Put Your Muffin Where Your Mouth is, Mandy

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Put Your Muffin Where Your Mouth is, MandyPut Your Muffin Where Your Mouth is, MandyWritten by irish4skinStarringMandy Muffin as herselfJosephine James as herself T-Girl Candy Surprise as herselfMILF Delilah as Linda Herrin T-Girl Carla Novaes as herselfCorina Curves as Dr. Carolyn Dick T-Girl Elisangel as herselfDonita Dunes as herself Sasha Grey as herselfT-Girl Adriana Rodriguez as Salina T-Girl Mariana Cordoba as Samantha T-Girl Babydoll as herself T-Girl Yasmine as herselfNicole Montero as the journalistSabrina Suzuki as herselfACT IA Good Head on Your ShouldersMandy and her two friends had just finished dinner and were cruising for somewhere to hang out for awhile since the night was still young. She was in the back seat and leaned towards the driver’s side.“So where are we going next, Susie?” she asked“You’ll see. You both have never been there before and it’s different than anywhere you’ve ever been.” Both she and Luna appeared annoyed at first because this wasn’t the first time their friend Susie wasn’t up to any good. They bit their tongues and decided to go along with it.When they arrived at the place, it looked like an abandoned warehouse with a few cars parked outside. “Is there something you aren’t telling us,” Mandy asked her friend. “It’s not a d**g den or an underground pit fight. You’ll see, my friends. You might actually enjoy it.” She shrugged and followed her friends into the building.Mandy was an attractive dark haired woman in her mid thirties. She looked like a plain Jane but had a lovely figure, stayed active and healthy, making her look at least five to seven years younger. Many guys between 19 and 45 would give her a good glance when she walked by.As they entered the room, they saw a few dozen people in the room. There were mainly women from professionals to college students to tough looking tattooed ladies. It appeared they were placing bets. A pretty blonde woman in her early forties appeared to be collecting the money.“Do I have less than 10 minutes? Less than five minutes. Bets are closing soon.” Many were placing bets, including Susie who handed her a fifty. “What’s this all about?” Mandy and Luna asked.“Take a look over there.” They spotted a young guy with shoulder length blond hair and a young hot brunette by the bar. She was kissing his neck and rubbing his crotch. “It’ll be all in the lips once Linda says the word and closes the bets.”“You mean to tell me this is a cocksucking contest?”“That’s right. It’s about to start any minute.”The older blonde, Linda put money into possession of another party and pulled the young guy and girl to the center of the room. “Okay. The bets are closed.” She looked at the eager couple. “Are you good and stiff? Did you bring your appetite, girl?” The young woman licked her lips hungrily as they guy unzipped his pants. “Ready! Blow!”The young woman quickly yanked the guy’s dick from his pants and began sucking vigorously. Linda appeared to have a stopwatch in hand. “People actually place bets on this? It’s not bad but really?” Mandy asked Susie. “Shh.. I’m trying to watch this. I don’t wanna lose this one.”The young woman kept sucking and would pause a few times to stroke and lick the glans of his penis. The guy leaned against the bar and was gripping the edges to keep from falling over. Linda kept looking at the stopwatch but started to look frustrated. It seemed like the woman was beginning to stop trying.“C’mon! C’mon!” Susie shouted. “I don’t wanna lose 50 bucks!” The five minute mark was almost up. “Don’t stop,” Linda said to the young woman. “Time’s running out. Are you hungry? Don’t you want that come? Stop stalling.”The young woman stopped what she was doing and got up in Linda’s face. “Fuck off, bitch! I’m leaving!” Then she stormed out after giving her and the young guy the finger. Linda was now looking nervous. Looked like all bets were off or she’d get beaten within an inch of her life if she didn’t think of something quick.“Dammit!” Susie scowled. “This night was a bust. I want my money back.”“Wait. Maybe we should help her. She’s outnumbered 20 to 1.”“Who cares and what’s it to you?”“She didn’t see this coming and I kind of feel sorry for that guy. Being all hot and left unsatisfied. I don’t think he was enjoying it as much as it looked like.”“Do you think you should take that tramp’s place?” she laughed. “I’d like to see that.”“You’re on.” She approached Linda. “Don’t be scared. I’m here to help.” “What help can you do?”“I’m Mandy and I’ll take your other girl’s place and suck the hell out of that guy for you.”“Okay. My hands are tied here.” Linda faced the crowd. “Okay, ladies and gentlemen. Here comes a new challenger.” A few began to protest.“Hold on. I think she can do it,” Susie told the crowd. She handed Linda another fifty. “I’ll bet double on this fine lady.” “She looks confident,” said a business woman nearby, “why not keep the bets as they were and redo this.” Mandy had already pulled out the young guy’s cock and started stroking it. “Gotta get the blood flowing again. Especially since that stupid girl didn’t finish what she started.” She got a few laughs out of it.Linda got back to the crowd. “Okay, let’s try this again.” She clutched her stopwatch as Mandy got on her knees. “Ready! Blow!” She lightly took hold of his cock and popped it in her mouth. The sucking was vigorous as it was before, but this time the young guy had to lean against something and started breathing heavily. Her two friends observed it and were getting excited. She began to bob her head back and forth and opened her mouth wider as she could feel the guy’s member swelling. The crowd was getting restless and loud, but she paid no attention only to focus on the cock she was sucking. She took her hand off his cock and gripped his leg and started bobbing faster. The guy started moaning and she looked up to see if he was making eye contact. Linda looked at her stopwatch and looked at Mandy’s sucking. “I think she’s gonna do it! You all think she’s gonna beat the clock?” She wasn’t stopping. “Don’t stop, darling. Make me and this guy proud.”In less than a minute later, the whole room could hear the guy let out a loud sigh. She pulled his cock from her mouth, held it with two of her fingers and let the glans of his penis rest on her tongue as the juices began to flow into her mouth. She took one big gulp of his cock, making sure she didn’t miss a drop of his cum. The crowd was ecstatic and then quickly left the room as if the money they bet no longer mattered.Susie and Luna applauded as well. “That’s our girl! Mandy Muffin!”Mandy and the guy hugged once he put away his package and gave him a kiss on the lips when he thanked her. Linda ran up and hugged her as well.“Thank you! Thank you! You saved me. How can I repay you? How about I buy you dinner?”“I’ve eaten already.”“How about dessert or a drink at least?”“I’d love to but I’m with a few friends.”“The more the merrier. I’m buying.”Mandy looked at her friends and saw them starting to get friendly with the guy she just blew. “I think I’ll go for that drink if my friends don’t mind.”“Go ahead,” Susie told her without looking at them. “Got any more for us?” Luna softly said to the guy. “We’ll be happy to give you a taste.”Linda looked back as her and Mandy were leaving. “I think your MILF friends are gonna make this guy happy long before this night is over.”———————————-Both ladies had a few drinks and talked for about an hour. “I can’t believe she did that,” Linda told Mandy, “and during the contest too. When she first started out, she complained about dicks being too small or too hairy. Then I find this current guy who’s got a big one and she gets repulsed because he’s uncircumcised. After awhile, it didn’t bother her too much, but I don’t know what’s gotten into her.”“Some girls don’t know what they’re missing until it’s too late.”“I mean a dick is a dick, really. I always thought a good size and working dick was what really mattered.”“So what was that all about back in the warehouse, anyway?”“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”“Try me.”“We were just practicing for an underground cocksucking competition.”Mandy began to crack up. “Now that’s a good one or maybe we’re going heavy on the Cabo Wabo shots here.”“I’ll call us a cab. I have to get home to a pink blue veined codfish that needs to be fed.”“You and your jokes, Linda.”—————————————————-Their cab dropped them off at Linda’s place and Mandy followed her without hesitation. She jumped into her arms as soon as they shut the door and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. “I think I’m not drunk enough. Have anything else we can sip?”“I have some champagne in the fridge?”“Champagne will be fine.” They sat together on the couch and kissed some more. Mandy began to fondle Linda’s breasts. “You have implants. I can tell.”“I do. I got them after my second k** became of age.” She smiled at her. “They’re not here right now.” Without thinking, she took off her blouse and bra. “I figured you wanted to see them.”“Well, I guess I did. I think I might be bisexual also. Are you gonna show me your room?”“I thought you’d never ask. I show you mine you show me yours.”Linda sat up on her bed as Mandy began to dance for her. It looked like she was going to take her time, but was out of her clothes in two minutes. “I can’t help it sometimes. I like being naked.” She caressed her own breasts, shook her ass and fingered her twat for the mature blonde. Mandy placed one leg up on the bed and watched Linda move forward and started to lick her shaved pussy. She couldn’t just hear, but feel Mandy cry out in heat. Her body was shaking and her moaning sounded like the gentle sounds of a bell. She didn’t stop eating her out until she was soaking wet. “Thank you,” she happily sighed.Linda knew it was her turn to undress. She decided to make it quick like Mandy did and quickly took off her slacks and then slowly pulled down her underwear. As soon as they hit the floor and she stood up, she revealed her huge hard on. Mandy turned all red and stood there and stared for awhile. “Is that a dick I’m seeing?”Linda was afraid her one night stand was going to grab her clothes and run out the door. She took a deep breath and told her yes. “I should have told you sooner.”Mandy laughed a bit when she looked at Linda’s penis. “You’re uncircumcised I see and it kind of does look like a codfish.”Linda felt embarrassed now. “So you’re not afraid?”“Not at all. You think I haven’t seen a big cock before?” She raised her eyebrows when she took another good look at it. “Is that a foot long?”She smiled and knew Mandy wasn’t afraid. “Ooh… you flatter me.” “No, I mean is that a foot long or is it bigger?”“Maybe we can measure it! Are you still bisexual?”“I might. Let’s find out.” She slowly lay Linda down on the bed and positioned herself to go down. She began to stroke Linda’s cock. “Mmmm. This is a big one. Let’s see how you taste.” She started to gently lick the glans and massage the shaft and balls. Linda cried softly as she did this and started begging for more. Mandy started stroking it up and down while hungrily licking the frenulum of the penis after the glans. “Delicious! I bet you want me to suck you off like I did with that cute guy earlier?” Linda didn’t answer and was shaking. “Just relax. It’s not like this is your very first time.” She sighed as Mandy wrapped her mouth around her throbbing cock and started sucking like a beautiful lady should. The sensation and the taste of Linda’s penis were a whole new thing for her. The lovely blonde slowly pulled Mandy off her for a moment and sat up on the bed on her knees and let her take it from there. It felt even better. She didn’t know how long she could last. They looked each other in the eyes as the sucking continued and knew what would happen soon. Mandy pulled the cock from her mouth and lay down spread out and started fingering her wet clit. “Your turn. I need a break.” Linda went down and savagely licked her up, making her moan louder and making her pussy wetter. They both realized this was just the beginning and knew what they wanted now. Linda started stroking her cock and pointed it towards the willing woman before her.“Do you want to..” she whispered nervously. “if you’re okay with it.”“Do you have any condoms?” Mandy asked, “I’m not on birth control.”Linda got that let down feeling again and hung down her head. “I really wasn’t planning this. Sorry.” She leaned forward and kissed Mandy’s lips. “We don’t have to do this. We’ll just stick to touching and sucking.” She got back on top of Mandy and felt her soft legs wrap around her waist. The tip of the penis was rubbing against the vaginal lips, feeling how soaking wet is.Linda looked down as it was like she was seeing Mandy’s lips constantly kissing her glans, inviting it to enter. The pussy bloomed open like a flower. She leaned back onto Mandy as continued kissing her and then felt her cock slowly slide inside. Mandy looked Linda in the eyes. “Just don’t come inside.” Mandy opened her lips and let it all in. They kissed again as Linda slowly went in and out. She propped herself and threw Mandy’s legs over her head and began pumping. Their moaning and breathing kept the same rhythm and didn’t want to stop. After a few minutes, Mandy got on top of Linda, straddled her cock and started bouncing up and down. Linda enjoyed this too, but giggled as well and nodded her head up and down as Mandy’s jugs were bouncing to the motion.They switched positions a few times and kept kissing each other, maintaining the same sexual rhythm. When Linda felt like she was about to cum, she would ask Mandy to pinch the base or under the frenulum of her penis to slow down any cum flow. She turned Mandy over and began fucking her like a dog and reached around her and squeezed her breasts tightly. So far, she brought Mandy to three orgasms but she just wouldn’t quit. She couldn’t hold it in much longer. Her balls were racing and her penis had nearly swollen to a dark purple. “I’m gonna cum soon. I need to take it out.” She stood up as Mandy sat on the bed and took hold of her cock. She started drumming the cock against her tits and slid it between them for awhile. “Here comes the big finish.” She opened wide and sucked Linda’s cock harder than the young guy from earlier. Linda couldn’t keep up with her sucking rhythm and watched as this lovely lady kept her hands behind her back and wasn’t stopping for anything. From the base to the glans, she could feel her sperm flowing and watch Mandy jerk it viciously and kept her tongue hanging out. Linda’s cock began gushing all over Mandy’s face, hair and mouth. She was trying to catch every drop, but it kept firing. She continued to lick it when the ejaculation stopped. “Don’t tell me that’s it.”“I just need to rest for awhile. I wasn’t expecting this either.” She took a deep breath and kept her eyes on this gem she discovered. “So are we partners?”“More than partners.”ACT IIBlow by BlowAs the ladies were starting on their breakfast, Mandy looked at Linda in her sky blue scrubs. “You’re sure a morning person even after a wild night.”“My roommates and I have to be at work in an hour and a half. They’ll be out of the shower shortly.”“So you’re a nurse I see.”“Yes, now about that offer I mentioned last night.”“What offer?”“About the Blow off contest?”She blushed. “Oh my! You were actually serious.”“After last night, you’re top dollar. My roommate Carolyn back in college used to blow at least four guys without taking a break. Your lips and throat put hers to shame.”“What do I get out of this?”“Half a million in diamonds, but there’s one thing. It’s in San Paolo, Brazil and the cocks being sucked belong to a bunch of hot strapping Brazilian shemales.”“I sucked yours didn’t I?”“Well, there’s a handful of them at the sperm bank where I work,” her roommates entered the kitchen, “and their penises are big like mine too.” Mandy turned around and saw two hot women with their towel in hand. Their penises were large even limp. Linda pointed to the older woman with short brown hair, “This is my best friend, roommate and partner in business and pleasure, Dr. Carolyn Dick.” The younger pale Argentinean girl winked at them, “and this is my daughter, Salina. I adopted her when her mother passed away.”“So what do you all do for a living?” Mandy asked while eyeing their naked bodies.“Like I said earlier. We run a sperm bank. The procedures are so much different at this one, but it’s a natural way.”“I don’t think I need to ask how.”“I guarantee you’ll have plenty of time and practice at work today.”——————————————-As the day went by, Mandy got to practice on many of Linda and Carolyn’s donors/breeders when she entered the Herrin-Dick Fertility Clinic. Either during their breaks or between meeting patients, Mandy was sucking every cocked and locked lady and gobbling up every load. By the end of the day, Linda introduced her to a hot tanned redhead named Donita.“Mandy, this is our secretary and she will be your personal trainer.”“Personal trainer?”“Yes, Donita and Carolyn are both expert cocksuckers and will all they can to prepare you for the Blow Off.”“What about you, Linda? Aren’t you gonna join in?”“Of course, but my daughter and I haven’t had dinner together all week. And every lady working here is already crazy about you.”“Nice! They want some more practice?”“You bet.”Donita took a long look at her. “So you’ll be entering the Blow Off? Well, you’re gonna have to be one tough, foul mouthed, snake eating, sperm guzzling whore to play with the big ones. There will be sluts, faggots, porn stars and all sorts of scum who would die for this.”“I am all that!”“Really? Are you willing to bare it all, put anything into that dirty mouth, slut it to the max and sink to the lowest?”“YES!” She disrobed before Linda’s secretary. “This is nothing so far, you skank.”“Let’s see. Not a bad body, but you still look like a plain would be MILF.” Donita stripped down revealing her augmented breasts, silky tanned body and pierced pussy. “This is the body of a Blow Off girl.”Mandy wasn’t going to be intimidated by this. She got up in Donita’s face and gave her a sloppy kiss. Then she shoved her over one of the waiting room couches and pounced on her. “No dick, huh? But it looks like you’re overdosed on penis envy.” She pried open Donita’s legs and shoved her face between them. The redhead howled in heat as she was unprepared to be eaten out. She could have pushed this girl off her, but couldn’t resist. She was good at pleasuring women orally as well. After squirting her pussy nectar all over Mandy’s face she looked up and saw her rise and straddle onto her face.“Eat this hot twat, you dirty slut! You know you want it.” She moved her hips side to side and made Donita dig her face into it. She munched her rug until she let out a powerful orgasm and juiced all over her. She got up from her position and helped the woman up. “What do you think about that?”“You are beyond worthy of the Blow Off! I was just testing you.” They both hugged and kissed each other. “Now let’s go eat some dick!”She led Mandy to another room that looked almost like a small classroom. Dr. Carolyn Dick along with two other women nude and prepping their penises before her. “You’re already met Carolyn here.” The pale brunette from Argentina was Samantha and the oddly tattooed blonde called herself Candy . They both gave her a handshake and a kiss on the cheek when introduced.“Let’s get busy here, “ Mandy said, getting on her knees.“Not so fast. Before we begin, I must give you a lecture on the penis.”“Seriously?”“Just listen and learn. In order to be good cocksucker, you’ve gotta make sure the blood is flowing and fully erect like these cocks here.” The three women stood up with their cocks at full attention. “Now there are various part of this organ that are sensitive and various parts you must use to please a penis. For you Mandy, it’s all in your tongue, lips, teeth and throat. All these factors of yours have a part in these women’s’ sensitive parts. Now step up to Candy and kneel down.” Donita knelt down before Samantha and Carolyn began to speak. “For the first part of the penis is the glans or meatus or head.” She pulled back her foreskin revealing her bulbous cockhead. “Start with licking the glans. Twirl your tongues against them. Lick it good. Now use your lips on the glans. Give it a few kisses then some suckles. You can also use your teeth to gently play with it too.” The cock doctor observed this. “Next part, the frenulum which is around the bottom of the glans. Now hold the penis lightly and start tonguing the frenulum as well as a few nibbles.” The erect women quietly moaned. “Good! You’ve just stimulated one of the most sensitive parts of the penis. Now for the shaft. Stick that tongue out and give them a good lick. Slick those cocks down completely. Use your teeth to gently nibble on the shaft. Start from the bottom and work your way to the head.” She began to stroke faster. “Now finally open wide and swallow those cocks. Relax your throat and take them in.”Mandy and Donita began to suck Samantha and Candy hard. None of them wanted to stop. Carolyn spoke up again. “Now ladies, no need to be ravenous at the moment.” They looked up at her. “There’s also the foreskin.” She pulled hers forward as the other ladies. “That’s one of the most overlooked parts of the penis since many are severed at birth. Many studies have proven that uncircumcised penises receive and give more sexual pleasure than those güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri that are circumcised.”“Is that why all of you ladies are uncut?” said Mandy.“That’s part of it. Also we prefer not to take for granted what nature has given us.”“Well, being that you’re all women with hot bodies and big dicks are freaks to some people enough. I guess having thick foreskin might make it worse, but I think they make you ladies more beautiful. If I had one like that, I wouldn’t be ashamed. I’d step out, bare it all and show the world.”“That’s the sweetest thing I’ve heard in a long time,” Carolyn replied. “Thank you. You’re the only dickgirls I’ve met and how is it you’re all so big?”“Most of us aren’t the usual transsexuals you read or hear about,” Samantha said, “we were actually born with these. You could say it’s one of these unusual hereditary things for some of us. For others here, it’s a different story we’ll talk about another night.”“..and they all look so healthy too.”“That’s because we keep them active through sexual intercourse, oral fixation, massaging and stroking techniques, but those are a few natural ways, ” Carolyn brought up, “Also we use a high tech vacuum pump specifically created for uncircumcised penises since most pumps tend to leave blisters, force back the foreskin and can easily rupture the veins. I should know. I invented it.”“Interesting! Is there anything else?”“We drink plenty of g****fruit juice and smoke good cigars, too.” Mandy began to laugh as well as the rest. Two other dickgirls named Yasmine and Babydoll entered the room and disrobed “Before we start timing you on your sucking, Mandy. We want you to start off with a warm up. Donita will work with you too, “Carolyn continued, pulling her foreskin forward as the rest did the same. “I’ll call out a factor of the penis we just spoke of and you’ll work on that. For example, if I say glans, shaft, frenulum, balls or foreskin and add either lips, tongue or teeth, work on one of our parts with one of your parts. You ladies think you can handle it?”“Of course we can handle it.”“When you ladies have mastered these techniques, I’ll then say suck.” This went on for over an hour. Carolyn picked each part at random and listened to her own moan as all the other endowed women. “I think you’re more than ready to suck all these cocks right now, Mandy.” Donita got up to get the stopwatch. Mandy took a good look at every throbbing cock. “There’s something I need to tell you ladies before we go on. I know what you girls want. I’ll suck you all until your balls are empty and give you my full consent to have sex since my pussy has it needs too, but under two conditions. No anal sex and no coming inside unless I give you my say so.” She snapped her finger and grabbed Candy’s cock first. —————————————-Mandy opened her throat and began her hands free sucking on Candy. Donita looked at the stopwatch and looked at Mandy. She couldn’t concentrate not wanting to miss Candy’s cock explosion and jizzing it into Mandy’s mouth. She gulped every bit down. “You’re next!” she said to Samantha. She lay down and had Samantha kneel down beside her as she spread her legs and let Carolyn start licking her pussy. She gave Samantha’s shaft some long licks and then heard the stopwatch click once she popped it in her mouth. It was the first time she sucked in a sideway position but they both enjoyed it. Her eyes rolled toward Carolyn, Yasmine and Babydoll and spied them rubbing their glans against her clit.“Go ahead and put it in,” she said softly and spread her legs wider as the hot cock doctor slowly inserted her penis inside and pulling back out until most of the head was visible and then thrusted back in. Mandy didn’t mind at all and continued sucking Samantha’s cock while Carolyn was filling up her pussy. She held her thumb up to Donita, giving her the signal that Samantha was coming and swallowed every drop. Carolyn kept going and she cried softly and looked her in the eyes. She winked at her and then pulled out and frantically jerked her dick until her semen sprayed on Mandy’s thighs and stomach. Mandy let out a lovely sigh. “Got any more in there?”Carolyn continued to stroke and was still rock hard. Samantha and Candy had washed up their cocks in case another load was requested. Yasmine entered her while she began to suck Babydoll’s cock once she straddled her chest. Candy and Samantha hungrily licked the sperm that was spilled on her stomach and thighs.Yasmine went very slow while inside Mandy since her cock was thicker and all the other dickgirls’, but didn’t last as long as Carolyn, pulling it out before it exploded and shot it all over herself. Babydoll’s cock went off shortly after than and happily sighed and Mandy ate it all up. She got off Mandy and licked Yasmine’s jizz off her own body. Mandy pointed at Candy and asked her to lie down and straddled on her cock as she began to suck off Carolyn. Her head bobbed back and forth as she put deeper suction of Carolyn’s penis as she bounced up and down on Candy’s. She tightened her vagina muscles as Candy’s curvy cock was pulling out and made her thrust back in. Both fully cocked women started to hyperventilate as Mandy kept on going.“Slow down and loosen up a bit,” Carolyn cried softly.“Stop, Mandy! Stop!” Candy begged, “you have to let me out. You’re milking my dick like a cow and I don’t think I can hold it in any longer.”“Me too!”Mandy obliged and got off the tattooed blonde and let her mouth go of Carolyn. “Don’t hold anything back, you pricks!” she teased. “Get up, Candy and stand next to the good doctor here. Stand right where you are and don’t do a thing. I’m gonna suck you both off like never before.” She opened her mouth and gulped down Carolyn’s meaty member and sucked her hard and fast. The big cock doctor didn’t argue and let the lovely MILF eat up her she-man sauce. “You’re next, Candy. Time for dessert.” She gobbled up Candy’s cock before she was ready and moaned loud enough the whole building would have heard. She let Mandy do her thing and didn’t last as long as Carolyn did when her time had come. Both Candy and Carolyn were wiped out and crying happily. She checked her watch. Only an hour had gone by and all five hung women were out of breath and almost u*********s. Mandy’s belly was full of cum and smiled while shaking her head. “These ladies should have been stocking up.”“Damn right, Mandy! You are ready! I’ll let Linda know right away.”“I already do.” Linda and Salina entered the room. “I confess we were watching the whole time.”“You’re such a big dick, Linda!” Both women appeared to have plenty of life in their cocks. “Speaking of big dick…I’d like to taste your daughter’s sausage if you don’t mind.”“Eat up, then. We won’t argue.” Mandy got on her hands and knees and opened her throat for Salina as she positioned herself for Linda to nail her like a dog. Salina was sitting up as Mandy was bobbing up and down so quickly, she was starting to feel dizzy. “Whoa, mom. Where did you find this girl? This is the best head I’ve gotten ever. She’s even better than you.”“Hey! I still give you my all. Now stop talking and let her suck.”———————————–Two hours went by after the shemales had their break and each chugged a large mason jar of freshly squeezed g****fruit juice. Within a few minutes, their cocks were re-energized and gonads started inflating to their ready status. Mandy and Donita had been eating each other out and fingering each other for more than an hour and had multiple orgasms, but were growing impatient for a cock. All seven shemales stood before them ready to be sucked again.“It’s about damn time.”Mandy’s phone rang. She quickly answered and hung up after speaking to someone in less than 30 seconds. “Hey, Donita, I called that cute guy I told you about from last night. I figured you’d like someone to play with. Why don’t you go make him comfortable. I have a lot of practice.” She grabbed a large pillow and had the dickgirls form a circle around her. They slowly stroked their cocks back and forth and massaged their big balls before her. “Stop touching yourselves, girls. You have me here to do it all for you. Time to prep these peeners!”“Peener?” Carolyn said, with a confused look. “Where did you get that one?”“Verbal slip. Just got too excited between saying penis or wiener, but they’re all too big to be called either of those.” They all started to laugh and got excited more. Mandy shook her tits for all of them, softly singing, ‘Don’t want no short dick, man…’ She started licking up the shafts and glans of each penis while stroking the closest ones nearby while her mouth was busy. She listened to their moans and decided to suck the first one who moaned the loudest. Linda hit the stopwatch once Mandy popped the first cock in her mouth. She vigorously sucked and sucked each one until going limp after cumming many times, coating her breasts, face and mouth. ————————————A few days had passed and the young brunette who told off Linda was spying on her ex-boyfriend who hadn’t left his apartment since those two MILFs from the warehouse went home with him. She was about to walk away when she spotted the brunette known as Mandy with a big breasted redhead and Linda show themselves in as her friends answered and let her in. “So this bitch and her friends may leave my guy in a cum c***, but I’ll make sure she has no chance to make the Blow Off.” She picked up her phone and called up a friend. “Hey Josephine, this is Laura. It looks like you may have an obstacle in the competition.”“What the hell are you talking about? Nobody can out suck me,” responded the woman in her heavy English accent. “Who is it?”“Some thirty some chick who calls herself Mandy Muffin. She allegedly sucks like a Hoover and has nearly tired out every worker in some sperm bank she volunteered at.”“Well, see about that.” The saggy breasted British brunette grinned as she hung up the phone. “There is no better suck than me.” ACT III5 P’s: Preparation, Pulsation, Penetration, Perfection and Penile Satisfaction“You ladies weren’t k**ding!” Mandy said as she watched Linda, Carolyn and the other ladies using the high tech penis pump. She watched the hands free device get to working once they slipped their penises into the clear tube. Their foreskins were not even being pulled back as they were being pumped, keeping the thick and juicy glow. “Why would we tell tales to you?” said Linda. She took a log sip of her juice and took a few deep puffs from a large cigar that Carolyn had just lit.“I mean the pump, the g****fruit juice, the cigars and how you and your partner got those cocks. That’s so bizarre but my eyes aren’t fooling me.” “It’s all true.”“So how often do you girls do this?”“Three times a week. It keeps our cocks in shape,” she handed the cigar to Mandy, “here you go. Try this.” It was almost as big and long as their cocks. Mandy took a few puffs and passed it to Donita. “Tasty, but not as much as what you girls have .”“We have our limits too, you know. By the way, Carolyn and I will be booking the flight later today so Yasmine, Salina and Candy will be around today for practice. The Blow Off is in a week.”“No worries. I know all the sensitive spots and it’s all in the tongue, lips, teeth and throat. No need to remind me. And it was great to see that guy again yesterday. Donita and I rode and sucked the hell out of that cock of his. Without him, none of this would be possible.”“You can say that, Mandy. He was fun,” Donita told her, handing her back the cigar. “Have some more. It’ll help you work on your puffing skills.” ————————————————–Elsewhere, a pretty Latina and a young thin pale girl step into an office and approach a stout tanned blonde. “Hello, Elise. It’s so nice to see you again.”“What do you want, Carla?” Elisangel replied, “and I know you’re not here to tell me what a lovely day it is.”“You know why I’m here.”“Whatever scam you’re up to, I’m not interested.”“It’s not about me. It’s about her,” Carla told her, presenting her friend. “This is Sasha. Sasha Grey. She’s been everywhere. You name it. She’s fucked it and sucked it.”“Has she ever been double teamed by a lion and a zebra?”“No, no.. I mean this girl is nasty. She’s perfect for the Blow Off and I guarantee she’s a winner. Think about what this means for you if that happens. This event could travel worldwide and be made an all year round thing instead of once a year. It could be mainstream and hit the papers.”“I knew you were up to something. You’re just trying to get me in trouble again.”“Trust me. Just give her a chance. You have a cock that I’m sure could use some comfort and she’s got the mouth and pussy for it.”Sasha slowly walked around Elisangel’s desk and sat on top of the desk. She spread her legs before her, revealing no panties. “Do you like? I can make you change your mind.”“I’m sure you’re a great candidate and could probably win this thing, but I have to go by the books here.” Sasha could tell she was getting excited by just looking her in the eyes. She got off the desk, sat on her lap and began to rub her crotch. “Carla here tells me that your cock is so thick, it’s scary looking.”“So do we have a deal?” Carla asked.“Why don’t we talk later. I’m in an interview right now.”A sneaky looking grin appeared. “Yeah. We’ll talk… later.” The three of them got naked immediately and Sasha wrapped her mouth around Elisangel’s insanely thick member. It looked like a bad pump job, but that didn’t bother Sasha at all. As long as it could stuff her mouth, she was fine with it. Carla started pulling on her own penis and positioned Sasha on top of Elisangel’s desk while she still kept the fat cock in her mouth. She was now fucking the petite slut from behind as she opened her throat wider and gobbled more and more of the office woman. Elisangel shut her eyes and looked up at the ceiling, breathing rapidly. “She is good!” She looked into Sasha’s eyes. “That’s a girl. Keep it going.”“She’ll make you cum so bad,” said Carla staring back at her and rocking Sasha’s body back and forth for more friction. She gave Sasha a hard slap on the ass. “Chew on her foreskin, bitch! Stretch it and then munch on her nuts.” Sasha happily obliged to her request and both listened to Elisangel’s response. ““Easy, girl! This thing doesn’t come off!”Carla pulled out and stuck it in Sasha’s ass. “She likes it back here too. Want to try the other side?” She started pounding Sasha’s ass since she wasn’t tired of the cock she was eating. “Yes.” Both shemales traded places. Elisangel slowly pushed into Sasha’s pussy. “This might hurt a little bit.”“I can take it. Hurt me if you must,” Sasha looked back and told her and then looked straight at Carla’s cock and popped it in her mouth. They both started pumping her pussy and mouth at the same time and could feel Sasha’s mouth and pussy tighten the harder they went at her. It wasn’t too long when they cried out together. Carla couldn’t hold it any longer and let it go and watched Sasha jerk her cock until it shot all over her face.Elisangel was still going and chuckled at Carla for coming too fast. She started going faster and could feel it working in her balls. “Where would you like it, sweetie?”“My ass! Stick it in my ass and come inside it.” She adjusted herself, preparing herself for this sausage cock.“I don’t know if I can do this.”“It’ll fit. I’ve had bigger ones inside before.” Once she penetrated Sasha’s ass, she began to finger the girl’s twat while pounding. She cried out louder. Carla watched on, anticipating when they’ll come. She knew it wouldn’t be too long now. Elisangel could have sworn she felt her balls rumbling as her sperm started flowing all the way to the end of her cock and creaming Sasha’s ass. She continued to finger her pussy until she climaxed. “Thank you,” she slowly groaned. She sat on the floor and hungrily licked her cock.“So what do you think?” asked Carla.“That was great. She’s in.”————————————————-With only 3 days until the Blow Off, Mandy, Linda, Carolyn, Donita, Salina and Samantha had quickly flown to Sao Paolo and booked into their hotel rooms. As Mandy and Donita put their things away, Linda walked in. “Only three days until the big day! Enjoy yourselves, ladies! You both have earned it.”“What about the rest of you ladies?” Donita asked. “Aren’t you gonna have any fun?”“Of course, but we’ve all been busy with practice and all, it’s time to unwind.”“That’s the spirit,” said Mandy, “Donita and I will catch a nap first and then go to the pool for a dip and a few drinks.” After a few hours of shopping and sightseeing, Carolyn, Samantha and Salina returned to the hotel and set their things down before heading to the bar. They sat together for awhile until a few others showed and attempted to mingle. Salina moved to the end of the bar and was spotted near an older brunette engaging her to talk. Carolyn and Samantha stayed where they were began watching her. “Check out the MILF sitting with Salina,” Samantha told Carolyn, “I wonder who’ll be coming onto who?”“Sure. Like she’s gonna fuck a complete stranger once she gets here.”“We’ve done that before. I mean this is Brazil. People dress scantily half the time and there’s sex everywhere. This country has a large transsexual population and we have big fat cocks so we’ll fit in perfectly. I’ll bet you our cocks will be in somebody’s mouth at least before the night’s over.”“Besides each others’ or Mandy or Donita’s mouths? You’re on!”A young and pale dark haired girl approached them and the empty chair next to Carolyn. “Is anybody sitting here?”“It’s all yours.”“Thank you.” The young girl ordered vodka on the rocks. After taking a sip, she looked at the older women. “Is this your first time visiting here?”“Yes, it is.” Carolyn was ready to turn back to Samantha.“Me too. I’ve only been here for two days and my pussy and ass need a break.” Carolyn almost choked on her drink. “and this drink is helping clear my throat too. I’ve been fucking every which way since I left the airport.”“Bet’s off, Samantha!” she whispered. “Why don’t you tell us more. Tell us about yourself.” She got up and let the girl sit between her and Samantha.“I’m surprised that I can sit down after having four big black cocks up my ass last night…oh, wait. My name’s Sasha.”“I’m Carolyn and this is Samantha. We haven’t been lucky so far. We just got here today.”“Really? Guys should be lining up to get with the two of you.”“Okay. Now about those big black cocks…”“Carolyn!” Samantha interrupted, “I don’t think we should talk about things like this at the bar. Others might overhear this and get offended. I bought a bottle of Patron earlier and in our room waiting to be sipped. We’d rather hear about it elsewhere.”“Check, please!” Sasha shouted, “Shit! Tequila makes me horny!” Both ladies could feel their cocks beginning to swell up.———————————————-Salina was drinking her rum while listening to the older woman’s stories about places she had traveled to. The more she consumed, the more she paid less attention to her words and kept her eyes on the body in front of her. She appeared to be close to 20 years older but still had a good natural figure.“I wonder how I can get this one into bed?” she asked herself. She was suddenly awoken from her daydream when the older woman asked for another drink and offered to buy her a round.“…this is the fourth time I’ve visited this place and at the same time of year. The atmosphere, the people and the pleasures of this city. What’s not to love?”“I’ve only seen a portion, but hope to see more. I’m only in town for a few days with some friends.”“Business or pleasure?”“You could say both. My friends and I are from the states and my mother planned this trip for months so we came along.”“Any special occasion?”“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”“Try me. There are times I do believe everything I hear.”Salina took a look at the woman’s dark brown hair flowing and felt like she was hypnotized by her accent. She had to think of something quick before blowing her cover. “I think your accent is sexy. Where are you from again?”“Leicestershire, England.”“Sweet. Again, you have a beautiful voice, but I’m sure you find other accents attractive.”“Why, yes, I do. I don’t think I got your name. We’ve been chatting for awhile.”“Salina. My mom’s still out shopping and my friends are out and about or who knows what they’re up to.”“I’m Josephine. I’m an actress.”“Any good films I might have seen you in?”“Probably not.”Her first guess popped in her head, but she chose not to answer out loud. “Okay. So what do you do for fun around here?”“The usual stuff when on vacation. Dancing at clubs, swimming, lounging at the beach, bring in a bloke or two for a good shag or blowjob at least. The normal stuff a female tourist would do.”“I so want her,” Salina was thinking. “I’ll bet she’s hot in bed, but I wonder how she’ll react if I show her what I want.” “..you know the hotel’s pool is lovely. It’s even tops optional.”“That’s good to hear. There are days where I don’t like to wear anything.” She finished her drink and set it down. “I think it might be the booze talking here. I’ve never had this much in one sitting. Maybe I should go back to my room and get some rest.”“Would you like me to walk you to your quarters?”“That’ll be good. Thanks.” ——————————————-Mandy and Donita found a place to sit when they got to the pool güvenilir bahis şirketleri and removed their bikini tops the minute they saw the ‘tops optional’ sign. “Could you oil me up?” Mandy asked Donita, handing her the sun block. “I don’t wanna get burned before the special night.”“No problem. I’m gonna take a dive and maybe score some cock and I’ll send a few your way.”“With tits like those, you’re a cock magnet.” She put on her sunglasses and watched Donita leap off the board before she lay on her recliner. Twenty minutes had gone by and it looked the same around the whole pool area. Not too many people around and watching Donita flirting with and talking to other guests. Another young woman approached her wearing a bikini top and had a towel around her waist.“Excuse me. Is this chair taken?”“Not at all. Help yourself.” The woman placed her towel on the chair and lay down next to her. “So are you visiting here as well or just a local?”“Visting. How about you?”“Same here. I’m just vacationing with a few friends. Aside from the red head over there, the rest of my friends are out shopping.”“I’m Carla.”“My name’s Mandy. I was about to have a smoke. Do you mind?”“Not at all.”She took a Havanian cigar from her purse and was about to light it. “Would you care for one too?”“Why not? We’re on vacation.” They lit up and puffed away. Both women talked for awhile and then Carla looked over to the other end of the pool. “What the hell?”Their eyes got bigger as they spotted Donita in the shallow end of the pool giving two guys a blowjob. “That’s just my friend over there. I’m surprised she hasn’t done that sooner.” She looked up at the lifeguard who was watching it all through some binoculars. “As long as nobody complains.”“Oh dear…” Carla said under her breath. She quickly grabbed her towel and placed it over her lap. “What wrong?”“Nothing. It’s something complicated. Being that we’re nearly naked and in a town where lust is floating around everywhere, you might run away if I tell you.”“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. If what you’re seeing over there is turning you on, it’s okay. It’s a beautiful thing and very stimulating. I suck dick all the time. My girlfriends and I usually suck them together.”“Really, but the thing is I’m not like other girls if you know what I’m saying?” She looked Mandy in the eyes and could tell she wasn’t afraid and removed the towel, revealing a bulge in her bathing suit.“You’re a transsexual. That’s alright. I know this country has a good sized population of them. You don’t have to be embarrassed.”“That redhead is turning me on. I see she gives great head.” Carla put her hand down her pants. “I hope it doesn’t bother you if I touch myself watching this.”“Go ahead. The lifeguard isn’t paying attention to us and there’s really nobody else around. Get comfortable and enjoy the scenery.”“Don’t be alarmed, Mandy. I’m gonna take it out.”“It won’t bother me.” She wasn’t bothered at all watching Carla jerk off in front of her and stared at the penis gliding back and forth. “That’s a lovely cock you got there and you have a great body.”“You have a great body too and thanks.”“Didn’t think we’d get a free show here, but it’s a shame for someone to have to touch themselves when on vacation and happens to have some other means for pleasure close by.”“What do you mean?”“What do you think?” She gently took hold of Carla’s cock and began stroking. “Relax and enjoy yourself.” Carla laid herself back and sighed, “I was waiting for a helping hand. Take all the time you need or you can take a break if your hand gets tired or use other means.”Mandy slowly stroked it back and forth, feeling in swell up too and gave the underside of the shaft a rub with two of her fingers. “Like it so far?”“No need to ask unless it hurts.”Mandy gave a few playful squeezes in between a few strokes and held the base with one hand and gave the glans of the penis a twisty massage also. She leaned over and gave her shaft a few long licks and then popped it in her mouth.“Oh my…” Carla gasped as she felt the suction on her cock.She stopped for a moment and looked at the hard shemale she was pleasing, “Am I moving too quick for you?”“No, not at all. I like it. I really do. I just didn’t expect that.”“I’ll keep sucking if you want.”“This is not the first time you’ve seen or encountered a tranny, isn’t it?”“Nope. I’ve met many and sucked their dicks without hesitation. It’s so nice that ladies like you have such big ones.” She gave Carla a kiss on the lips and went back to her cock.————————————–Carolyn and Samantha could feel their cocks swelling to the fullest as Sasha drank more and was speaking of her sexcapades since she arrived in San Paolo. They hoping the skinny brunette would give them a hint or some sign to undress.“..is it hot in here?” Sasha asked before going on about one of her stories.“You’re right. I’ll turn on the A/C. I hope you don’t mind if Carolyn and I take our shirts off until the room is cool.”“Go ahead.” She continued to take shots and spoke about how she sucked ten cocks in a row, but was interrupted when she looked at the ladies. “Damn! You girls put my tits to shame!” She took off her shirt and bra. “You both have watermelons and all I have are these plums.”“Don’t feel bad. It’s how you use them,” said Carolyn. “Let me show you what I can do with these.” She took off her bra and made her large breasts dance before her.“Aha! Boob jobs tits, but nothing wrong with those. Wish I had tits like those.”“I’m sure that could be arranged. How about a cock?” Samantha brought up.“Excuse me?”“A cock. Have you ever been with a woman with a cock?”“What brought that up?”“After hearing all these stories of yours,” she unzipped her shorts, “just as long as you keep it our little secret.”“I know what you mean,” Carolyn said, smiling and playing along. They both dropped their shorts and panties to the floor and watched their cocks point directly at the drunken tramp.Sasha laughed for a moment and then stared at them. “Geez…you girls weren’t k**ding. Are they real?” They nodded and let her give them a few good tugs. “You have great big cocks and balls. How drunk am I?”“You’re drunk but you aren’t seeing things.”“…and you’re both uncircumcised too.” She gave Carolyn’s foreskin a gentle pull with her teeth. “Do you both carry sperm in those things?”“Yes, we do. Just like a real penis.”She began to stroke them. “Don’t be too alarmed now. I’m gonna start sucking them really hard and eventually I expect you girls to come in my mouth too. I bet you’d like me to swallow it.”“Would you?” both women said playfully, sounding like airheaded cheerleaders at the moment.She opened her mouth and gulped Samantha’s dick down to the balls and paused before pulling herself back and then did the same to Carolyn and then repeated many times over.Both dickgirls moaned in heat. “Are we dreaming, Samantha?”Sasha playfully pinched the frenulum of their penises before rubbing their glans on her tongue. “No, this is not a dream and don’t you ladies fall asleep on me either. My pussy and ass wanna give these cocks a ride.”——————————–Salina staggered back to her room with Josephine by her side. She flopped down on her bed and kicked off her shoes. “Ugh…”“Are you gonna be alright?”“I don’t think I’ve ever drank that much before.” Josephine grabbed herself a bottle of water and sat on the bed next to her. “Drink some of this. Would you like me to stick around for awhile until you feel a little better?”“That would be lovely. Do you think you could help me get my belt off?”“Sure.” The mature brunette carefully undid Salina’s belt and then saw her pulling off her shorts as she was putting the belt aside. “Why didn’t you say so?” “I didn’t want to ask you for too much?” she said as her shorts were pulled off. “I’m glad you’re here. I wish you could lay next to me like my mom does when I’m not feeling well.”“I can do that.” Josephine put her hand on her stomach. “Why don’t you tell me about your mom.”“She’s pretty with silky blonde hair and a great body.” Salina looked her in the eyes. “Usually she’ll hold me and kiss me. Like this.” She turned her head and kissed her on the lips. There was no resistance here. “I could fall asleep right here at any moment.”“You know what my mom does to help me sleep,” Salina whispered, “especially when I feel like this.“What’s that?”“She sometimes sings to me while she kisses my neck, caresses my legs and stomach, strokes my penis…” “Strokes your penis?” Josephine didn’t even sound alarmed when she asked. She looked down at Salina’s waist and spotted her erection poking through her underwear. She slowly placed her hand on her crotch and slowly rubbed it. Salina moaned softly and let the MILF softly touch her. She was getting tired of hiding it and quickly took off her underwear. “I figured you wanted to see it soon.” She removed her shirt and bra, also and started jerking off and rubbing her breasts with the other hand. “You like watching a hot chick jerk off?”“Of course,” her breasts were heaving and her pussy began to tingle, “but do you like hot MILFs jerking you off as well?”She didn’t answer and stopped touching herself. Josephine gently took hold of the penis and gave it some steady strokes, listening to Salina’s moans and gave the shaft and scrotum a good massage. She could feel it completely erect and took off her top before going on. “Sorry about the tits being kind of saggy.”“That’s okay. You’re one of those with that sexy saggy style. I hope you let me put my dick between those.”“You’ll get to, alright!” She jerked Salina’s penis some more while kneading her balls with the other hand. “I’m gonna jerk it faster and then I think I’ll put it in my mouth.”“Just do it. You don’t have to ask.” The hot British MILF removed the rest of her clothing and tied back her dark brown hair before strutting her natural mature body before the young shemale who spread her legs out. She got into a comfortable position and started to sloppily move her tongue up and down on the shaft before beginning to suck. She began a cycle on slicking up the shaft with her hot pierced tongue, sucking the cock hard, jerking it, licking the glans while jerking the cock, nibbling and licking her scrotum and then going back to step one of slicking up the shaft. She would gently pinch the base of the penis or the frenulum if she thought she could feel Salina about to come. The young shemale was breathing heavily and softly crying in ecstasy, hoping the pleasure wouldn’t end. She opened her eyes and watched Josephine’s tongue-hand-mouth coordination. “Feels so good it has to be a dream,” she said to herself. An hour had gone by already. “..and I’ve never lasted this long without coming.” Josephine stood up and pulled back the foreskin all the way, fixing to straddle herself onto Salina. She let out a long and loud moan as the MILFs dripping pussy consumed her throbbing cock.——————————————-Carolyn and Samantha each let out loud whimpers as Sasha gave their cocks good throat jobs and massaging them. “Easy there, darling,” Samantha cried out.“Yeah. These don’t come off!” Carolyn moaned. “Why don’t you slow down?”“You ladies can handle it!” Sasha gloated and gripped their cocks, jerking them harder. “I’ll bet you say that to all the young girls you meet.” Both dickgirls could feel every inch being clamped down on. “I want you both to fuck me rotten and want two cum loads from each of you at least.”“You got it!”Sasha threw herself onto the bed and spread out for them. Samantha got on top of her and slid it in while Carolyn straddled herself over the young lady and lowered her cock down her throat. Both dickgirls started to go slow, but feeling this girl’s mouth and pussy, they knew she wanted it fast and rough. Samantha threw Sasha’s legs over her shoulders and pounded every inch into her as Carolyn pushed her throbbing member up and down into the girl’s aggressive mouth. All three of them groaned as they went at it for awhile, surprised none of them climaxed yet. The ladies pulled out of Sasha and prepared for another position. Carolyn turned Sasha over and began to fuck her like a dog as Samantha got on her knees and let Sasha wildly suck her cock. They didn’t change their rhythm one bit and gave it to her like a pro.Before they could finish, Sasha made them pull out. “I want one in the ass and one in the pussy. Now!” She quickly sat on Samantha’s cock while Carolyn began ramming her tight ass. Sasha tightened both holes as they pumped hard and demanded them not to stop until she said so. Their dicks were ready to blow, but felt they could get away from this slut. They screamed out and let loose as their sperm filled up the ass and pussy.Sasha screamed out in delight and then turned herself over, sitting on Samantha’s cock and grabbing Carolyn’s cock, jamming it inside her. “Keep going!” The three of them cried out together and were sweating like crazy, even with the A/C on. Their dicks busted again and Sasha didn’t appear to be giving up. “Time for dessert.” She grabbed both cocks and tried to stick them both into her mouth, but was unsuccessful. “You’re both just too big!” She sucked and jerked their dick hard without stopping. Carolyn was about to faint, “My gosh! I’m gonna come! Right now!”“Me too!” Samantha screamed.Sasha squeezed tightly and tugged them as hard as she could until their hot sperm sprayed all over her face. She hungrily licked and gnawed on them while she was still pulling and squeezing them and then pounding both of them against her face until they stopped moaning.Samantha and Carolyn passed out on the bed and lay there in shock due to their intense orgasms. She leaned over and gave them both a kiss on the cheek. “And I thought you bitches would be tough on me.”—————————————–Carla was quietly moaning and Mandy sucked faster. She looked up at her and then grasped the base of the penis, hovering her pussy over it. “I take it you may not have been expecting this?”“Go ahead if you’d like.” Carla briefly opened her eyes and watched Mandy’s vagina swallow her cock. She started bouncing on it without hesitation. Both let out a soothing cry. After a few minutes, she got off the cock and turned around taking it in a reverse cowgirl position. It applied more pressure on the cock, but that didn’t bother them at all. Mandy was getting wetter as Carla got stiffer. She offered to give Mandy a short break. She stood up and bent Mandy over and thrust inside her from behind. “So that’s what you meant.”“I don’t know if I’ll last.”“Let me know when you’re ready, then.”Once she felt her balls churning up, she pulled out and watched Mandy get back on her knees and tonguing the tip of the dick. She massaged Carla’s nuts as she sucked and stroked her cock some more. She looked up at hot shemale looking back at her. She was getting harder watching this as well.Mandy knew this girl was about to come soon. She glanced over and saw Donita looking over at her and smiling. She kept going and listening to Carla still moan softly.Carla looked around a bit and looked at a nearby clock. “She should be finished by now. So should I.” She looked down at Mandy, “you’re gonna make me come any minute. Where do you want it. The tits? The body? Or do you swallow?”Mandy smiled while stroking the cock. “I can swallow if you want.”“Sure!” she watched Mandy pop it back into her mouth as she felt her sperm flowing. She held the shaft gently while she sucked the end like a popsicle, not missing one drop. “Thank you, Mandy!” Both women hugged and gave each other a kiss. Carla put her swimsuit back on and left. Donita approached her and picked up her things. “Still the lucky one I see.”“Yeah right! I saw you blowing two guys at the end over there.”“But it wasn’t the same. Why don’t we see if the rest of the girls are back yet.”———————————–Josephine was bouncing up and down on Salina’s cock, taking in every inch. She was enjoying it but starting to get lazy. “Wanna try another position?” the MILF asked.“Okay. What do you have in mind?”She lay down sideways and lifted her right leg up. “Spoon me!”This was new to Salina. She did the best she could as she lay down behind her and entered. Josephine was playing with her clit while caressing her breast with her other hand. Salina fondled the other breast and kissed the MILF’s neck as she was plowing her. This was getting a bit awkward for her as she had never had sex with a woman sideways. “Pound me harder, young lady!” Josephine barked. “Don’t just lie there!” Salina lifted up the leg, giving more space to thrust her. She was pushing inside her slower but harder. “Now that’s more like it!” She turned her head back towards the young dickgirl, trying to kiss her mouth. As they did, she pulled the cock out of her. “Why don’t we try another position?” She got on her hands and knees, presenting herself. “Have at it!”Salina grabbed Josephine’s ponytail as she was slamming her like a dog. She gave the hair a tug as she pumped the pussy as hard as she could. She looked up at the clock and then back at her cock going in and out, surprised she was lasting so long. She decided to turn the saggy breasted mature over and got on top of her. She gave it her all watching her cock sliding in and out that greasy pussy, watching the tits bounce and listening to the beautiful cries of this lovely older woman. Her balls started to rumble and she quickly pulled out and presented her cock to the lovely MILF. “I can’t stop it! Gets those tits or lips ready!”Josephine wasted no time and vigorously licked the glans of Salina’s penis and jerking the shaft as fast as she could. Salina cried out and started breathing fast as she began to cum and watched her pearly white nectar squirting into the pretty MILF’s mouth, face and breasts. She gave the cock a few tight squeezes, making sure she was done cumming and gave the shaft some good long licks. Next, she nibbled the shaft from the base to the tip and gave the frenulum a few playful nibbles as well.“Oh my goodness! That felt good and tickles, but I think you drained me.”She opened her eyes and looked towards the entrance of the hotel room. Linda was standing there, dropping her shopping bags and her jaw dropping. “What the hell is this?” She glared at Josephine. “What are you doing in here with my daughter? How dare you take advantage of her like that!” The mature brunette grabbed her own clothes and ran out the door, before Linda could act. Salina quickly covered herself up. She never thought she’d feel this way ever since the first time Linda walked in on her masturbating. “I’m sorry, mom. It is what it looked like and yes, I’ve had a few drinks earlier, but I willingly brought her here and wanted to have sex with her.” Her eyes welled up with tears, “I won’t lie to you, mom. She gave great head and enjoyed the sex too.”“I’m sure you did and I’m not mad at you. That woman you just had sex with is a contestant in the Blow Off Competition and was last year’s champ.”“I just nailed one Mandy’s opponents?”Linda sat on the bed next to her. “I think we all need to stay under the radar until the night of the competition. We might as well call the others for a meeting.” The room’s phone rang. “Yes?”“It’s Mandy. Donita and I came from the pool and went to Carolyn and Samantha’s room and found them nearly u*********s and weak.”“What?”“They told me that some younger girl was here and seduced them. It looks like she did them in real good. Their cocks are barely alive!”“I’m gonna run to the market and buy a few dozen g****fruits and Salina will bring the Foresk-A pump we packed. Sit tight and take care of my closest friends.”—————————–Mandy and Donita sponged down Carolyn and Samantha with cold water to keep them awake as Salina hooked up the penis pump. Then they assisted Linda with squeezing the g****fruits, producing nearly 20 gallons.“Do we really need that much?” Mandy asked.“Our girls are gonna need at least 5 gallons each to restore their testosterone and the blood pumping in their penises or they just won’t be the same as they used to. Also, I figured we might need enough for all of us in case of an emergency.”“Good call.”Carolyn and Samantha both sat up and drank the required amount of g****fruit juice in one gulp. “Okay, ladies. I’ll need your assistance. Mandy and Salina, you help Samantha and Donita and I will help Carolyn. You’ll need to follow my instructions in the next ten minutes. Right now, keep your eyes on their penises.” In 10 minutes, the normal girth in their cocks returned. “Okay now one of you will massage the penis while the other massages the testicles. Once they start warming up, pucker you lips and place them on the shaft constantly as if you’re giving them hickeys.“When the veins start popping out, place their penises into the tubes and start up the Foresk-A pump. It’ll take some time but eventually they’ll be restored. Salina, start getting your penis pumped as well. Josephine did a number on yours too.” After a few hours, the Herrin-Dick Fertility Clinic’s best donors got their strength back and cocks restored to their same large and throbbing selves. After a good long pee, the clinic’s most equipped dickgirls went back to sleep. —————————“We’ll let them rest this evening,” Linda told Mandy and Donita. “I know you have an interview with some journalist named Nicole who will be covering the Blow Off, but I think I should go with you in case there are anymore spies.”“That’s canlı bahis şirketleri fine.”“I think you should use an opening line.”“Something like, ‘I’m Mandy Muffin and I love to suck big dick.’ How about that?”“I’d use the word ‘cock’ instead. Possibly you could say big throbbing cocks.”“How about something like thick uncut cocks or big fat nasty cocks?” Donita suggested.“Or nasty uncut shemale cocks?”“Fat and veiny shemale cock?”Mandy thought about all these suggestions. “I know,” she got on her knees. “Both of you stand on each side of me and act like you’re naked and stroking in front of me. She looked at the TV as if it was the journalist. “Hi. I’m Mandy Muffin and I love sucking big hot throbbing shemale cock!”“Perfect.”“There’s something I didn’t notice until recently. Over the last few days since we met and I’ve committed to this upcoming competition, my boobs have gotten bigger and fuller. After all that’s been happening, I have to ask if you know anything about this?”“Yes, it’s simple. Remember when I told you how each woman at the clinic’s penis has a gift?” Linda gently touched Mandy’s breasts. “Carolyn had saline implants done on her breasts years ago and it seems like when a woman swallows her load for the first time, their breasts always grow. It’s like the saline in her breasts have a link to her sperm.”“I won’t complain. Too bad it’s only one time or these would be bigger than my head by now.”“I think I’ll turn in. I’m beat.”FINAL ACT Sucking and SuckedThe next afternoon, Mandy and Linda entered one of the hotel’s private rooms and met with the journalist. “My name is Nicole Montero and have been covering the Blow Off Competition that will be tomorrow night.”“I’m Mandy Muffin and this is my trainer/manager, Linda Herrin.”“Would you both care for a drink before we begin?”“No, thank you.”“Why don’t you both have a seat on that couch over there.” Nicole pulled up a chair and began with her questionnaire. “My first question is kind of a long one, but I wan tot know about you. How did you learn about the Blow Off and how long have you been active before entering the competition?”“I’ve been active most of my life, but I found out about the Blow Off on accident. A few weeks ago, I was visiting some friends who dragged me along to some underground contest and was surprised but curious when I watched some girl being timed when sucking a guy’s cock, but she backed out during the session and Linda here got hysteric when this happened so I volunteered to step in and sucked away. “Linda here was so impressed, she invited me for a few drinks and then to her place where she seduced me and revealed her cock to me.”“Were you afraid at first?”“Not really. I was a little bit nervous like having sex the first time with someone you love. I decided to go with it. I had never been with a transsexual, but it was wonderful. I hadn’t had sex that good in a long time and was even more surprised when she brought up the Blow Off and asked if I was interested. I thought she was making this up and then I met with some other friends just like her so I’ve had plenty of practice.”“Is there a certain technique you use when performing oral sex?”“Only a few things like bobbing back and forth at a quick pace and putting deeper suction on the penis during the process. Sometimes I’ll wrap my tongue around the shaft when I do this. Other times, I’ll give the glans of the penis quick licks and if they have foreskin, I’ll nibble it.”“The shemales that are being sucked for this competition will be picked in random selection. Are there any penises that may turn you off?”“Unless it’s filthy, then no. I don’t mind a dick with some hair, but not one where I feel like I’m biting into a furball. Most penises I’ve had were circumcised, but since I’ve met Linda and some of her friends who are uncut, I’ve gotten used to uncircumcised penises a lot more.”“What do you think your chances of winning would be?”“I believe I have a good chance, but even if I don’t win, it won’t bother me. The money doesn’t matter that much to me, but I’d like to be seen and known at least.” She took a closer look at the journalist and noticed her getting excited. “Is there anything else you’d like to know, either on or off the record?” she asked seductively, “or maybe something you’d like to tell about yourself?”“Aside from covering events like these, I have directed films and even starred in a few?”“Anything I might know of?”“Maybe not.”“Let me guess, shemale films? Not that I judge.”“Yes, that’s right.” She glanced back at Linda who slowly nodded at her. “This is new to me and I’d love to know about more of your work and I’m sure you’re here for other than a questionnaire. I could give you a demonstration on my character.” The journalist was a bit edgy as if talking to a pretty lady for the first time. Mandy began to unbutton her shirt. “You seem more shy than I am. I have nothing to hide. How about we disrobe at the same time.”Once they undressed, Nicole’s erection didn’t lie to Mandy. “You are even more beautiful. There’s something about women with natural bodies than turn me on and make me nervous and excited.”Mandy gently took hold of Nicole’s cock and gave the tip a kiss. “You have nothing to be nervous about. I’m not scared.” She licked Nicole’s shaft from the bottom to the top, gave the head some circular licks, used the tip of her tongue the flick the slit of the penis and then started nibbling the foreskin and working her teeth down the shaft and to the balls. “You’re all juiced up now. I need to stop talking now and try not to cum too soon.” She began to suck the way she was trained and could feel the journalist shaking some more. She took her hand off the cock while sucking and gently took her hand. After a few minutes, she took it out of her mouth and gave it some more licks. “What’s the matter? You appear to enjoy it but you’re still nervous.”“I love it, but this feels so different. I feel like a virgin again,” she moaned out as Mandy kept sucking. “A virgin? You don’t know what to do with me?” Mandy teased. She turned around on her hands and knees presenting herself to Nicole. “We can’t have that, can we?”Nicole got on her knees and entered. Linda began snapping pictures of them literally going at it like dogs. Mandy stared straight into the camera and smiled for her. She was turned over and started taking the dick in the missionary style. They kissed long and hard and Nicole was pounding in and out of her. “Tell me you love it, you paparazzi whore!”“I do! I love it!”“Look me in the eyes and say it and then kiss my mouth!” Their kissed remained locked as they kept going. Once they looked at each other, Mandy gave the base of Nicole cock a pinch. “Get off me now. I wanna be on top.” The journalist sat on the couch and let Mandy straddle her and bounced around like a rodeo rider. Linda moved and kept taking pictures. After Mandy let out another climax, she lie on the couch and let her on top again. Within a few minutes, Nicole cried out she was ready to cum soon. She pulled out and straddled her chest, “May I fuck your titties?”“Of course, but I want to you cum in my mouth.”“That can be arranged.” After the titty fuck, Mandy began sucking hard and fast until Nicole cried out and let it all flow down her throat. “Thank you and you didn’t miss a drop.”“No, thank you, Nicole.”The journalist quickly got on her knees and vigorously started eating away at Mandy’s pussy and massaging her clit, making her juices flow again and again until her face was soaked with Mandy’s nectar.They kissed again. “I did not expect this.”“Neither did I.”“Do you have any other questions?”“I think that you have told me everything without any words. I wish you luck tomorrow night.”“And I bet you tell all the contestants that.”—————————————-Mandy got off the phone with her friends Susie and Luna, telling them all about the Blow Off tomorrow night, wishing they could be there to watch her perform. She removed her gown and entered the private room they had rented for the night. The table had empty pitchers of juice as Linda was sitting in a chair boning Donita in a reverse cowgirl position while Salina, Carolyn and Samantha were licking and sucking each other cocks. “It looks like you ladies are back in shape again.”“That’s one of the good things about ladies like us. We get to suck cock and get sucked off as well. Care to give them another taste before tomorrow night?”“She looked at Linda and then the rest of the ladies, “Linda, for without you, I wouldn’t be here today and none of this would be possible.” “You’re welcome,” said Linda. “Well, adopting Salina was how it all started, remember? I accidentally caught her masturbating, she introduced Samantha to Carolyn and I, a hex was put on Samantha’s dick making us end up with cocks and now you know the rest of the story.” They all giggled briefly.“Of course and thanks for these new boobs, Carolyn.”“You’re welcome too. That’s the least I can do.” She began to make her tits bounce and dance with her tit muscles alone, “can you do this?”She could do it as well, laughing but turned on as well. “Linda told me about what happens when a lady ingests your sperm. I love them.” “Have you considered what we were talking about earlier?” Carolyn asked her. Mandy looked her and Samantha in the eyes and then at their penises. Donita did the same thing as well. “I’ve thought about it, but I’ll give you both an answer tomorrow night after the competition.”She got to her knees and saw Donita getting the video cam ready as the other dickgirls gather round her. Mandy smiled at the camera showing her newfound booby dance while the ladies slowly stroked their cocks around her. “Hi there! I’m Mandy Muffin and I love to suck big beautiful throbbing cocks.” Donita took a few steps back so the camera could see the bodies and faces that went with the penises. “These four lucky ladies will be sucked dry and tonight you all get to watch.”———————————-Tonight was the night. The Blow Off had begun and so far Mandy was ahead. Six big shemale cocks and their huge cum loads later, it was only her and Josephine James left and only one would win. Backstage, Linda was slowly going in and out of her potential champion. Mandy was propped on a table tightening her pussy on Linda’s cock. She could feel it working. After she climaxed, Linda pulled out, but shot it onto Mandy’s nurse outfit. She took off the outfit and threw it out. “It has too many stains anyway.” She was only wearing a pair of wintergreen undies with purple lettering saying, ‘PULL DOWN TO ENTER’ and walked towards a worried looking Linda. “What’s the matter, honey? It’s almost over.”“In ten minutes will be the final round. All those shemales and those spectators will see it all. I know you can do this, but I’m afraid once you win, you’ll say goodbye and pursue other adventures.” Her eyes began to well up. “I don’t want to lose you.”“You won’t. Whatever happens out there, I’m still going to love you. Don’t you worry. My pussy is always open for you and your ladies.” They gave each other a hug and a kiss. She met with Carolyn, who was wearing only a doctor’s coat and bikini briefs, and Samantha wearing a topless nurse corset before entering the ring with both dickgirls at her side as Linda stayed backstage to anticipate the final round.————————————Mandy and Josephine stared each other down before looking at the shemales they were about to suck. “It’s just you and me now.”“Shut up and put it where you mouth is.”They each faced a full bodied and fully cocked dickgirl ready to be sucked. As soon as they got on their knees and listened for the bell they opened their throats and got started. Mandy put her hands behind her back and began to blow in her fast paced motion like she did practicing with the other ladies and being timed. She didn’t stop to lick any glans or nibble on foreskin. Josephine lightly held the base of her shemale’s penis and gulped every inch, put on her suction as she pulled her head back and repeated. The competitors kept their eyes open and blocked out all the cheers and heckling from the spectators, concentrating only on the dick. In a matter of minutes, Mandy could feel the tremor in the cock and balls and could feel it start to travel through the shemale’s wide urethra. She could have sworn she could hear some victory music playing the minute she pulled the large cock from her mouth and watched the first load hit her squarely in the face. Then she grabbed it and frantically pulled on it, letting gush after gush of sperm all over her tits and face while wagging her tongue at the girl and then gave the tip a long lick once the eruption had stopped. Mandy Muffin had been declared the winner! The announcer held up her hand while a gold sash reading MISS BLOW OFF CHAMPION was handed to her and put around her while Josephine James left the stage like a thief in the night. She waved to the crowd with a cum soaked smile on her face. “They like me. They really like me, but I know who likes me ever more.”She had returned backstage, got a quick shower and picked up the official prize, a case with half a million in diamonds. She kept the sash on over her street clothes and headed back to her hotel. On the way back, Linda was crying happy tears. “I can’t believe it! You did it! My heart was racing but something inside me told me you had it in you and would win this.”“I was just having fun really.”“Well, I talked to those shemales in the final round backstage and invited them to our little celebration. They’ll be here once they get cleaned up and put on something pretty. Like they really need that.”They stepped out of the limo and headed back into the hotel. As they headed for their suite, Mandy spotted Josephine in her normal street clothes sitting in a lobby chair. “Can you hold on for a minute?” She approached Josephine with the case in hand. “Hello there.”“Leave me alone. You’re probably just here to gloat. Go ahead.”“I’m not here for that. I want to tell you that you did great as well. A good cocksucker shouldn’t be overlooked. I entered this contest because I wanted to and to see if I had what it took and I did, so I want you to have this.” She handed the case of diamonds to Josephine. “I already have what I need.” Linda marched towards them, ready to object to her giving away the diamonds but knew that Mandy was right as Josephine was looking sad while staring at the case.“I really can’t accept this,” Josephine told them sadly. “I guess I got jealous when I heard about Linda doing those underground cocksucking contests and sent that girl to spy on you all and then drop out, but I didn’t know someone else would jump in. After awhile, I felt threatened that I had some competition. Can you both forgive me?”“Of course,” said Linda. “Why didn’t you ask me, I would have been honored to coach you, but what I would like to offer you is this. How would you like to work for me? My daughter told me how good you are at sucking cock and even showed me how you did it.”“What’s the job?”“I’ll tell you if you join us in our suite.”“Sure.”Down the hallway, they heard a door open and some yelling. A younger pale skinny girl was slapped across the face. “You bitch!” The other woman yelled. It was the one Mandy had met and fooled around with at the pool. “I can’t believe you didn’t even make it too the finals.” She pushed her down to the floor and spit at her. “Get out of my sight! I never want to see you again!” Carla had slammed the door shut leaving poor Sasha Grey lying on the hotel floor with nothing on. Even though she was another competitor, they didn’t want to leave her like this and helped her up, bringing her along to their suite.Mandy was welcomed by the rest of her friends along with some other shemales who were sucked off at the competition when she entered the hotel suite. Everyone of them were completely naked and had their cocks at full attention as they applauded. “Thank you, ladies. Glad you all could be here to help celebrate. Even though the Blow Off is over, the party has just begun.” They noticed Josephine and a naked Sasha enter the room as well but Linda quickly explained the situation and then were both welcomed. Mandy quickly disrobed along with Linda and motioned for Josephine to follow. “I hope you girls are up for a Blow Bang.”“You k**ding? I’ll suck everyone of them dry if I can,” she said happily. Sasha was already on her knees, stroking and licking the closest cocks to her. Josephine and Mandy licked their lips and began feasting on every available cock. Two hours later after non-stop sucking and swallowing load after load, the shemales begged for a break. The three lovely ladies who serviced them were full and took a short nap until the dicks all around them were re-energized. Mandy and Donita went to Carolyn and Samantha. “About what you were asking last night, the answer is ‘yes.’ Let’s do it.” Linda placed herself on the floor and had Josephine straddle and start moving her body up and down on her cock. “Looks like these girls are bonding and just an hour ago, they wanted to kill each other.”Her and Donita lay down on the floor next to Linda, spread their legs wide and welcomed Carolyn and Samantha’s cocks. They gave every inch to those consuming pussies, but this time their cocks seemed to have too much fun to come too soon. They kept it going pounding the pussy as hard as they could, caressing their breasts and kissing their mouths. After an hour, their cocks decided to cave and let it all out. The four ladies shook wildly, sweat like crazy and let out a good long scream as their sperm gushed throughout their cock, filling up their hot squirting pussies.———————————–The next day, both women woke up and got up from the floor where they slept. Very lightheaded from a few glasses of champagne and intense fucking, they walked across the room and stepped over the sleeping dickgirls as well as the other willing ladies and headed for the bathroom. As they walked past the full length mirror, Mandy and Donita stepped back and took a quick look in the mirror. They looked down, looked at each other, and looked back in the mirror. It was exactly what they were looking at.“WE HAVE DICKS!” they shouted in excitement and hugged each other. Carolyn and Samantha weren’t k**ding alright. It didn’t take very long for them to have their first erection. All they could do for awhile was stare at themselves in the mirror, admiring their huge erections. Their cocks appeared to be at least 12 inches long. It didn’t take long to start stroking their thick long members and pulling their foreskins back and forth. They moaned, looking at each other while jerking off. “Why are we touching ourselves?” Donita asked Mandy and grabbed Mandy’s new cock and let hers get jerked in return. Before getting too excited, Mandy got on her knees and began coating Donita’s cock with saliva. “Let’s see how we taste as well.” She popped it in her mouth and sucked hard just like she did for practice and the competition. Donita asked her to slow down after awhile and then sucked off Mandy’s. Before they knew it, they frantically pulled their puds facing each other and blew their loads at once all over each others’ cocks. Sasha and Josephine walked in half asleep while they finished up.“What’s with the racket in here?” Suddenly, both of them were wide awake as Donita and Mandy turned around with their big cocks and cum drenched bodies facing them. “What the… where did those come from?”“Let’s go wake up Samantha and Carolyn if you’re both interested..” Donita laughed,“but would you like to give these a ride or a blow before we do.” They began to clean up. Sasha whose small tits were now double D’s and Josephine’s sexy saggy tits were now full and standing up seemed to answer before their lips could. “Get comfortable, you bitches,” Sasha smirked. “We’re gonna pop your cherries.” They had both new dickgirls lie down and straddled on them, bouncing away as they all cried out.——————————Three months had gone by and every well hung lady kept busy screwing pussies and mouth by day and each other by night. They had some clients who they impregnated visit during their pregnancy just for a good fuck or blow. No big lady cock was left unsatisfied.One night, before closing up the office, Mandy and Sasha had just finished filling up a mother and daughter’s vaginas and sent them home. They heard some commotion that was coming from the lobby. Sasha poked her head out the door and saw a beautiful Brazilian woman with a cock nearly as big as theirs. She was standing in the middle of the lobby, surrounded by the other clinic employees lining up to suck her off. Salina just swallowed a load and spotted them. “Hey, ladies. Come on and join us,” she belched, “Mandy and Sasha, I want you to meet my father, Sabrina.” Sabrina embraced both of them and gave them a kiss. She looked at Mandy with a twinkle in her eyes. “So here’s the Blow Off champion. Are you gonna give it a go next year?”“I might.”“Well, now that you’re strapped, you might want to enter a new division in next year’s Blow Off. Think of it as a reverse Blow Bang.”“Interesting.”“These girls here have been taking turns on me and I’m still stiff and loaded. It would be an honor to get a blowjob from this year’s champ.”Mandy dropped to the floor and started tugging on Sabrina’s anaconda. “Hope you’ve been taking your vitamins.” She opened wide and let it in.The End …until next time!Disclaimer: Due to the explicit sexual content in this story is should not have been read by minors or close minded people. And be safe and cautious when sucking a shemale’s large penis and swallowing their sperm as well as having it bareback in your pussy. But since these characters in this story are fictitious, this activity is totally acceptable.

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