My Step-Daughter and I go Camping

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My Step-Daughter and I go CampingThe story that I’m about to tell you took place 4 years ago when I was 53 and my step-daughter was 26 years old, the oldest of three step-k**s, 1 boy 25 at the time and the youngest a girl 23. This story is about the oldest step-daughter and myself. The wife and I met at a swingers party 2 years before this story takes place. Her three k**s are not into the swingers life styl like the wife and I are. A little about me, I’m only 5 feet 5 in. with a little bit of a gut starting to show. The step-daughter stood 5 feet 1 1/2 in. with shoulder length dark brown hair, with 43DD tits, and about 75 pounds over waight which isn’t bad since she has lost 78 pounds from working out since she moved in with the wife and I, shortly after her husband died just over a year ago, leaving her to raise 2 k**s on her own. She had been talking to another woman that started trying to tell her what to do and how to do it, and it did not set well with my step-daughter Breanne. Breanne and I had gone to another town, that was about 36 miles away, to do some shopping for things that the wife, daughter, and step-grandk**s would need while I was away camping with the group as well as pick up a few things to take with me that can not be found in the small town we live in. The wife wasn’t able to go camping this weekend cause of her job being the night shift at a convience store in the town we lived in. As I drove back to our home, Beanne answered her cell phone then with a shot pause after saying ‘helo’, she started going off on whom ever had called her. The heated conversation went on for about five min. when Breanne said, “Just fuck off and do not ever call me again.” then she hung up her cell phone. “Do you want to talk about it?” I asked. “She wants me to leave my k**s behind with you and mom to raise while I go live with her and her mom, cause she thinks she can take care of me the way I need to be taken care of. Now how she thinks she can do that when she does not have a job and when she does get one she can not keep it long before she get’s fired from it. She seams to think I do not need to work, that all I have to do is just sit around the house while she takes care of me by waiting on me hand and foot. I told her that I am not going to leave my k**s behind any where because it is my responsabilaty to take care of my k**s, not any one elses responsabilaty.” When I got to a pull out on the side of the road, I pulled over into it and stop and listend to what all she had to say. When she finished telling me every thing, I said, “Come over here and let me hug you.” while giving her a hug I told her, “Maybe you need to get away yourself for a couple of days or so. I do wish you was going with me camping to get away for the weekend, or you and I can go some where, where it is just you and me since you have no way of going any where to be alone and away from it all. That way you can get your head on straight and figure out what is you want to do with your life besides take care, and raise your two k**s”. “I will not ask you to just take me some where else since you done have this camping trip planed out, But if it is alright with you I will think about going with you and the group your going with. I do have a question though.” “And what is that?” “What do I do with my 2 k**s, even though Conny is 8 years old, she is not ready to be left alone with Braydon.” Braydon is her 3 year old son. “Call Alice to see if she would like to watch them till monday and I’ll pay her when we pick them up.” As Brean picked up her cell phone I pulled out onto the road and drove the reast of the way home. When we got back home we took everything out the back of the pickup and took it into the house. As the wife started putting things away that Breanne and I brought in, “I have your bag packed babe in on the bed.” “Okay, thanks sexy.” as I started out to load the pickup trailer bed with all my camping stuff. When I had a few things loaded up in the trailer Breanne came out and said, “I’ve decided to go with you if it is still okay with you.” “No problem, just get your bags ready and I’ll put them in with my bags when I’m ready for them.” “What all do I need to take with me?” “Just something to sleep in if you sleep in anythig at all, something to swim in the lake in, a bath towel or 2, a wash cloth, your pillows, sheets, and a blanket or 2, and a change of clothes for every day we’re there since you do not plan on going nude any time while we’re there.” Alice came over and got the 2 step-grandk**s just as I finished putting the last of our stuff into the back of the pickup that wouldn’t fit into the trailer, and then with 1 more look around to make sure we had everything I told the wife bye and then Breanne and I were on our way. Breanne and I got to the camp site to see that Dan and his wife (the couple that started the group the wife and I swing with) had just showed up 2 min. ahead of us. After figuring out where the tents was going to be set up at and the cooking spot was to be set up we started setting up camp. After the tent that I would be sleeping in was set up Breanne and I started setting up her tent just over from my tent to where we could walk between them in the night if need be with out tripping over guideropes. By the time we had our tents set up another 2 couples showed up and was setting up their tents, then Dan came over to me and said “We may have a couple of single women coming tomorrow bahis şirketleri if they do not have to work in some one else’s place. Now how does Breanne feel about every one going nude around here?” “It will be okay, because I do not want to spoil every one’s fun just because of me, and that goes for you to dad, just be yourself out here.” “I will go let every one know that Breanne is not a swinger but does not mind if we all end up nude in front of her, so they can get as comfortable as they want to.” Dan said before turning to go talk with the other couples. When every one was finished setting up in their tents and ready to do what ever with the group or as a group we all decided to go down to the lake and wash off the sweat and dirt that we all had on us from the work of setting every thing up. Breanne walked beside me down to the lake with all of her clothes on and me in my boxers not knowing if any boats might be close by that we couldn’t see from our camp site. I did notice that Breanne had changed into another pair of shorts but I did not know if she left her underpants on or not, but she still had a bra on under her t-shirt. Seeing that no boats were any where close to us I took off my boxers and laid them down with my bath towel and then waded off into the lake water with the rest of the group and started washing off as Breanne just waded on out a little ways from the water eadge away from the rest of us to relax in the water and to be in her own thoughts. After I finished washing myself off, I took the soap up on shore and put it with my boxers and bath towel, then turned and waded out to where Breanne was at, “Every one is going up to grab a bite then relax around the camp and catch up with what all is going on with every one if you want to join us.”. “I’ll be up in a few if you don’t mind.” “Okay, take your time.” As I finished putting a sandwitch together, Breanne came up and made a sandwitch for herself and then sat in a chair over by Dan, his wife and me. every one was sitting around in the nude after coming out of the lake except for Breanne. The reast of the afternoon we all talked and at different times 2 or 3 of us went down to the lake to cool off some till supper time when myself and Dan’s wife started cooking something up for every one to eat. After supper there was more sitting around and talking and some went off into someone’s tent’s and you could tell who and when some one had an orgasum from the sounds being made at different times. About the time different ones were fixing to turn in for the night we saw it lighting off in the distance so Dan got a bit over excited or something, so he went to making sure nothing would get wet or blow away with any winds that might come up with the storm that seamed to be comeing toward us. I help to make sure a few things were secure as well but with what I saw on the radar on Dan’s phone it was just going to miss us, but Dan said it was coming right at us when he looked at it and then showed it to me, but I saw it differently. With Dan being overly excited or what ever he was, Breanne got scared so she asked me, “Dad, may I sleep with you tonight in your tent?” “I guess you can but there isn’t any room for both of our matterses to fit in the one tent since they are both full size air matteress, and I do sleep in the nude all the time.” “That’s okay since I’ve seen you nude all afternoon.” I saw Breanne go into her tent and by the time she got in and baybe turned around a flash of lightning stuck again and she came out of the tent with some clothes in her hands and ran over toward me. Dan told me he was ‘turning in for the night’ and I said “Same here” I turned to Breanne, “Are you going to change into something else to sleep in?” “I want to, but I want you to stand by the door while I change in case lightning stricks again.” A few seconds after Breanne got the door to my tent zipped closed a flash of lightning did strike and “DAD GET IN HERE NOW!” just as I got the door open the sheet on my bed was settling down over Breanne’s body in the middle of the full size air mattress. Just as I lifted the sheet to crawl under the sheet the lightning flashed again and it give me a full veiw of Breanne’s back side. Her t-shirt was bunched up around the middle of her back leaving her nude from the middle of her back all the way down to her bare feet. I got a good veiw of her big bare bubble butt for the first time in my life of being married to her mom and it gave me an instant hard on.”You need to slide over just a bit so that I can get in here with you, or you may be feeling something you do not want to feel from me.”Breanne slide over more to her side and just as I got settled into place on my side facing her back another flash light up the sky then she was right up against me just as the clap of thunder sounded, wedging my hard cock between her butt crack and me. When the next fash light up the sky and then the sound of thunder, “DAD hold me please!”I put my right arm around her on her bare skin just under her tits, “Hold me with both arms please.” I then moved my left arm in under her neck and around under her chin then a flash and thunder sounded she took both of my hands and moved them over each one of her tits and held my hands there not moving at all.A couple of min. later as the lightning and thunder starded to move out past us she started rubbing her butt up and down my still hard cock and making my hands massage illegal bahis her DD tits and her nipples got hard in the palm of my hands with just a t-shirt between my hands and her tits.”It feels like you have a good size cock there dad.””I’m told it’s big by your mom and a few other women that I’ve played with.”Then Breanne moved my hands down and back up under her t-shirt to where my hands were now on her bare tits causing her t-shirt to move up higher on her chest. Then she turned over on to her back and took off her t-shirt and tosed it aside then she took a hold of my stiff cock with her hand and started stroking it up and down, “My dead husbands was about this long but not as thick as your’s. I see why mom loves to play with you every chance she gets.””What do you think she would say if she knows you and I play around together?””She would have a fit and be kicking you out if not both of us.””You are right about that for sure. So if we do finish what is started here we will have to keep it a secret for sure, do you think that you can?””I can, but what about your friends out there in the other tents?””The rule is what ever happens in the group stays in the group and nothing is to be said to other spouses about what another spouse does except by the spouse that does the act. So the only way your mom would find out is if I myself say something to her about it. Which means you are not to say anything about what I do or what Dan does or Dan’s wife does or any one else in the group does to any one including another group member.””I can live with that. I guess that is why no names is called when I’ve heard you and mom talking about what all you and her do at these camp outs or partys?””That’s right. Now what do you want to do?”The whole time she kept strocking my cock and not saying her answer she just turned around and went to licking and sucking my cock. I give a light tug on her leg that she placed closest to my head, which she then lifted and brought over to the other side of my head, so that she was stradle me with her pussy over my face, then I kissed her inner thigh up to her pussy then went to licking and kissing her outer lips.With a lick from the front to the back on one lip then over on the other lip from the back to the front and then to the back between her pussy lips, she lowered herself down then on my back toward the front between the lips I could taste her juices and when I licked my toung across her clit she moned causing a viberation on my cock she had stuffed into her mouth.I made another pass over her clit to her tante and back toward her clit then as I started sucking and licking her clit I stuck a finger into her love hole till she was opened enough, I then stuck a second finger into her love hole.I worked both fingers in and out of her pussy while I suck and licked on her clit and felt her quit sucking on my cock a couple of times but she held on with her hand around it and the third time she quit sucking and licking my cock she flooded me with her orgasum. I did my best to lick and suck all of her juices up as she flooded my face with her sweet cum. When her spasums and heavy breathing slowed down she started moving down toward the foot of the bed, “I have to have your thick hard cock in my pussy now dad.” still holding onto my cock and then possitioning herself over the top of my dick, and then rubbing it along her slit just inside of her pussy lips a couple of times, then she slowly eased herself down onto my cock.When she settled all the way down on it she just sat there a moment to get a feel of my cock inside of her and to get used to the thickness of it. As she was taking me into her pussy I noticed how hot, wet, and tight she was for having to k**s, which was unbelivable on how tight she is. She has the tights pussy I have ever been in my intire life.Before she went to bouncing up and down on my dick I reached up and around her took a hold on her tits and started massaging them in my hands from behind her. She then leaned back toward me and started giyrating her hipps back and forth on my cock then she placed her hands back on my chest and started bouncing up and down on my dick.A short time of bouncing up and down on my cock she then sat up and leaned foreward some and contenued bouncing up and down. I placed my hands under her butt to help her out by lifting her up on her up strock and then letting her drop on the down strock. It wasn’t long till she had another orgasum and went to jerking around on top of me while I kept pushing up into her and back down gently till she rode her orgasum out.When she had calmed down from her orgasum she turned around to face me still staying on top of me then she leaned over pressing her tits into my chest and went to kissing me like a lover does and I kissed her back the same way. While we were kissing each other she went to taking my cock in and out again of her pussy and I went to meeting her every stroke.She broke the kiss saying, “I love you dad.” “I love you too Breanne.”She sat up then and started bouncing again into another orgasum shortly after, then she fell over on top of me again pressing her tits into my chest. I let her lay there just a moment, then I rolled her over onto her back with me on top and not letting my dick come out of her pussy and bent to where I could suck on her big tits that I have been wanting to see since I met her, which was shortly after I met her mom. I took a tit into each hand illegal bahis siteleri and went to sucking on one tit for a bit then onto the other tit. After going back and forth sucking and licking on her tits for a moment she held my head to her for a moment then pulled me up and went to kissing me again like before, then “Please fuck me dad, I want more.”I started moving in and out of her pussy and kissed her again the same way she did me, then I raised up and played with her tits while I fucked in and out of her just a bit faster than I was while we were kissing each other.”Oh god dad, your dick feels so good going in and out of me like that. I have never been filled up the way you fill me up.””I must say I’ve never had as tight of a pussy as you have, in all of my life Breanne.” I saw she was about to have another orgasum again so I picked up the pase a little bit more.”Oh yeeeesssss harder dad harder….. faster dad fasterrrrr.”I did as she wanted then she went into contractions, “Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk me,,,,dddddaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddd!”I had to stop pumping in and out till she stopped jerking around from her contractions cause she clamped down on my dick so hard with her pussy mussels that I couldn’t pump in and out of her.When she finaly did come back down from her cloud I had her turn over on to her knees with her sexy big round butt up in the air toward me, and when she got into possition I pushed back into her pussy and started pumping in and out again while holding onto her butt cheeks, “I have to say you do have a sexy ass back here.” “I think it’s to big myself.””Your mom says that too about her ass, and we both know her’s is smaller than your’s, but I love her ass all the same and I am loving your ass just as much Breanne so do not complane to me about this sexy ass of your’s cause I do love the way it moves when you walk and when you fuck like we are right now. Damn it hot!” just watching her butt cheeks bounce with each in stroke I made got me to pumping in and out a little bit faster.It wasn’t long till Breanne had another orgasum and I had to stop pumping in and out till she came back down from her cloud again.When Breanne calmed down some she said, “I want you on top when you cum dad.””Okay. turn over onto your back and lets see about taking it home then.””I want you to cum in my pussy dad.””Are you sure about that?””Yes I am. Remember, when Brayon was born I had my tubes cut and burned shortly after wards.” Oh yea, I remember now, that your mom told me you did, cause you and DJ didn’t want any more k**s.”I got back between Breanne’s legs on top of her while holding her legs up till they were resting on her tits and as soon as I slid all the way into her pussy to the hilt, I started pumping in and out again, slowly at first and slowly built up speed till she would cum again and had to stop till she calmed down, so that I could continue to fuck in and out of my step-daughter’s pussy again. After having to stop again a second time, I started again then Breanne said, “Cum with me this time dad.” “I will do my best Breanne.”We went at it for a few more min. then “Dad cum with me nowwww…””Hold on just a sec if you can and I will.””Ohhhh fuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkkk ddddaaaaaaddddddd…. I’m ccccvuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!””Mmmmmeeeeee toooooooo.” the way it felt to me that my cock shot out enough cum to last a life time.I didn’t think I was going to stop cumming for a moment there and with every pulse of my pumping cock, I could feel Breanne’s pussy mussles contract and pulse around my dick causing her to cum even more on my cock than she did all the times she did cum on my dick while we fucked.When the two of us finally calmed down and came down out of the clouds I leand over her as her legs slid down beside me on each side she rapped her arms around me and pulled me on down and we started kissing like two lovers that couldn’t get enough of each other.While we kissed I can feel her pussy mussels pulse every little bit around my cock and my dick will pulse every little bit too.After a few min. of kissing my cock finally started to soften and before it feel out of Breanne’s pussy we rolled over onto our sides facing each other still kissing, then when I did fall out from going soft we brock the kiss, “My husband never stayed hard as long as you just did after he cum. How do you do that?””I’ve all ways done that as long as I can remember after I cum for the first time after reaching puperty.””I hope this isn’t the last time we make love like this. I have never cum so much as I just did with you from start to finish.””I hope we get to do this again myself.”We laid and talk a little bit more before we fell asleep in each others arms with clear sky over head and the sound of some one snoring from another tent. Breanne would not go around nude in camp like the rest of us did but she would go into the lake without any clothes on unless it was just her and I in the lake together. She did leave her shorts and panties off and her bra too and just wore a t-shirt that was log enough to be a minie dress that just did cover her butt, unless she bent over, then every one could see her bare butt and pussy lips from behind which got me hard in an instant. The next two nights we all were there, Breanne slept in my tent with me and we had what was a repete of the first night except without the lightning and thunder, and she waited till I was in the tent with her to take her t-shirt off before crawling into bed with me.Sorry for any miss spelt words and hope every one enjoys this story and feed back is welcome as long it is helpful incase I can think of another story to write.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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