Backyard Workout

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All through our marriage I’d performed pedicures and depilated my wife, but always indoors to protect her privacy. Now though our new house had a high boundary hedge which shielded us from nosy pavement users, although we could still hear passing conversations and they, presumably, could hear us. The deck wasn’t overlooked by any neighbours either so we decided to try an outdoor session, the light was much better and mess was no problem.

The sun was warm enough to make us keen to be outside after several days of cloudy weather. As she slipped of her sandals and dipped her feet in a warm bowl of water to soften her nails and any hard skin I exfoliated her legs ready for her weekly meeting with a safety razor. After towelling her feet dry I filed her nails and used a pumice stone on her heels, making sure to sneak a glance up her sundress as I worked.

Next I put a few drops of baby oil on her legs and smeared it all over so the razor was free to glide over her skin, soon removing any stubble. When I told her to slip her dress off her shoulders she looked around nervously as if she was afraid of being seen but, when she was satisfied she was not visible from any angle, she wriggled out of her dress so I could access her underarms and quickly tidy her up.

I usually used an electric lady shaver for her pubic area but today I had other plans. Nipping indoors I returned with an aerosol can of whipped cream and a towel to wipe the dollops beşiktaş escort of “hairy” cream off. I asked her to slip off her knickers and lay on the sun bed with her feet on the deck either side of the frame. This position spread her thighs giving me room to coat her pussy with cream ready for the final stage of hair removal. Knowing the safety razor was sharper than the usual tool I reminded her that any movement might result in a nick from the blade and started to scrape of the cream before the sun melted it all.

The area above her pussy was soon cleaned off so I carefully moved down one side of her labia, gently moving her lips to one side to let me clean her off. The slickness of the cream made it hard to maintain my hand position and I “accidentally” slipped a finger between her lips and touched her clit. Her hips lifted off the sunbed as she tried to ride my finger but I pulled out and moved to clean the other side of her labia. The densest thatch was always just above the hood over her clit and I used one hand to spread her lips so I could remove the last patch of pubes.

Carefully I covered her clit with my middle finger and scraped off the last of the cream. Fear of a razor nick kept her immobile but the heat from her core showed me that, as always, she was turned on by my efforts. When I pronounced the work complete she quickly covered my hand with hers and ground herself against my fingers.

The last şişli escort traces of whipped cream flecked her labia and I couldn’t resist the urge to lick her clean. Soon she was bucking her hips as she roughly pulled me down and ground her pussy against my mouth, the dessert cream mixing with her own juices to provide a tasty blend which I swallowed as she reached a shuddering peak. I had to cover her mouth as she moaned in delight, otherwise any passers by would have known straight away what was occurring the other side of the hedge. As she passed her summit I moved to kiss her and share the taste I had just enjoyed.

She reached for my bulging cock and massaged my erection before freeing me from the confines of my shorts. I stood up and aimed my prick at her mouth which soon engulfed me. I began a slow pumping motion as she kept her head still, using her tongue to work my bell end as I thrust nearly my full length into her moist orifice. Stripping off my T-shirt I thrilled to the feel of sun on my back and the sight of my hard on being swallowed enthusiastically. To delay the climax I could feel building I pulled back and let her use her tongue to titillate my balls and the base of my cock. Even this proved nearly too much and I took a step back to let the excitement levels drop.

Pulling her to her feet I guided her to the railings around the deck, grabbing the aerosol as I went. Once there I cuddled her from behind, merter escort by cock sliding between her thighs as I bent her forward so she could grasp the bottom rail, presenting her gaping pussy to me as I used my knees to spread her legs wider apart. Although she was already juiced up I squirted a generous blob of cream on my bell end before taking aim and parting her labia as I thrust into her exposed pussy.

She was pinned in place as I slowly buried my whole length inside her, the whipped cream forming a halo around my cock as I bottomed out. Withdrawing slowly I let her lips close before driving back in again, repeating this created the same sensation as her earlier oral workout. Just putting the first couple of inches in before reversing worked my foreskin over my bell end every time, guaranteed to bring me to the boil again.

Taking one hand off the railing she reached up between her legs and massaged by balls, increasing my excitement levels and causing me to plunge my whole prick into her, my balls rubbing on her exposed clit as I pumped into her sopping pussy. She now used her hand to caress her clit as I held her hips, my thumbs stretching her lips wide which seemed to make her vaginal walls tighten around me. Knowing this would rapidly take me past the point of no return I eased back, a sexy squelch coming from her fanny as I moved to lay down on the sun warmed deck.

Reading my mind she assumed a 69 position and we achieved a simultaneous orgasm, the whipped cream and womanly juices drizzling down my throat as she swallowed my erupting load. Laying side by side as our heart beats returned to normal we agreed this would be the first of many episodes in our new play zone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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