was absolutely thunderstruck, and the room felt sweltering. A thin layer of sweat covered both of us, so everything felt slippery and hot.Crissy softly told me, “I need to thank you – so much.””For what?”She smiled and said, “For being such a wonderful big brother.””Oh Crissy, you know how much I love you.”And then she looked up at me with her big eyes, and timidly whispered, “And thank you for being so honest, when you told me that you loved my big bottom.”

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