School Time Dream Coming True In Office

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School Time Dream Coming True In Officewithout wasting my time, I can tell you, she is hot and she is hot like no one else. She studied in my school. And I was pretty much aware of the range of affairs she had in those times, so when I met her after almost 6 years and with the make-up that suggested she was married, I had both pity and envy for her husband who had got such sexually active hottie. But with time, her boobs had only enhanced, their size getting more massive, their fluffiness more obvious, more so in her tight blouse, her lips luscious – big, red, and arguably made-for-blow-job. It was pretty much my habit in school days to guess the size of her bra and undies. Then she wore school shirts, so it was harder to guess, despite her boobs largeness being very conspicuous. I had never talked to her in those days, she was a Humanities student, I was a science guy. I was busy with my studies and actually had a good image as a disciplined good student. Perhaps that image actually increased my hesitance in talking to her. I was always little shy.Back to point, I met her in the school alumni meet. I forgot to tell her name – Sheetal (but nothing ‘Sheetal’ about her body, she was hot). Over the years, I had gained much confidence, so I frankly talked to her and within a few minutes I came to know that she worked in the same company where I did, just a different office. Her designation was far lower than mine (her beauty had never given her time to study). There was no time to waste, in the next few days; it was not difficult to get her in my branch during biannual shuffling of staff. So, when she entered the office and saw me, she was stunned as I had not told her that I too had worked in the same company. When she asked me why, I brought out the ideals of professionalism and tried to show I was not anyway interested in her (I told you, I was a bit hesitant and shy). But yes, I had started wearing tighter underwear to hide my hard shaft. Her blouses were tight and her waist showed glimpses once in a while to make me restless. Sometimes while showing me something on her computer, I was so close to her back that I could not stop imagining my cock entering her ass.I did not react, my image always mattered to me, I was normal in work, but she was made to work for long hours and shown that I am a hard taskmaster and not going to give her any freebies because she was from my school bahis firmaları and hot too. But as I did with my whole staff, I incentive hard workers. I already offered regular coffee and parties to whole staff when any project completed. So when I asked to stay and have a pizza at 9 pm after completing work, she was not surprised. She stayed and as we talked, I showed her my witty side and she was literally awed. She was impressed no doubt which was obvious from the way that she felt completely comfortable with my closeness there on. Showing a file or getting a signature, my elbow many a times pushed into her breasts too whereby I acted as if nothing happened.From next day, smile exchanges became regular. She would leave no opportunity to come to my room. Her blouse necks started getting deeper. The accident of her – shirt’s top two buttons left loose and open – became more common. And every now and then, whenever she came to my room for something, she will try to explain it on my computer and she will stand close to me, me sitting on my chair, her boobs at the level of my mouth and she spoke and moved, going up and down in front of my eyes, her legs will be rubbing with mine, often she will slip and sit on my lap feeling my hard cock or other times, in the name of support, almost manhandling my cock. In the meantime, she had got used to work environment and we used to chat on friendly terms. She never minded my hard cock.One day when her hands got on my hard cock and it was obvious that there was nothing really to slip about, I asked, “are you trying to seduce me?” quickly realizing that it was an audacious statement, so quickly clarified too,” see, things should be clear, I hope you don’t misunderstand.”She confessed. But then she started lecturing about her loyalty in marriage and things like that. Her erotic moves did not stop. One day, she came in a sari. Only trousers and shirts were allowed in office, so I summoned her. Just look at her audaciousness, she said – “I will wear what I like, do what you want to” and gave me an erotic smile and left. Perhaps, she had understood that I was a professional and will not make the first move with a subordinate, so she did. It was like the final signal I wanted and I could not focus on work whole day and as soon as office got empty and she was left alone with me, I called her to my room.There was silence for a moment kaçak bahis and then she came close and hugged me. I did not dare to venture too much and with my hands on her back hugged her tightly so that her breasts were amply pushed against me. She kissed me on my neck and whispered – you are so innocent. Then I made the move. Holding her ass tight in my hands, I lifted her. Her massive soft ass was in my hands. I was a ‘pure’ virgin till then. I was feeling excited. My senses were going crazy and I bit on her boobs over the blouse itself. She made ouch noise but then got herself down and smiled. We smooched. Her lips were mine. I could not believe. I was licking them, rubbing them on my lips. My tongue was venturing in her mouth, getting wrapped on her tongue. My hands were not silent either. In fact, they were restless. I had taken off her sari. Her petticoat was pulled up and her bare ass was in my hands. My fingers were approaching her pussy from the back. There were no undies. Her pussy wet and I got two of my fingers inside.She moaned “ahhh” and then smiled at me, “you are not so innocent”. She was seemingly enjoying it. I was encouraged. I left her lips for a moment and quickly unhooked her blouse, took off her petticoat and she was standing nude in front of my office chair where she was standing a few hours ago as a normal staff. I was fully clothed in my suit. I was losing my senses. I could not say a word. She sat on her knees and we kissed. I opened the zip of my pants. She herself guided my cock out and planted a kiss on it. I was in heaven. She pulled me up and helped me take off my clothes. And she again sat on her knees and without a flick, took my balls in her mouth. I squeaked in pleasure. I had fantasized so much, that I could shed very early which I did not. So, I took her head in my hands which she allowed with a smile yet again. I inserted my cock in her mouth and then moved my cock back and forth. Her lips, the best in the world, were rubbing on my cock, her mischievous tongue was licking on it and she was sucking it like nothing else. I could not do anything but increase my pace. She stopped me for a while and took all of it inside and kept it a there for a moment. Her nose was literally touching my pelvis. I was on the seventh sky. I could not even imagine this. And within a minute of all this, I came a heavy load in her mouth. This was kaçak iddaa my first time. I did not know how she would react. I was actually afraid, but she said it was okay and gulped it down.I was hard but panting in excitement. It was only at this moment that I saw her more clearly – her measurements 34D-26-36 (34 D was confirmed when I checked her bra, she was laughing when I checked), “Can we have anal?” I asked. “You dog” she was reacting as if she knew all of this would happen. I made her stand in front of my chair and entered her ass. I was behaving like crazy people, grabbing her from back, squeezing them like a c***d’s toy, pinching her nipples, biting her neck and fucking her ass like the brains out of her. I slapped her ass red. She never complained, she just asked for more. It was already nine. She phoned at her home, that some urgent had cropped up she would return next morning. I did not need to; I live alone in my flat.I simply laid her on the sofa of my cabin and from mouth to ass, boobs to pussy, I came numerous times. It was like a rule that she will suck my balls after every time I came. I was enjoying the game. She gave me complete liberty and that is what I like the most about her. I sat on her boobs and she quietly rubbed them on my cock while licking the head. I knew, she watched a lot of porn.It was a small office and guard was easy to command; I had already sent at 8 pm. So, we took rest after fucking for almost 3 hours (literally I stopped once in a while and she will fill all the time licking me… she was such a darling that night). After one hour of soft kisses and smooches and some shows and songs on the television in the cabin, we thought it was rather dangerous to fall asleep there and getting caught. So we moved to my flat. This time she took the lead. I was laid down on bed, and she was riding me. I don’t know how I thought it, but I slapped her boobs. She winced but she could not stop. Her large soft body was mine and I will pull her down and kiss again and again. Her boobs were wiggling. In this sexual chaos, I don’t know when I fell asleep. We fucked till we fell asleep.Next day, when I asked her how she turned up to be so horny when her hubby must be fucking her every day, she literally started a tirade against him (poor fellow, seemingly everything was not going fine – both in family and sexual life, I did not care).That day, we started with a 69. And there on, every day brings something new. She still works at my office. And I am assured of a blowjob after stress and hard work of the whole day, every day. How can life turn into a heaven is what my story is all about.

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