I Used to be Straight Pt. 02

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No characters or events are real. All characters are 18+.


It was a week after that fateful day that Felix got his revenge for his brutal fucking. I arrived at his house after school as it was his birthday sleepover and I was invited.

There were seven of us in total; myself, Felix, and five mutual friends, all of them gay. It was getting late when, having tired of watching films, we settled down to sleep. We had all been drinking pretty heavily and there was a sense of giddiness in the room as we all got into our sleeping bags. Pretty soon I was fast asleep; but not for long.

I woke up to an excited murmuring, and found that I was stark naked. Several hands were dragging me across the room and, despite my protests, I was soon tied with thick rope to the two posts at the end of Felix’s bed. The lights suddenly came on, burning my eyes, but I could not cover them. When my vision cleared, I found myself face to face with Felix.

“Well, well, well,” he sneered, “how the tables have turned.”

He walked out of my vision for a second, and I felt a sharp lashing against my bare ass cheeks which made me cry out in pain.

“You didn’t think that your little escapade last week would go unpunished, did you?” Felix said. “Oh no, my dear boy. We’re about to fuck you real good, until you’re sore and full of cum.”

“Wait, ‘we’?” I asked.

At that point, all five other boys emerged from behind me, each one of them butt naked, erect cocks at the ready.

“Come on, man” I protested.

“You defied me,” Felix said, “and now your asshole Taksim Escort will pay the price.” Then, addressing another boy, he said “come on, lube up my cock for me,” at which point, the boy knelt down and lathered his staff in saliva.

I tried to wriggle my ass out of the way, but Felix came down on the tender flesh over and over with his whip until tears sprang to my eyes. Then, he roughly penetrated me, stuffing his cock balls-deep into my ass in one powerful thrust. Crying out loudly as he began to brutally bang me from behind, I eagerly took a cock into my mouth to muffle my cries. I hungrily sucked on Jake’s big, veiny cock, and he started fucking my mouth so that I gagged on the head of his cock.

The feeling in my ass was amazing, albeit very painful. The feeling of the soft, previously unadulterated flesh of my anal canal being violently ravaged by a hard cock sent a tsunami of ecstasy through me. Crying out through my cock-gag, I took the cock in my butt until I felt Felix blowing his load inside me and his hot creamy cum spurting deep inside my body. Felix pulled out of me and ordered me to suck his cum from his cock as Troy took his place. Troy was a sight to behold; he was a big ebony guy, with a ripped body and a huge, black, vascular cock that almost split me in two as it forcibly entered my tight anus. I screamed loudly at this, and my ass was whipped repeatedly until I stopped.

My ass was aching incredibly as I sucked Felix’s cock and balls and ass, my soft interior violated by Troy’s enormous manhood. As Troy began to pump faster Taksim Escort Bayan and faster, Felix got up and handed him a saucer, commanding him to cum in it. With a low moan, Troy spurted a huge jet of his sticky, white cream into the saucer and handed it to Felix. I was now untied from the bed, only to have my hands re-tied behind my back, and forced onto my knees, with my face on the floor and my ass pointing up to the ceiling.

Two other boys gathered round and whilst one put a pair of cat ears on my head, the other rammed a big buttplug with a tail on the end into my gaping asshole.

“Now, you little slut,” Felix hissed into my ear, “you’re going to lap up every last drop of Troy’s milk like a good little pussy.”

“Come on,” I said, “this is getting a bit out of hand.”

“Do I give a fuck?” he spat. “You are mine. You are my little butt-slut and I will do whatever the fuck I please with you, you little faggot. Now, when an alpha tells you to eat Troy’s cum, you’ll do it.”

Standing up, Felix held my face into the plate of cum with his bare foot, forcing my mouth into the sticky liquid. Eventually, I just gave in and slurped up the tasty juice.

“See, that wasn’t too bad!” Felix exclaimed. “Now, Daniel, Sean, Troy, Jake and Oscar, you have my permission to fuck this little bitch as hard as you wish. Don’t hold back, and if he protests, whip him into submission.”

There was a mad scramble for my asshole. My buttplug popped out and several cocks all desperately crammed at the gaping hole. It was Jake who won out, though, Escort Taksim and he started pounding me mercilessly from behind, breaking my body with his huge cock. As Jake banged me, Felix crawled under me and sucked on my dangling balls, whilst the other boys thrust their cocks in my face. I took one, then another, in my mouth but Sean soon got impatient and crammed his cock into my already-full asshole alongside Jake’s. My eyes rolled back into my head as I was suddenly filled to breaking point. Both cocks thrust in and out of me, rubbing against each other and heightening the pleasure of my two violators.

Soon, two loads of cum pumped into my bowels, and two more boys took their places, fucking me vigorously and with no end in sight. There were so many guys that whenever one had finished in me, he had recharged by the time everyone else had had a turn and could fuck me again. I was banged well into the early morning, masses of cum gathering inside me.

By the end of it all, my entire body was aching and numb, my asshole stretched to its maximum. I had ejaculated over and over as my ass was pleasured, but I didn’t even notice through the pain. As Felix pulled out of me for the last time, a torrent of cum poured from my hole, the product of six guys fucking me repeatedly. Felix came in front of me and displayed his softening cock to me; it was scarlet and bulging with veins, as he had fucked me at least five times. He slotted the battered organ into my slack-jawed mouth and I soothed it with my saliva. It was exciting to taste the cum on his cock as well as the flavour of my insides. I was then made to give everyone a good clean-up of their cocks and balls, and some boys forced their assholes into my mouth, which was aching from sucking so many huge cocks.

Then I was left there on the floor, my body aching and cum-soaked, until morning.

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