Cum heals (Pt 2)

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Cum heals (Pt 2)CHAPTER THREEI was shocked. Didn’t I lock the damn door? I must have looked guilty. There walked in Sara. She was a co-worker that I had worked with for the last 3 years. “What the hell are you doing, Jim?”“Ah, I’m just looking at her chart and her knee,” I said unconvincingly. How much did she see? Did she see anything? “I thought I knew her,” I lied, “but it wasn’t the person I was thinking of.” Boy, did that sound lame.She walked over to the patient and me. “What’s this goo on her leg?”“Ah, just an ointment.”“What kind? Look Jim. What?? This looks like, like. . . sperm.” She was now shocked. “Did you masturbate on her? Are you a pervert? How could you?” She started toward the door. I jumped in front of her.“Look Sara. Let me explain. I think she’ll be better now.”“Get out of the way, you freak.” I pulled her and cupped my hand over her mouth. Although she was struggling, I pulled her over to the patient.“Look Sara. I know this looks real bad but hear me out. I’m going to let you go but first look at Rebecca. Look at her knee.” Sara looked. She decreased her struggle. “Look at her knee for the next 10 minutes. It’s already looking better. The scar is disappearing. Look at it.” She became completely relaxed. I let her go completely. “If you just watch, she’ll heal right in front of us.” Damn, I hoped I was right because if I wasn’t, I was going to be in such deep shit.I explained, “That which I put on her will help her.” She looked at me not saying a word. We silently sat down and for the next 5 minutes –it felt like hours- we didn’t say anything to each other. We just looked at Rebecca’s scar disappearing before our eyes. It was after 10 minutes when Sara calmly asked, “what just happened, Jim. I saw sperm on her leg. I saw you rubbing it on her.”I paused before answering. I looked at her. She was a white woman in late 20s at about 130 lbs, 5 ft 6 inches, with strawberry blond hair. Rumors were that she was living with a jerk guy until just recently. They had some bad breakup of some sort although I wasn’t sure on the details of why. “Sara. It started like this. Remember when I went to go fishing for vacation and . . . “ It was a long story. It was almost 2 hours later when I finished. I even told her about my burnt hands. She sat there just dumbfounded looking at me. “Can you heal cancer? What else can you do? Are you going to tell anyone?”“I don’t know, Sara. This is all new to me. However, I don’t want to tell a sole about this. You know as well as I do that I’d end up getting dissected, poked, and prodded. That doesn’t sound like my idea of a good time.” It was about that time that Rebecca started to stir. The sedative was wearing off. It’d only be a few minutes before she was awake again. “When she wakes up, you or I need to examine her to see what’s happening. Maybe take an X-ray.”“I’ll do it;” Sara offered. “If something goes wrong, or right for that matter, it may be best that you’re not around. Others will probably want to question you if you were the last person that she remembers seeing.” She was right.“Let me know as soon as you find something out.” We decided to meet at the corner coffee house after her shift, in about 2 more hours. It was surprisingly calm that night. We weren’t interrupted at all. Amazing enough. After I left her I went home. Minutes dragged like hours. The phone rang. “Hello?”“Hi Jim.” It was Sara. “See you in 20 minutes. I have interesting news.” I could tell she was in a hurry.“Sara. Wait. Don’t go. What’s up?”“Can’t talk now. Too many people. See you in 20.”I went to the diner. There were two coffees on the table. What’s happening? I needed to have better patience. Then I saw her walk in the door. She came over and sat across from me.“You won’t believe what happened there. Rebecca is going berserk.” Sara was either excited or agitated.“What do you mean? What happened? You gotta tell me!”“Jim. Rebecca woke up and said she felt great. She pulled her leg toward the floor. She slowly put her weight on it and then she started walking on it. I tell you, it was amazing.”“What else happened? Did she mention me?”“All she said about you is that you gave her something to help her with the pain. She was wondering if that had anything to do with the fast healing.”“What else happened?” I asked impatiently.“Since it’s night, her doctor wasn’t there. But I took her to radiology for a second x-ray.”“Yeah, tell me,” I said, on the edge of my seat.She paused. “Rebecca’s kneecap is completely better. There’s not even a fuckin’ scar on her leg. Her doctor’s gonna shit a brick when he sees this tomorrow.”“Sara, I have to be careful or I’m going to get dragged into something I don’t want. I have to lay low. If this happens again, others will put 2 and 2 together and I’ll be on some damn observation table with my dick hung out for all to see.”Sara paused and looked away and then back at me. “You have a point, Jim. In fact, a real good point. However, let’s look at this carefully.”“‘Let’s’? “ I asked. “What’s this ‘let’s’ stuff?”“Fair enough. I’m sorry. What I mean is here’s an opportunity. It’s literally in your fuckin’ lap. ‘Let’s’ experiment.”“Didn’t you just hear me? The ‘lay low’ talk a second ago?” Sara was good looking but not that great at hearing.“Sure, I heard you. But listen. Let me help you to know the potential of this gift. I can help.”‘Gift.’ I guess it was a gift. I’m still trying to figure this out.Sara continued, “You can put some of your sperm in a beaker. I can rub it on rashes or whatever. There’s lots of things to look at here.”It was worth a try, I guess. After all, I really did want to know. “What’s in it for you, Sara?”“Look Jim. I could have turned you in now by now, but I didn’t. It looks suspicious that you even came to the hospital on your vacation. Two others saw you in your uniform. Shit, Rebecca even saw you.”Damn, she was right. In all my excitement, I obviously didn’t think this thing through, as I should have.“Besides,” she said. “If I ever get sick, I definitely want you in my camp. Now, do we have a trust here?”I looked at her canlı kaçak iddaa and smiled. “What do you have in mind?”CHAPTER FOURFor the next 2 months, we did a lot of experiments. Sara and I came pretty close during this time. She conducted several analyses on me. It felt a little awkward. We measured my weight and height. 185 lbs and 6 ft, respectively. She also wanted to know the specifications on my “penis,” as she called it. Limp it was a “normal” circumcised dick. Erected, it was 8 ½ inches long and an average of 5 ¾ inch in circumference. Gotta say it was both ackward and hot as she measured me. She analyzed my sperm count was especially active. Not necessarily in potency but the sperms were mixed with hexagon and octagon shaped elements. Sara called them ‘stop-signs’. These seemed to be the main difference. We learned that these ‘stop-signs’ didn’t last but a few minutes. After about 5 minutes all evidence of their existence disappeared. Including my own sperm and semen. The consistency of my semen was “normal”. It just all turned to a slight acid based water after 1 to 20 minutes.It was during the first week of my return from vacation that we also discovered that my sperm in a beaker did NOT seem to do anything! Immediately after I masturbated she took of my semen and rubbed it on burn patients and others with rashes. There was no success with this approach. At the end of the first week, we decided to go into a patient’s room that had a bad accident where a car battery exploded on some guy’s hands. Since the beakers, cups, plastic wear, and other containers weren’t working, we thought that I try and beat off on someone injuries.Sara had made sure that the man was in a deep sleep. Then she and I both went in the room and locked it. She took his hands out and out them in front of me. We looked at each other, awkwardly for a few seconds. “Well, big boy. Are you ready,” she asked.I felt a little weird but I parted my uniform and unzipped my pants. I pulled my dick out. Sara gave it that look like she was looking at gold bullion. I was hard just by her looking.“Shit, this feels weird beating off on some guy’s hand, Sara.”“It’s okay.” She smiled. Don’t feel awkward. Just do it,” she encouraged me. “It’ll be all right.”I started stoking my 8 inch dick. It was a little slow at first but as I saw her gazing at me, it excited me. I was beating off in front of Sara Bridges, a nice looking strawberry blond. It began to feel better and better until I finally spurted my jism on the guy’s hands. Sara smiled and started to rub my sperm on the guy’s hands. I looked at her massaging my sperm in his skin. Wow, it was nice. I put my dick back, zipped my pants, and we sat and watched. It was after 5 minutes that we began to see his hands begin to heal. We looked at each other excitedly. It was after 15 minutes that his hands were back to normal.“Obviously, there must be direct contact from the sperm from your penis to the recipient,” she theorized. “All the containers don’t work. What just happened proves this.”“That makes sense,” I said. “It’s also consistent with everything else. Those natives spraying me with their sperm; the time that I burnt my hands; the time Rebecca was healed; and now this. There must be direct contact. No go-betweens. My sperm has to directly come from me.”“So far, we’ve only seen results with skin problems and bones. What about internal injuries? Lung cancer? AIDS? Blindness? You name it,” Sara said.“So far, we’re going in the right direction,” I replied. Doesn’t room 222 have some chick with appendix? In a couple of hours, we can try her place.”She liked the idea. However, we first had to wrap the guy’s hands in bandages so he wouldn’t know he was healed. It’d be about 2 or 3 days until he found out he was better. Although the doctors would be amazed, they’d dismiss it as a fluke fast healing.Sara made sure the appendix chick – her name was Susan – was sedated. After a couple of hours of shift running, we returned to Susan’s room. The patient had what appeared to be a recurring infection. When Sara lifted Susan’s shirt exposing her belly you could see bruising and a slight hump on her lower right side.“Well, big boy,” Sara said again. “Are you ‘up’ to it?” I gave a sideway smirk and heaved out my manhood. As I smiled, I reached and further lifted the patient’s shirt exposing her tits. I also pulled her panties aside exposing her nice pussy.“Oh yeah. I’m now ready.” Sara looked a little worried. “It’s okay. I’m not gonna do anything. This is just a perk.” She seemed a little calmer now. I started stoking myself. Again, Sara was watching me and I was watching her as well as the set of tits and pussy in front of me. I started to build a climax. As I did, I reached to Susan’s pussy touching it. Sara looked startled but I lightly touched the patient’s cunt as I started to spurt all over her stomach and the area that was injured. My cum covered her and some even got on her tits. What a rush it was.As I started to relax, Sara started to smear my cum on Susan’s stomach. I zipped my pants up and we started to watch to see if anything would happen. After a few minutes we could only see very little change. After 20 minutes, I said, “there’s very little happening. Just a slight improvement. Why didn’t it work?”“Maybe you can only cum once a day. Or maybe your semen on works on bones and soft tissue.” “Maybe you’re right. Or, maybe I loose potency when I ejaculate too close together.” Then I started to pantic. “Or maybe I’m loosing it all.”Sara looked up at me. “No, I doubt that’s the case. What did we do different than from before?” She paused. “Wait a second. You touched her. Could tat have done anything?”“I doubt it. I touched Rebecca even more.”She looked at me a little weird and with some disapproval. “Look, I’ll clean this mess up and tomorrow we’ll try again.”I helped her out. We weren’t sure what we’d do tomorrow but we’d think of something. What better place to be in than a place full of sick people when you think you may have a snake-oil cure in your dick. CHAPTER canlı kaçak bahis FIVEI got home at about 8:am and I was tired. After all, how many guys can go to work and can cum a couple of times, on other people. I guess I didn’t have it that bad. I was still nervous that I might be loosing my ability. Why didn’t it work on that Susan chick? Am I ineffective with internal injuries? I couldn’t wait to get back to work that night. I simply just had to know.It was 10:pm when my shift started. I was there an hour early. Sara came in before I did. She had started scanning some charts. When nobody was paying attention I asked her Susan’s status.“She’s significantly better howbeit she’s still infected. I’ve been wondering about ’proximity’.”I knew what she meant. “Same here. Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?”She looked around. “Maybe you have to be closer. In the other cases, your semen made close contact.” She paused and looked around again. “Maybe you have to fuck her.” She smirked a smile.“You mean maybe I have to fuck her ‘for her own good’?” She motioned me to be quieter. “Think about it. If your semen is inside her, it’ll have a more direct proximity to the injuries. We need to be sure.”“And you’re planning . . ., what? Are you suggesting we sedate her and I fuck her?” I’ve heard worse ideas.“How are we going to know for sure unless we do this?” “Look. Don’t get me wrong. Susan would be a nice fuck. But you just got through saying she’s ‘significantly better.’ Is there a better opportunity?”Sara looked around to be sure she wouldn’t be heard. “I saw the way you looked at her. Think of it as you were feeling and seeing her pussy and tits. Wouldn’t you just love to fuck that bitch?” She paused and smiled. “If not for yourself; then for her. Fuck her ‘for her own good’, as you say.”She had me hooked. “Set it up, girlfriend.”It was a little after 1:am. The coast was clear. Sara had already sedated Susan and she was out. This was going to be really strange. Fucking a chick that couldn’t move. It’d be like fucking a lifeless person. Uhgg. I didn’t even want to go there. On top of this, Sara would be there again. She’ the one I’d like to bone. Does she have any pussy rashes or SIDs? I’d be glad to help her.“Okay, Jim. Everything is set. Susan is ready.” I looked at Susan on the hospital bed. Sara lifted the sheets. “Look at those nice soft tits.” She pulled Susan’s panties off exposing her pussy. “Look Jim. You know you want this. Do it. Here’s the KY.” With that, she applied some jelly to Susan’s cunt hole and she handed me the tube for myself.She was so right – I wanted this, and how. I took off my shoes and unzipped my pants and slid down my underwear and pants. I had a real strong hard-on that needed to be tamed. Sara and I looked at each other as I got on the hospital bed and I started to lie on top of Susan. I started to insert my raging 8 incher inside her. I started to fuck and pump that bitch. At first slowly because Sara was watching. But as it felt better and better, I didn’t care. In fact it excited me that she was watching me fuck this sleeping chick. “Go as deep as you can, Jim,” she said. That put me over the edge. I started to drill the patient up her cunt with my dick. I went as deep as possible and released my load. I spurted way inside her and it felt great.As I started to calm down, Sara said, “I see you enjoyed your work.” She smiled. Man, I’d like to drop a load inside her, I thought. I smiled back. I slowly removed my dick from Susan. I got off the bed and let Sara clean up things as I got dressed. Sara put everything back as it was before we got there. After we were done and I was dressed, we lifted up Susan’s smock and sheets to monitor her bruise and hump on her belly. It was after only a couple of minutes that we saw she was looking better. We started to get excited. It was about 5 minutes later that we couldn’t see any evidence of any previous injuries.We were so excited that we hugged each other. “Wow,” Sara said. “This answers our questions. Proximity has everything to do how your semen heals injuries.”“But what does this all mean?” I asked. What if they have liver problems? Do I fuck them? What if it’s a heart problem? Throat cancer? Brain tumor? If proximity is crucial, do they have to give me a blow job?”“Shit, I don’t know. Maybe. It seems a strong argument that as the illness or injury is closest to the head that semen enter the mouth ears, eyes, or,” she paused again. “Or the throat.” She smiled.Still excited I looked down as I was sitting. “What if it’s some fat asshole guy with some damn prostrate problem? I don’t want to corn-hole some fat ass 70 year old dude.” I looked up at her. “This is another reason that my secret never, never get out. I’d lose my life trying to save others.”Sara smiled. “I agree.”After a few more minutes we left Susan’s room. It would only be a matter of a few hours that her doctor would examine her and find her in complete recovery. Susan would be returning home, today.CHAPTER SIXWe continued to experiment and look for opportunities. On one strange night there was a d**g bust that went down in a bad away. There were shooting victims in the ER. The ER office called us floor nurses to help with the over flow. Sara stayed upstairs but I went down to assist. One of the people admitted was a young woman u*********s and bleeding badly from a gunshot wound to the lower left side of her abdomen. She was one of the more urgent care priorities. The ER docs got her bleeding taken care of. She was critical but at least she was stable. I heard the attending doctor ask one of the ER nurses to wheel her to radiology, upstairs. I hit the supply floor button along with 2 others, including the radiology floor. Was I being real stupid in my thinking? Would I be able to help that young gal? This all ran through my mind. In the corner of my eye I watched all this happen as I was working on 2 other low priority patients. An opportunity opened up for me to escape the ER. I volunteered to grab some supplies. This was a hated job and bahis siteleri canlı it usually took a long time, but I saw it as my chance. I got in the elevator but instead of going to the supply floor, I past it. Just in case anyone was watching the floor indicator lights on the ER ground floor, I hit a few other floors.Now, I was on the radiology floor. I snuck to the trauma area. There was the young lady in a room by herself. The radiologist must be on his way. I looked at her chart. It showed her name as Rhonda Adams and she was 19 years old. Parents live out of town. She wouldn’t be x-rayed for at least another hour. I lifted the sheets to the gurney and saw what looked like hamburger. This was going to be really weird but I had to know. Can my semen handle this? I made sure nobody was near by and I unzipped my pants and heaved my dick out. It was engorging with blood. I began to stroke it more and more. Looking at this poor chick turned me off. I had to think of something else. My mind went to Sara. Beautiful strawberry blond hair, at least a 34 inch rack and nice ass. Before too long I was building up to a beautiful climax. I let my seed fall all over Rhonda’s abdomen area. I put my dick away and then I smeared my semen all around her bloody and bruised stomach and injured areas. I then sat and waited. It seemed like an hour. But after looking at the clock I could see dramatic improvement after 5 minutes. After 15 minutes she was still badly scarred and bruised. I couldn’t see inside her (radiology will do that soon enough) but she was a lot better. She was going to live. I hurried to supplies and returned to the ER. Nobody missed me. Life goes on. I had to finish up and find Sara and tell her the news. It wasn’t until 6:am that I was able to return upstairs. I found Sara about 3 minutes later. She saw me and I had a big smile.“What are you happy about? Don’t you know ER’s are supposed to be depressing?”“Sara. Quick. Pull up Rhonda Adams on the computer. What’s her condition?”She looked around to make the coast was clear. “What you do, Jim? Who’s Rhonda?”I explained to her what happened. She became immediately worried that I may have been seen. I reassured her of all the precautions I took. The elevator buttons cover up. Nobody saw me in radiology. Two other nurses saw me at the supply rooms. I was safe. After reassuring her and calming her down, she pulled Rhonda Adams up on the screen.“We’re in luck,” she said. He radiologist has already dictated his report.” She paused and read on. “Damn Jim. It states that the patient has ‘serious bruising and swelling’ but that she’s alright. She’s been downgraded and should be released today or tomorrow, depending on her condition.”“Wow, it keeps getting better. I can’t believe it Sara. She looked like hamburger. The sheets were all covered in blood.”“I must remind you. You took a big chance of exposing yourself. No pun intended.”“I know and I thought about it. There was no previous evidence of her injuries. I got there before the radiologist did. All we have are nurses’ records. They did their deal during a time when all hell broke loose. No one will remember Rhonda. And even if they did, there was so much chaos going on, it would be chalked off as human error. It was a great opportunity. Believe me, I’m not to chance something and get my dick chopped off unless I feel safe. That pun was intended.” I smiled.“She didn’t completely heal, though. Doesn’t that bother you?” she asked.“Not really. I suspected so. When I had my frostbite, it was several men that coated me; not one. I suspected that one time wouldn’t be enough. I feel confident that if I could fuck her now, she’d completely be healed.”“You may be right but let’s not test your theory. The report says she’ll be fine and probably released today.” CHAPTER SEVENFor the next month we further learned even more of my abilities. My semen was more potent and effective if I hadn’t climaxed for long periods of time. It was less potent if I came 2 or 3 times a day. The more I cum I ejaculated, the more effective the healing semen would be. More is better, in this case. We also learned that I could cum on topical wounds or injuries to limbs such as legs and arms. If it was internal mid or lower abdomen, it was better that I fuck the subjects. If it was internal mid to higher chest, it was better that I came in their mouth. Last month was adventurous and the ER was pretty busy but it was a time to experiment. In that time I cured 6 whores with SID’s and/or AIDS. I fucked 5 other chicks for a variety of internal problems. I butt fucked 2 chicks for intestinal disorders. I masturbated on 9 women with breast cancer. The worse thing I did was beat off in the throat of some older woman because she had a tackiotomy, or throat surgery. Of course we had to do this all under everyone’s radar.We noticed something else. If the subjects were awake, the healing was much more effective. We determined that sedation hindered but that heighten awareness-increased effectiveness. When I fucked the whores, they were all awake. (They fucked for some of their medical costs to be reduced.) The fact that cures were much more effective if the patient was awake was very interesting. Why was this so??One of the oddest experiments was with an 82 year old woman. She was getting senile and not able to remember names or important details. She was admitted for a recent hip surgery and she was being monitored. The next day, her memory was much better. Although not completely back to normal, she was much better. This was a relief and disappointment. It would stand out as too peculiar if she were completely normal. This was quite an unpleasant experiment but Sara wanted to know the outcome – it was weird.There were 22 subjects in total. All were either completely whole or at least they were a lot better. It didn’t seem to make any difference whether it was daylight or nighttime. The main factors were proximity, how much semen I had, if I’d cum too recently, and if the subject was awake or not. Sara also pointed out a few times all the subjects were women, except the man with burnt hands. Would there be difference with the men? I remembered all those native Canadian Indian guys spurting me with their cum and how it took away my frostbite. Then I told her I wasn’t in any hurry to find out.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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