Liz Comes Back for More

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Liz Comes Back for MoreIt was two days after the ‘massage turned fuck’ session that Liz called and asked me to meet her at a hotel bar that afternoon. I thought her request was a little strange, but I wasn’t about to turn her down. In the shower, my cock grew hard at the thought of our last get-together and I wanted to jack-off, but not knowing what to expect at our meeting, I held off. I put on a pair of boxers, then changed my mind and decided on just a pair of walking shorts – the kind that as long as I stayed soft, were quite modest, but if I got aroused, I’d poke out along the leg.I got to the bar before Liz and selected an out of the way booth – a half circular booth so we would have no choice but to sit next to each other. Once again, thinking about the adventure two days ago, my cock grew long enough to peek out the bottom of my shorts and I toyed with the head under the protection of the tablecloth.When Liz walked in and came over to the booth, I got up as a gentleman should, tugging at my shorts bottom to conceal my erection. Liz smoothed the back of her black dress as she slid into the booth. I wished it were my hand doing the job for her. We settled in fairly close to each other and exchanged pleasant greetings.”Bob, I asked you to meet me here because before Tim left town yesterday, he made me promise that I wouldn’t have you over or that I go to your place.” She paused while the waitress took our order, then resumed, “So here we are. Is that cheating?” “Of course not.” When the waitress brought our drinks,We clinked our glasses and drank silently while looking each other over. I’m sure she noted my rod, which I hoped she took as a compliment. “You look great, Liz.””You look horny, Bob.” We giggled. The head of my cock was in plain view. “If I told you I wasn’t wearing any underwear, would you get harder?”She didn’t need a verbal answer. My dick now stood a full two inches out of my shorts.She took a few more sips, put her glass down, reached down and grasped my cock. güvenilir bahis “You know what? When I said I wanted to get fucked the other day, I was expecting Tim to step in. I was shocked when he said it was okay for you to do it. I was even more shocked when I felt you entering me. I’ve never been filled like that before. In fact you are the only other guy besides Tim ever to be there. Never did I think I’d ever have anyone else’s cock in me.”Tim and I talked about it the next day. I told him I was uncomfortable with the whole thing. But yet I wanted to get out of bed that night and come into your room after Tim fell asleep. I just played with myself until I came and imagined you doing the same.””Liz, I waited for you to come to me, especially since you asked me to spend the night, but when you didn’t, I was too disappointed to do anything for myself. I heard you and Tim going at it. I heard him cum. I damn near walked in on the two of you but thought better of it and just rolled over and went to sleep.”We paused as we ordered another round. Liz’s hand never left my cock. The thought of her not having any panties on got the best of me and I inched up under her skirt and met her hot, moist pussy. She sucked in her breath and started purring as I rubbed along her slit. The angle wasn’t right for me to put more than a fingertip in her. But her pleasure was obvious.”Do you think we should get a room, Liz?”She took her hand off me for the first time and said, “Tim also made me promise I wouldn’t fuck you while he was gone.” She reached in her purse and pulled out her cell phone. She punched a number and after a short wait, said into the phone, “Hey, hon. Did you get my note.” After a short pause, she continued, “Good. I’ll be done in a couple of hours.” She put the phone away, turned to me and said, “He’s home now. So I guess he’s not gone any more.””Great! I’ll get us a room.””Don’t bother. I got one on the way in. Let’s finish our drinks and take a short walk.”I don’t türkçe bahis think she even got the door locked before I lifted her dress up and off her. I kissed her neck and shoulders, dropped to my knees and kissed the cheeks of her ass, one hand between her legs and buried a thumb in her hot and eager pussy. I turned her around and with my thumb still in her, found her clit with my tongue. She ground against my face and her purring turned into heavy panting. She held my head tightly to her crotch and her pussy muscles gripped my thumb while I sucked her engorged clit like a little cock. She told me to make her cum. Heck, I didn’t have to make her. She was ready. I felt her legs tense and her pussy grabbed me tighter and she thrashed against my face and with a shudder, suddenly relaxed.”Whew! You sure know how to eat a girl.”I got up and kissed her deeply. She sucked her juices off my face and tongue. I realized that was our first kiss. I fucked the girl two days ago and that was our first kiss. We stumbled to the bed and continued enjoying our kisses which went from head to foot – literally head to foot. We took each others shoes off and kissed ankles, toes, heels and every part of our bodies. I don’t remember when or how Liz got my shorts off, but she kissed and sucked my cock, balls, and ass while my head was back in her crotch. We kissed each others nipples, elbows, armpits – you name it.We only stopped kissing long enough for me to pull her to the edge of the bed, raise her parted legs and aim my cock for her pussy. She guided me bewteen her lips and I poked the head of my cock in and out of her repeatedly until she released my shaft and I plunged all the way in her, falling on her and our tongues twined passionately. I put as much pressure on her clit as I could. Her pussy rhythmically worked my pulsing cock and I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I exploded.”Slow down, Liz. I want to make this last.””Next time maybe. I want to make you cum. Oh gads, I’m cumming güvenilir bahis siteleri again. Fuck me, Bob, fuck me. Oh yes. Just like that. Sweat was dripping from my chin onto her face. She arched her back, driving me deeper into her, My balls slapped against her ass. Then she came and I was right behind her, gushing – spurting deep in her. “I can feel that – so hot.” I continued thrusting and the sound of my balls slapping her was accompanied by the slushing sound of my cock in her cum filled pussy.We were sprawled across the bed, Liz held me tightly in her by crossing her legs under me. Her movements let me know she wasn’t through with me yet – that she wanted more fucking. My cock should have gone limp, but her desire kept me semi-hard and by clenching the cheeks of my ass, I made my cock pulse in her. In my ear she groaned, “Keep fucking me like that. I never felt this good before. You fill me so. Your cock makes me want more and more.”The more she talked like that, the harder I got – the more I wanted to please her. We stayed locked up for a good length of time, kissing all the while. She sucked my nipples with great skill and grasped my ass cheeks letting me know just how fast to move. I responded to her wishes the best I could and then with a final thrust, pulsed another load deep in her,This time, no matter how hard she tried to keep me in her, my now limp dick oozed out of her cum filled pussy. I turned about and licked her pussy clean while she sucked on my temporarily useless cock and tongued my asshole while gently caressing my balls.She turned to me and said, “I don’t want to, but I’ve got to shower and go home. You stay here. Don’t come near me or I might never get out of here.” She slid off the bed, grabbed her purse and headed for the bathroom. My eyes followed her until she closed the door behind her. I couldn’t figure out why I wanted her so much just after having wild and crazy sex for the last couple of hours. It was more than sex. Dammit. I was falling for her.I turned over and fell into a deep sleep. She was long gone when I woke. There was a note on the table next to the bed….”Thanks for everything. By the way, Tim wants us to have another threesome. I think he wants you to suck him. See ya soon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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