Sarah comes to visit. Part 1

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Sarah comes to visit. Part 1Continues from last storyA few months after visiting my parents, which ended with my husband having some fun with my sister Sarah, she came down to visit us. She had just finished her first year of college and was about to be on summer break.She flew down and visited us for a week. We got home, put her stuff in the guest bedroom. My husband made us all drinks and we sat down on the couch and talked for a while. Sarah was sitting between me and my husband. We had a few rounds of drinks, played a few games of Cards. Had fun. A few hours had passed and our minds slowly went into the gutter. We eventually got on the topic of cum when suddenly she says, “Speaking of which, so much of his cum came out of me when I peed afterward. Is it always like that with him?”“With him, yes.” I said. “You haven’t fucked anyone since then?” istanbul escort I asked her“Yes, but the guy I am with when he cums it oozes out. I don’t feel it like I did with him. I thought every guy just shoots it out like in porn. I really got spoiled with him being the first guy, I actually have been craving more of him since that night.” “Well, what do you have in mind?” I ask her“I want to see it come out of him. And cover my tits” she says, drunk with lust.I sat there for a few, rolled the idea around in my head. “Well babe, you think you got enough in you to satisfy her curiosity?” I asked him. He nods. “I am sure I can.” He replies.Sara looks down at his crotch and I look at her waiting to see what she does. Sarah then climbs on top of him and she starts making out with him. avcılar escort I start to undo his pants and by the time I free his cock, he has already gotten her shirt and bra off. She moans loudly as he grabs her breast and starts to suck them. She turns to me and starts to undo my top.She gets off and both of us get on our knees in front of him and I put his cock in my mouth. She starts licking his balls, each at least the size of a golf ball. “Oh fuck!” He shouts. “I am not going to last like this.” “That’s fine, Just let it all out.” Sarah says with a soft voice. She grabs his shaft and I let her have at it while I give some attention to his balls. She has half of him in her mouth and is stroking the base at the same time. She has gotten way better at this. My husband has his head tilted up and his eyes are rolling şirinevler escort back.He starts to breathe heavy and I tell her he is getting close. She gets a little more aggressive and I take hold of his shaft and start stroking it. He starts panting and I feel his cock swell in my hand. “Sarah he is about to cum” I tell her. She quickly gets his cock out of her mouth and positions her tits in front of his cock, ready to be coated. Seconds later his cock is beginning to throb in my hand as I stroke it.She is looking at his cock intensely, with anticipation. He lets out a huge grunt and his cock suddenly jerks really hard and the first three streams fly out of him so fast, and hit her on her right breast, almost completely covering it with cum. I move his cock to coat her other breast with the next three. His cock is easing up and the rest were landing on her jeans and stomach. Her chest is completely covered in cum and it is running down her body. I lick it off her while she takes his cock and gets as much of what is left in him into her mouth. “Fuck, can I have him every night I am here sis?” “Sure. He is yours as well while you are here this week.” I tell her

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