Weekend in San Antonio

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Weekend in San AntonioWeekend in San AntonioDwayne sent Heather a message on xHamster letting her know he was going to be in San Antonio and would love to meet her but there were some rules she had to follow if they were going to move forward in their relationship which until then had just been an online relationship.Heather read the xHamster message from Dwayne. A chill ran thru her, she didnt know what to think. Sure they had talked about them possibly meeting if Dwayne came to Texas in November but the trip was not definite. Heather was excited at the possibility but was it a joke or real. Dwayne had been inquiring what food she liked and other personal information. Dwayne had recently mentioned in a message something about possible places to stay and where to eat dinner. Heather was trying to remember, did Dwayne say someting about the Westin on the Riverwalk and the Italian restaurant there Zocca’s. Could this really be happening. Heather had been contemplating being fucked by a black cock but wasnt sure whether to leave it a fantasy or make the desire real. Then Heather started talking to Dwayne. He was an older man but seemed so sure of himself. In their chats Dwayne stoked a fire within Heather making her desire to try a black cock even hotter.One night while out with some friends, Heather noticed a very handsome black gentleman in the bar and knew she had to have him and she did.As Heather was thinking of that night and of Dwayne she read the rest of the message. Dwayne spelled out that if she wanted to meet him to come to the Westin after 9pm Friday night. She was to call the front desk and ask for Dwayne Lucas to verify Dwayne had checked in and was actually in San Antonio. If she was willing to meet she was to follow the rest of the message details.1) She was to drive to the Westin dressed in a long overcoat or summer dress.2) She was to be naked underneath, nothing except the dress or overcoat and a pair of high heels to accentuate her sexy legs.3) She was not to play with her pussy on the drive.4) Upon arrival at the hotel she would go to the room number she was given and knock on the door.5) Once her knock was answered and upon seeing Dwayne she had a decision to make…If she did not like what she saw to turn and walk away, otherwise…To open and drop what she was wearing while standing in the door to the room and wait until Dwayne invited her in…6) Once in the room she was to follow Dwayne’s directionsDwayne’s message ended with…I hope you will accept these terms and meet me for a wonderful night for all parties concerned.Heather felt another sexual chill course thru her body, her pussy started tingling getting wetter by the minute, her nipples ached from being so extended and alive, she felt she would orgasm just from her clothes rubbing against her nipples.Heather wondered what Dwayne meant by that last statement… all parties.What kind of game was Dwayne playing, what was his plan. She didnt know but she knew the desire to at least see Dwayne was too great. The possibility to do some of the things they had talked about. The burning desire to feel his flesh pressing against her, to feel his passionate kiss, to taste him and for him to taste her juices as well.Dwayne had come to be in San Antonio that Friday night. Earlier canlı bahis Dwayne had to leave an online conversation with Heather for a business dinner on a Thursday. Dwayne had to entertain a business client, Charles, that night and his partners would handle the business details on Friday. Dwayne and his four partners rotated when it came to entertaining their clients and Dwayne’s turn had come. Charles had flown into town on a private charter jet as he often did. During the night, over dinner and drinks Dwayne explained to Charles this new online relationship he had started with this young beautifully sexy lady named Heather. Dwayne could not explain to Charles what it was about Heather that captivated him but he was captivated by her. Dwayne told Charles how they planned to meet in November while Dwayne was on a business trip to Austin, but the trip was no guarantee.Charles was a prick by his own admission. His wife loved when he went on business trips so she could have some solace. At home Charles was the pillar of the community and straight laced as could be. On his business trips he was like a frat boy out of control. Boozing, women, gambling, strip clubs he did it all. Dwayne was not looking forward to having to entertain Charles for the night, he remembered the last time.As Charles listened to Dwayne tell of his new infatuation he formulated a plan to put Dwayne in his place. Charles never liked Dwayne, there was something about Dwayne that Charles had a disdain for, it wasn’t that Dwayne was black because he had black friends. Charles could not put his finger on it, he just did not like Dwayne. He didn’t hate the man, maybe Charles just felt like Dwayne thought he was better than him.During the evening, Charles offered Dwayne a proposition. He had the private charter jet at his disposal and no real plans for the next week. What if they flew down to San Antonio on Friday after they got the business concluded and return on Sunday. Dwayne was surprised Charles would make such an offer, there had to be a catch. Dwayne was right there was, Charles was hoping there was no Heather in San Antonio and he could then tell Dwayne how stupid he was for falling for an online romance.Dwayne decided to take some security to keep Charles in check. He had introduced Charles to a lady friend Aubree and Charles was dumbstruck by her beauty. Dwayne asked Charles if Aubree could go on the trip as well. Charles was happy to oblige thinking he would make time with Aubree while Dwayne was waiting for Heather.On Friday they departed for San Antonio. Arrangements had already been made to stay at the Westin on the Riverwalk. During the flight whle Dwayne was trying to nap and nursing a headache from the late night. Charles tried engaging Aubree in conversation. Aubree knew why Dwayne had brought her along or at least part of the reason. She thought it was eye candy for Charles to keep him occupied. Dwayne had explained to Aubree that he had told Heather about her and their relationship. Aubree figured Dwayne intended for her to meet Heather if she showed up at the hotel.Heather decided she would go to the Westin as directed. If only to see Dwayne once. She also decided that she would wear a summer dress that buttoned up the front. Heather had called the Westin bahis siteleri and was told a Dwayne Lucas had indeed checked in and was in Suie 401. Heaher had forced herself not to play with herself after she had read the message from Dwayne. The desire was great all day but she resisted the temptation. On the drive to the Westin, Heather could not resist the temptation anymore. She had unbuttoned her dress and started stroking her fingers up and down her already wet pussy lips. She couldn’t resist dipping her fingers into her honey pot and then brought them to her lips to taste her sweet juices. A smile crossed her face knowing that if she things worked out Dwayne would be feasting on her pussy before the night was out. Heather decided if Dwayne wants to play games she could play too. She stuck her fingers back into her pussy getting them nice and wet. Instead of sucking her sweet pussy juice off her fingers she rubbed it on her nipples. The sensation of the car air conditioning blowing on her nipples made them stiffer if that was possible, the addition of her juices added to the chilling sensation. Once while removing her fingers from her pussy her clit was exposed to the cold air that sent a chill thru her entire body. Heather was so anxious when she got to the Westin that she pulled into the valet parking. Her dress was still unbuttoned so the attendant got to see her upper thighs which gave Heather another thrill.Heather took the elevator to the 4th floor, walked to Suite 410 and knocked. It seemed like forever before the door was opened. Heather was so worked up at that point she opened the dress and let it fall to the hallway floor. Dwayne had just gotten out of the shower and was only wearing a shower wrap which was having a hard time hiding his erect big black cock. Dwayne reached for her and pulled her to him kissing her in the doorway as a couple passed by. Dwayne reached for her dress and closed the door behind them stepping into the room. Dwayne told Heather he was happy she decided to meet and followed the directions in his message as he let the shower wrap drop to the floor giving Heather something to look at as well. Dwayne then noticed that Heather’s breasts seemed to be wet or shiny. As Dwayne was wondering what it was, Heather pulled his mouth to her and gave him a long open mouthed kiss, reaching for his hard cock. Dwayne instantly sensed the taste of pussy on her tongue. Heather pushed Dwayne’s head down to her breasts, as if by second nature Dwayne started licking and sucking on her marvelous breasts that heretofore he had only seen in pictures she sent. Dwayne’s brain snapped him back to the present, this was not the plan, he needed to stop and take control.Dwayne stopped sucking on Heathers breasts to her dismay. She pleaded, honey please dont stop. Dwayne looked at her with a stern face, you have been playing with your pussy inspite of what you were told to do. Then grabbing her by her right hand pulled her into the bedroom. Heather’s pussy was on the verge of a mini orgasm without even being touched. Her mind started racing, was Dwayne going to make her suck his big black cock, was he going to shove her onto the bed and start licking her wet pussy, were they both going to lay on the bed making slow passionate bahis şirketleri love. Then her mind was snapped back to reality as Dwayne put her over his knees and started giving her a spanking, reminding her to follow directions. Dwayne spanked her lightly until her ass cheeks were a light crimson color. He sat her up and looking into her eyes told her at that moment he wanted her more than anything, that he wanted to make slow passionate love to her but there were other details to attend to. Heather was told to go into the bathroom, a hot steamy bath had been drawn and was waiting for her. Dwayne followed her into the bathroom and slowly bathed her occasionally stopping to give her a long kiss once again tasting her pussy on her tongue. Heather heard him moan and gave a knowing smile. Dwayne lingered on her breasts, gently pulling and rolling the nipples until Heather let a moan escape from her lips. Dwayne’s hand travelled farther down Heather”s body gently partly the lips of her pussy and inserting a finger into the wetness. His finger gently brushed over her clit sending Heather into another mini orgasm. Looking at Dwayne with pleading eyes she whimpered you are driving me crazy, take me to bed or fuck me here, I need you now. Dwayne with a knowing smile told her, soon baby soon.Dwayne rose from the floor and told Heather it was time to get out and d****d her in a big soft bathrobe, hugging her body to him while kissing her forehead, nose, eyes, nibbling on her ear lobes and then endning in a slow very passionate kiss that had them both moaning and wanting more. Dwayne finally pulled away pulling Heather back into the bedroom. Standing at the side of the bed he dropped the bathrobe from her body, telling Heather to get onto her hands and knees on the bed. Heather did as she was told without hesitation knowing the fun was about to begin. As she started slowly licking Dwayne’s big black cockhead she heard music start to play, the song Dwayne had sent her “Tupelo Honey”. She wanted to make her cock sucking last until Dwayne was begging for release. Just as she started to swallow more and more of Dwayne’s big black cock, Heather felt hands on her ass cheeks, thinking it was Dwayne she continued her cock sucking efforts. Just as Dwayne put his hand on the back of her head she felt a tongue snaking its way thru her pussy lips. Shocked and wondering what was going on she tried to pull away from Dwayne’s cock but his hand was holding her there. The tongue in her pussy started to feel good so she renewed her cock sucking efforts.Whoever was eating her pussy knew what they were doing and had Heather on the verge of another orgasm. She felt Dwayne’s big cock head start to expand and could hear his breathing become more labored, from experience she knew Dwayne was ready to cum. Just when she though things couldn’t get any better the person tonguing her pussy shoved a finger into her tight asshole sending Heather over the edge to a huge climax as Dwayne started shooting his sweet thick black seed into her mouth. Dwayne pulled his cock from her mouth and shot several loads of his hot cum on her face. Heather collapsed onto the bed. As she was trying to regain her senses from the several orgasms she had experienced she felt the person that had given her pussy a good licking crawling onto the bed caressing her body as they did. She was afraid to open her eyes but just as she did Dwayne said, Heather meet Aubree. Aubree licked Dwayne’s cum off Heather’s face then kissed her sharing the cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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