Amanda’s Past

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Amanda pulled the RV off the main interstate, and found a small restaurant, with a nice large parking area. She parked the vehicle, and grabbed her purse, making sure she had the keys, before locking the door. She looked back over her shoulder at the RV, still amazed that it was hers. She walked into the small home-style restaurant and immediately liked the atmosphere. She found a booth and sat down, taking the menu from the metal holder at the back of the table.

Instead of studying the menu to decide what to eat, she found herself looking around the small diner, appreciating its old-fashioned charm. It looked like it was caught in time, like a flash back to the fifties. It still had the small jukebox at each table, to select the music. She couldn’t resist the temptation, and fished in her pocket for the right kind of coins. She deposited the money, and then selected a song from sixties, one her mother used to always listen to as Amanda was growing up.

At the counter, a man had been watching her, enjoying the expressions on her face as she first looked around the restaurant, and then upon deciding to play some music. He wasn’t sure of the young woman’s age, just knew she was a lot younger than he. But something about her drew him. She had a beautiful face, composed of arched eyebrows, and thickly lashed eyelids surrounding dark brown eyes. Her skin was clear, in spite of her young years, and a translucent glow seemed to come from within her. Her lips were lush, full and looked like bees had stung them. What he had seen of her body was centerfold material, ill disguised by the white T-shirt she wore.

The waitress, asking if he wanted more coffee, drew his attention. He nodded, not moving his gaze away from the young woman. Betty, who had worked at the restaurant for more years than anyone dared to count, looked from Tom’s handsome, tanned face to where his attention was centered. She had seen the young woman come into the restaurant, as had many of the other regular patrons. Betty decided to serve the table her self, instead of leaving it to the younger waitress, Carol.

Amanda was startled when a glass of water set down beside her on the table. She looked up into the kind and smiling face of a woman who looked like she was in her fifties. She looked and the woman’s tag claimed her name to be ‘Betty.’ Amanda smiled.

“Hi!” Amanda said to the other woman. “I love this restaurant, especially the music thing.” She gestured to the small jukebox.

Betty smiled back, deciding the young woman obviously didn’t have a stuck up personality to match her gorgeous looks. “It’s been like this for years, honey. What can I get for you today?”

Amanda looked back down at the menu, and unconsciously moved one hand to rest on the slightly rounded bulge in her tummy, partially hidden by the table and loose T-shirt. Betty didn’t miss the gesture, and began wondering what this young girl’s story might be.

Amanda ordered a salad and two glasses of milk. Betty went to turn the order in, having every intention of returning to the table to find out about the young woman. But as she started back towards the table, she saw that Tom had deserted the restaurant’s books on the counter, and was now standing at the table of the young woman. Betty gave a very unladylike curse. She should have Tom to his chair. The man was too damned nice for his own good, and had a history of helping ‘strays’ that wandered into the restaurant in the past.

Amanda looked up as she became aware someone was standing at the edge of the table. She looked up into the bluest eyes she had ever seen. His face was tanned, and had smile crinkles at the eyes, and mouth. He was tall, muscular and dressed in a navy T-shirt and jeans.

“I’m Tom Carter, owner of this place. Mind if I join you for a few moments? I like to meet my customers.”

Betty had just reached the table, and snorted in disbelief at his outright lie at the end of his introduction. Amanda looked from the attractive man, to the kind waitress who had brought one of her glasses of milk. She reached up to accept the milk as Betty shoved Tom out of her way. Tom looked at Betty in surprise, staggering under her forceful and unexpected interference. He caught the glare in her eyes, but just grinned.

“Would you bring me some more coffee, Betty?” Tom asked the older woman as he slid onto the bench seat opposite Amanda.

Amanda sipped her milk, looking at Tom, who was now sitting across from her. She lifted one hand and pushed her waist-length blond hair back behind her shoulders. She had no idea how the simple move shifted her breasts beneath the thin shirt, and had them jiggling side to side, before they settled once again, proud and jutting out in front of her.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Carter. My name is Amanda Trebi… Smith. Amanda Smith.”

Tom wondered at the stumble over her name, and wondered if she decided to use a fake name at the last moment. She was so beautiful, and they were only a couple hundred miles away from ‘tinsel town,’ that he had to wonder if she was running away. Perhaps she thought he would recognize her name, even nişantaşı escort here in this small town, at the edge of the desert. He watched as she chewed her full lower lip for a moment. Tom was jolted once again by a lightening bolt of arousal, shooting through his body. Damn, he said to himself, this ‘woman-child’ was the sexiest thing he had seen in years!

Betty returned and set his coffee down with a loud clink of china. Once Tom looked up at her, she glared at him before she turned away. Tom turned his gaze back to Amanda though. He grinned at her, showing his perfect, white and even teeth. “Welcome to the end of the world, as most of the local youngsters call it.”

Amanda laughed as he had hoped, and he glimpsed her smile. Dimples appeared in her cheeks and her eyes lit from within. As if she hadn’t been attractive enough, now she was radiant, as she smiled. She sipped her milk, reminding herself that she had to drink it all down. “It can’t be that bad. In fact, do you know if there are jobs open? I need a job, and this town seemed like a nice size and friendly.”

Tom wondered at why this beautiful woman would bury herself here, when she could go back to Hollywood, or continue on to Vegas. With her looks, she could make big money at the hotels there, working the tables, or even waitressing. Tom ignored his inner voice of caution, and the fact that there was a job open at the bank, just down the street. He also didn’t mention the job in the local market, which was open due to Charlie’s wife being off after her surgery. Instead, he smiled across the table at her.

“It’s funny you should ask. I need some extra help here, at the restaurant. I just hadn’t gotten around to putting a sign up yet, or an ad in the paper. You must be heaven sent, coming at the right time indeed!”

Amanda smiled slowly. “I’ll be honest, Mr. Carter. I’m not really trained for anything, but I am willing to tackle any job, and work hard.”

“Call me Tom, Amanda. We don’t stand on formality here. Just one thing though, you look awfully young…” he let his voice trail away.

“I’ll be nineteen in a few months,” she told him, and offered to show him her driver’s license as proof. Tom shook his head, though he added he would need her to fill out a few papers.

“There is a small hotel in town, but I have an extra room over the restaurant, if you haven’t found anywhere to stay yet.”

Amanda thanked him. “Actually, I my home with me.” She pointed out the window, to where her RV was parked. “Could I hook it up to the restaurant? I will be happy to pay for the electricity, or just deduct it from my paycheck.”

Tom turned from gazing at the obviously expensive vehicle, and decided this young woman was more mysterious than he had first assumed. “No problem. I’ll help you hook it up, once you finish eating.”

Before Amanda could do more than nod, Betty called out to Tom that he had a phone call. He excused himself, and walked over to where Betty was holding the receiver out to him. He took it, but before he could speak, Betty glared at him again, and muttered just one word.

“Lolita!” She turned her back on him, and grabbed Amanda’s food and took it across to her. Instead of leaving, she took Tom’s seat opposite the young woman.

“So, are you passing through our quaint part of the world?”

Amanda smiled as she eagerly chewed the first bite of her salad. She shook her head negatively though. She swallowed and started on the second glass of milk. “I needed a job, and Tom, Mr. Carter, I mean, was kind enough to tell me about the one here. I am really grateful to him, because he is going to let me hook up out back.” She gestured towards the RV. She stopped talking to take another bite.

Betty sat stunned. As far as she knew, there were no job openings here! She turned and looked at Tom, who was just starting back towards the table. She saw the guilty look on his face, and knew that he realized she had probably just learned about his ‘little lie.’ She shook her head, and stood back up. The man was insane, she told herself quietly, stark raving mad. As Tom resumed his seat, he heard Betty mutter the name Lolita once again, before she walked away.

“I need to go run an errand, but I’ll be back in about thirty minutes. I’ll meet you by the RV, and we can move it around back and get you all settled in.” He paused until Amanda nodded agreement, and then he took off out of the restaurant, at a near run.

His seat wasn’t empty for long though. Betty came back, and called over her shoulder to the cook, Bill, she was taking her break. She intended to learn some much needed information about her newest coworker, before her boss, and lifelong friend, got eaten up and spit back out. “My name is Betty Farnsworth, and you are…?” She asked rudely.

Amanda swallowed, and took another sip of milk. “Amanda Smith,” she told the older woman, the lie coming more easily this time.

“Where you from, sugar?”

Amanda considered another lie, but decided it might too hard to keep them straight. “From Hollywood. I decided to get out of tinsel town.”

“Were çapa escort you trying to be an actress?” Betty asked naturally assuming that everyone in Hollywood acted.

“No. I never had any desire to even try it. Now, what will I be doing around here? Maybe you could instruct me before Tom, Mr. Carter, gets back.”

Amanda finished her salad, listening while Betty explained that her husband Bill worked as cook here, and their niece Carol, was the other waitress. She nodded when Amanda said it was quite a family place. Betty added that she thought of Tom like her son, since she had been a good friend with his folks; all the while they owned the restaurant as well. Amanda slipped her jeans jacket on, as she cooled off in the air-conditioned restaurant. Betty watched as the younger woman snapped it shut, and therefore concealed her slightly rounded belly from sight.

Betty had called both her husband and niece over and introduced them, and was just standing as Tom came back inside. He frowned as he saw that Betty had taken advantage of his absence. He walked over to the booth.

“How about we get your RV set up? That way you can get a good night’s rest before you start tomorrow.”

Amanda stood slowly, and picked up the ticket from the table. Before she could open her purse, Tom had snatched it from her fingers. He pocketed the ticket, ignoring Betty’s surprised look.

“I always buy a dinner for new employees, Amanda. So this one is on the house!” He put his hand around Amanda’s elbow, ignoring Betty’s disbelieving snort. “I’m anxious to see this vehicle of yours. I’ve never been in one before…” he added, escorting her out of the restaurant.


Amanda was lying on the queen size bed at the back of the RV when she heard a knock on the door. She started nervously, and slid her hand towards the drawer that held the handgun she had purchased the day after she had left home. Her fingers touched the cold handle before she heard Tom call out to her.

“It’s Tom, Amanda. I wanted to make sure you were settled in for the night, and didn’t need anything.”

Amanda closed the drawer and scampered to the door, unlocking it. “Come in, Tom. I’m fine.” She closed the door, and gestured for him to sit down at the small table.

Tom slid behind the table, onto the padded seat, unable to miss the attractive swell of Amanda’s cheeks, which were visible as her nightgown slid up while she reached into a cupboard. She hadn’t put a robe on, and she was wearing a sheer, short gown, with the little panties that matched. Tom felt his body respond instantly, and thought to himself that he hadn’t seen a short nightgown like that since his teen years. He stopped abruptly, not liking those thoughts at all!

Amanda set two glasses on the table. “Would you like some juice, or maybe milk?” She looked over her shoulder at him, smiling.

“Boy, you are quite the milk drinker! I’ll have juice, if you have nothing stronger.”

Amanda turned with the milk in one hand and the juice in the other. She used her hip to push the door closed and that is when Tom saw it for the first time. He started to jump up, but hit his head on the cabinets above him. He slumped back down, rubbing the bump and stared at Amanda’s rounded tummy. The nightgown was empire waisted, and it draped over her swollen belly obviously.

Amanda set the containers down and eased onto the seat beside him. Her fingers moved into his hair, probing the tender area. “Are you all right?”

Tom turned, not realizing how close she really was. Their faces were but inches apart and he felt the warmth of her breath. He nodded, but his eyes went straight down to the mound that was pressing against the gown. “You’re pregnant!” He told her.

Amanda nodded slowly. “I thought you knew… That you noticed in the restaurant. Does this mean you don’t want to hire me after all? I can still work hard, I promise.”

Tom looked back up, his eyes catching on the delectable display of her large, lush tits in the low cut gown. Her nipples were taut and distended, and seemed to poking out at least half an inch, like they were begging to be tasted. He shook his head to clear his thoughts.

“Of course, I’ll still hire you. I just didn’t realize…” He paused trying to calm his raging hard on, and organize his thoughts.

“That I was knocked up, huh?” Amanda supplied the words for him.

Tom nodded, not liking applying the coarse words to this delicate woman. “Where is the father of the baby? Are you married?”

Amanda shook her head no. “You don’t want to hear about my troubles.” She turned on the seat, and poured him a glass of juice, and then milk for herself. Now he understood the milk fetish.

Tom ignored his common sense, and reached out to lightly place his hand over hers, where it rested on the small table. “Yes, I do, Amanda. I know we just met, but I would like to help, if I can.”

Amanda turned and gave him a small smile. “It’s a sordid story, Tom. It might make a good movie, in fact.”

“Go on, honey,” he told her softly, wanting to fatih escort know more about her, no matter what it might be.

“I am in the family way, in the most basic of ways,” she told him harshly, laughing without humor at her choice of words.

Tom rubbed her hand lightly. “It’s okay, sweetheart. Start at the beginning…”

In the dim light of the RV, Amanda slowly remembered…

“I was sixteen when I first noticed him watching me, all the time.”

“Who, Amanda?” Tom prodded her gently.

“My step-father, Lance Trebiano.” She paused as she saw the recognition on his face. Her stepfather was a famous actor, who was wealthy beyond most people’s wildest dreams. He had married her mother when she was about fourteen. Her mother had been an actress, but not anywhere near as good, nor as well known. “My mother died unexpectedly when I seventeen. It was after that, well, Lance cancelled a couple of movie deals, to stay home and to ‘be there’ for me he told everyone.”

Amanda paused, remembering, and Tom felt bile rise up in his throat. It was obvious what had happened. He heard Amanda continue. “About a month after her death, the light touches he had always used, became more deliberate, and would linger. He told me he wanted to buy me new clothes, to help cheer me up. He took me to a very exclusive store, and he bought me all kinds of lingerie. I thought it was all so pretty, lacy, not thinking about how provocative and how much it exposed. He threw out all my other clothes, and told me I could only wear what he bought me. My clothes got sexier, more adult. I had to wear them all the time, except when I went to school. Then I wore my uniform, but I had to wear the sexy lingerie beneath. I had developed suddenly, and the new lingerie only made it more noticeable. The boys were always watching me at school.”

“He came to pick me up at school a couple of months after my mother died, and found a couple of seniors standing around me, talking to me. I felt so important… Here were these popular seniors. And they were paying attention to me! I had always been part of the unpopular crowd. I was smart, and didn’t hide it. But Lance’s makeover didn’t stop at the clothes. He had my hair lightened, my eyebrows shaped, and he had me tanning in the nude every day, in his tanning bed.”

“Anyway, he shouted at me to get in the car. I was so embarrassed, but that was the last day I went to school. He told me the next morning that I would be home schooled. He didn’t said he didn’t want me exposed to the drugs and other things that were going on in high schools. He then replaced the house staff with Mexican immigrants, who didn’t speak any English. He said he was helping them out, and he was the only one who spoke Spanish. One morning, I woke up and found him gathering all of my uniforms, and all the clothes he had bought me, except the lingerie. He told me from now on, I would only wear what he allowed, and nothing else. I tried staying in my room, but he wouldn’t allow that either. He got rid of my bed, and locked all the other rooms. He told me I would be sleeping in his bed from now on.”

Tom clenched his hands into fists, wanting to kill the bastard.

“After dinner that night, he made me put on one of those bustier things, a thong, stockings, garter belt and high heels. I felt silly walking around like that, but he kept coming up with errands for me to do for him. He put a movie in the VCR and told me to come and sit next to him. I tried to turn my head, but his hand caught my hair and I was forced to watch the X-rated movie. They were all naked, and having sex. Finally, one woman was put over a small table and the man got behind her…” Amanda stopped as her memories flooded over her.

Lance had told her get on the floor and lean over the coffee table. He had slapped her face when she didn’t move right away. She felt him move behind her and begin caressing her naked thighs, making small circles with his warm palms. His hands slid between her thighs, and pressed her legs apart. He had murmured to her, telling her how to move her body. When his fingers touched her lips, she had jumped in surprise. His fingers didn’t stop though, and moved forward to slip under the panties. His fingers cupped her mound, and tangled in the blond shag he found there. He had enjoyed seeing her pubic hair falling out of the tiny panties he made her wear. He would trim her pussy, soon enough, and probably even shave her bald, just not yet.

The next moment, she realized that it was his hot, naked flesh that was against her ass cheeks and back of her thighs. She felt his manhood pressing between her thighs. She tried to close her thighs, but it was too late. He surged forward, and she cried out as he entered her virgin body. It had hurt a little, but his hands were already grabbing and squeezing her breasts, which distracted her. She heard him behind her, breathing hard, thrusting in and out of her body. His pre-cum and the little bit of blood had eased his passage, and there was a lewd squelching noise with each thrust in and out of her cunt. She heard his talking to her, all the while there was the steady ‘slap- slap’ sound of his full balls bouncing against her pussy lips with each thrust. With his hands on her tits, and having waited so long, he came quickly, and shot his cum deeply into her body. She was exhausted as he carried her body to his bed.

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