New Gym Friend

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After dating my girlfriend for only about 6 months, we decided to move in together. This meant finding a new grocery store, a new dry cleaner, and of course, a new gym. Fortunately, living in downtown Toronto, we had great options for all three. The gym was the highlight. The same chain had two locations almost side by side due to a recent take over, and the one we started frequenting had far fewer people. We weren’t people watchers at the gym either, we went in, did our thing, and left. As often as possible, we would go together to keep each other motivated. Due to a suddenly heavier workload for my girlfriend however, I found myself going more often on my own.

My name is Mark, I’m a 34yr old young professional, working in sales, and eager to start a family with my girlfriend Lindsay. She’s also in her early 30s, 5’6, 115lbs, slim and firm. Cute small tits, and a beautiful shaved pussy. I’m about 6’2, 185lbs, also in good shape.

Gyms are like a small community, the more often you go, the more people you get to know. Some like to strike up full conversations while others go for the simple ‘head nod of recognition.’ One of my new gym friends was a man named Jeff. Somewhat of a social butterfly, he would often stop by to chat with both Lindsay and I, and mostly about his life. One of ‘those’ guys. As harmless as he was, it could get quite annoying at times.

The gym wasn’t that big, and neither were the locker rooms. With wall mirrors set up the way they were, you could pretty much see every corner from every corner. I was a little uncomfortable with this at first, but I had been working hard on my body, and found myself feeling more and more confident about it. I’d take my time toweling off, would stand in my boxers looking at my phone for extended periods as well. In fact, I started to get turned on by the sideways glances that I would pick up from some of the gay guys who worked out there. I myself am not gay, but it’s definitely a compliment when anyone finds you attractive, I think.

My workout schedule was fairly regular, arriving around 1pm, and being showered and out by about 1.30pm. Except on Saturdays when I would spend an extra bit of time in the sauna and steam room to work the weekly stress out of my body. Jeff seemed to be on a similar schedule, with only occasional weekend run ins.

On one of these Saturdays, things changed forever. After a good hard workout, I stood at my locker in my sweaty boxers, reading a few emails and catching up on what I’d missed in the previous hour on twitter. As I looked up from my phone, I saw Jeff undressing, while keeping his eyes firmly fixed on my groin. I had had no idea that he swung that way, and to be honest couldn’t care either way. I’m comfortable enough with my own sexuality to not be intimidated or bothered by others.

We made some small talk, and I noticed that he slowed his undressing, and almost stopped as he neared full nudity. His boxers had a nice tent going, and as he lowered them I noticed, what looked like a semi hard cock hanging between his legs. I only say “looked like” cause I couldn’t be sure what his flaccid dick looked like, but this was definitely a cock. Just then he asked me a question, which brought my eyes from his groin to meet his. I was smiling. Big mistake. He smiled back, and stood there with his hands on his hips, and his thick cock hanging heavily between his legs. He gave me a “like what you see?” look, and just stood there, like a deer in headlights.

Shorter than I am, Jeff stands at about 5’8, and probably also around 190 or 200 pounds. I’d guess he was about 45 yrs old, and generally a solid looking dude. Dark hair, clean shaven on both his face and crotch, and in good shape physically.

The eye contact, and ensuing pose gave me a bit of a panic, and I rushedly shed my boxers, grabbed my towel, and headed for the steam room. It was tough, but I managed to avoid any more glances towards his lower region.

I found a spot on a bench, and leaned back against the wall and closed my eyes. As all guys do, I had to unwrap my towel in order to sit comfortably (gym towels are always too small). You end up sitting on one end, and the other wraps over one thigh and as far across your lap as it can reach. It rarely makes it to the other leg, and often just sits covering your pubic area.

I opened my eyes as the door opened, and in walked Jeff. He climbed up onto the bench beside me, putting his crotch at my eye level, and dumped some cold water into manisa escort the steam room censor. This was a common practice to make the machine pump more heat and steam into the room, so I thought nothing of it, until he turned towards me and opened his towel. There it was again, his thick cock hanging right in front of me. I couldn’t help but stare at it. He was circumcised, and his balls were shaved bare and god were they big. They looked like two kiwis in a silk bag.

He said hello with a half smile and slowly lowered himself onto the bench next to me. He sat on his towel, and covered himself the same way I had. Fortunately there were two other men in there, and the four of us chatted casually as we let the steam relax our muscles. After about 15 minutes, the two other gentlemen rose and left.

My heart suddenly went into a slight panic. As the door slid shut, he stood again to pour more water from his bottle onto the sensor. He stood naked next to me for a good 30 seconds to do so, and I couldn’t help but watch him the entire time. My dick was swelling again, and my heart was racing. He looked down a few times, and saw me looking, but I just couldn’t help myself. It looked so powerful, so full. He sat again, but didn’t cover himself at all this time.

Jeff and I continued to talk as a fresh wave of steam poured into the room. I thought it best to close my eyes again. Hoping that this would kill any thoughts he might have had, and also give my dick time to ease down. I wasn’t so lucky however, as even with my eyes shut, his cock was all I could see. Suddenly, I could feel his hand rest gently on my leg. My body twitched, and then settled again. It was turning me on. I didn’t want it to. I wanted it to stop, that’s what I kept telling myself, but my body was disobeying me. My cock began to swell, and as much as I wanted to pull away, I just left him there. We talked about work, and sports, and life at home… random things, but his hand was slowly rubbing me the whole time. Up and down my thigh, gentle squeezes, until he finally slid my towel off, and my semi hard dick jumped up. I felt his hand on my sweaty thigh. I felt it move closer and closer to my crotch. My hips started gently thrusting, hoping that doing so would get his fingers onto my dick sooner. He was teasing me. Getting ever so close, then moving away. My dick was raging now, and the talking had stopped some time ago. He danced his fingers all the way from my knee to my upper inner thigh, and just as they started to wrap themselves around my shaft, we heard talking from the other side of the door.

The door swung open, and two or three more guys walked in. I panicked hard, my heart was racing, and my eyes flew open, my hands grabbed for my towel. I leaned forward on the bench to hide my erection, and jumped into the middle of a sentence to make it seem like we’d been talking or something. I wasn’t really sure; I just knew I wanted to get the hell out of there. Fortunately Jeff played along, and kind responded to what I was saying. The guys who were coming in had also been talking, and with rush of steam that hit them, I’m pretty sure they didn’t notice anything. After a few minutes I stumbled up to my feet, announcing my departure, and clumsily wrapped my towel around my waist trying to hide my still swollen dick as I walked out. I kept my head down and headed straight for the showers.

As with all gyms, lockers, or any space with multiple showers, the water pressure varies from stall to stall, and I had my favourite at the back right hand corner. The doors were curtains, and the walls separating the stalls were smoked glass. The moment I was inside, and the water was running, I grabbed a hand full of lotion and gave my dick a good pull and massage as the water poured over my head.

I’d say I’m about average in that department. Never had any complaints, or anyone finding it too big. I’d say I’m about 6″ hard, and a good size around.

Just then the shower next to mine started up, and based on the silhouette I could see through the wall, it was Jeff. He also seemed to be giving himself a good soaping down below, and man was he hung. I couldn’t see any detail, but I also couldn’t stop looking. Thick, and long, his cock was mesmerizing. I couldn’t take my eyes off it as my own stroking picked up in intensity. Just then, some water hit the glass wall and broke me out of my daydream. And then again. It was him. He saw me looking, and was looking right back at me. I wanted to stop and leave, but something held me there. I felt transfixed on him as my dick got bigger and harder than it had been in a long time, and my balls were aching for release! He turned towards me, and pressed the head of his cock up against the window and kept stroking. Almost as if commanded, I did the same. He even leaned forward at one point and put his mouth on the other side of where my dick was touching, and it sent shivers down my spine. My head went back, and my eyes shut hard.

As my mind wandered to magical places, and the pleasure rushed through my body, I was once again brought back to earth as I heard his curtain slide open. I felt abandoned, and hurt. Like maybe I did something wrong so he left me there, dick in hand… literally. As I collected my thoughts, his hand suddenly came through the curtain, and grabbed my dick. He stood just outside my stall, occasionally glancing towards the door, with one hand rubbing my cock, and the other on his own. It felt so amazing and so uncomfortable all at the same time. His soapy hand worked me hard and fast as he built his own steam. It was sending electricity through me! I felt like a plaything, a sexual toy, and pile of nerve ends, I was on cloud nine! I think he could tell too. My breathing was picking up, and I was getting close. In that moment when we lose the ability to control anything except our want to explode, he stepped through the curtain, and used the hand he had been stroking himself with to grab my face. Well, he slid his thumb into my mouth, and gently closed the rest of his fingers on my face. He gently guided me down to my knees as he continued to stroke me. I was in a daze, with my dick throbbing, the heat from the shower, I didn’t really know what was happening. The water rinsed the soap from his monstrous cock as he stood and released my own. I was now face to face with his cock, which had to be at least eight or nine inches long, and thick as my wrist.

As the suds washed off, he pushed it forward and into my wanting mouth. He withdrew his thumb as he replaced it with the head of his monster. His other hand now grabbed my head as well, and he slowly began to fuck my mouth. He then leaned back against the wall, and used one of his feet to give little kicks to my balls. The first contact was a bit of a shocker, but each one after made my dick rage harder and harder. He whispered “you like that? Tasting my thick cock? I saw you looking, I knew you wanted it. What would your girlfriend say? Does she know you suck cock like a pro? Does she know how bad you want my cock? ”

I just stared up at him as he continued to push his way down my throat. I gagged a few times, and just kept praying no one would come in or notice what was happening. He asked “Do you like that? Huh? Do you? Tell me you want it. Tell me how much you want this cock in your mouth”

As he said it, he stopped pushing it so deep. Only the head was moving between my lips now, and he got more demanding as he held me by my hair “Tell me you like sucking cock, tell me you like my cock. You do don’t you boy?”

Without warning I blurted out “Yes Sir! I like sucking your big cock!” and tried to push my head forward and onto it as the taste from his precum coated my lips.

His thick strong hands stopped me as he looked into my eyes and said “Beg me for it boy. Beg me to let you suck my cock!”

And I did. I didn’t have a choice. He had me right where he wanted me. My balls were full, my shaft was loaded, and I was ready to cum, and he knew it. He knew he had full control over me. Every little kick elicited a guttural moan. I even tried to slide my knees together to stop it, but he just pushed them apart again with his foot. I begged, and I begged hard! “Please Sir! Please let me suck your cock! I need it. I need it inside my mouth. I want to taste it. To make you cum. To serve it. To be a slave for it, please Sir! I’ll do anything!”

I had no idea where this was all coming from, but it just sort of came out. My brain was shut off, and my body wanted release. He looked down at me and said “Anything? Glad to hear it boy. If I let you make me cum, if I give you that gift, you are mine, understood? Your mouth, your dick, your ass, whenever and however I want, got it?”

“Yes Sir! I’m yours Sir! Please let me taste it! Please let me swallow your cum!” I said pleadingly.

He just smiled down at me, set himself firmly on both feet, and said, “That’s my good little boy! Now make sure you swallow all of it, or the deal is off” and he proceeded to pound his cock into my mouth like a teenager into his first girlfriend. I’m pretty sure he gave me a concussion somewhere along the way.

Before long, he was blasting stream after stream of cum into my mouth, and I swallowed hard. I almost choked a few times, but swallow after swallow slide down my throat. He must have shot at least 6 solid streams into my throat.

I kneeled there in a daze as his thrusts slowed, and the jizz stopped flowing. He slowly pulled my head back and used one hand to rub the last few drops onto my lips. As he did, and as my tongue chased his movements, I heard him say “You’re mine now”, and his hands released me, and he was gone… back to his own stall as I almost fell over after him.

From my side, as I knelt on the floor, I could see him cleaning himself off as he watched me struggle back up to my feet, with my little dick still raging hard. As I regained my footing, still using the walls for stability, a few splashes hit the window separating us, and I knew what he wanted. I filled my hand with body wash, leaned back against the other wall while facing him, and started working my dick towards the release it needed so badly! As I did, he turned his water off and stood just outside his stall toweling off. He opened my curtain about a foot, so that he could see in. His eyes met mine again, and he smiled as he watched me fuck my own hand.

It didn’t take long either, 15-maybe 20 strokes and I was firing rockets at the window as my legs shook. I hadn’t cum that hard ever, as far as I could remember, and when the dust finally settled, and my balls were empty, and my Master was gone. Not only had he walked away, but also he took my towel with him.

I wasn’t sure what to do, so I cleaned myself off, and made my way back to my locker completely nude. My mind was still a bit fuzzy, and my dick was still swollen, but my balls were emptier than they had ever been. I passed a few people as I walked, but I kept my eyes on the floor, so I’m not sure what they were looking at. I just hoped that they were doing the same. The cold air from the locker room was working for me as well… until it wasn’t. My dick had gone from full erupting erection in the shower, to shriveled little pinky finger as I turned the final corner to my locker. And there he was, sitting there on the bench with my towel folded neatly beside him. “Looks like you forgot something!” he said as he handed me the towel. “Must be pretty cold in here Hehee”

With that comment, he pulled the towel away, like Lucy and Charlie brown. His laugh was enough to draw other embarrassed looks from the other patrons who were either arriving or dressing to leave. A few of them giggled under their breath after noticing how little my dick looked.

My body began to shiver as he finally let me have the towel. As I dried myself off he pretended to look at his phone, but I knew why he stayed. To make sure the humiliation and control was complete.

He watched, and faked casual conversation as I dressed. My body was moving slowly and clumsily after having survived a work out, the steam room, and a prolonged shower… not to mention the epic orgasm. He asked embarrassing questions like “How was it? Feel like you gave yourself a good workout today? Get a good sweat in?” And made statements like “don’t worry you’ll get used to the new routine I showed you, and before long you’ll see that it’s the only way to get the results you want”. He was killing me. Others were around, but he spoke in enough of a code that they didn’t seem to catch on.

I would answer nervously, hoping others wouldn’t catch on to his insinuations. “Ya, great work out today” “The routine was great, thanks again for that”. With each answer, I hoped to shut him up, but he kept going.

He even went so far as to say that next time we’d focus more on the lower body and back, and “would you like that?”

He just smiled, as I answered “Yes Sir… that sounds like a great plan” I felt humiliated every time he smiled. I felt like he had taken full control over me, and wasn’t going to be letting go any time soon. I had gotten my boxers on, and was fumbling with my shirt buttons as we talked.

Before leaving, he stood next to me, pulled his card out of his inner jacket pocket and traced it up my thigh slowly before tucking it into my waistband. His eyes were locked on mine the entire time, and I think I may have whimpered a little as he dragged it across my balls. He then told to message him to schedule our next session together, and walked away.

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